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Gurudev Shri 'Lahari' Krishna


01  Praise be to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are very happy to be in your midst today. Let us turn to Revelations 3:20

20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

-- 'Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and sup with him, and he with me.'

02  We are glad to be in your midst today. And we know in our experience, in our life and according to the word of God, that Jesus lives today. And the only thing is, the people do not know who Jesus is. He is knocking at the door of every heart today. He is knocking at your heart today. If you open your heart there is blessing for you. If you close your heart you lose the blessing.

03  Is God living today? Is he able to do anything for us? Can He take our poverty? Can He heal our body? Will He pay us money? - These questions arise in the hearts of the people. But the Bible says: 'Trust in the Lord and see.' (Psalm 4:5)

04  Before we proceed any further, I want to tell you something: There has been many false propaganda against me going on. If you want to discuss, you can come on the afternoon service. If I plundered anybody, bring the man and tell me how much I plundered, and bring the receipt everything and I will pay him. If anybody tells anything against me, if they tell, I am Jesus... I worship Jesus. That is why I have put a big letter 'Jesus' here today, so that everybody could see that I worship Jesus. And so many other things. And afternoon you can come and discuss and say; and if you have something truth to present to us, I'll accept it. But if we fight against each other, we won't get any blessings from God.

05  The church is a powerful thing. I have not come here to preach a religion. I am not in favour of some religion and some church. I want you to look up, look up and see, what a great God we have! We are sometimes like children, angry with the father and don't want his blessings.

06  There is only one God. He created all of us. He created a Hindu, or he created a Muslim or anybody; there is only one true God. He created the sun. It is not for Christians only, for Muslims only, or Hindus only; it's for everyone. Nobody can say, "Don't look at the sun." Now that God, is a good God. He loves everybody. Which father will hate his children? He gives rain for everybody, not for the good people only. He gives for heathens, godless people, atheists and good people, Christians, Muslims and Hindus. He doesn't measure and say, "Christians have too much and Hindus have little and Muslims have little more," like that. He gives to everybody equally. He doesn't say, "Only so and so should take it." He doesn't say, "If you want an ounce of water you must pay so many to so and so." He doesn't say, "Go and pay a cheque in some bank and get a receipt, then I will give you one gallon of water."

07  I want you to understand the God we have. Some times we become blind by our hatred. Bible says: He that hateth his brother is a murderer. (1 John 3:15) But if somebody stabs somebody we will say, "Oh, he murdered!" How many murderers are there among the religious people. If you hate your brother, you are a murderer. If you hate your brother, you become blind. (1 John 2:11) You do not know where you go. Bible clearly tells: If you hate your brother, you are not qualified to get into God. So we have to rethink our lives.

08  Air - oxygen, He gives for everybody free. And He gives it abundantly, not little. Rain abundantly. Air abundantly. Salt abundantly. Sunlight free. Moonlight free. Such a good God we have! If somebody gives a hundred rupees, we'll say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Somebody takes us in a car, we will shake the hands and say, "Thank you brother, we won't forget this." Did you ever thank that great God? That's the greatest sin you have done.

09  God created everything for the good of you. Do you mean to say, He'll give you sickness, and say, keep your sickness? He is God of love. He wants His children to be happy, not fighting with each other. Why did Jesus come? So that you may not have sin!

10  I am not preaching a religion to you today. For your karma, for your sins, there is only one remedy! If you want to get healed from T.B., we want streptomycin. There is nothing else. In the same way, for your karma, for your forefathers sins, there is only one remedy: That's the blood of Jesus Christ. I don't care who you are. I don't tell you to go and join a Christian religion. But the blood of Jesus takes all your sin away; it will give you life today!

11  Now, God doesn't send any sickness to man. God is a good God. He doesn't say, "Keep this disease with you." It is not the will of God for anybody to be sick. But we think sometimes, God sends the sickness. If God sends a sickness to a man, every doctor is an enemy of God, every nurse is an enemy of God, every praying man is an enemy of God, everybody who fast is against God. So remember: God never sends sicknesses. If you take that idea, you will never be healed. That's the first idea you must take away. 'It is not the will of God for me to be sick any more!'

12  You know I am a servant of God, called by God Himself. In 1943 I found out the Lord. And in 1953 I was working in the Vellore Medical College hospital. My wife was working. There the Lord met me again, called me for the ministry. I cannot please everybody. I have to tell the truth. This healing, it's for you!

13  Suppose you have got a young daughter, some body comes and catches her and goes away, you don't kneel down and pray and say, "Let the will of God be done." You fight against it. You will cry. You run to the police. Why is that? You know it is not the will of God for your daughter to be pulled by a man. So when you believe that, you will resist the sickness. You won't say, 'Be here,' but, 'Get out of me.'

14  Some people, they have some trouble in their body. You know that demon power, they won't be having peace. Now suppose you have got a tumbler of water, if half is taken away, half will be full of air. So, many people once they have found out God, but now they have got only half God; the half will be full of the devil. It has to go away. You know, some times when I pray they fall down, the devil gets out.

15  You open your heart to Jesus. Jesus knocks at your door. Ask Him to come into your heart. You know, when you open the window, air comes in. In the same way, open your heart, call Jesus, invite him; He will come in.

16  So when I pray for you, not only your sickness goes away, that power of God comes into your heart. Right there you can go home happy; not tomorrow or day after tomorrow. When they went to Jesus, he didn't say, "Come for one month." You have got a blessing right now. He is living today. He wants to come into your heart. He wants to bless you! Don't run away from him! He is your God. He is not a Christian God, He is not a white man's God. He is for the Asiatics also. He is the 'light of Asia' also. We don't want a religion. But without Him, you will have no peace; karma never will go. Today many people do not know these secrets. In their fight they forget this Life.

17  So, as we are gathered here, this meeting will go on for five days. So if you want to get a blessing, you ask Jesus to come into your life. He is knocking at your door. What does He say? "If any man hears My voice, and he opens the door, I will come into him and sup with him and he with Me." God wants to have fellowship with you. He likes to live in your heart. How will you give your heart to Him? Why? Because without that your karma cannot go!

18  Some people say, "If I am healed, my whole family will become a Christian." I am not telling you that. I want you to be healed. Suppose there is a big doctor, he is a famous doctor, you don't tell the doctor, "Doctor, stay outside the house, when my child is healed you can come in." What is the use? Call Him right now today! Whatever sickness you have, if you have no peace, call Him to come into your heart! He will give you peace.

19  When the light comes, the darkness goes away. In the same way, when Jesus comes, every darkness goes away. Suppose you want to drive out darkness, darkness cannot go by beating with a stick. You go to your room, take about hundred people with nice sticks, you beat the darkness out; it won't go. Light will drive it out.

20  Today people try to do so many things to drive their darkness away. Call the Lord! See whether your darkness doesn't go; see whether your devil will get out? Many people do not know that the devil is in their heart also. But you have to get deliverance. Then you will have peace.

21  My dear friends, today, you know, many people do not know God. They talk about God, they sing about God, but they have not experienced God in their hearts. That is very important! If He doesn't live in your heart, find Him today! It is most important than your money, most important than your education, most important than your family, most important than your money, than property! Why? This is your life! This life cannot come in any other way. It can come only direct from God. That is why God created so many things. But what does man say? 'I must see God, then only I can believe.' Man has not seen his stomach even, how can he see God? But you believe you have got a stomach without seeing your stomach. When the time comes, it will make a noise, then you will know there is a stomach.

22  So this heavens declare the glory of God. And what do you people say? "Oh, this all came by nature." This mike, everything came by nature? This table, this stage, everything came by nature? There is somebody who created us. That Creator is God. So that Creator is the worshipful Creator.

23  This current we have not seen. But when the light goes out, you know what you will say? We don't say 'light' is out, but 'current' out. But many people today, they are cleaning the bulb. 'Oh! I want to be clean.' You don't have light my friends. 'Oh, I must lead a good life!' That cannot be - no use!

24  Many people say like that: 'Jesus died for me.' If Jesus died for you, why should you die? If He died for your sickness, why should you be sick again? If Jesus died for you, you need not die. If Jesus did not die for you, that means you have to die. He is our Bakrid lamb. That's our lamb. Behold, the Lamb of God!

25  So my friends, if you are sick in body, if you have no peace, you can get peace right today. It is not far away. Only thing, you must know where to put the plug in. In any other place, you won't get the current. So that plug is Jesus Christ. If you put your plug in, you get that current.

26  I am not talking bad about other religions. I have read other religions; I have studied most of the books. I love all creations of God. The moment I loved God, I knew about our Creator, I became a vegetarian. I don't tell you to become a vegetarian. I am not preaching a doctrine there. I love God, so I love His creation, that is all. Such a good God we have! One day when He revealed the goodness God, I went all over the place, telling about this great love. Jesus loves you! God loves you, so He came down, and through that love...

