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Duration of Yugas (The Ages)

The Kali Yuga

1. Dawn of the Kali Yuga

2. Symptoms of Kali Yuga

3. End of Kali Yuga

Advent of Kalki Maha Avatar

The Pastimes of Kalki Maha Avatar

1. Lightning from Heaven Saves the Divine Child

2. Waves of the Sea Move Back in Fear

3. Shri Lahari Krishna Breaks Witchcraft Attempt

4. No Man Can Harm Shri Lahari Krishna’s Body

5. Shri Lahari Krishna Displays the Power of His Hand

6. Glorious Form (Vishva-Roopam) of Shri Lahari Krishna

7. The Greatest Incident of the First Moon-Landing Day

The Main Teachings

The Prayer for Global Peace

The Author’s Experiences


Gurudev Shri. Lahari Krishna

1. Day of Incarnations: February 24, 1921

2. Day of Revealing Himself as Kalki Maha Avatar: July 21, 1969 (Vishwaroopa Darshan) June 20, 1969, U.S.A.

3. Day of Ascension to Throne: February 24, 1989


This work is a manifestation of my deep love for Gurudev Shri. Lahari Krishna, the redeemer of mankind. My desire to write about His Maha Avatar was inspired by Shri Devaseer, the middle son of Gurudev and further reinforced by Smt. Ebenezer Lahari Krishna during 1989 Camp Meeting. I am very thankful to Shri M. V. Deshikan of Manujothi Ashram, India, outlining the contents of this book and providing me with in-depth informations about His Maha Avatar from several Vedic Scriptures. I am deeply grateful to Mr. Walter J. Williams of Ridgewood, New Jersey, U.S.A., for his editorial assistance and typing this manuscripts with keen interest and devotion. I am also thankful to my son Ohm Prasad for his support in typing some portion of this work and also to other friends who were instrumental in bringing about this publication.


Thvameva Maathaacha Pithaacha
Thvameva Bandhuscha Sakhaa Thvameva
Thvameva Vidyaa Dhravinam Thvameva
Thvameva Sarvam Mama Deva Devaa“

Thou alone art the mother and the father; Thou alone art the brothers and the friends. Thou alone art the Wisdom, the Treasure. O Lord of Lords, My God, Thou art everything to me.”

My Lord! “How deeply you desired that this mystery of Your incarnation be made known to the whole world!” But we were not bold enough to declare You as Lord God Almighty NARAYANA or CHRIST JESUS or ALLAH. It was your personal wish that this book be published in Indian languages as You expressed in the previous Coimbatore meetings of February 1989, just a fortnight before your ascension to the Throne.

Now, I prostrate before Your lotus feet for your blessings, guidance, strength and wisdom to write about Your incarnation.

Oh My Lord, bless me, bless all those who partake in this work and also those who read this book of Yours. All glory, honor and praise be to You alone. Oh Lord God Almighty! Thou alone art Holy! Holy! Holy! Thou liveth for ever! Thou redeemed us by Thy Supreme Sacrifice! Thy mercy endureth for ever. Oh Lord, grant peace to all Thy creations in Thy New Name.



We are just ten years behind that peculiar year 2000 A.D. Western people believe that the New Millennium will herald a new world dispensation in physical, financial and spiritual fields. All the prophets and the seers of Almighty God have prophesied about the coming of the Righteous Age of one thousand years reign of God, which is called Dharma Yugam (Ram Rajya) by Hindus, Millenia’. Rule of Christ by Christians and Reign of Imam Mahadi by Muslims. There cannot be three persons ruling the world at the same time, sitting on the same Throne of God. That is why Vedas proclaim, “Ekam Sat, Vipraha Bahuda Vadhanti”, i.e., TRUTH (GOD) IS ONE, BUT PEOPLE CALL HIM BY MANY NAMES.

The scriptures indicate the end time of Kali Yuga, directly and indirectly as well. Shrimad-Bhagavatam presents the astrological configuration of the end time of Kali Yuga and also the duration of the current age (Kali Yuga). The interpretation of these time calculations, however, is subject to immense human imagination and speculation. Indirectly, Bhagavatam describes the symptoms of the end of Kali Yuga (Canto 12, Chapter 2), which we perceive in our daily life (such as global natural disasters, systematic decline in morality, shakiness of the world financial system, etc.). The only definitive sign, however, is that the end of Kali Yuga depends on the advent of Kalki Maha Avatar. Lord Ramachandra appeared at the end of the Treta Yuga and ushered in Ram Rajyam for one thousand years at that time. Shri Krishna Bhagwan came at the end of Dwarapa Yuga, and after His ascension, there was one thousand years of righteous reign of the descendents of Pandavas. Accordingly, we learn from the Scriptures that the last incarnation of Lord Narayana will appear as Kalki Maha Avatar at the end of Kali Yuga.

The advent of Kalki Maha Avatar is clearly stated by Shri Veda Vyasa in Bhagavatam (Canto 2, Chapter 7:37):

“When the atheists, after being well versed in the Vedic scientific knowledge, annihilate inhabitants of different planets, flying unseen in the sky on well-built rockets prepared by the great scientist Maya, the Lord will bewilder their minds by dressing Himself attractively and will preach on subreligious principles.”

This Scripture was fulfilled on the First Moon-Landing Day, July 21, 1969, when God came down bodily into Gurudev Shri Lahari Krishna (Vishva Roopa Darshanam), while He was preaching in Chicago, Illionois, U.S.A., just one hour before that great event of science. Now, after preaching this doctrine for the past twenty years (hidden since the foundation of the world) and revealing the deep hidden truths (secrets) from all the Scripture, Shri Lahari Krishna ascended to Heaven on February 24, 1989, without our knowledge, yet fulfilling the Scriptural prophesies of Kalki Maha Puranam. Now, we are awaiting eagerly His glorious return to earth as the King of Heaven and Earth for the purpose of judgment (Bhagavatam, Canto 2, Chapter 7:38):

“At the end of Kali Yuga, when there is no mention of God even in the households of high caste people, when power of government is transferred to the hands of elected leaders, and when nothing is known of sacrifice (Supreme Sacrifice) even by word, at that time the Lord will appear as Supreme Judge.”

In His secret coming, Kalki Maha Avatar has revealed the Supreme Sacrifice of Parama Purusha at the foundation of the world, millions and millions of years ago, which is the basis of all our blessings, prosperity, immortality and our glorification (Bhagavat-Gita 3:10).

Now, by God’s grace, time has come for the open declaration of Kalki Maha Avatar. A humble attempt is made in this book to write about the glorious advent of Kalki Maha Avatar, His pastimes and His main teachings. I am aware that the whole world of books will never be sufficient to contain the glories of the Lord. However, God will permit us gracefully to write a few words about his present incarnation, His activities for our blessings, as well as for the blessings of all those who read this book with reverence, faith and love for Him. In spite of our cautious attempt, there may be several errors in this work, as we are only human beings. It is our humble request to the reader to excuse such errors as insignificant.

Duration of Yugas (The Ages)

Many Vedic Scriptures describe the time calculations of Yugas (eg., Vishnu Purana, Mahabharata, Manu Smriti, etc.). According to all these Scriptures, the current world cycle started at the dawn of Satya Yuga and will be annihilated at the end of Kali Yuga.

Maharishi Veda Vyasa has stated the calculation of Yugas in Shrimad-Bhagavatam (Canto 3, chapter 11:18) as follows:

“The four millennia (Yugas) are called SATYA, TRETA, DWAPARA and KALKI (which repeat in regular cycles). The aggregate number of years (in each cycle) . . . is equal to twelve thousand, which shall be established with caution.” Thus Shri Vyasa cautions at the division of these four Yugas.

As per the Texts, Bhagavatam (Canto 3, Chapter 11:19, 20) and according to the astrological traditions (the procedure is to start from left to right):

SATYA YUGA:1,000 + 200 = 1,200 Years

TRETA YUGA:2,000 + 400 + 2,400 = 4,800 Years

DWAPARA YUGA:3,000 + 600 = 3,600 Years

KALI YUGA:4,000 + 800 = 4,800 Years

TOTAL DURATION = 12,000 Years

(Note: The learned scholars have interpreted “DIVYA VARSHAS” and have astronomical figures for all these Yugas. The years (200, 400, 600, 800) are transitional periods before and after every millennium (Yuga) and they are known as Yuga-Sandhyas. In these periods, all kinds of religious activities are performed.

