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The One God of All Vedas


Hinduism is founded on the Vedas given by God.

The Vedas declare the following: The Rig Veda: "Ekam Sat, Vipraaha Bahudha Vadandhi."

Translation: "God is One, though he is called by different names." This is the verdict of the Rig Veda. Real Hindus are aware of this and they know that there is only One God. Rig Veda preaches Monotheism. All the major religions of the world are fundamentally monotheistic. Islam asserts that there is only one God and that his Name is Allah.

Surah 112, AL-IKHLAS categorically states the following:

"In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Say: He is Allah, the One and Only; Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him."

The Bible states:

Deuteronomy 6:4 "Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD."

The Guru Granth Sahib says:

"The One God is our father; we are the children of the One God." We have seen from the above portions that all the major religions of the world assert that there is only one God. Now let us delve deeper into the Scriptures of all these different religions to find out whether they agree in their concept of the creation of mankind.


It is a well-known truth among Hindus that Veda Vyasa, also called by the name Badarayana (Ancient Man) Krishna Dwaipayana etc, compiled the Four Vedas which is being recited from the time of Creation by the Vedic sages and passed on orally by tradition from generation to generation. It is only Vyasa who compiled them all into four Vedas. Apart from the Vedas, Veda Vyasa was the author of "Itihasa" (History) Maha Bharata. He also compiled all the 18 Puranas. 18th is the prophetical work compiled by Veda Vyasa about the Future Events of Kali-Yuga.

We know that we are at the end of Kali Yuga, through the mighty revelations given by our Gurudev Lord Shri Lahari Krishna who is none other than the Almighty God who has to come at the end of Kali Yuga as the Last and Greatest "Kalki-Maha-Avatar." But do we know the name by which Veda Vyasa called him, rather the people of those times in the then world? God revealed to Veda Vyasa some of the secrets of His Forthcoming Manifestations for the "MLECCHA" people, who are none but the Adamic generation according to Vyasa's Bhavishya Purana. We know that there was a major flood in which the whole world was destroyed which was before Adam.

But this Bhavishya Puranam reveals much deeper facts. Bhavishya Purana, Pratisarga Parva, II Canto, Ch.1 dates the Maha Bharatha war as having happened prior to the flood which destroyed the whole earth before the creation of Adam from the dust of the earth as recorded in the Bible. So Adam is not the first man. There were men even before him. The world has been destroyed by God many times when Adharma came to a peak. After all these destructions the world was replenished again and again by the Grace of God. According to the Bhavishya Puranam 1600 years were remaining after Maha Bharata War for the completion of Dwapara Yuga. Then came the Yuga Pralayam -- the end of Dwapara Yuga. Bhavishya Puranam. Pratisarga Parvam, Ch.4 Text.16, deals with the Kali Yuga i.e. the birth of the Adamic generation. Here Vyasa has prophetically written the dialogue Lord Vishnu had with Kali (Satan). Even though Kali (Satan) enters into the world at the death of the Yuga Purusha, Krishna, yet he is powerless, within the transitional period as explained in this Purana (About 2000 years). Bhavishya Purana, Pratisarga Parvam, Ch.4 Text.19.

Vyasa foretells the coming genealogy of Adam who is called as "MLECCHA" because of his disobedience to the commandment of Vishnu. This passage concurs with the description in Genesis of the Holy Bible. What we find recorded in the Bible and Koran regarding Adam and Eve is recorded in the "Bhavishya Maha Puranam" which goes to prove that Lord God of the Bible, Allah of the Koran, and Vishnu of the Hindu Vedas is one and the same person. The religious fanatics who wanted to keep people apart for selfish reasons never preached these portions which show that there is Only One God and that He is called by different names in the different religious books. When we understand this great truth we will be united under the banner of that One God. This truth which was hidden by the selfish religious leaders is now brought to light by Gurudev Lord Shri Lahari Krishna who was and is called by all these different common names (Lord God - Bible; Allah - Koran; Vishnu - Hindu Vedas) in all the different religious books. Let us now see the account of Adam and Eve and also the account of the Flood that happened in the time of Noah as mentioned in the Bhavishya Maha Puranam. It agrees with the account given in the Bible and Koran. What does this prove? Lord God of the Bible, Vishnu of the Hindu Vedas and Allah of the Koran are one and the same person.