27  Today, why the other people hate Jesus? I met many Hindus: "Brother we don't hate Jesus." - "Then why don't you take Him?" - "Because the white people think that this is their God." So many people after receiving Jesus they think they belong to America and China and this place, or Rome, or something like that, because they get lot of money; and they became enemies of the land. Every man is faithful to his country. You go to an American: 'Our country.' You go to England: 'Our country.' If you come to India: 'America is our country.'

28  My dear friends, today I can get lot of money. I met most of the foreign leaders. I met Oral Roberts, Billy Graham and Osborne and all the people, big, big preachers. And they said, "Bro. Lawrie, why don't you join us?" - "I am joined with Christ." - "Have you joined some American group?" - "I am an Indian." - "No, no, no, no, you must join some American group. Here is a cheque for you - one lakh." - "I will go to India and even starve, but be a true Indian."

29  My dear friends you know, we have to be in India, must be true to the people, true to the word of God, and we have to work together in such a way, fight for our right in the country, not with a foreign interference. Then, nobody in India can do anything for us. Today people are telling, "What will the R.S.S. do?" What can they do?

30  One day I asked an R.S.S. man,... "Bro. Lawrie we love you, because you are an Indian. But that fellow, he is a cut throat; that is why we are against him." My dear friends, we must love everybody. But when you love God, that barrier breaks. We don't become a slave. Serve God out of love!

31  So today, in India, there are very wonderful people. I met many Hindus, they are not against Jesus. So as I go, I tell him: "Do you need Jesus?" - "Yes, Bro. Lawrie." I pray, and Jesus comes in. God gives the peace free! The Christians have a great opportunity. They couldn't do much because they fight against each other. Come on, let us unite together, then you will see the flag fly. Otherwise you are blind people. If our brother is against it, you go and settle it.

32  Now today, if anybody is having anything against me, tomorrow afternoon you come... "Bro. Lawrie, you plundered thousands of rupees from me." Tell me where I plundered you, we will settle it. But don't you think telling like that, is a sin? Bible tells, a believer has to be - love each other! If you tell the name of Jesus, you should have love. If you have no love, you are not a Christian.

33  So don't talk about your religion, talk about Christ! That great God came down, gave us peace! So today, with that blessings, in the name of Jesus, I want to pray for you and you will see the blessings in your lives immediately! So these meetings will go on for five days. I will be finishing early today, because you can go home. God bless you.

-- R. Paulaseer Lawrie,

November 11,


Day - 1.


01  Praise be to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We thank You for this day also. God has given us another day. You heard the testimony of my second son. Many people think that leaving everything makes a man good. When God calls a man, he has to go. That doesn't mean, the working people have no chance. Wherever you are, you can glorify God in the place where you are, that is very important.

02  Today, many people do not know who Jesus is. Now, just now we heard that there's power in the Word of God. If you just listen to what I say from the Bible, many of you will be healed right where you are sitting. We are working as a family in the ministry. If you want to have any questions, come in the morning and discuss with us.

03  You know, people have a mouth, so they can tell anything. But there are people to listen to those things without verifying. If anybody wants to know where we are, you can come and see us, what we are doing. Many people say, "Bro. Lawrie has divorced his wife and married another girl." My wife is right here, you can ask her when I divorced her. Somebody used to say that I am wearing a saffron robe and putting ash and holy ash and everything, and going about in the street like a sadhu.

04  I knew the Lord Jesus Christ in 1943. I got the power of God. 35 years we are in the ministry. We never wasted any time; we were always for Jesus Christ. And many places we have - God has been blessing us and giving us thousands of people. So whatever the people said, you have to give an account to God. If you have any doubts on what we are teaching or anything like that, you can come to the afternoon service and discuss with us and fight with us and you tell a truth, I will accept it.

05  I have not left my C.S.I. Church. But today, I love everybody. Because that is God's way. If you think well, God loves everybody. Man only puts restrictions. But if you really love God, you'll get such a love for other people that you will love everybody. I've got lot of friends in all kinds of ways. Suppose a man drinks, still he his my friend. But I can't hate him, because he has got... God died for him. If you believe that, you'll show the love of God to that man. If you have love, you can shake the whole country. God is the same everywhere. He is not only white man's God, He is not Chinese' God, He is everybody's God.

06  Sometimes we think like this: 'Somebody must come from some other country to preach the gospel to us.' Today the other countries need Jesus from the Eastern people. You have to go to other countries and tell the gospel to other people. But you'll say, "Where is the money?" 35 years I had no money, my friends.

07  When God called me, I asked God one question: "Lord, where will I get money?" I can't do all 'gulmal' and 'halla gulla', what's it? 'hallah gulla' - I can't do anything like that. Then I asked him, God, one day when he called me: "If I don't get my food one day, or my clothes one day, if it's torn, I'll go back to the job." Then He put His hands on me and said, "My Son, that will never happen to you. You think, the thing will come to your house." Then my wife had to trust God. She liked a red saree always those days. That was her birthday. So she said, "I want a red saree, you don't have any money." So we prayed. Early morning a visitor came, one of our relations. He brought a nice red saree and gave it to her.

08  When I travelled around the world, I was invited for a world conference in Glasgow, as the Indian representative. Dutch reform churches, Dutch Presbyterian churches. I had only 5½ anas in my hand. I got into the plane.

09  A ticket came from India. I went and prayed for somebody in Vellore, God healed that person, so he gave me the ticket. I got down at Glasgow, no money in the hand; went to the hotel and I told him, I came for the conference. He gave me the room. A man came, "You are Lawrie?" - "Yes." "God spoke to me yesterday. I had a dream. He told me to go and give so much of money to you in that hotel." Like that we are travelling.

10  So today, we don't belong to any churches, except the only association we had with C.S.I. But I preached in all the churches throughout the world. Six times I have gone round the world. The seventh world trip I am taking probably in the next month. And 35 years, we never have asked anybody for any money. God has proved in our lives that He is able! So we are the testimony that God is living today and He can feed everybody.

11  'Seek ye the kingdom of God and His righteousness, everything shall be added to you!' Today we say, we have no job. We only seek the extras. We must seek the kingdom of God first. We have a King. That King is not Bro. Lawrie, He is Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! I am not coming to show; He is the King. For His kingdom we are coming here. We belong to that kingdom. Kingdom must have a King. We have a King! His word is powerful. This Bible is written by that King. Not through some pastor, through somebody in India. God chosen prophets - it was written by the King, through the prophets. If you don't obey, you sin against the throne.

12  So I want to tell you my friends: Obey the laws of the King! Suppose you have a state government, it has got some laws. The central government has got some laws. We belong to the central government of God. Anything against your central government is treason; you can be killed. The ten commandments were the commandments of God. If you obey the commandments, God will bless you. But the state government can change it, but the fundamental rule he cannot change. His righteousness, not our righteousness! Our righteousness are filthy rags.

13  What do the people say today? "Praise God, I am saved! I fall, I get up; I fall, I get up; I fall, I get up; I fall, I get up; I fall, I get up! Hallelujah!" they'll say. Oh, the other people, Hindus also, other people also fall and get up and fall and get up, fall and get up. But what do the people say? "Oh, we are only sheep, they are pigs. Whatever we do is a mistake. Non-Christians doing any bad thing, it is a crime!" Whether you are a good man or a believer or anybody, sin is a sin! No good sinner or bad sinner; sinner is a sinner. Not a pig or a sheep.

14  What do the people say? "Oh, I am saved!" Saved from what? "Oh brother, I don't drink, I don't smoke. Praise the Lord, I don't go for pictures!" There are many Hindus who don't drink. "Oh, we don't put flowers on our head." You mean to say, this is righteousness of God? Nonsense! This is not righteousness of God. This is your righteousness! God calls such people, wicked people. Bible says, righteousness of God is the most important thing. That comes through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our sins He takes away and He gives His holy righteousness. Today I have the righteousness of Jesus Christ. You may say I am a sinner, I am not bothered. You may say I am drunkard, I am not worried; I have the righteousness of Jesus through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

15  And we must know the power of the Word of God. What is the Word of God? God is everywhere. He is everywhere, He is all over the place. Nobody has seen electricity, but we know there is electricity. You can't see the form of electricity. So, Word of God is powerful.

16  Now Indira Gandhi, she is the voice of India. The millions of people, crores of people following Indira Gandhi, she is the voice of India. What about Russia? The leader of Russia is the voice of Russia. Khomeini is the voice of Iran. He can shoot anybody and kill anybody. He is the voice of Iran. What about Reagan? He is the voice of America with all the atomic bombs. Every voice is fighting against another voice. China is the voice of China. Everybody is telling: "Oh, don't fight!" or "Don't shoot!"

17  What is voice of God? Jesus is the voice of God. He is the power of the creation. The whole God's power is behind Him. If Reagan's power could do something, today I come to you with God's power, in the name of Jesus! Do you think that He can't drive one devil out of you? What is your belief today? 35 years He had been guiding our whole family; He has been providing us. We have trusted in that God's power. What is the use of talking about Jesus without believing his power?