Kali Yuga started on the day Lord Shri Krishna left his earth and Kali Yuga will be finished by the coming of Kalki Maha Avatar as the Supreme Judge of this word to establish His DHARMA RAJYAM (SATYA YUGA or MILLINNIAL REIGN).

Kali Yuga actually faded into insignificance right from the day of the incarnation of Kalki Maha Avatar Shri Lahari Krishna on February 24, 1921, fulfilling the prophecies of Shri Veda Vyasa in Kalki Puranam. We are now in Yuga-Sandhya, just waiting for His final judgment to be poured on Kali (the SATAN).

The Kali Yuga

The Vedic Scriptures divided the time span on this planet into four Yugas (the Millenia). They are called SATYA, TRETA, DWAPARA and KALIYUGAS. According to Vishnu Purana (Part 4, Chapter 24), the constellation of seven sages, called the “SAPTARISHI MANDALAM”, travels through different stars (or lunar mansion), and its location in certain stars defines the beginning or the end of Yugas.

I. Dawn of the Kali Yuga

Shrimad-Bhagavatam (Canto 12, Chapter 2:31-34) describes the dawn of the present age, Kali Yuga:

“When the Saptarishi Mandalam passes through MAGHA star, the Kali Yuga started and from then for twelve hundred years, Kali’s effect will be minimal. When this Saptarishi constellation passes from MAGHA to PURVA-ASHADHA star, Kali will have his full strength. At that time, the reign of King Nanda and his descendants will be very Vigorous. The very day Lord Shri Krishna departed for the spiritual world, the influence of the Age of Kali began. After four thousand solar years, the SATYA YUGA will start again.”

“When the Saptarishi Mandalam passes through MAGHA star, the Kali Yuga started and from then for twelve hundred years, Kali’s effect will be minimal. When this Saptarishi constellation passes from MAGHA to PURVA-ASHADHA star, Kali will have his full strength. At that time, the reign of King Nanda and his descendants will be very Vigorous. The very day Lord Shri Krishna departed for the spiritual world, the influence of the Age of Kali began. After four thousand solar years, the SATYA YUGA will start again.”

The Kali Yuga started from the day Lord Shri Krishna ascended to His Spiritual Abode. While Saptarishi constellation travelled from MAGHA to PURVA-ASHADA, Kali was ineffective, because this was one thousand years of DHARMA RAJYAM established by Shri Krishna. Otherwise, people would not have accepted Shri Krishna as the Establisher of Dharma! Nearly two thousand years after the ascension of Shri Krishna, violence, sin and chaos have been witnessed in the world.

II. Symptoms of Kali Yuga

The Scriptures like Vishnu Puranam, Shrimad-Bhagavatam, Holy Bible, etc., foretell about the end days of Kali Yuga. Vishnu Puranam (Part 4, Chatper 24:70) states: “All the Kings will reign on earth at a time. They will be without happiness, full of anger, always violent, ungodly and speaking lies. They will kill the women, children and animals. They will be without valor. They will fall immediately after they prosper. They will be full of lust and they will live for a very short time. They will try to unite all the Kingdoms of the world into one world empire. Based on their support, they will behave like Mlecha in an uncivilized manner and will destroy many people.”

“At that time, righteousness (Dharma) will go on decaying. Only people having money and property will be considered as high class. The mighty people will be considered religious. Sex will be considered as the joy of life. Women will be treated only as the objects of enjoyment. Lies will be at the root of any business.”

“Holy Thread will be the only sign of Brahmin. Ornaments, jewels will only be considered as praise and prosperity. Injustice will be the root of living. Violence and evil forces will be the root of unemployment. Bathing and washing will be considered as an act of purification. Negligence and laziness will be considered as meekness. Charity will be the only religion. People wearing good clothes will be considered as good people. Guileful man will be considered as honourable. Then, in the end, only the most powerful men will become Kings (because of increased crimes, violence and arson, etc.). People will be non-vegetarians. Their life spans will be reduced to twenty to twenty-three years. Then the human beings will go to the limit of extinction.”

Vishnu Puranam (part 6, Chapter 1) describes further the symptoms of Kali Yuga: “In Kali Yuga, there won’t be any difference of castes or varnashram, no sacrifice or rituals as prescribed by the Vedas. Marriages will not be as per Scriptures. There won’t be the relationship of teacher-disciple. Even the relationship between husband and wife will not be proper. There won’t be any traditional rituals through fire. Whoever is mighty in strength, irrespective of caste, will become ruler.Only the rich will be preferred to a learned man in solemnizing the marriage. There will be no form of repentance in Kali Yuga. Whoever likes anything, that will be the Scripture for him. The deities like Kaali (Shakti) will be worshipped. Women become proud of their beauty. Long hair only will be considered as beauty and pride. As Kali Yuga proceeds to the end, women will go after other men, leaving their husbands. In Kali Yuga people will go for material earnings and not for spiritual developments. Rains will fail. Always, people will suffer by famine and scarcity. Women will be short statured, giving birth to too many children and suffer much, always scratching their heads will both their hands. Rulers will impose high taxes on people. Sudras appear like sannyasis. Many people will go after money to the wheat growing countries.”

“As Dharma (Godliness) continues to wane, Kali Yuga goes on increasing in its effect. When ungodly religion prospers and when evil happens to be a man of wisdom, know then the end is near. When people will forget or neglect to worship Supreme Purusha Narayana, the Lord of all Sacrifices, and when people worship unscripturally, then know ye that Kali Yuga is in its acme.”

Shrimad-Bhagavatam (Canto 12, Chapter 2) also foretells the signs of Kali Yuga: “Truth, righteousness, patience, mercy, life, strength, memory, etc. go on decreasing. Money will be the criterion for judging a man’s authority or honor. Only money will establish religion as justice. Carnal relationships will be the only bond between man and wife. Holy thread will be the only sign of Brahmins. Dandam and deer skin will be the sign of a sannyasi. But nobody worries about his character. Justice will not be given to the poor. Much talking will be considered a sign of wisdom. Poor people will be considered as untouchables. Only hypocrites will be considered as saints. Bathing will be the only sign of purity.”

“Far off rivers and lakes will be considered as holy places for pilgrimage. People will not respect their parents, teachers or gurus. Different hair styles are considered as beauty. Man will only think of filling his belly. Bold talk only will be considered as truth or real.”

“Thus, when wickedness goes on increasing like this, only a strong man will be considered as chief. Coveters and heartless kings will plunder the money and women from the people. Robber people will leave their places and migrate and will lead very difficult lives. People will die because of mutual quarrels, famine, and excess taxation by the kings. They will suffer from hunger, thirst and a multitude of diseases. In Kali Yuga, the Varnashrama Dharma (religious duties) will vanish. People will become atheistic in their beliefs. Kings will forfeit their duties. People will go on telling lies without an cause. All the high caste people will come down to the level of the low caste people. The cows will be very short statured. The sannyasis will live like family men. A man will consider only his wife’s relatives as his own. All plants will be short statured. Clouds will not yield sufficient rain. There will be heavy lightning.”

Shrimad-Bhagavatam (Canto 12, Chapter 3:31-42) further states: “In Kali Yuga, human beings will become shortsighted, unfortunate, gluttonous, lustful and poverty-stricken. The women, becoming unchaste, will freely wander from one man to the next. The ungodly people will speak and praise the Scriptures and will give their own interpretations. Even the Brahmins will be only after their bellies and sexual desires.”

“The Brahmacharies will fail to execute their vows and become unclean. The householders will beg for alms (which is for sannyasi), the vanaprathas will live in the villages (not in forests or hermitages) and sannyasi will become greedy for wealth.”