Text: 31 His wife Havyavati (Eve) will be very eager to see the tree of sin, and will go by the shadow of the tree. Kali (Satan) also will come there in the form of serpent.

Text: 32 Then they will disobey the commandment of Vishnu who told Adama (Adam) not to eat the fruit of the tree of sin. Because the fruit was good to see they eat it and become "Mleccha" and hence will turn towards the world.

Text: 33 They will wear the garments of fig leaves against the wind. The children of their generation will be called as "Mlecchas" because Adama (Adam) and Havya (Eve) will disobey Vishnu.

Text: 34 Adama (Adam) will live for 930 years.

Text: 35 Shveta (Seth) will be his son, of Shveta (Seth), Kenaasha (Cainan), son of Anuha.

Text: 36 Anuha (Enos) will be the son of Shveta (Seth), Kenaasha (Cainan), son of Anuha.

Text: 38 Virada (Jared) his son will live for 160 years and beget a son, and then live 900 years.

Text: 39 Hanucha (Enoch) son of Virada will be an ardent worshipper of Vishnu.

Text: 40 Hanucha (Enoch) will rule for 365 years and being an ardent worshipper of Vishnu according to Mleccha Dharma, he will ascend bodily to heaven.

Text: 43 Matocchila (Methusela) his son will rule for 970 years.

Text: 44 Lomaka (Lamech) his son will rule for 777 years.

Text: 45 Nyuha (Noah) will be his son. He will rule for 500 years. He will beget three sons. Seema, Shama (Shem), and his brother. Nyuha will be the only beloved of Vishnu always meditating on Vishnu.

Text: 47 Lord Vishnu will one day appear in a dream to Nyuha (Noah) and will say:

Text: 48 "My son Nyuha (Noah), hear me, this world will be destroyed by flood in seven days. Therefore build thou a ship (ark) for you and your family only to be safe from Pralayam (Flood).

Text: 49 Prosper in this world after the flood for thou art the most righteous man on the earth". Then the sage Nyuha (Noah) will prepare a ship.

Text: 50 Length of the ship 300 hand breadth, Width, 50 hand breadth, height 30 hand breadth.

Text: 51 Meditating on Vishnu, Nyuha (Noah) will ascend the ship along with his wife, his three sons and their wives (eight souls). The world was flooded by rain for 44 days.

Text: 52 The whole land of Bharata (India), Plava (Palestina) and Sindava (Punjab) will go submerged in that flood.

Text: 54 All will be lost except Nyuha and his family. Thus ends the 4th chapter.

Ch.5 Text 1-3 The Vedic Script will be lost in the floods. Only the Mleccha language will prevail. As Kali Yuga will proceed Brahmi language will prosper.

Text: 5 Sima (Shem), Hama (Ham) Yakuta (Japheth) will be the three children of Nyuha who will replenish the earth after the flood. Yakuta will beget seven sons.

Text: 9 The second son Hama (Ham) will beget four sons. Kusha (Cush) Mishra (Mizraim), Kuja (Canaan) and...

Text: 11 Nimaruh (Nimrod) son of Kusha will be mighty in strength and prevail.

Text: 13 Sima (Shem) the eldest son of Nyuha will be ruler for 500 years.

Text: 14 Arkansada (Arphaxed) his son rules for 430 years.

Text: 15 Simhla (Sela) will rule for 406 years. His son is Ivrata (Eber).

Text: 16 Phalaga (Peleg) his son will rule for 224 years.

Text: 17 Ravu (Reu) his son will rule for 237 years.

Text: 18 Juja (Serug) his son, Nahora (Nahor).