18  Many people do not know the power of the Devil. Husband and wife fight with each other. Do you mean to say that is...? But there some devil is somewhere. Some people have jealous demons. They won't give peace to their husbands. Suppose I talked with somebody: "What did you do with that? What are you doing with that woman?" That is a jealous demon. It has to be cast out. Some people can't sleep. Some people's heart are palpitating always. That is not heart attack, 'bum, bum, bum,' like that. Some people have bad dreams in the nights always. Why should you get bad dreams, my friends? There somebody has come into your heart; ask him to get out! Some people get headache, headache, headache. You go to the doctor, he'll say, "I can't find out."

19  You know, I was working in the Vellore hospital for five years. Department of neurology, under a surgeon. All kinds of doctors, I was there. I have seen operations, I have seen the medicines they give. One day the neurological surgeon and I had a fight. One Gujarati girl came. And the doctor said, "I must cut your head and open the skull and then close it." So I asked the doctor, "Why you want to cut the head?" - "To find out what is the matter, because I don't know why it is." So I asked the doctor, "What is your test? Your tests failed." Then he said, "That aetiology is unknown; aetiology unknown."

20  So I asked the doctor, "Can I pray for that aetiology unknown case?" I prayed and she fell down, the devil went right there, she was completely healed there. Then he said, "How are you?" Went and checked, nothing there. "Hey, what did you do for that 'aetiology unknown' case? I want to cut the brain and see!" I told this girl and mother, "Thank God, you better go now, you are healed, otherwise your brain will be cut." Then the doctor said,... "Doctor what is this 'aetiology unknown'?" - "That department we have not found out. So we have closed that department. But I know there is something you are doing. Medical science won't believe it. So do it outside in your house, not here." So the doctor will send all the 'aetiology unknown' cases to our house. That is about devil driving. Don't give the devil glory: "Oh, it is for 15 years, 20 years." It can go right today.

21  So we have been praying for a case in Madras. One college girl was there. One leg was three inches short. So she put a shoe three inches high. One shoe normal, but one other shoe is three inches. She came to the meeting in a church. So she said, "My leg is three inches short." I said, "Take your shoe away." I took her leg: "Believe on Jesus," pulled the leg like this, it became three inches long. She put that three inches high shoe and she started limping like this. She didn't believe that. "Brother, this leg has become short now." - "Take off this shoe, you will be alright." She went to the college happily. The principal's name was one Mukherjee. "You can't tell this out to anybody. I will fail you in your examination. So you must wear that shoe, otherwise I'll dismiss you." She came running: "Bro. Lawrie, I'll lose my studies; I'll put on this shoe and limp with the other leg. After three months my exam will be over, I will go home, throw my shoe away." So this lady was for three months, limping on a good leg. This is the present state of the people.

22  God can heal you, my friends. Blindness can go. But what I am telling you: Believe on the power of God! You know, the power behind Jesus: Abraham was 100 years old. Sarah was 90 years old, all here periods were stopped. Abraham became an old man. Can't God go and tell a young man, have a child? Why did He tell an old man for a child. He will always do some good thing, unusual thing. If you believe today, He will do that for you! People will say you cannot, but you can today!

23  So what did He tell Abraham? "You will have a child." That 'word' has got creative power. Abraham believed; Sarah believed. You know what happened to Sarah? That 90 years old lady became a young girl. King Abimelech wanted to make her his wife. Why? The power of God made her young. And because Abraham believed, and he got a child. Today Abraham will be called a mad man.

24  So when we come to Moses, the Red Sea was there. He told Moses, "Put your rod straight." Will you do that? Will a present day Christian do that? God's word brings power in your life! See Moses: He was the commander, trained for 40 years in the desert. What did he learn? Not to become a big man, but to obey God. See this great man! When God said that, he marched, sea is divided. What did God tell Moses? "Beat the rock." That is beyond science. Can you get water out of beating a rock? You try it and see. What did Moses do? He marched like a commander and beat the rock; water came. Obeying God's word is power! What did Jesus say? "They shall lay hands on the sick, they shall recover." (Mark 16:18)

25  When God called me He said, "I have blessed your right hand." God did mighty miracles. In 1962 God shook the country of India. We were preaching to two and a half lakhs of people one day. Miracles happened. In those meetings only, present day preachers were converted. That Evangelist Dhinakaran got the Holy Ghost in our meeting; Jeevanandam, all the people were born those days. Why I'm telling this is, it is not a pride for us. If you obey God, there's power in your life. So what happens here? If I lay hands on you, you'll open your heart and see that the power of God comes into your life. Confess your sins. Don't confess it to me, confess to the Lord Jesus. Open your hearts. When I keep my hand you'll feel the power of God in your life.

26  All what you see is not eternal. All what you do not see, they are eternal. Man is worried after worldly things. If you are going to die, if there is no life after death, you can eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you die and go. But there is a life after death! God wants to bless you today. God wants to heal you! Every sin has to go today, not tomorrow. When you come near the light, the darkness goes away.

27  When I pray for you, the discernment of the evil spirit immediately will push the devil down. It is not pushing you down. It is like a pump, it'll suck the evil power and you will fall down unconscious. When you get up, then I'll pray to God to fill you with the Holy Ghost in that place. Then you'll get that peace. Go and sin no more, go behind Jesus! God bless you today! Let the power of God touch your life today. God bless you.

-- R. Paulaseer Lawrie,

November 12, 1981,

Bombay - Day 2.


01  Praise be to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are happy to be here. Everybody who loves Jesus Christ, this is a happy time. Forget your denominational differences. Take away all your hatred away. You will see, many of you will be healed, right there where you are sitting. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin.

02  Many people do not know really what salvation is. For some people, salvation is seeing a vision. For some people, salvation is speaking in tongues. For some people, salvation is shaking their bodies. For some people, singing Christian songs is salvation. For some people, shouting praise the Lord, that is called salvation.

03  One day I went to a meeting. A man came from China: "You are going to receive the Holy Ghost now," and he came there and said, "Sing that song, Spirit of the living God. Now we all received the Holy Ghost, you can all go home in peace." So people do not know, what is the meaning of salvation.

04  One day a big preacher came. I was casting out devils and preaching to many people. He told me and my wife, "You are not saved Mr. Lawrie." I said, "What is this? I've been saved ten years ago." Then the preacher tells, "Did God tell you that? If God did not tell you, you are not saved." So I got so wild and came away.

05  One man came, "Did the elders lay hands on your head? Then only you are saved." - "Did you see a vision of Jesus Christ? Then only you are saved." Somebody said, "Did you wear white dress like this brother? Then you are saved." One man said, "Do you grow beard? Then only you are saved." One man said, "Do you eat eggs? Then you are not saved." Another man said, "Did you take fast forty days? Otherwise you are not saved." So I was confused in the beginning like that. But salvation is a definite thing. Salvation is not joining a church. Salvation is: A fellow in prison coming out of prison. Suppose a man is carrying a big weight, putting the weight down, that is salvation.

06  One day a boy fell into a well. And the people said from outside: "Why did you fall down? Why did you come near the well?" The fellow is already in the well. "Why did you shout? Don't you know there is no wall there? Wait for some time, we will put this matter in the committee." When the committee decides it will send a man to take you out and by that time that fellow is dead. But what does the fellow who has fallen down say? "I'll go to church regularly. I will fast forty days, I will fast and pray. I will give my tithes to the church. I won't smoke, I won't drink, I won't chew betel, I won't see films." Telling that he is also dead. What is salvation?

07  Anybody can be saved. You need not join a Christian church for salvation. Suppose you are under water, tons of water above your head, you won't feel the weight of it. Many people today, they do not know the weight of sin in their lives. Why? They are in sin. When you come out of water, you can't carry a bucket of water. So many tons of water were above your head. If you don't have a feeling for sin, that means you are in sin.

08  So today, I want to tell you clearly what is salvation. Is salvation is 'mukthi'? (The Hindi translator translates salvation as 'mukthi' and Bro. Lawrie enquires regarding the Hindi translation.) Salvation: Now the fellow is fallen into the well, there is a rope given to that boy. What should he do? He need not cry for that. Today there are some Christians: "Oh, I am a sinner, I am a sinner, I am a sinner..." That is called, 'kalla alugai', that means 'false crying'. When my father died even I couldn't cry. But there are some people, for simple things they'll cry, cry, cry, I don't know why. Crying is not salvation. God has told in the Bible, "Don't fill my altar with your crying and tears." (Malachi 2:13)

09  All the people must tell the boy: "Boy catch the rope, catch the rope, catch the rope." He must catch it. Then somebody will have to take him up. Not go to the committee meeting, you have to get the child out. Everybody who has not Jesus in their hearts, they are in sin. And that is the thing which we want to tell you today. I am not preaching a religion to you.

10  You know, that day a Ramakrishna Mission man came. "Bro. Lawrie, I want to see you. I want to be in the Ashram for one day." So, I told him, "How are you brother? You are my brother because you are a human being." He was very happy. And then I said, "For your sins, for all your karma, there is only one medicine, that is the blood of Jesus." Then immediately he took Jesus, he got the peace. He didn't get it through a Christian Church. I don't want you to join a church even for salvation; you can get it anywhere, even in your own house. If you have no peace today, don't get out of this place without that peace.