“Women will eat much, will give birth to many children, will be shameless and will be very hard and fighting each other. Businessmen will engage in petty commerce and earn their money by cheating. People will consider any degraded occupation quite acceptable. Teachers will teach and preach matters which they do not know. Because of famine, scarcity, paucity of rains, and because of heavy taxation by rulers, people will become like devils or demons in appearance. In Kali Yuga, people will hate even their friends for the sake of a little amount of money. They will even forsake their parents and children for their selfish desires.”

The signs of Kali Yuga are mentioned also in Mahabharata (Aranya Parvam), Brahma Puranam, Garga Samhita, Skanda Puranam, Kalki Puranam, etc.

III. End of Kali Yuga

Maharishi Veda Vyasa has prophesied about the end time of Kali Yuga. The end of Kali Yuga solely depends on the advent of Kalki Maha Avatar. Shrimad-Bhagavatam (Canto 12, Chapter 2:23-24) indicates that: “What Lord Hari appears as Kalki Maha Avatar, the Lord of Dharma, then the people will become righteous and Satya Yuga will be established.”

“That Krita Yuga (Satya Yuga) will start when the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter are together in the constellation Karkata, and all three enter simultaneously into the lunar mansion Pusya.”

I am not an authority on astrology and am unable to determine the exact time of the beginning of the Satya Yuga based on the configurations of the stars. We do know, however, that the Great Lord has revealed Himself already as Shri Lahari Krishna on July 21st 1969. As Shri Krishna had to fight a lone battle, without taking any weapons in His hand, against all the ungodly people, our Gurudev Shri Lahari Krishna is waging a mighty war only by faith of the Supreme Spirit. Thus, the very advent of Kalki Maha Avatar suggests that the Kali Yuga is about over. We are at present in the transition period (called Yuga-Sandhya) to Satya Yuga.

Advent of Kalki Maha Avatar

Incarnation of Lord Narayana as Kalki Maha Avatar

The BHAGAVAD-GITA is the most of Holy Scripture of the Hindu Sanathana Dharma. The time of appearance of Lord Narayana in his own human form has been given by the Lord Himself in GITA (4:7):



“Whenever there is a decline in religious practices, and a predominant rise of irreligion, O descendent of Bharta, at that time I descend Myself.” This is a very general description of the time of incarnation of the Lord. The appearance of Lord Kalki Maha Avatar, in particular, has been described in Shrimad-Bhagavatam (Canto 2:12-16) as follows:

“By the time the Age of Kali ends, the bodies of all creatures will be greatly reduced in size, and the religious principles of Varnasrama will be ruined. The path of the Vedas will be completely forgotten in human society, and so-called religion will be mostly atheistic. The kings mostly will be thieves; the occupation of men will be stealing; lying and needless violence; and all the social classes will be reduced to the lowest level of sudras. Cows will be like goats, spiritual hermitages will be no different from mundane houses, and family ties will extend no further than the immediate bonds of marriage. Most plants and herbs will be tiny, and all trees will appear like dwarf sami trees. Clouds will be full of lightning, homes will be devoid of piety, and all human beings will have become like asses. At that time, the Supreme Personality of Godhead will appear on the earth. Acting with the power of pure spiritual goodness, He will rescur eternal religion.”

Shrimad-Bhagavatam also indicates the time and place of appearance of the Lord (Canto 1, Chapter 3:25; Canto 12, Chapter 2:18): “At the conjunction of two Yugas, the Lord of the creation will take His birth as Kalki avatar and become the son of Vishnuyashas of Sambhala village.”

The above verse indicates two main points:

1. The Kalki Maha Avatar takes place at the conjunction of two Yugas, namely Kali Yuga and Satya Yuga. The time calculation for the duration of Kali Yuga (as presented in the prior chapter) clearly indicates that we are the junction of two Yugas. As previously stated, Maharishi Veda Vyasa has foretold the exact time of the appearance of the Kalki Maha Avatar and his functions in Bhagavatam (Canto 2, Chapter 7:37):


“When the atheists, after being well versed in the Vedic scientific knowledge, annihilate inhabitants of different planets, flying unseen in the sky on well-built rockets prepared by the great scientist Maya, the Lord will bewilder their minds by dressing Himself attractively and will preach on subreligious principles.”

Thus, on the FIRST MOON-LANDING DAY, God revealed Himself as Kalki Maha Avatar, just one hour before man first landed on the moon (July 20th in America or July 21st 1969 in India). Since then, the Lord, in human form, has been preaching his own doctrine, i.e. “AUPA DHARMYAM”, not the religion of the world founded by the human mind.

2. The Kalki Maha Avatar will appear as son of Vishnuyashas of Sambhala village. We must know that almost all the Puranas deal with what happened in the time before the composer. That is why they could describe exactly about the name and place of past incarnation. When prophesying about the future Avatar, however, the prophet has to take utmost care in not revealing the secret of God to unwanted people, those who are not in the plan of God. Thus, the name and place of birth of the future Avatars have to be determined by very careful study of the Holy Scriptures only.

The name of the earthly father of our Lord is DEVA-RASAIAH which is not different from VISHNU-YASHAS (DEVA: VISHNU and RASAIAH: YASHAS, are fully compatible in several Indian languages). Regarding the place of birth of Kalki Maha Avatar, Maharishi Veda Vyasa states in Shrimad Bhagavatam (Canto 11, Chapter 5:38-42):

“The followers of Lord Narayana will be few in Kali Yuga. Insignificant number of people may be found so eagerly worshipping the Lord in DRAVIDA DESHAM (South India), in a place where the river TAMBRAPARNI will be following. The other rivers of that land will be Cauveri, the ever holy Vaigai and Palar. These people will desire to drink, however, as devotees, the ever holy Vasudeva Himself (the message of the Lord). They will leave all their belongings, their position, status, wealth, parents, friends, etc., and will fully surrender to Lord Mukunda, always singing the graces of the Lord of Heaven HARI, their redeemer.”

Thus, the abode of Kalki Maha Avatar must be a place somewhere near Tambraparni River, along with Cauveri, Vaigai and Palar nearby. There is one and only one STATE in SOUTH INDIA, where all of the above mentioned rivers flow and THAT STATE IS TAMIL NADU and the Kalki Maha Avatar has to dwell on the outskirts of the TAMBRAPARNI RIVER.

The Kalki-Puranam (in Chapter 2, Text 15) states that: “The Lord will be born in human form as Kalki Avatar on the twelfth day of Shula Paksha of the month Madhavamasam (mid-February to mid-March).”

About two hundred years ago, there arose a prophet in Kanyakumari, South India, by the name Shri Muthukutty Swamy. He has prophesied about the end of the world, about the Avatar of Lord Narayaha, as Vaikuntar, the place and time of His birth, His boyhood days, His genealogy, His ministry and more than anything, about His glorification without death along with His beloved disciples. He has minutely given detailed location of the Manujothi Ashram, the name of Narayana in His present Avatar, not leaving out any important episode in the life of Vaikuntar. In his book, Akhilathirattu, Shri Muthukutty Swamy has clearly prophesied about the end-days and about Kalki Maha Avatar in Dravidian language Tamil. It is believed by his followers that these prophesies were told to the prophet by the very Narayana Himself. His book, Arul Nool, deals exclusively with the prophecy of Lord Narayana coming as a normal man, in the end of Kaliyuga, His place of birth, His genealogy, His activities, His abode from where He will go in glory to Heaven without death, and also taking His believers in glory.

There are many other Hindu prophets also (almost one from every state in India, such as Swami Ramchandrajee of Sahaj Marg of Shahjahanpur U.P., Shri Veera Brahman of Andhra Pradesh, Shri Basaveshwara of Karnataka, and so on), who have prophesied about Kalki Maha Avatar I their own capacities as a person coming from South India.

Thus, from the knowledge of Vedic Scriptures, from prophetical books of the Hindu religion and also other faiths (such as Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, prophecy of William Marrion Branham) and the Holy Bible, we conclude that the Kalki Maha Avatar advented Himself on February 24th 1921 in Lakshmi Tea Estate in Munnar, Kerala State of South India. He took his birth as the fifth descendant of ROYAL NOBLEMAN SUDALAIMADAN, who ruled his state MUDALUR in his time (Arul Nool Page 69). He stayed in a place nearby, Mukkudal, on the outskirts of Tambraparni River, in the Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu. A recent translation of Kali Mahapuranam in Tamil language identifies Tirunelveli as legendary Sambalagramam mentioned in Shrimad-Bhagavatam.