Text: 19 Tahara (Terah) will beget Avirama (Abraham), Nahura (Nahor), Harana (Haran).

Text: 20 They all become Mleccha by the curse of Saraswati and they will speak Mleccha language but Samskrita (Sanskrit) will be the language of Bharata Desham (India).

Text: 22 But these people (Mleccha) will go to another country and prosper there as Mlecchas in that country, but originally belonging to Bharata Desham.

Text: 29 2000 years after the prosperity of Mlecchas the whole world will be full of mixed people.

Text: 30 Some divine sage will stay on the shores of river Saraswathi. One great leader of Mlecchas, Moosha (Moses) wil arise.

Text: 31 At that time in Kali Yuga there will not be true worship of God, the true Vedic language is lost and the Mleccha language will be of four types. THE IDENTITY OF THE NINTH AVATAR OF LORD NARAYANA

In the Bhavishya Maha Puranam we find a reference to the appearance of the Ninth Avatar of Lord Narayana, Lord Jesus as "Kumari Garbha Sambhavam" (Virgin Birth) in Palestina. This is told to Shalivahanan by Lord Narayana Himself in His Glorious Form. He refuses to accept the Ninth Avatar of Narayana and returns to India in the Great Hope that the Last Avatar will be born only in India on the outskirts of River Tamiraparani River in Tirunelveli District in Dravida Desham.


Text: 21 Once this Shalivahana, after crossing Huna Desham, sees in front of him a man, comely (Subham).

Text: 23 The king of India asks him "Who art thou"? Then He (Lord Narayana in Glorious Form) replies: "I will be born as "Kumari Garbha Sambhavam" (Virgin Birth)

Text: 24 The spokesman of Mleccha Dharma, the very upholder of 'Satya' and 'Rita' (Vedic Virtues)". Then the king asks him, What religion is the real Dharma?

Text: 25 Then he answers him "O king, hear in brief about this truth available for you. Without controversy, I am being established in Mleccha Desham (Palestine). I am also called as 'Terrible One' among the Dravidiyana. (Dravidiyan in Vedas is called as Dasyu).

Text: 26 I have become Mleccha, (Lord Jesus born to a virgin in Palestine) the descendent of Mleccha (one who disobeyed the command of Vishnu in Kaliyuga).

Text: 27 "O king, hear that the very religion of Mleccha (Christianity) is founded by me (By Vishnu) - Refer Bhavishya Puranam. P. Parvam. Ch.4 Text 18) Irrespective of being pure or impure in body, by purifying the heart one becomes pure. (This is the Dharma preached by Lord Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. This is the 'Path of Divine Grace'. When one accepts Lord Jesus Christ who is none than Vishnu of the Vedas he immediately gets rid of all Karmas and gets Maha-Shanthi.)

Text: 28 By being always in prayers and meditation on me, one gets revelation of Supreme Sacrifice and becomes holy and divine. Thus man is justified by this word of Truth.

Text: 29 This very Solar System is established because of the constant meditation on Him, and worshipping the very Lord Isha (which is incidentally also the name for Jesus given here). He, the very Lord is present before you, as eternal as sun."

Text: 30 "He is always present in all elements, in all matters, O, king, thus establishing his religion, the Messiah is dissolved in himself (Lord Vishnu)".

Text: 31 Thus obtaining this eternal position of blessedness in this form of Isha. (Lord Jesus). Thus my name is established, as the "Famous One" Jesus, the Messiah".

Text: 32 The king after hearing this replies thus: "I will not become a worshipper of Mleccha religion and that too here in this terrible country of Mlecchas".

Text: 33 O King, (he calls Lord Vishnu in Glory as King) I will regain my own kingdom, by performing Ashwamedha Yagam (a Vedic rite done to declare Kingship) (The real Hindus wait for the coming of the very Maha Vishnu as Eternal King of this Universe, as Kalki-Shastha who has to appear in the end of Kali-Yuga, in Dravida Desham, South India, near river Tamiraparani. This is the reason why the traditional Hindus believing Maha Vishnu as king, did never bow down to any pressure from outside or inside India for the past 2000 years, nay 6000 years. Now the time has come for every Hindu to look up and recognize the 'Kalki Maha Avatar' Gurudev Lord Shri Lahari Krishna.)