11  Now, today many people do not know what relationship with God is. Because your conscience is not working. When I was a small boy I went to a shop. There was some money there, fallen down. I put it in the pocket. When I went home, 'badabadabadabada,' it was beating. I was sweating. My mother asked, "What is this, you are sweating?" - "I took some money and came, and now I can't keep quiet; something is making a noise inside, I must go and put it there."

12  Today many people are saved but their conscious is dead! They will bow down to money. Today their God is stomach, and not God. They call me: Bro. Lawrie is Anti-Christ. Am I Anti-Christ? You people, if you had talked anything, ask God's forgiveness today. Otherwise you are getting into tribulation, I'll challenge you. God today, wants to save you. And what happens here? We do not know how to get faith.

13  A man had a dog, he went for hunting, to find out gold in a place in early days. He took the gold, came back home. He was sleeping in an 'inn'. At that time it was midnight. So he lay down with the gold, put his gun on one side, and then he told the dog, "Watch." At that time a thief came. Then the dog said, 'Bow wow.' The fellow got up: "Hey dog, I want to sleep, I am tired." One hour later the same thief came. And this dog said 'bow wow, bow wow, bow wow,' like that. "Hey dog! I told you not to disturb me!" After ten minutes again the thief came again. This fellow told the dog, "If you disturb me I will shoot you." As the dog barked, he shot the dog. The very voice which was warning him, he killed. Within a few minutes he was dead and the gold was gone. There are many here today, they have killed their conscience. And they destroy the faith. How to get your conscience back? Confess your sins. Ask God's mercy, and through faith you'll catch hold of God.

14  What is faith today? Faith is not just believing. "Brother, I have faith, why I am not healed?" Some people do not know where to put their faith on. I am not God. You and I together, we can touch God today. Many people: "Oh I am coming, we'll see whether we are healed." Come today that when you are going, you are going to get healed. Many people say, "I will come to that gateway of India tomorrow." Or he will say, "I will come to Bombay, Byculla tomorrow." You will be going on one road and he will be going on another road. If you say, "Tomorrow I will meet at Christ Church at 6 o' clock," surely you will meet. So you must set a time for God: "Today when Bro. Lawrie touches my head, I believe I am healed." I am not telling because... This will happen to you today!

15  I am in this ministry for thirty five years, travelled round the world. God heals white man, Germans, everybody, in China and British Guyana, Surinam, everywhere, God can heal. Twenty days ago I was in Penang. God did miracles there. He can do that today for you. Because there is power of God available here today. So we must have that proper faith.

16  What is faith? That you have to be very clear. Believing on God's word is faith. When God told Abraham, you are going to have a child, he believed God, and he had it. Hundred years, he believed God. It was counted for him as righteousness. Today, we have been taught only unbelief. Don't believe those unbelief things. What God said, it will happen! If you believe it, it will happen. So today we must believe God's word.

17  One day my son came when he was in the school: "I want to go for an excursion. Daddy, I want hundred rupees." I said, "Come tomorrow at 9 o' clock." He went and told his friends, "9 o' clock I will get it." I was praying. Nobody should disturb me when I am praying. My son came knocking at the door. I said, "Who is that?" - "It is 9 o' clock now." "What 9 o' clock?" - "You told yesterday, at 9 o' clock I will give you; please, immediately give me." I couldn't get angry, I opened the door and said, "Alright man, take it and go." He believed my promise.

18  Did God tell a lie for you? "They shall lay hands on the sick, they shall recover." (Mark 16:18) Not 'maybe' or 'will be' or 'tomorrow' or 'day after tomorrow' - not that: They shall recover! Because when I keep my hands on you, you surely will recover.

19  When God called me,... You know I am bold today, because no man called me, God called me. There are many preachers who came to the ministry of their own accord; but I was called by God. He said, "I have blessed your right hand." In India God has blessed our ministry very much. The present day preachers are mostly our converts. God fulfilled the promise.

20  One day I had my three children on the wall when they were small. I asked the eldest boy, "Jump from the wall." - "Suppose you drop me, what will happen to me? I will break my head." The second boy said, "Daddy, will you catch me?" Third fellow - a small fellow, he jumped on me, I caught him. Then I said, "Why did you jump like that?" - "I know my daddy won't let me down."

21  What do the people do today? You know, they are thinking through the brain: "Will this happen?" Now we've got five senses. These five senses cannot bless you. You ask any Hindu he will know: These five senses is maya. There is only one sense which is eternal; that is faith. Man lost that faith at Garden of Eden, and now we have to build it up. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Many people want to please God like pleasing a girl. There was a man who will give flowers and chocolates to other people, but not to the wife. But one day he started bringing chocolates to the wife and not to other people. But the wife said, "I don't want these chocolates, I want your heart."

22  What do the people do today? "I go to church regularly." But don't think going to church will make you a Christian. It is good to go to church. But going to a car shed, you cannot become an ambassador car. Every Sunday you go to the car shed, you don't become a car. You have to receive Jesus and then go to church.

23  Today they don't believe Jesus Christ. They don't know the power in Jesus Christ's name. They do not know who Jesus is. If you ask, "To whom are you praying?" they do not know what it is. "Are you praying to Jesus?" - "No, through Jesus to the Father." Then I said, "Who is your God?" - "Oh, that is, ah, there are three in one and one in three, and all kinds of confusion." - But you must know whom to pray. Where is power? Power in the blood of Jesus! There is no power in any other name under the heaven. Hallelujah! If you tell that name, the devil is afraid. I am not praying to the devil in my name, I am praying in the name of Jesus. When I say, "In the name of Jesus," the power goes from the right hand.

24  You know, devil possessions in so many ways are here. Thirty five years we have been having experience. Some times even pastors have the devil. Some times the houses are devil possessed. When you sleep in the house, the devil will act on you. So you have to cast the devil out of the house. So this devil... There is witchcraft. There is possession and obsession. People tie talismans in their hands. Suddenly the husband stops loving the wife.

25  My father was in Ceylon, at that time suddenly he stopped writing letters. One man used to tie the talisman and come to the house. He was under that power. So my mother and I were travelling to Ceylon. The moment he saw me, he beat me. Then that night we prayed. This man went for a bath, we took the talisman and destroyed and put it in the fire.

26  We must confess our sins. Otherwise sin cannot go. You need not confess to anybody, to God you have to confess. Go to your room and tell your sins and you see a deliverance there. If you have hatred against anybody, you'll be having some disease. Ask God to take the hatred away.

27  One day a woman was dying of cancer in Trivandrum. And she was supposed to die. I told her husband to bring her to the bus stand. At that time the Lord revealed to me that she was hating the daughter-in-law. So I told her, "You have to forgive your daughter-in-law." She said, "No, no, no, no! Till I die I can never forgive her!" - "Then you'll die!" Then the husband pleaded with her. "Yes, what Bro. Lawrie said is correct. I will forgive my daughter-in-law." Right there, the power of God fell on her, and she went to the bath room and the cancer came out. Hatred cannot bring a blessing to you. Hatred will make you sick.

28  So today, I don't hate anybody today. I love everybody, every enemy. Those of you who have talked so many things bad against me, I have forgiven you already. That is the secret of our power. Love is the power of God! Love is the power of God! You cannot have love without God in you! You can imitate love, but this is spontaneous love.

29  There was a man, a rich man who had lot of servants. He had a butler. This butler wanted a helper, they brought a boy. They were doing the work for some time. But this butler treated that boy very badly. He said, "Wash my clothes, take water." He was very unhappy. One day, with a catapult he killed a duck in that place. He buried it without anybody's knowledge, and buried the duck and came away. The butler saw it through the window. So when the boy came, "Take ten buckets of water." - "Oh, that is too much for me." - "Will you take it or not? Duck! I will tell about the duck to the manager, I am going to tell him." So he was very much depressed. Every time he tells something: 'Duck.' That is why many people: Today if you start trying to be holy, then the devil tells you, "Duck!" "I want to go to church." - "Duck." "I want to be a good boy." - "Duck." "I want to be a nice boy, I want to be a praying boy." He will come near the heart and say, "Duck, duck, duck!" What can I do? I cannot pray.

30  Then his friend came, told that boy, "Tomorrow is your manager's birthday. You go to him, wish him happy birthday, then tell him that you have killed his duck. He will forgive you." Early morning he went. The manager was just coming out. "Happy birthday to you sir." - "Good, good, good. Are you doing good work?" - "Sir, one of the ducks I killed sir, if you want money take it from my salary. Please forgive me." He forgave him! He came to the butler. "Ten buckets of water!" - "I can't do it." - "I am going to tell the manager about you!" - "Come we'll go." - "Sir, this fellow killed the duck." - "It is alright, I have forgiven it." So what did the boy do? "What can you do man, now? No more 'duck'." Don't allow the devil to say, 'duck, duck,' in your lives. Jesus is not dead. He that gave you ears, He has got ears. "Jesus, I have done something bad. I plead through your blood to forgive that." The devil will not dare to say 'duck' any more.