Akhilathirattu (Page 231) has clearly prophesied about the name of Lord Narayana. “The Lord is born as PAUL-A-SEER, as a son of a saint by name RASA.” Thus, the FIRST NAME OF LORD NARAYANA IS PAULASEER (the full name of Lord Narayana as Kalki Maha Avatar is PAULASEER LAHARI MUTHUKRISHNA. The name LAHARI has been foretold elsewhere in Arul Nool). We must know that “KALKI” is not the personal name of Lord Narayana, the same way we know about Vamana Avatar (Lord in the form of dwarf) or Buddha Avatar means the Lord’s incarnation as destroyer of SIN of mankind. The power of the Lord is not in the name Kalki, but in the “NAME OF KALKI”, which has been revealed to us by Shri Muthukutty Swamy, about two hundred years ago.

The Pastimes of Kalki Maha Avatar (Shri. Lahari Krishna)

The Bhagavad-Gita clearly state the purpose of Lord’s avatars (4:8): “For protecting the righteous, for destroying the wicked and for firmly upholding the principle of religion, I am born on the earth, age after age.”

The pastimes of all incarnations of the Lord has displayed the three basic elements, namely: (1) protection of the pious, (2) annihilation of the miscreants, (3) establishment of the Dharma. The pastimes of Lord Ramachandra and Lord Krishna clearly illustrate the purpose of the Lord’s avatars, For this purpose, the Lord does not come down alone, but He come with hosts of heavenly companions, and together He enacts the pastime incomprehensible to earthly people. Shri Krishna lifted Govardhan Hill in the presence of the inhabitants of Vraja Bhumi, in order to protect them from devastating rainfall and also to stop the worship of demigods like Indra.

When Shri Lahari Krishna was born as a human child on this earth, simultaneously all the hosts of heaven also came down to act as protective forces. All of Nature (the sun, rain, wind, lightning, thunder, etc.) obeyed any simple command from Him, either through Word or Thought. The following are descriptions of a few incidents (selected from countless accounts recorded by eye witnesses or from letters received at The Manujothi Ashram from all over the world) in which we can get a glimpse of some of His activities. It is impossible for the insignificant author to describe the Kalki Leela, but for the communication to the true devotees of the Lord and also the one who still may not be aware of His Maha Avatar, I humbly narrate the following:

I. Lightning from Heaven Saves the Divine Child

One day in Ceylon, Mr. Rasaiah was sitting in an open place with his nine month old baby, Lahari Krishna, on his lap. At this time, a Sinhalese (native of Sri Lanka), who had a longtime grievance against Mr. Rasaiah, came to kill him with a knife. He advanced towards them with knife in had saying: “I will kill both of you with just one stroke!” As he came nearer, however, quite unexpectedly, a bolt of lightning from the cloudless sky struck him, and he rolled on the ground, screaming with fright and pain, then he ran away. He later came to Mr. Rasaiah and begged forgiveness for intending to kill him and the child.

Mr. Rasaiah was quite surprised at this Divine Intervention that protected his child. From that incident, he understood that this child was born for some great purpose, so he planned thereafter to bring Him up in the fear of God.

II. Waves of the Sea Move Back in Fear

A most spectacular thing in the life of Shri Lahari Krishna was, that right from His childhood, all the forces of Nature were making the surroundings conducive for Him, wherever He went, thereby acknowledging that He was their Creator. Let us consider the following incident: Mr. Rasaiah often used to take his son Lahari Krishna to the “Galle-Face-Green” seashore, in Colombo, in the evenings for prayer and meditation. On one such evening, while his dad was deep in meditation, the yound five year old boy, Lahari Krishna, slowly got up and began walking into the sea. As he continued walking, the waves of the sea, on beholding the Divine Feet of the young child, moved back in fear, thus permitting Him to proceed further. When Mr. Rasaiah arose from his meditation, he was astounded to see his son walking right into the sea and the waves moving backward. He immediately ran and carried his son back to the shore.

This incident clearly shows the sea waves recognized Who the Young Boy was and dared not overflow Him. This pastime is similar to the one in the life of Lord Shri Krishna of Dwapara Yuga. Shri Vasudeva, the father of Lord Krishna, was carrying his newborn child from Mathura to Gokula and found his way blocked by the river Yamuna, which had overflowed its banks on account of heavy rainfall. Shri Vasudeva entered the water of the Yamuna, and as soon as the water touched the Lotus Feet of Baby Krishna, the river shrank, and provided a safe path for them to cross.

III. Shri Lahari Krishna Shows His Supremacy; Breaks a Witchcraft Attempt

A man by the name of Chellam Asan, a native of Kanya Kumari District, South India, was a magician. After severe penance and fasting, he brought a female deity, Kaali, under his control and was able to produce currency, flowers, etc. from nothing. He challenged the true devotees of the Lord, to do the same. He also did witchcraft in many Hindu and Christian families. One day, Shri Lahari Krishna came to his village to conduct meetings. This magician, thinking that Shri Krishna was only an ordinary man, wanted to try his power on Him. He approached Him and began to ask a lot of questions from the Scriptures. That night, Shri Lahari Krishna, along with His brother and a local priest, went to pray for a sick child. When it was around midnight, as they were standing at the meeting place of three roads, this magician began to send his evil force, Kaali, to attack Him. When the power came with a tremendous force to hit him, suddenly Shri Lahari Krishna went four feet up in the air, and the two persons who came along with Him were hanging on to Him on both sides. Simultaneously, A GREAT FORCE from within Him attacked the evil power and defeated it, and a bright light from Him attacked the magician. The evil force, having failed in its attempt, began strangling Chellam Asan, who cried for help. Shri Lahari Krishna then descended, touched him and cast out the evil spirits from within Him. The magician was very thankful to Shri Lahari Krishna for showing mercy on him, and he surrendered himself to the Lord.

Thus Shri Lahari Krishna established that He was the Supreme Being and that demigoddesses like Kaali possessed only a fraction of power from Him. Lord Krishna also established His supremacy by lifting Govardhan Hill (in order to show that demigod Indra received power only from Him), and by expanding Himself into many cows and cowherd boys, when Lord Brahma stole His cows and cowherd boyfriends in Braj Bhumi. One should surrender wholly, therefore, only to the Supreme Lord (Bhagavad Gita 18:66) who has come down as our Gurudev Shri Lahari Krishna at the end of Kali Yuga.

IV. No Man Can Harm Shri Lahari Krishna’s Body

When the Lord Himself comes down as an ordinary man, He comes with His divine power and with hosts of heavenly beings. He is careful to see that no harm whatsoever comes to His human body. In Shri Krishna Avatar, we know that the Lord was attacked by many demons and evil forces (e.g. while He was a baby, He was attacked by the she-demon Putna, by the Cartwheel demon, by demon Trinavarta in the form of a whirlwind, etc. In his Boyhood, He had to face demons like Aghasura, Dhenukasura, Multihooded serpent Kaliya, and the most powerful demon Kamsa), but always he was unharmed after crushing all those demonic powers. In the present Kalki Maha Avatar, we have hundreds of examples of evil forces trying to harm Shri Lahari, but they all learned their lessons in a hard way. Here are descriptions of a few incidents:

On one occasion, when Shri Lahari was preaching at a meeting, a very strong, belligerent, devil-possessed a man came to the stage intending to beat Him. Only when he came closer, did he realize his folly. He saw a bright form standing at the right hand of Shri Lahari, which immediately began to strike him with heavy blows. The man started screaming in pain and cried: “Please, please stop beating me! I will not harm this person please forgive me!” Thus shouting he ran away as fast as his legs could carry him.

