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If a person were to ask you, "What is the name of your God?" what would be your immediately reply? If you are a Hindu, you would say, 'NARAYANA' or 'MURUGA' or 'GANAPATHI' etc. If you are a Muslim, you would say, 'ALLAH'; if a Christian, you would say 'CHRIST'. But just consider my dear friend, (whoever you may be) that these names you just mentioned are only common names given to God (by the people) and NOT His Own Proper Name! Otherwise there would be as many number of gods as there are names. But we all know and are sure that there is only ONE GOD, whom people (according to their wish) call by a list of names in order to describe his various attributes. For example, if you take the name 'Muruga' - it simply means 'BEAUTIFUL ONE'. If you consider the name 'Ganapathi' - 'Ganangal' (in Tamil) means 'hosts' and 'Athipathi' means 'Lord' or 'Ruler'. Hence the name 'Ganapathi' simply means, 'THE LORD OF HOSTS'! 'Allah' means 'A STRONG TREE'; 'Christ' means 'THE ANOINTED ONE'. So these are just meaningful and decorative names given to God to show His characteristics.


No one knows actually what the TRUE NAME OF God is. I mean His Only Proper Name. Why because, THIS PERSONAL NAME of His, God has been keeping in hiding (as a great secret) for so many thousands of years and never did He reveal it to any one unless they satisfied HIS CONDITIONS of Faith, Love and Loyalty!!

To a majority of the people He completely hid THIS NAME; but to a loyal few. He revealed this Name partially, giving certain hints, using which, they, through God-given wisdom can finally know 'THE NAME' and in turn IDENTIFY the person who bears that Name, since 'that Person' (who bears that Name) could be none else but GOD HIMSELF! Can you understand?

1. GOD'S GREAT MASTER-PLAN: It had been God's plan from the ages to reach man in his own standard and reveal Himself in a way man would understand and recognize HIS DEEP LOVE. For this reason He Himself has to take 'a total human form' since ONLY THEN could He totally understand man's difficulties and problems and relieve him from those. This Complete (Total) 'Human Form', God could take only at the End-Time or the KALI-YUGA to put an end to wickedness and establish DHARMA YUGA or "Reign of Peace" on a firm footing!!... and AT SUCH A TIME IT WOULD BE GOD HIMSELF ON THE SCENE AS AN ORDINARY MAN TEACHING AND PREACHING THE TRUE WAY TO ATTAIN LIFE OR JEEVAN-MUKTI (i.e.,) THROUGH HIM AND HIM ALONE!! Oh, what a great privilege!

2. THE DIFFERNCE BETWEEN 'AVATAR' AND 'LORD NARAYANA'S OWN BODY': We are all aware that this Age in which we are now living is the KALI - YUGA when God HAS to be present on earth in fulfillment of all His prophecies in ALL SACRED SCRIPTURES of all religions.

In earlier ages, God had been taking many avatars on earth like Rama, Krishna, etc. When the avatar's time and purpose were fulfilled, he dies. BUT, 'THE LORD NARAYANA', the 'LIFE SOURCE', can never die (even though he comes in Human Form) and He has neither beginning nor end!

3. THE PERSONAL NAME: God's own person Name has INFINITE POWERS and no satanic or evil force can withstand 'This Mighty Name of God'! There is always victory in this Great Name for the true and loyal devotees of NARAYANA!! But, do YOU know this Great Name of God? If you don't, you are in a very pitiable condition (though you may have much wealth and enjoy all pleasures of life) and you can never attain THE OVERCOMING POWER (to defeat DEATH, the greatest enemy of man-kind and to gain ETERNAL LIFE!) which can be got only through this Great Name of God!

4. HOW TO KNOW THIS GREAT NAME OF GOD? This knowledge can be got only through DIRECT REVELATION given to you by the LORD. If given otherwise, you are liable to lose your faith later. Utmost humility and great love for God and all His creation will certainly qualify you to get this PERFECT REVELATION.

5. WHO IS THE PERSON WHO BEARS THIS GREAT NAME? As said earlier, this NAME can be revealed only NOW (ie) when God is personally present as an ordinary human-being. Out of the millions on this earth now, there can only be ONE PERSON who is the True imperishable One and searching for Him will be like looking for a needle in a hay-stack, since there are so many false people especially in INDIA, who have made religion a money-making business. But if any sincere person seeking God, reads the VARIOUS SACRED SCRIPTURES like the BHAGAVAD-GITA, BHAGAVATHAM, QUORAN, BIBLE, AHILATHIRATTU, ARUL NOOL, SAHAG-MARG etc. (without prejudice, with an open mind) he or she is SURE to find the truth and identify himself or herself with THE TRUE ONE! There is no problem once you identify this true person, since He is the PERFECT ONE (THE PARIPOORANAR) and the solver of all problems!