31  God wants to talk to you. Suppose that brother and I are friends, suppose: He became angry. So I went to him about twenty times, "Brother forgive me, brother forgive me." He said, "Get out man, get out, get out." After one year, he is very sorry that he treated me very badly. So, who should talk first now? Me or he? I won't talk to him because I went twenty times. Suppose he calls me "Bro. Lawrie," I won't go like this: "Yes brother, I've been trying to talk to you for one year." God has been trying to talk to you for many years in your life! When you had that accident, when you had that disease, when you were near at the point of death, God has been talking to you my brother! He wants to be friendly with you! To have fellowship with you! But you showed your back for him! Today He comes to you. Don't push him away. He did all His best for you! This is your time now: "Jesus!" - He will embrace you right there, that is salvation. That is salvation! That is salvation! You will get the peace.

32  Suppose you are in prison, you have to pay five thousand rupees to somebody. One of your enemies, he paid the money. Your wife comes and tells to you, "That man whom you hated, he has paid the money." That message makes you happy. You are free in your soul. Then secondly, the court sets you free. Then you are free in your body. Salvation is freedom in the soul and freedom in the body. So today, you ask Jesus to come into your life. Immediately your darkness goes away; peace comes to you. Then the healing comes to you. That is your faith today. Where are you putting your faith on?

33  Today many people: "Brother you prayed, I am alright. After three days, slowly it has come again." Why? You are looking at your stomach and pain. In Colombo there was a man with a big stomach, full of air. He came to the meeting. I said, "In the name of Jesus," the stomach went in. He was a very happy man: "Bro. Lawrie I am alright now." He went five miles, it came again. He took a car and came again. Five miles, the stomach became big again. When I prayed it went again, like a balloon. Then he travelled about twenty miles, then the stomach became big again. I said, "Brother you are having your faith on your stomach, not on God's word." - "Then what should I do?" he said. When the stomach becomes big, talk to the stomach, "I am prayed by Bro. Lawrie, in the name of Jesus, the stomach is alright, get away you wind!" When the stomach became big, he said, "Stomach get away, I am prayed for already in the name Jesus. I am healed, get away." Then he came again: "Now I know the secret; now my stomach is okay. My faith is on God's word, not on my stomach." So have your faith on God.

34  When Jesus came near the fig tree, he cursed the fig tree. The fig tree dried from the root, not from the top. Peter looked like this: 'It is green. He is cursing but nothing has happened.' They went and came again after two or three days. Then he saw the leaves dry. "Lord, you cursed the tree, now it is dead." (Mark 11:13-24) Then Jesus said, "Where is your faith? Where have you placed your faith? On My word or on the leaf? If you had it on My word, you would have believed that it was dead that day itself from the root."

35  When I pray for you, that is finished with the devil. "Oh brother, we had for fifteen years, so and so prayed, so and so prayed, so and so prayed." Don't come here like that. If you come here, that devil gets out today; no more devil for you. When I put my hand, it is finished with that. Have on the word of Jesus! 'In My name they will cast out the devil.' (Mark 16:17) When anybody went to Jesus, he didn't say, "Come, twenty days fasting, forty days, then only the devil will go." Nobody said that.

36  Let us pray. Let every eye close. (A song 'Come believing' is sung by the Orchestra.) Let us pray. All those who love Jesus Christ, all those who want to give their heart to Jesus, all the ones who want the demons to get out of their bodies, you can just stand up in your place, I am going to pray for you. This mass prayer is a very powerful prayer. Because God hears our prayers. If He can hear one prayer, He can hear - hundreds of people can be healed in one prayer. I am not telling you whether you have to become a... Those who love the Lord, get up and tell this prayer after me. All your backslidings, you confess it before God. Those who are in hurry, you can go after this prayer. Tell this prayer after me.

37  In the name of Jesus: 'Tell in your language.' In the name of Jesus, I come to you Lord. I am sick in body, I have no peace; I want You. I want You to come into my life. Drive out every darkness out of me. Fill me with the Holy Spirit. Forgive all my sins. I love Thee. I want God in my life. I am looking to You today, I love You. You have been seeking me all these days, but today I want You. Come into my life. In the name of Jesus.'

38  I am going to pray for you. If you are sick in body, put your right hand on the sick part of your body. If you have any loved ones far away, Remember them now.

-- R. Paulaseer Lawrie,

November 13,

Bombay - Day 3.


01  Joshua chapter 24, verse 15:

as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

02  Praise be to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You just heard the testimony of my wife. And we as a family have come here. Everybody has a testimony. I have daughters-in-law, who are in the ministry too. And my grand children also go with us wherever we go. We are grateful to God for all the people who helped us in arranging these meetings. And we thank God that God has kept people for us all over the world.

03  I want to tell my testimony. I want to tell you the truth. These are days when people don't tell all what God has done, they will hide their secrets.

04  You know, the critics will be always criticising. Some of the people yesterday said, "Bro. Lawrie does not pray in the name of Jesus." Then in what name I pray? I think you must test with a doctor, because your ears may be in trouble. Because you know, I believe God's name, it's not like ordinary person. Sometimes people say, 'Oh Jejus, Jejus, Jejus, Jejus.' He is not so cheap, my friends. "Oh Jesus, get me a job." He is not like a peon to get you a job. "Oh Jesus, my husband is beating me, so please help." "Oh Jejus, I have got a stomach ache, please heal me." You don't go to Indira Gandhi and say, "Oh Indira Gandhi, I have got a stomach ache." You won't go near her house even. So such a great God, who created the heavens and the earth and everything, is he so cheap for the Christians today? I fear to tell His name. That is why, so that you can see instead of my uttering, we put a very big name 'Jesus', so that you can see from your seat.

05  "Oh, Bro. Lawrie doesn't pray in the name of Jesus." Brother I tell you today, you have to search your heart and see whether you have got a devil today. Today, the devil is among the preachers only today. Will two preachers stand in the same platform? No. How are you going to stay in heaven? You will be in hell, together. In the tribulation you will be there, fighting with each other. When you are burning there, crying there, you will fight and kick at each other. Watch! You are going straight to tribulation.

06  You know when I was in Vellore, as I was dying, I met Jesus; then God gave me these gifts. So when I keep my hand on your head,... You know, the Americans used to say, 'Slaying the people.' I am not slaying the people. Always the murderers will talk, "Slaying, slaying." I am not talking like that. Always they'll talk about knife, gun. But people don't talk about Jesus today but only about killing.

07  You must understand, when I keep my hand on you, it is not hypnotism. Some people watch at my eyes, whether I am hypnotising. If you want I will turn my back and put my hand on you and see whether the devil falls. If I keep my hand on your head,... In the blood stream the evil spirit resides. When I keep my hand on your head, immediately it discerns the evil spirit there. The hand stops the evil spirit travelling in the blood. Even you may be the strongest man, you will become unconscious.

08  One day the national weightlifting champion Mr. Kumar came to our house. He came like that: "Bro. Lawrie, I am having a headache." As I prayed, like a Palmyrrah tree he fell down. We couldn't lift him up because the weightlifting champion is very heavy. Then we prayed, he got the Holy Ghost. And then he went for the championship again, and he got the championship.

09  So my friends, don't talk bad about God's gift. You must be proud that an Indian has got a ministry. One day I was invited for a big conference called Camp farthest out in America. So the main speaker had got a sprain, so he couldn't turn his head. They put all kinds of medicine and the neck was like this. I said, "Mr. Norman, I will pray for you." - "No, no, no!" - "You want the pain to go?" We prayed, the pain went. Then the American said, "Oh there is a man from India who has got the gift of healing." Within half an hour, about twenty people came, caught me by the hand, gave a blow, "Get out. We have Oral Roberts and Osborne, why have you come here?" I said, "The main speaker could not move the neck, so I prayed for him. What is in that?"

10  Today my friends, you have sold the word of God for money. The Christian people, preachers, have become beggars today. Why don't you trust Jesus? For thirty five years we have never asked anybody for money. This is not because we are having lot of money. We came here to preach the gospel free.

11  Tomorrow I will tell you who has helped us in this ministry. We are not coming to destroy any church. My only love as a church, I love the C.S.I. church because that is my church. All our converts are there.

12  And one day, I was going to America in 1960. I was in the Assemblies of God, they were singing very nicely. I didn't see a board: 'The White American Assemblies of God Church.' I didn't read that 'white'. So I went and sat in the last bench. Two thugs came. (Bro. Lawrie shows in action how he was thrown out of the church by the two thugs.) They are singing. "That is not for you, that is for white." So I was beaten, came out, sat on a bench. I did like this: "Any white fellow comes to India, he will get blows on his nose like this. Hereafter, any white man coming to India, I will give blows on the nose." Then somebody came and sat there. I turned my face like this. "I am not against the white people. I am against the setup, which makes the other people slaves."