At another time, Shri Lahari Krishna went for a meeting at Kanya Kumari. The people who put up the stage had made a surreptitious plot to kill Him. The stage was set over a pit, and the place where Shri Lahari was to stand and speak was made of thin, soft wood, which would break easily on being stepped upon. Having done this dirty trick, they all were waiting anxiously for Shri Lahari to step over the plank and fall. Shri Lahari and His son came upon the stage and began addressing the people. As They were preaching, the plank beneath them broke, but to the surprise of all, Shri Lahari did not fall down. He was standing on the air and kept preaching for some time. Then when the people brought to His notice that the plank under Him was broken, He neatly stepped aside. The plotters were astonished beyond measure on seeing this wonder.

Once, while in the United States, Shri Lahari happened to pass by a live high voltage track. There was a caution sign put up to warm people about the danger zone. Without noticing the caution sign and wanting to cross to the other side, Shri Lahari stepped right over the live line. People who happened to spot Him walking over the live track screamed in fear, “You are dead! You are dead!” Hearing their cries, Shri Lahari crossed the lines immediately and ran to the other side. To the great astonishment of all, however, He had suffered no harm while stepping over the live track. The electricity could do no harm to Shri Lahari as He is the Creator of electricity also.

V. Shri Lahari Krishna Displays the Power of His Hand


The above are the most precious prophetical words of the Supreme Being “Lord Narayana” to His true devotees who are scattered throughout the world. Let us consider the meaning of a few key words in the statement.

“THE HAND”: For a person to possess a hand, he should be a human being. Thereby, the Lord has promised to be present among us as an ordinary human being and in his hand lies the whole secret!


The above are the most precious prophetical words of the Supreme Being “Lord Narayana” to His true devotees who are scattered throughout the world. Let us consider the meaning of a few key words in the statement.

“THE HAND”: For a person to possess a hand, he should be a human being. Thereby, the Lord has promised to be present among us as an ordinary human being and in his hand lies the whole secret!


When Shri Lahari Krishna places “ HIS HAND” on a person (while giving a blessing), a tremendous power flows from His Hand to the person and drives away all darkness (caused by evil spirits) from inside that person immediately!

The effect of THE TOUCH is so great that the person immediately falls down backward and remains so, for sometime!

When the evil spirits are driven out, the person (who was touched by the Lord) feels greatly relieved! The Lord then blesses him using His Hand again and puts “Hi Spirit” into the person, the result of which is the INEXPLICABLE PEACE and HAPPINESS which the person experiences!

Just by a touch of HIS BLESSED HAND, all sickness and troubles leave the person in no time!

The GREAT PEACE and GREAT JOY which the person receives from His Hand, leads him to understand and identify the Person, who blessed him to be his Lord!

The touch of “HIS HAND” removes all Karma (sins) and grants forgiveness!

Words cannot suffice to tell of all miraculous incidents that took place during the pastime of the Great Lord Shri Lahari Krishna. Due to the limitation caused by time and place of birth, the mercy of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna or Lord Jesus (with respect to displaying the healing potency) was confined to only a handful of people. The mercy of the Kalki Maha Avatar, however, was made available to people all over the world by His divine arrangement. He travelled around the world seven times and conducted innumerable spiritual campaigns in almost all corners of the planet earth. In those meetings, the blind saw! The lame walked! The lepers were healed and incurable diseases were removed perfectly by His divine touch. For the sake of the dear devotees of the Lord, I briefly describe a few out of countless incidents in which Shri Lahari Krishna displayed His Divine Grace:

EYESIGHT GAINED! In a spiritual campaign conducted by Sri Lahari in Eluru (Andhra), a small boy was brought to Him who had an infirmity on one of his eyes which was completely covered with flesh and was reddish all over). The Lord touched the affected part with His Hand and commanded healing. The very next day, the boy’s eye was as normal as the other one. The boy jumped up on the stage to give his testimony voluntarily.

BONE STRETCHED! One Miss Alexander of Madras came to Shri Lahari saying that her right leg was shorter by three inches than her left leg. Without even a hesitation, Shri Lahari held on the shorter leg in His Hand and as He pulled out, the bone stretched out and the infirmity was healed.

Another Hindu girl, Miss S. Subbulakshmi, of Madras, had such a deformity with an imbalance of three and one half inches between two legs, again set right by Shri Lahari.

SALVAGING PHYSICAL WRECKS! Mr. T. Jeyavelu, Ayanavaram of Madras, was an employee of the Southern Railway, India. While he was working in the factory, a heavy hammer accidentally fell on his head, and due to brain damage, he lost sight in both of his eyes and became stone deaf. He was crippled by the nervous system breakdown to such an extent that he could not use either his hands or his legs. He was removed from the service after doctors had declared their inability to salvage this week.

Eighteen months he survived with these handicaps, a great burden to his family. At this stage, one friend and carried Jeyavelu, like a bundle of rags, to Perambur, where Shri Lahari was holding meetings. Since the crowd there, was so large, they could not enter the campus. Shri Lahari, too was trying to escape the crowd, by jumping over a wall. As He jumped over, there on the other side was this Jeyavelu, the physical wreck. Shri Lahari, in a great hurry, just TOUCHED this man and went away. Immediately, Jeyavelu felt a great power entering his body and felt his dead senses returning to life marvelously. For the first time in eighteen months, he could look at people and converse with them. He could jump up and walk. Jeyavelu went before a medical board and was declared fit and was reinstated in his old job. He is still a living example of miraculous healing.

DEAD BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE AGAIN! Earlier in His life, in Nazareth, one morning, a man came running to Shri Lahari and cried, saying: “Iyyah, my wife is dead and there is a wedding in the house this evening. Please come and pray.” Shri Lahari went to the house of mourning, and, as he touched the dead body with HIS HAND, “Life” from Him entered the woman and she sat up and began to speak!

Reverend Jothipackiam, the Chaplain of the Manujothi Ashram (the abode of Shri Lahari Krishna), aged seventy-five years then, was translating to Shri Lahari while He was preaching in July 26, 1983. Suddenly, he fell dead and his body was cold to the touch. There were many people in the service witnessing this event. Shri Lahari touched him and felt the coldness of the dead body. Everyone, including Dr. Oliver (Ashram doctor), declared that he was dead. Shri Lahari sent death away, however, by placing His Hand over the body. Immediately the “Life” came back into the body of Reverend Jothipackiam and he slowly got up and praised God. Even today he is a living testimony.

In 1985, an old man, Paulayya from Vijayawada was in the Ashram. He was a heart patient and he suddenly fell down dead near a well. The people nearby saw his corpse and told Shri Lahari that the old man was dead. The Lord walked up to the well, and He touched the dead body and commanded “Life” to enter the body and it came back. After about thirty minutes, Paulayya, the dead man, got up completely restored and came walking to the main building to meet Shri Lahari and to thank Him for raising him from the dead!

VI. Glorious Form (Vishva-Roopam) of Shri Lahari Krishna

Bhagavad-Gita describes the glorious form of the Lord as shown by Shri Krishna to HIS disciple Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. This is the most spectacular display of the inconceivable potency of the Supreme Lord by which He enters into this cosmic manifestation (Gita, Chapter 11).

“O Arjuna, behold as concentrated within this body of Mine the entre creation consisting of everything, moving and non-moving, completely in one place. This form can show you whatever you desire to see of the future. If hundreds of thousands of suns were seen to rise all at the same time into sky, their combined radiance would hardly approach the effulgence of the glorious form.”

Shri Krishna wanted to set a criterion, for in the future there would be so many impostors who would pose themselves as the incarnation of God. Thus, one who claims to be the incarnation should be able to show the Vishvaroopa to confirm His claim to the people.

During the year 1969, Shri Lahari Krishna made His third trip abroad. He undertook this trip, when He received an invitation to attend the Kanuga Conference at Hendersonville, North Carolina, U.S.A., arranged by a group of Branham followers. When the meetings were over, Mr. Lawrence Dale and his daughter Mrs. Susie Nivedita (among the most prominent devotees of Shri Lahari) took Shri Lahari to their place in Troy, Ohio. It is here, that one of the greatest events took place!