6. THE TREMENDOUS POWERS HIDDEN IN THE PERSONAL NAME OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD: Many people do not realise the tremendous (inifinite) powers hidden in the Personal Name of Almighty God and hence they do not attempt to derive any blessing from 'that Name' and they are not victorious in their lives. Firstly (as said earlier) for a person to understand and to know what the GREAT PERSONAL NAME of God is he should have a divine God-given revelation. This 'REVELATION' opens one's mind to get a real understanding of the actual powers contained in that Name!

Let me now further proceed to instill into your mind as to the 'Greatness' of this Personal Name of God.

(a) Meditating on this Name brings inexplicable peace (SHANTHI) to the soul!

(b) Chanting This Name to oneself in a solitary place undoubtedly brings GREAT TRANQUILITY to the mind!

(c) Any prayer made using this Great Name is sure to bring 100% success and Victory!

(d) By using this Name one can attain immortality (overcome death) and obtain Jeevan-Mukti!

(e) Any person (Hindu, Muslim, Christian or of any religion) accepting this Name in his heart gets rid of all his KARMA (Sins) immediately. This 'Most Holy Name' wipes out all sins and stains!!

(f) This Name is THE ONLY GREATEST PROTECTIVE FORCE one can have in his life which will enable him to overcome all evil.

(g) This Name has powers infinite number of times greater than an 'atomic bomb'!

IN SHORT, I can boldly say that "THE PERSONAL NAME OF GOD" and "GOD" are both the same. There is no difference between the two. The infinite powers of the Almighty God are the powers contained in the Name of God (Oh, it thrills me so much even as I am writing this article!)

So, who on earth, or who on the whole universe for that matter can stand against this ALL-PREVAILING NAME? Fools, because of their ignorance, desecrate the Holy Name of God and thus receive the damnation which they so rightly deserve. The All-Merciful-One in order to prevent this 'damnation' on such people (who have no true knowledge of God) has carefully HIDDEN and SEALED this Name in the scriptures so that only those with DIVINE REVELATION can understand that Name; and those few, who through revelation know the Name are laid with a great responsibility to see that no dishonour comes to that Name in some way or the other. That is why 'This Name' is to be conveyed one to another ONLY THROUGH THE EAR! (very softly). THE NAME OF GOD IS "LIFE"! No where can a person find "LIFE" in fullness except in the Name of God!! Aadi Sancharacharya knew this Great Name. He even raised dead people to life using this Personal Name of God.


This Great Personal Name of God in the English language consists of 6 (SIX) alphabets. Deciphering the 'hint' given below will take you no time. But, once you have the letters formed. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL to pronounce the same with all respect and reverence!! Take GREAT CARE that you don't desecrate or use 'The Name' in vain, because 'IT' is the Most Holy and Personal Name of the ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF! THE 'SIX ALPHABETS' are as follows: |12th|1st|8th|1st|18th|9th|

You can personally experience the blessedness of 'This Name' since you now know the NAME and you can know for yourself the INEXPLICABLE SHANTHI which this Name alone gives!!

8. A WARNING TO THOSE WHO ARE PRONE TO BRING DISHONOUR TO THIS NAME! Any person, even thinking in his mind evil against This Name or the PERSON who bears this Name will be 'throwing mud on his own head', as the saying goes. This very Name is "VERY DESTRUCTIVE" too to those who bring dishonour to it, since 'the Spirit' of the PERSON who bears this Name is present everywhere (OMNIPRESENT) and can pick out his foes in no time! So BEWARE! Don't say, I didn't warn you earlier!!

9. THE SUPREME BEING: The SUPREME INDESTRUCTIBLE LORD bearing His Own Personal Indestructible Name is Now present IN PERSON in SOUTH INDIA appearing as 'a 64 year-old Man'. He is the only real "JAGATH GURU" and LORD of all creation! Do approach Him for all physical and spiritual blessings and surrender your all to Him (body, soul, mind and strength) in reciprocation of HIS DIVINE LOVE. His photograph is given (on top) to help you in your meditation of the "DIVINE FORM" of God Almighty! The place of His Earthly Abode is also given below. May THE GREAT LORD HIMSELF open your (Spiritual) eyes to understand this MOST PRECIOUS TRUTH!


-- Direct Disciple of Lord Shri 'Lahari' Krishna