13  India is a free country today. We thank God for Gandhi. I can put my chest forward and walk in any country. But in 1960 I say, no coloured man can go on the road with the chest forward. Every place there will be white counter and black counter. If any black man goes to take a bath in a place where the white people take a bath, he was electrocuted immediately.

14  You know, in Ceylon, my father was in the Salvation Army as a Sergeant Major. I was dedicated under the Salvation Army flag. At that time in the central Y.M.C.A., I was learning Jujitsu, Karate, all kinds of fight and defence arts, boxing, wrestling. So I was very strong. I was all Ceylon footballer and all Ceylon athlete. I was selected for the Olympics. At that time when I was travelling, I was confident of my strength, that I can beat anybody. I was not afraid.

15  So when this person came and sat next to me, he whispered in my ear, "Why are you angry with me?" I turned like this. I saw Jesus sitting there. "I am not sitting with them in the white Assemblies of God. Because they have beaten you, I am also sitting with you here outside. I am not a white man's God, I am from Asia. When I was in this world, I was a black man." Then I opened my eyes, I ran to catch him. He disappeared. Then from that day, I was shouting in America, "I am glad my Master is a black Man!" Then there some people said, "We don't want that Jesus then."

16  But today, we have a God who is loving everybody. My wife has told some testimony of my testimony. When I was in Vellore, I was filled with the Holy Ghost. I found out the Lord in 1943. At that time I was not following Christianity. After seeing that there was no life, I wanted to find out God.

17  One day they were singing in the church, 'Don't take the Holy Ghost from me.' So I asked my father, "When did you get it, so that you can pray don't take it away?" My father said, "I never got it, man." "Then how can they take it away?" Then I went to my pastor, "When did you get it?" - "Don't talk like that, man." - "Have you got it? Then why do you sing, don't take it away." - "Who will get it man, nobody will get it." But this worked in me.

18  So I was the political leader at that time, in 1942. I was fighting for driving the British out. I was ready to die for Gandhi and country. The reserve police and military were given the order to shoot. At that time, I was so like a fanatic. I had a revolver in my hand, just cutting the telephone wires. My mother was crying: "I didn't give birth for you to die like that." The police came to arrest me. If they had arrested me for the damages I did, they would have killed me. I was in the list to kill, the people to be shot when found me.

19  So I was dressed like a Brahmin with the thread. I was travelling to Ceylon. Then the police came: "Are you Lawrie?" - "No, he has gone to that station, Tiruchi." In the passport I had two names, Paulaseer. So as Paulaseer I went into Ceylon. As I went there, I was for the country.

20  At that time, one fellow came. "Do you know the Lord Jesus?" I gave one blow on his face. He was bleeding. He went home. With a big bandage, he came the next day. "Do you know the Lord Jesus?" Gave a blow on the other cheek. "Don't talk about it. You Christians are useless." He said, "You must have peace." I went to a tea bush. We both sat down. "God, if there is a God, I don't know who you are, I want to find you!" Then I saw a fire like thing coming from heaven; touched my heart, my sins were washed away. I saw Jesus hanging on the cross. I got up, embraced that boy.

21  From 1943, I am shouting everywhere: Repent! We never stopped shouting. We have gone all over the place to tell the news. As I was going out,... After my son, we went to Vellore. And one night, God met me again. "I told you to leave your job, but you are working!" I was in a big job in Vellore hospital. I was the purchasing officer. They wanted to send me to America and make me the chief there. At that time I was sick; I was dying. The doctor said, "You won't see tomorrow." My wife came. She cried and went away. She was against the ministry.

22  My dear friends, do you know what death is? Suppose you die today, are you prepared to meet God? If you have no tomorrow to see, what will happen to you? Don't be playing the fool! What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul? Life is so uncertain! Everyday, be ready to meet God!

23  Then, I know my life was going. It was going up, my dead body was in the hospital, suddenly I was taken to Jesus. Now I am telling this, so that you will understand, not to say that I am an anti-Christ. I am the friend of Jesus. Jesus put His hand on me, I didn't put the hand on myself, Jesus put His hand on me. And He said, "You are dead, you have come to Me." I said, "Lord I was trying to serve you, but I never served you." Then He said, "You have to leave everything and serve Me." And I said, "I cannot beg." Every preacher has taken the bible and going after white people and all, whether they will get any money. A white man can preach any rubbish, but all the Indians flock like people to him. But when a man preaches the truth, without any money, he is an anti-Christ? Come on I challenge you: If I preach anything against God's word, you better prove that! You can come and discuss with us and say where I am wrong.

24  So what happened? God told me, "You musn't ask anybody any money. Whatever you need, I will give it to you. Go serve Me." I got my life back.

25  I told, "My wife is a very bad woman." - "She'll come back tomorrow happy." 6 o' clock, the door is being knocked. "Praise the Lord!" - "You say praise the Lord?" - "Yes, come on leave the job!" We went and left the job. And as I left the job, then the power of God spoke in me: "My Son, don't worry! I am your father. Wherever you go I will guide you." From that day our ministry has started and till now it is going on! Thousands of people have been brought to the Lord. The present day radio preachers are all - most of our converts in South India.

26  So what happens here? I left the job and went to my own place. We sold everything and gave it to the poor people. My three children were babies. We had no food for fourteen days. My wife was seriously sick. I was praying in the night, "Lord what is this?" My third son, he was talking in a loud voice, like a man: 'Jesus never fails.' (Bro. Lawrie sings the song.) 'Jesus never fails, Jesus never fails; heaven and earth will pass away, Jesus never fails. Jesus never fails, Jesus never fails; heaven and earth will pass away, Jesus never fails.' Then immediately I woke up my wife: "See that fellow singing. That is not my son, that is God talking." Early morning, she said, "Why we sit here and die?" - "Jesus never fails." She went to the market with two big bags. I said, "Where is the money?" - "Jesus never fails." Faith started in my wife first. So she went to the market. A voice was heard in a woman's house, "My daughter is going there, go and give all the money she needs."

27  You don't trust God for a month. But see God is not dead. Thirty five years He has fed us! Every day is a testimony. But what do the people who are eating with the money, sitting, what do they say? "Anti-Christ." Why? Because you are supported by the foreign money, that's why you talk like that. Your agent is there, not in India, not in heaven.

28  My dear friends, God is very close to everybody. You don't trust God. Jesus is your husband. Anybody who leaves the husband and goes and lives with somebody or eats with somebody's money, she is an adulterer. If I had wanted money, I would have minted the greatest amount of money in India. Tell me who will get money like me?

29  When I went to Oral Roberts, eight days I was with him. I preached in his tent meeting. "Brother you are a wonderful man, our future leader for India. You join us!" I said, "I have joined with my husband, Lord Jesus." - "You must join us also and commit adultery." Jesus is enough for everybody. Osborne told the same thing; everybody told the same thing.

30  So one day, when I was in America I had no food, no money to send to India. My children were fighting with the mother, "Every day you are giving butter milk, why don't you give us some fish?" She got very angry, "Go and ask your daddy, he has not sent one paise. You three fellows get together and pray." "You mean to say, we must pray for a fish?" - "Yes." So my three boys were praying: "Lord, give us fish; we like to eat fish." A big eagle took a big fish from somewhere and just dropped in front of our house. So the three fellows took the fish and gave it to mummy: "Mummy, God has sent us fish!" God hears the prayers of children also.

31  So as I was in America, everybody were telling so many things. So I wanted to come back. In Florida, I was praying. One month I was praying. I heard a voice, "Go and meet my prophet, Branham." So I went to see him. As I went to see him, I heard a... You know there were people... God told me to go to a certain place and go in the car. I took the address. They said, "We don't want a black man to be in the car." Then immediately that man's neck went to the other side. He fell down, then he cried. I told the wife, "I will pray." - "No, we will bring doctors." Five doctors came. At last: "Sister, why do you want to worry? I heard God's voice and come here, let me pray!" He was alright.

32  Then we went to Bro. Branham. I saw all the leaders. Then I came to Bro. Branham, he saw me from far away, "Bro. Lawrie come here, I am waiting for you all these years!" The present day Branhamites who preach false things against me, they have not even seen Bro. Branham's shoes! They never talked to him even. What do they say? "Oh Bro. Branham, Branham, Branham!" You do not know what he is preaching. We have read all the books. We are not fools.

33  So at this time, we went there: "Go back to India!" He told me, "God is going to use you mightily in India." He told me, "Take a photograph, these Americans won't receive you, come after ten years, with this photograph." Then the people said, "Bro. Branham, we want to talk to you, we are waiting for one month." One hour I talked with him. He told me, "Don't join with any denominations, go to India. The India will come to your feet." When a prophet has told us, you people are trying to do evangelist work, how many people were you able to win? This is not the evangelistic meeting you are doing now. People are afraid. God's people need not be afraid!

34  There is power in Gods word. Early days Israelites: Only few people destroyed nations. You mean to say, all this union can do anything? If you are not on God's word, you can do nothing. Come back to God's word! Come back to God's word! Then only you will have life, my friend! Then only you will have power in your life! Then only you will have life in you! Not simply dancing, not simply shouting. All these don't lead you anywhere; come back to God's word. I am raised for that purpose. That is why I am hated today. If I am wrong, better come and prove that to me. You can't tell anything against the God's servant and escape.