One evening, Shri Lahari was invited to address a small gathering held in the basement of Mr. Yingst’s home on June 18, 1969. Shri Lahari was expounding on the hidden meaning of Psalm 23 from the Holy Bible, in a new manner. Mr. Clarence Holsinger, one of those invited, had gone out for a smoke, while the meeting was going on. He came back to the basement and was listening as Shri Lahari expounded the Scriptures. He found to his surprise that Shri Lahari’s gaze was fixed on him most of the time while preaching! Suddenly, Mr. Holsinger saw two flames of reddish orange fire leap out of Shri Lahari’s eyes. As he stood stunned by this sight, he saw Shri Lahari’s human form disappear and the Great Lord was standing there as a bright future more dazzling than the sun!

The people gathered there were not able to understand what was going on. Since Shri Lahari’s human form had transformed into a GLORIOUS FORM, they were all screaming with fright (in the same way as Arjuna was bewildered at the sight of Visvaroopa displayed by Shri Krishna!) After some time, the normal, human form of Shri Lahari reappeared on the stage. The people who witnessed this spectacular change immediately flocked around Him, asking, “Where did you go? Where did you disappear? We saw only a form of light in your place!” To this, Shri Lahari replied. “It was I who was standing and preaching here all this while.”

Right from His Divine Birth on this earth up to this date, June 18, 1969, Sri Lahari had been exhibiting here and there His Divinity in numerous miraculous ways. June 18, 1969, however, is the day from which He began to reveal totally and openly to the world HIS TRUE IDENTITY as ALMIGHTY GOD!

Wherever Shri Lahari went, a special cloud usually followed Him, and thunder and lightning indicated the Truth of His statements. Once, while He was addressing, a great crowd in the United States, a TERRIBLE THUNDER suddenly struck the earth! It cleaved the earth right up to the place where Shri Lahari was preaching and stopped at His toe in surrender! The people who witnessed this miracle were astounded and began to wonder who THIS GREAT PERSON could be, to whom even Nature bowed down in submission! VII.The Greatest Incident of the First Moon-Landing Day.

The Day, July 21st 1969, the greatest EPOCH in the history of entire creation, since this is the Day from which God Himself, decided to start revealing Himself as God and began to exhibit a tiny fraction of His infinite power to mankind.

The Day, July 21st 1969, as we all know, is the First Moon-Landing Day, or the day in which man first landed on the moon! Earth is the place created by God for man to live and flourish on. When man wanted to explore some other planet for his curiosity, however, he was interfering with the ways of God and crossing his limitations. Great God knew through His foresight that such a thing would happen, and He had decided already that on the day that man landed on the moon, He, Himself, would be on the earth as a human being to personally witness this great event. The Lord already has foretold through Veda Vyasa (Shrimad-Bhagavatam, Canto 2, Chapter 7:37) about this great incident of God Himself being on earth, which clearly indicates to the world the exact time of the appearance of the Lord Narayana as Kalki Maha Avatar on this earth:

“When the atheists, after being well versed in the Vedic scientific knowledge, annihilate inhabitants of different planets, flying unseen in the sky on well-built rockets prepared by the great scientist Maya, the Lord will bewilder their minds by dressing Himself attractively and will preach on subreligious principles.”

This prophecy was fulfilled exactly in the United States of America. From July 18 to 20th in 1969, Shri Lahari Krishna was preaching in the Life Tabernacle in Chicago for three days and three nights. On the moon landing day, July 20th (21st in India), Shri Lahari had a small television set in front of Him as He was preaching to the people. The announcement came on the television: “Now, in one hour’s time, the greatest event in the history of mankind is about to take place! Man will set his foot on the moon.” The following is the narration by Shri Lahari Krishna Himself:

“As man was about to land on the moon, one hour before, according to their announcement, I could see the heavens open and a terrific power come into My heart.” Immediately Shri Lahari began to shout: “GOD IS ON THIS EARTH! GOD HAS COME DOWN!” and He began thundering in a loud voice, “I WILL NOT DIE! I WILL NOT DIE! (meaning: he that liveth and believeth in Me shall never die)”.

After the moon-landing day event, for about a month, Shri Lahari began exhibiting supernatural power to such an extent that people just began perishing in His divine presence. This potency of the Supreme Lord has been described in Bhagavad-Gita (11:19-30) also:

“Arjuna says: I see You with blazing fire coming forth from your mouth, burning this entire universe by Your own radiance. . . . I see all people rushing full speed into Your mouths, as moths dash to destruction in a blazing fire. O Vishnu, I see you devouring all people from all sides with Your flaming mouths. Covering all the universe with Your effulgence, You are manifest with terrible, scorching rays.”

Whenever Shri Lahari opened His mouth to utter a few words, terrible thunders and lightnings would strike and thousands of people would die. Even if He opened His mouth to speak on the telephone, many would perish or great judgments would take place. So his devotees requested Him not to open His mouth, since they were all trembling with fear in His presence.

All that He spoke happened exactly and immediately. While walking on the roads, the angels of God were seen going in front of Him in the form of whirlwinds, on either side of the road for about twenty yards in front of Him. They went forward like bodyguards of a great King. Thunders, lightning, storms, whirlwinds and thick dark clouds always followed Him wherever He went. This strange phenomenon, of Nature surrendering to its Creator and obeying Him, never before was witnessed in modern times on this earth.

For about one month, the Lord manifested openly to the world a few of his transcendental glories. He then concealed His Divine Power within Himself and moved about just like an ordinary man.

From then on, Shri Lahari started preaching THE TRUTHS (religious principles) which took a heavy toll of His popularity and caused great opposition from many religious groups. He diverted His attention from earthly things to the heavenly secrets. He revealed the secret of “The Supreme Sacrifice of Paramapurusha”, which is the basis of our redemption (deliverance). He revealed to His true devotees (called Bride members) the secret plan of God. He travelled all over the world and preached the TRUE messages contained in Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Shrimad-Bhagavatam, Holy Bible and Holy Koran; all in accordance with the prophesy of Veda Vyasa, that the Lord shall preach His subreligious principles.

On October 3, 1987, Shri Lahari Krishna established the Kingdom of Righteous Age in a special message to a group of his most dear devotees at the Manujothi Ashram. “I AM DECLARING THAT I AM THE KING OF HEAVEN, EARTH AND SEA, AND I AM NOT TAKING THIS POSITION TO SHOW THAT I AM GREAT, BUT WITH HUMILITY OF SPIRIT I TAKE IT BECAUSE IT IS MY RIGHT.” He displayed The Great Spiritual Royal Love Flag (also called Narayana Flag) for God’s people, which was existing before the foundation of the world. It is imperative for children of God to raise this flag of love and peace, as the Kingdom of God has come during these violent last days.

During the July 1988 Camp Meeting, Shri Lahari Krishna preached The Word of God which has been kept secret since TIME IMMEMORIAL (most commonly referred to as unwritten thunders), by the arrangement of the Supreme Lord Himself. In this meeting, in front of several thousands of His gathered devotees, and shortly thereafter on August 27th 1988, He declared that:

“My period is over and I am no more in the world, and I am getting angry, and destructive power is coming, . . . First of all, judgment begins at home. So there will be judgments if I am in the earth. But I am already taken up. . . . You do not know what change has happened in my body. I am the same man but with the glorious body inside, ready to leave at any time.”

Thus, OUR IYYAH, the Lord of whole Creation, the tenth incarnation of Maha-Vishnu as Kalki Maha Avatar Shri Lahari Krishna ascended to the Throne on the night of February 24th 1989, which also happened to be His exact 68th birthday on this earth, fulfilling the Scriptural prophesies of Kalki Maha Puranam and Shri Muthukutty Swamy (prophesied about two hundred years ago about the ascension of Vaikuntar to the Eternal Throne).(Shri Lahari Krishna)The Kalki Maha Avatar came to this earth, displayed His pastimes, finished His work and now has ascended to His eternal throne. We are looking forward to the glorification which He has promised to us, who have one hundred percent faith, one hundred percent love and one hundred percent mind on God.

Following is the summary of His main teachings, which by remembering, we may be able to keep ourselves on the word of God.