This same Messiah (Jesus) is otherwise called as "Buddha" in Srimad Bhagavatam. (Canto.1. Ch.3. T.24)


Translation: Buddha will be born as Son of Ajana in Keekati. (Aja = Unborn Spirit; Sutha = Son. This means that he will be born as the Seen Aspect (Form) of the Unborn Spirit. (Called by the Christians as 'Son of God' and by the Hindus as 'Parama Purusha').

Shree Shridara Swami an ancient authority interprets the Sanskrit term 'Keekati' as "Bhomadya Bhaga" (centre of the earth). How can Gaya then be the centre of the earth? How then can Gautama (born to a man) be called as AJANA SUTHA in this context? Please just think for a moment. The whole world knows that the Mediterranean region (Jerusalem) as the centre of the earth.

Thus if Bhavishya Purana's prophecies are true in all respects though king Shalivahana refused to accept Jesus as an Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the very Lord tells that He himself will come in Adamic generation.

This does not end here with the advent of Lord Vishnu in Mlechha Dharma as Lord Jesus. Finally the Bhavishya Purana prophesies about the coming of the very Lord Vishnu as Kalki Maha Avatar, combining both KINGSHIP and PRIESTHOOD in Himself. He being the King of the Universe is also the JAGATGURU. Kalki Maha Avatar of the end time is none else but the ADHI NARAYANA according to Bhavishya Puranam. (Canto.3, Ch.25, T.26). Many so-called Bhagavans may mushroom around the world but the real Bhagwan will never die. He is the PARAMA PURUSHA according to Bhavishya Puranam. (Canto.3, Ch.25, T.26).

Thus by comparing Shreemad Bhagavatam and Bhavishya Maha Puranam compiled by one and the same person, Veda Vyasa, it is crystal clear that THE NINTH INCARNATION OF LORD VISHNU IS JESUS the Messaiah (Buddha, the World Teacher). Buddha means: One who is full of Wisdom. In these last days, the very Maha Vishnu, has come as Lord Kalki (Shri Lahari Krishna) from a place near Tamiraparani River, in Sambhala Gramam (Nazareth of India, or Manujothi Ashram) in Dravida Desham, i.e. South India.

From the comparative study of Bhavishya Purana and the Bible, we find that the Hindus of India are calling the descendants of Shem and Abraham as Mlecchas while the Jews call all the non-Jews as Heathen, especially Hindus.

So SANATANA DHARMA OF THE VEDAS was blacked out and Shakti worship came among the Hindus. For example, Shri. Aurobindo says that he had a vision of Lord Narayana putting Bhagavat Gita into his lap and commanding him to preach the SANATANA DHARMA OF GITA, but he switched over to Shakti and Kali worship.

All the great religious leaders who started the various priestly orders after their own names, viz, Order of SANKARACHARYA, Order of POPE, Order of RAMAKRISHNA, Order of TRADITIONAL GURUS, including Order of IMAM, etc., in all religions, always tried to black out the real KALKI MAHA AVATAR so that the TRUE KALKI MAHA AVATAR cannot be found out. This is done purposely to establish their own Name and Fame. This is utter selfishness and direct defiance of the purport of the Vedas. Thus it is established that the common names given to God Almighty in all the different Vedas of the all the different religions refer to the One and Only Parama Purusha, Lord Shri Lahari Krishna who has now come as KALKI MAHA AVATAR on the outskirts of River Tamiraparanee in Tirunelveli District. All Glory to Him who is the only Dispenser of the Destiny of All Mankind. By following his 'Teachings' we can obtain "JEEVAN MUKTHI" (Deathlessness) without any 'self-efforts'.