35  So God brought a big revival in India. In Madras state we had twenty five major campaigns. And the city of Madras, twenty one days, we had nearly two and a half lakhs of people in the meeting. The greatest revival meeting in India! During that time, Mr. Dhinakaran came to our house and he got baptised in the name of Jesus. He first took baptism in the church as an infant. Then he took baptism in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost in the Indian Pentecost. There was no blessing. Then he wrote a letter to me: "Bro. Lawrie, you cast the devil in my wife." So he came to our house. He took baptism, filled with the Holy Ghost, came to the ministry. Jeevanandam same way. Rose Pandian same way. Then bishops, collectors, Mr. Sundar Clarke, all these people God blessed. Am I only an enemy of Church, because I told the truth? You pray to God and find out whether Bro. Lawrie is an enemy of God.

36  Then at that time, I met all the preachers and came back to India. Dead people raised up, lunatics were healed. Then the Lord took me again to foreign countries. I was invited for many conferences. Then the Branhamites came: "Bro. Lawrie, you have the only healing ministry we have now. You be our leader, we will give you thousands of dollars." What the Branhamite people are eating today is the money offered to me. What I said, I don't want it, you take it now, like Gehazi. Then I said, "No, I am for everybody. I want to preach the gospel to all the people."

37  Then they wanted to shoot me and kill me. I was sleeping in a house, at eleven o' clock they wanted to kill me. Then everything was ready to shoot me. Then the voice of God came: "My Son, there is a car waiting for you outside. Jump on the wall, run to the car, there is a man waiting to take you to Canada." As I came running, got into the car, it went away. Somebody came and slept in my place, covered his body; they shot him. Then in the morning the radio said, "In that place, a man was shot dead." I thanked God. When they missed me, they pursued me up to Canada, with their revolvers. The Canadian Police caught hold of the revolvers and they set me free. Then I came back. That's the time I had a great experience in my life.

38  I went to a house, one of my friend's house. We had a meeting there. I was preaching on 'The Lord is my shepherd'. At that time, suddenly the Lord blessed me in a mighty way. You know, the people were watching. I disappeared, they say. Fire came from my eyes. People who were smoking dropped the cigarettes. Then for about fifteen minutes,.... But I am preaching, but they didn't see me. Then they came to me, "Who was standing there? We didn't see you there, Jesus was there." That night, then the Lord spoke to me: "Be prepared yourself for one month. On moonlanding day I want to come into you. I will bless you. Go back to India. I will open the understanding of scriptures." And then, and from that day, the people were ready to take me to India.

39  I am not here preaching any doctrine to you. I can only tell you: Follow the word of God! There is a stone, to find out whether it is gold or not. I am not telling you to follow me. I am not telling to worship me. I am not Jesus. He is my father, He is my God, He is my creator. He alone should be worshipped!

40  But my friend, if you don't follow the word, surely you will be in great trouble! That only will give you eternal life. Not just jumping and saying, "Oh I got the Holy Ghost, life has come into to me." You have to follow the message of the hour! If you don't follow that, you'll have no life in you! No money can buy that life! No American can give you that life! God wants to give that life direct to you.

41  My dear Christian friends, terrible times are coming for you. If you cannot stand for God's word now, you can never stand for God! I have not come to destroy your church. I want you to go to your church. I don't build a church here. I am an evangelist going on throughout the world; not alone, but with the power of God! I know what God has given me. I am not afraid of your false talks about me. I am not worshipping any idols today. They put in the papers, 'Lawrie is a Buddhist.' Why do I care? They have to pay to God.

42  In South India, people are paid five hundred rupees a month, just to go on slandering me. If I bow down, I will get opening all in radio. You may preach in the radio; I have got the streets today, I have got my country today! I love my Indian country. As everybody loves his own country, I love my India! You have sold the country. Come back to God! God is enough for us! Jesus is enough for us! Believe on him! He will lead you to all truth! God bless you!

-- R. Paulaseer Lawrie

November 14, 1981

Bombay - Day 4


01  Today is the last day of the meeting, but it may be the first day for you to know the Lord. I want you to listen to the message carefully.

02  First of all, we are an evangelistical team. We have not come here to build a church or disturb the churches. We have a burden for souls. We never keep quiet at home. Everyday we will be going here and there to win souls. The Christians ask me, "Where did you go Bro. Lawrie, all these years?" "Oh, Bro. Lawrie has backslided. He has fallen from the tree." But a man, once he has tasted the love of God, he can never leave Jesus Christ.

03  You know, many people catch Jesus Christ. Suppose my grand daughter catches me, when I do like this she'll fall. If I catch my grand daughter, she can't move, she can't fall. Many of the present day preachers, they are catching Jesus Christ. But Jesus has caught me; even if I fall, he will drag me up. But if you fall, you can never get up because you have caught him.

04  Jesus said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." Today people preach like this: "Don't go to a brandy shop, don't go to cinema, don't chew betel, don't put flowers, the Lord will run away." Is our Lord so weak? If one beeda could drive away God, you have to worship beeda, not Jesus. Make a beeda or keep a brandy bottle and say, "Oh you powerful God, you are better than Jesus, you can drive Jesus away." If you love God, your mind won't go there.

05  But today we put conditions for keeping Jesus Christ. The people say like this: "We will fly away." You know, the chaff flies away. The grain, the owner comes to take the grain in the bag. But many people say, "Oh we will fly!" How are you going to fly? The chaff will never fly, when the wind comes it will run away.

06  So I want to tell you, if you want to get healing, listen to what I say. I worship a God who is all powerful. You know, we try to talk like this: "Oh, Bro. Lawrie this patient is sick for seven years, the leg is very bad, it is twisted and everything. Please pray, so that the twisted limb may not be healed." That very 'may', you say that you don't have any faith. I believe all things are possible to God. My faith alone is not helpful to you, your faith also must come and join.

07  God can heal any disease. "Oh, my leg is very big, I have got elephantiasis? The bigger the leg, they think it is greater the time it will take for God. You know Jesus said, "They shall lay hands on the sick, they shall recover." They didn't say, "They will kneel down and keep their hand and say: In the name of Jesus." He never said that. "They shall lay hands on the sick, they shall recover."

08  One day a serious patient was there. He was shouting for stomach ache. So I went to pray. Then there was a preacher. So he was saying: "Oh God, mighty God! All things are possible to thee. This man, your servant..." He is shouting, "Oh, stop that man! Stomach ache is very much." So, he was looking at me. Then he told the mother, "When will this preacher stop his prayer? I see an angel near Bro. Lawrie." So he said, "Stop that." Then he said, "Bro. Lawrie pray." I went there: "Lord Jesus, thank you for healing him." Immediately he got healed.

09  How do you pray today? "Lord heal my daughter! The doctors have said it is very serious, it is incurable! Please! I don't think he will heal!" We cancel our own prayer. He will never get healed. Surely I tell you, you will never be healed.

10 We don't believe God even like a postman. "Oh, Jesus is God." Yes! "Oh, Bro. Lawrie doesn't worship Jesus." If you worship Jesus, you must have faith on Him. That is worshipping Him. Not just shouting and jumping and say, "Oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus," not like that. Faith on Him! That is glorifying Him. Now a Postman comes: "Sir, money order for you, sign it." You don't sign: 'The postman has come, I don't know whether he has got the money or not, I have not seen the money, I don't know whether he will give the money, but anyhow under the impression that he is going to give the money, I will just sign it.' 'Received!' Not I sometimes may receive it, not that. Then you put your hand and say, "Where is the money?" But for Jesus, you won't sign like that. "Jesus I don't know whether you will give it or not, but just I pray."

11  Some people say, "Oh, I prayed to Jesus, He gave me what I asked." A beggar, even if he asks some thing, I may give some money; that doesn't make him my son. We are not beggars, we are children of God. Behave like children, He will be like a Father.

12  This is my eldest son. I am asking him to speak, why? He was saved at the age of eight. One day in the meeting in Ceylon, when I gave the altar call, he came first; my son at the age of eight, he comes. I told the pastor, "Please don't, this fellow is a small fellow, please don't allow him to come." Then the pastor asked him, "Why did you come here?" - "I want to be baptised." "Do you believe the Lord?" - "Yes I have received the Holy Ghost. Who can prevent me from taking baptism? Even my father can't stop it." Then we baptised him. So now today he is a preacher. I am happy to see him preaching. He will answer any questions even today. He is a small boy, he will seem like a small boy, but he has got a big knowledge. So I am happy he is my son. What a poor type of sons we have today for Jesus? We don't have faith even like Hindus.

13  One day a leper came. We prayed. Next day he was healed completely like a small child. So he sat in front of my house: "Oh, Bro. Lawrie touched me, I got healed, he is like my God." I didn't tell him to tell that I am his God. I got very angry, took the fellow and put him far away. In the morning at five o' clock in front of my house he is telling - he is praying. Because he was so happy, he was healed. The non-Christians will make mistakes for respect for worship.