1. God is one and we all are His creatures. We should worship Him in Spirit and Truth.

2. All the Scriptures of God are divinely inspired and are to be studied reverentially by all mankind, irrespective of differences in religions. Then only with the grace of God, we are enlightened with His divine presence.

3. God is our Father, Creator, and we all are fellow brethren and sisters. There is no difference of caste, community, religion, color, creed or nationality.

4. The Supreme Sacrifice of Paramapurusha (in which He offered Himself as sacrifice for the blessing of the whole universe since the foundation of the world) is the essence of all Vedas (ref: Purushasuktam of Rig-Veda, Bhagavad-Gita 3:10).

5. All souls are not eternal. Only souls who took part in the Supreme Sacrifice are eternal.

6. The same Almighty God, Our Creator, has come down, fulfilling the prophesies of all divinely inspired sages and saints throughout the ages to deliver His chosen people from the violence of this world and to usher in Dharma Yugam.

The land of India is privileged to be the chosen place of God, Our Creator, to reveal Himself to the world, before His final Judgment begins on the earth.The Main TeachingsPrayer for Global PeaceOh! Lord of abundant mercy! Thou hast created us all as ONE FAMILY. Thou being our Father, grant us to live as members of ONE FAMILY of Yours! We are Your servants in Your glorious presence. We all seek Your Lotus Feet as our shelter. All your children are gathered around Thy Feet of grace. We are all enlightened by thy Supreme Reign.

Oh! Lord! Thou alone protect us, possessing us all. By Thy grace, Thou hast given us eternal life by Thy Supreme Sacrifice. Thou has exalted the humble. Thou hast made the meek strong. Thou hast made the entire humanity fully immersed in the sea of Thy love.

Oh! Our Creator! The Only JAGAT-GURU, please gather all Thy beloved from all over the world. Make us all to be of ONE FAMILY.

Oh! Lord! Let thy LOVE FLAG fly in full glory; Let Thy Supreme Peace be established by Thy Presence on the earth. Lord! Knit all our hearts with love. Let Thy love be showered on us! Let our eyes be enlightened by the light of Thy guidance! Thy sweet words sing in our ears as honey drops! Protect us by Thy grace!

Oh! Lord! Thou art the Sovereign King of Heaven and Earth!Thou art the Almighty! Thou alone forgive all our sins! Thou cannot behold any iniquity in us!

Oh! Lord! Give an understanding heart to all those who thirst for You and who reverentially read this book of Yours! Oh! Lord! We thank You in Thy New Name for hearing us!The Author's ExperiencesI was born in a small village in the state of Bihar, India (in a region called “Mithila Puri”). My family members are strict followers of the Hindu Sanathana Dharma. I was brought up in the atmosphere of strong devotion to Lord Ramachandra and Lord Krishna. From early childhood, I was fascinated by the pastimes of Lord Narayana, which He displayed many times on this planet earth. When I was in middle school, I requested my dad to recite Ramayana (and Mahabharata later on) and to explain to me the meaning of the verses, for an hour before going to bed. He accepted my humble request and he continued until he finished all that was in his knowledge. Towards the end, he recited some portions of the holy Scripture “Bhagavad Gita”. I was so overwhelmed with love of the Lord that the only desire of my heart was to see the Lord face to face. My heart was filled with great joy when I became aware of the Bhagavad-Gita verse (4:7): “Whenever there is a decline in religious practices and a predominant rise of irreligion, O descendent of Bharta, at that time I descend Myself.”

From here on, I had been asking questions of myself: “What is the extent of the decline of religious practices or the rise of irreligion, that would cause the Lord to descend? When and where would the Lord incarnate Himself? Will this great event take place in any lifetime?” With these thoughts in mind, I began to study the holy Scriptures which I could get from the local library. In high school, I had astounding success in the academic field (first rank in class in almost all subjects, for the first time). Even under the heavy pressure of maintaining the rank in class, my heart always was looking for the answers to the basic questions stated above. I would ask these questions very indirectly to school teachers, religious leaders and family priests, but I never got satisfactory answers.

When I finished my studies and was settled well in a job and family life, I decided to do something different in order to get answers to my questions. I came to know that by “Meditation”, one can link his own soul to the Supreme Lord. This being my only avenue to spiritual development, I was initiated with the techniques of “Transcendental Meditation”, along with the rest of my family. My reason for choosing this technique was that it came directly from the Bhagavad-Gita, as stated by LORD KRISHNA through the disciple succession. Thus, I and my family have been meditating regularly for our spiritual development. This practice clearly resulted in better physical health and greater love for the Supreme Lord. After several years of meditation, I felt the need for direct worship of the Lord in addition to meditation. With intense love for the Lord in heart, we began attending the Hare Krishna temples in the United States. We accepted their way of living from the cores of our hearts. Throughout these years, I witnessed a continuous improvement in health and an augmented love for the Supreme Lord.

In 1986, something dramatic took place which totally changed my life. On a chilly spring day, I was lying in bed suffering from a minor cold. Around midday, I went to get the mail and received an orange colored booklet entitled “The Mystery of Bhagavat Gita, Shreemad Bhagavatam, Akhilathirattu and the Arul-Nool”. I went back to bed and began to read the booklet, since I had nothing better to do. To my great surprise, I came to know that the Supreme Lord Narayana had appeared on Indian soil as the last and the greatest “Kalki Maha Avatar”. My pleasure had no bounds and in my ecstatic mood, I read the entire booklet. The information for which I had been searching for years and years, while wandering here and there, came to me by the act of the Supreme Lord. I tried to contact MANUJOTHI ASHRAM PUBLICATION, which is located in Medway, Ohio, but I could not obtain their telephone number. Frustrated by my efforts, I wrote to the MANUJOTHI ASHRAM PUBLICATION for further information on the Kalki Maha Avatar. In a couple of long awaited weeks, Sister Susie Nivedita informed me that my letter was forwarded to the MANUJOTHI ASHRAM in India.

In March 1987, Shri Devaaseer, the middle son of Gurudev Shri Lahari Krishna, was visiting some followers in New York. He telephoned me at my house and left a message where he could be reached. When I came to know about it, I was in ecstasy as I began to see the day on fulfillment of my life long desire. Shri Aseer was staying at a place for only a short while, so it was very difficult to get hold of him. I kept trying relentlessly, and finally, by the grace of the Lord, I was able to speak to him just on the eve of his departure from New York. Understanding my sincere desire to meet him, Shri Aseer agreed to visit me on his way back to New York. On the night before his arrival, I had a bad cold and was very concerned about my ability to receive him. No one can comprehend the Lord’s plan and His abundant mercy. That night Gurudev Shri Lahari Krishna appeared to me in a dream, with His effulgent face. He blessed me by touching my head with His right hand. When I woke up, I was relieved completely of all symptoms of the cold and cough. I was so overwhelmed by this miraculous grace of the Lord, I began to feel His presence everywhere. With my heart full of joy and divine visions, I went out to receive Shri Aseer, and brought him home without any difficulty. By his presence alone, my whole house was filled with the Spirit of the Lord. Very shortly, I learned from him about the Advent of the Kalki Maha Avatar, His pastimes and His missions. He showed me His photograph, and to my great surprise, He looked exactly like the One I saw in the dream just the night before. Shri Aseer and I had a series of long talks over three days, in which we discussed the activities of the Lord and the end time of this Age of Kali Yuga. My next step was to see the Lord face to face. To this end, Shri Aseer made me aware of the possibility of the Lord’s visit to the United States in the near future. He suggested that I write to Him in my own words. I did not know how to write or what to write to Him. After several meditations, however, and with the intense desire to see Him, I wrote Him a letter exploring the possibility of either receiving Him at our house or we visiting Him at His abode in India.

In late April of 1987, we had been for a spring vacation to Washington, D.C. One morning, I had a feeling that a letter had arrived from Shri Lahari Krishna back at home. We immediately headed back to New York, as I was anxious to read His divine letter. While we were within one hundred miles of home, my son accidentally burned his thumb with the cigarette lighter as we hit a bump. The burn was minor, but it hurt him quite a bit, and he was in pain. We hurried in order to treat the burn. When he arrived home, to my great delight, the letter for which I have waited was indeed there. We immediately opened the letter and began to read it. As we read the letter my son’s pain disappeared miraculously. Thus, there was no need for medical attention, I was stunned at the amazing healing power contained in the written words of Gurudev.

Iyyah was planning to visit the United States in June of 1987. We started cleaning and decorating our house in order to make His stay most pleasant. In the middle of the month, we came to know that there was a severe drought in South India. Iyyah used to conduct Camp Meetings to celebrate the Lord coming down day every July. This year, however, he decided to come to the United States. The unseen God was displeased with His son’s decision and the result was a severe drought in all of South India. When Iyyah realized the reason for the drought, He immediately postponed His travel plans for America and mobilized all of His efforts to conduct a Camp Meeting that July. Being disappointed once again, we began to make plans to meet Him at the Ashram itself. IN the month of July, the South Indian climate is very hot, so we decided to visit the Ashram in late December of the same year. In the meantime, I began to read the Vedic Scriptures and particularly the messages preached by Iyyah. I watched several video tapes of previous Camp Meetings in which Iyyah Himself preached.

December 1987, we started the most memorable journey from New York to the Manujothi Ashram in India with the whole family. We flew directly to New Delhi and stayed there for a few days with my younger brother. Next, we were to fly to Madurai (the nearest airport to the Ashram), with a brief layover at the Madras airport. As soon as our plane took off, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu passed away. The whole city of Madras was in chaos. All means of transportation were effected by this emergency situation, with flights to and from Madras airport delayed indefinitely. Thus, we were all stranded at the airport and greatly disappointed at the turn of events. I telephoned the Manujothi Ashram to inform them of our pitiable condition. Shri Deva Evu, the eldest son of Gurudev, told me that Iyyah and Aseer already had left for Madurai Airport to meet us. I was stunned at this news, as I could not understand how the Lord of the whole universe was coming Himself to meet insignificant beings like us. With the very thought of seeing the Lord face to face, all my grief disappeared. In ecstasy, I walked to and fro at the airport for the whole night. I am unable to describe the multitude of thoughts crossing my mind. At dawn, we took a flight to Madurai, and there the Lord Himself was waiting for us. As I came hear Him, He embraced me and thereafter I fell at His lotus feet. At this time, I was in a different dimension, and, therefore, I did not know what I was doing. Thus overwhelmed by His divine presence, we proceeded toward His abode, continuously chatting with Him along the way. As we approached the boundary of the Ashram, Nature itself began to display the beauty of the abode of Lord Narayana. At the first sight, I uttered: “This is Vaikuntha Loka, exactly like the one in the spiritual world”. Shortly, along with the Lord, we were encircled by a large group of devotees, each chanting the glories of the Lord. The Lord introduced us to His close associates, and then He took us to His personal residence. There, I experienced the comfort and joy of Vaikuntha Loka, which I never imagined. Being in ecstasy, I was unable to speak very much. The Lord understood the state of my mind and suggested that I rest. In the evening, I desired to see Him once more. He granted my request, eventhough it was the eve of the observance of the Holy Sabbath. After garlanding Him, our Gurumata requested Him to bless us at that time. The Lord of the universe got up from His seat and blessed with His Mighty Hand over my head and took away all my karmas. With this, I was immersed in the ocean of peace and I lay down on the floor. This was my first experience with the power of His Hand. After a short while, He told us about the plan for giving us Guru-Deeksha as He understood the hidden desire of my heart. He also appointed some of His associates to explain to me the knowledge of Scriptures such as Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatam, Holy Bible etc. I understood then the real meaning of several portions of the Scriptures, which had been hidden since time immemorial.

The day after the observance of the Sabbath, Shri Lahari took all of us to the holy water of a nearby well. Almost all the devotees of the Ashram gathered around, singing the glories of the Lord. In this heavenly atmosphere, Shri Lahari gave us Guru-Deeksha in the name of the Supreme Lord Narayana. I experienced eternal peace in my heart and chronic problems such as colds and coughs all disappeared My wife Kunti felt some sort of darkness leave her body, as she came out of the holy water. For the next few days, Shri Lahari explained some secret meanings of the holy Scriptures and emphasized the importance of the end time of this Age Kali Yuga. On the eve of our departure from the Ashram, He gathered us in the mandapam and bestowed upon us the blessing of the Supreme Sacrifice and told us to meditate when we are fully possessed by the Spirit of the Lord. Thereafter, thoroughly preparing us for the spiritual life with a special anointing with oil, the Lord of the universe sent us home.

Soon after our arrival in New York, I devoted myself to the task of taking His messages to my close friends in all parts of the country. I had some successes and some frustrations and soon realized that His messages can be understood only by some chosen people who are in the plan of God since the foundation of the world. In July 1988, we celebrated the first Kalki Jayanthi at our house. Several other devotees of the Lord gathered here together all in one mind. Gurudev Shri Lahari sent a Narayana flag and a special message on video tape. Soon after we hoisted the flag and started praising the Lord, the sky filled with a dark cloud. The Lord responded to our humble prayers through His presence in the form of lightning, thunder and rain for three days and three nights. This meeting was a unique spiritual experience, as we could feel the presence of the Lord for an extended period of time in our own home. During the next couple of months, we received the video of the 1988 Camp Meetings. After viewing this tape, I became concerned about certain statements made by Gurudev. He stated: “My work is over and I may leave this world at any time”. These words formed a deep impression on my heart, and I began to worry about His departure from this world. I started making plans to visit the Ashram in February 1989 or for the July Camp Meetings. I wrote to Him regarding our plan, but toward the end of January, He mentioned in a telephone message that He was expecting us in February. Unfortunately, we did not have sufficient time to plan for this long journey and did not realize the significance of His apparent hints of the great event. Reluctantly, I decided to visit the Ashram for the Camp Meeting in July. While my mind was still agitated with the thought of meeting the Lord, my worst fear manifested quite unexpectedly. One evening, I came to know the hard fact that the Lord of the whole universe, the tenth incarnation of Maha-Vishnu, Gurudev Shri Lahari Krishna had ascended to His throne on February 24, 1989, exactly on His sixty-eighth birthday. I was greatly overwhelmed with this sad news of His sudden departure from the face of the earth. That night in a dream, I saw Gurudev in glorious four-handed form, with His weapons, dressed with a yellow garment around His waist, with dazzling effulgence all around Him, rising slowly from the earth. This vision relieved my deep sorrow to some extent and filled me with hope that the Lord would take us soon in glory.

In July 1989, we visited the Manujothi Ashram once again for the Camp Meeting and Kalki Jayanthi celebration. Throughout the meeting, we felt the presence of the Lord, vindicated by thunder, dark clouds, lightning and showers off and on. One morning, while I was meditating in the mandapam, Iyyah appeared in my heart and told me the very key for glorification: one hundred percent faith, one hundred percent love and one hundred percent mind of God. I felt as if I was talking to Him face to face. He asked me to preach this great truth to everyone at the meeting, which I did while controlling my emotions. Later on, to my surprise, I was told that what I spoke to the people was the essence of Iyyah’s teachings for the past twenty years.

Thus, having so many divine experiences by the grace of the Lord, I had a strong desire to write something about the Kalki Maha Avatar. In the meantime, Shri Devaaseer, the middle son of Gurudev, asked me to write a small book on this subject. Being inspired in this manner, I undertook this difficult task eventhough I have little qualification for writing. When I came back to New York, I started this work but was unable to write a single page with confidence. Then I had a thought: “The same Lord, who told me what to speak in the Camp Meeting, will tell me also what to write about His Maha Avatar”. Thus, on a holy Sabbath day, I meditated on Lord Narayana for His guidance and then started writing. On that day, I was able to write continuously for many hours. With the mercy of the Lord, I have written this book exclusively on Sabbath days. I hope this work will produce immense love for Godhead in the hearts of those who are in the plan of God. His sheep will hear His voice and will come to truth before the oncoming Dharma Yuga, which has been prophesied by the very Lord Narayana Himself in every holy Scripture known to mankind.