14  Today I am going to talk to you about a blind man. Now some people can't see. Why? If you cannot see, you cannot see anything. He cannot enjoy this life. Many people are spiritually blind. Don't love this world and the things of this world. If you love this world, the Father's love is not in you. Things which you see will disappear. Things what you don't see is eternal. But we see with our eyes and believe. But there is an eye called spiritual eye. Our spiritual eye must be opened. Healing doesn't open your spiritual eye.

15  Today people are healed all over - Tirupati, Velankanni, thousands of people go. So that is not the criterion today. God, like a rain He can pour the healing power on everything. Is your spiritual eye open?

16  One day a blind man was there. They ask Him, "For whose sin this blind man is there? Did he sin or his parents sin?" But Jesus said, "It is for the glory of God." Then you know what He did? He touched his eye, He spat on the ground, made a clay, put right on the eyes. What the people are preaching today? "Jesus' spit has got medicinal value. So He puts some medicine by His spit." I wish everybody's spit has got some medicinal value. Suppose some fellow we don't like, we will spit 'thoo' like that. So, suppose we don't like somebody, we spit 'thoo' like that. There is no medicinal value in that, but, "I don't like him."

17  He wanted to heal him. But he has to stand for Jesus, then only he will be tested. So He put clay, put on the eyes: "You go and wash in the pool of Siloam. How do the people preach today? "Oh the spitting was there, he went there, he washed his face, then he saw." My dear friends, when Jesus touched his eyes, that very moment he was healed. Then why did He put the clay there? So that he may not see who healed him, not in the medicinal value. Because, healing is cheap, seeing Jesus is not cheap. You have to pay the price for that. Then only you can see who Jesus is!

18  Today, many people say, they have seen Jesus. That is not very cheap my friend. Then he came back seeing. He missed Jesus, he did not know who healed him. Then there was a big commotion: "Who healed him? Is he the same fellow or somebody else?" They are not happy for that healing. Today if somebody is healed miraculously, "Bro. Lawrie, did he tell the name of Jesus or no?" He put some magic or like that he rubbed it and went away, so that cannot be Jesus." You have got clay on your face also, that is why you cannot see. Today God has put the clay on many preachers, many of the believers, they are healed but still they can't see.

19  Instead of being happy, there is a big court case; they are enquiring. "What do you say? How did He heal you?" - "Put some clay, spat some clay and put it on my eyes, I went to wash, I see." They must be happy! "Who is that?" - "I don't know. He put clay so that I could not see Him." It is not medicine, it is the clay on your face!

20  Then what did he say? What do you think about him? John 9:8.

8  The neighbours therefore, and they which before had seen him that he was blind, said, Is not this he that sat and begged?

9  Some said, This is he: others said, He is like him: but he said, I am he.

-- He said I am he. Why? He stands strong; he is not afraid of anybody. If you want to retain healing, you must be straight, strong to glorify Jesus.

21  Then:

10  Therefore said they unto him, How were thine eyes opened?

11  He answered and said, A man that is called Jesus made clay, and anointed mine eyes, and said unto me, Go to the pool of Siloam, and wash: and I went and washed, and I received sight.

12  Then said they unto him, Where is he?

-- 'Where is he?' What for? To get healing? No! To find fault with Him.

22  Mm:

He said, I know not.

13  They brought to the Pharisees him that aforetime was blind.

14  And it was the sabbath day when Jesus made the clay, and opened his eyes.

15  Then again the Pharisees also asked him how he had received his sight.

-- 'How did you receive your sight?' It was a sabbath day.

23  Mm:

He said unto them, He put clay upon mine eyes, and I washed, and do see.

-- To everybody he is telling: "He put clay on my eyes, clay on my eyes, clay on my eyes."

24  Mm:

16  Therefore said some of the Pharisees, This man is not of God, because he keepeth not the sabbath day.

-- "This man must be some devilish fellow, because he doesn't keep sabbath." - So today, the Christian people are ready to tell everybody a devil, because they are having the devil spirit.

25  Mm:

Others said, How can a man that is a sinner do such miracles? And there was a division among them.

-- There was a division.

26  Mm:

17  They say unto the blind man again, What sayest thou of him, he hath opened thine eyes?

-- What do you think of that fellow?

27  Mm:

He said, He is a prophet.

-- "Oh, He is a prophet." Now see, again he is testifying that He is a prophet. That means, He is able to tell every secret.

28 Mm:

18  But the Jews did not believe concerning him, that he had been blind, and received his sight, until they called the parents of him that had received his sight.

-- Parents are coming. "Is this your son?" They were afraid because they may not get a grave. "You ask that fellow." They must be happy for the healing of the eye sight, but this fellows were afraid and said, "Oh I may not get a grave, I may not get married, so please ask him, he will tell you."

29 Mm:

19  And they asked them, saying, Is this your son, who ye say was born blind? how then doth he now see?

20  His parents answered them and said, We know that this is our son,

-- We are sure that this our son, and that he was born blind: He was born blind.

21  But by what means he now seeth, we know not;

-- We don't know.

30  Mm:

or who hath opened his eyes, we know not: he is of age; ask him: he shall speak for himself.

22  These words spake his parents, because they feared the Jews:

-- Afraid of the Jews, they want to tell this. They are even about to deny their own son.

31  Mm:

for the Jews had agreed already, that if any man did confess that he was Christ, he should be put out of the synagogue.

23  Therefore said his parents, He is of age; ask him.

-- So nobody wanted to tell it. There are so many people who are afraid even to come to this meeting.

32  Mm:

24  Then again called they the man that was blind, and said unto him, Give God the praise:

-- Oh, give God the praise. He is giving already God the praise, but they are telling, "Oh, glorify God!"

33  Mm:

we know that this man is a sinner.

-- We know this fellow who healed you is a sinner.

25  He answered and said, Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not:

-- Whether he is a sinner or not I don't know, but know I was blind, I see.

one thing I know,

-- One thing I know,

that, whereas I was blind, now I see.

26  Then said they to him again, What did he to thee?

-- What did He do to you? Again clay coming. (Bro. Lawrie laughs.) They won't leave the clay. So, they got very angry.

34  Mm: how opened he thine eyes?

27  He answered them, I have told you already,

-- I have told you many times, you took my life; I am telling, 'clay, clay, clay,' but again you are asking me.

35  Mm:

 and ye did not hear: wherefore would ye hear it again? will ye also be his disciples?

-- Do you want to become His disciple? Already he has become Jesus' disciple. Without seeing Him, he has become His disciple. Because He had put clay, he didn't see Him. Now, from that day he was His disciple. Not only that, he has wanted to make all the Jews as His disciples, starting from there itself.

36  Mm:

28  Then they reviled him, and said, Thou art his disciple; but we are Moses' disciples.

-- Oh, we are Moses' disciples; you are Jesus' disciple.

37  Mm:

29  We know that God spake unto Moses:

-- We know God spake unto Moses,

as for this fellow, we know not from whence he is.

-- We do not know where this fellow is from.

38  Mm:

30  The man answered and said unto them, Why herein is a marvellous thing, that ye know not from whence he is, and yet he hath opened mine eyes.

-- Without your knowledge, but He has opened my eyes. That's a marvellous thing.

39  Mm:

31  Now we know that God heareth not sinners:

-- Then he is preaching. The blind man is now preaching: "God heareth not sinners."

but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth.

-- He didn't know Jesus, so he is telling, "If any man be a worshipper of God," he is telling only about God, my friends. "If any man is a worshipper of God and do the will of God, God heareth."

40  Mm:

32  Since the world began was it not heard that any man opened the eyes of one that was born blind.

-- Born blind man's eyes were never opened by anybody, but here it is opened.

33  If this man were not of God, he could do nothing.

-- If this man were not of God, He could do nothing. He has better message than anybody else.

41  Mm:

34  They answered and said unto him, Thou wast altogether born in sins,

-- You fellow, you are a sinner! - As if they are holy people. See the holy people! "You are born in sin."

42  Mm:

and dost thou teach us?

-- And you want to teach us? We are holy people.

43  Mm:

And they cast him out.

-- So they cast him out of the church. Without knowing Jesus, standing for Him as a disciple, he was cast out.

44  Now a great thing happens. When a man is hated by the people, who moves? Then his spiritual eyes open. Don't be satisfied with your blind eyes. Be opened.

45 Now comes Jesus! Mm:

35  Jesus heard that they had cast him out;

-- Jesus heard that they cast him out.

and when he had found him,

-- Then he didn't go searching for Jesus, Jesus found him! Hallelujah!

46  If people hate you and reject you, Jesus is coming near to you! Jesus sought him of His own accord and came to meet him. The Creator is running after that man! If you are not standing true to God's word, you will have a clay on your eyes. You have to wash. Washing in water means: Read the Bible! Then your eyes will be open.

47  Mm:

and when he had found him, he said unto him, Dost thou believe on the Son of God?

-- Straightaway the message comes: "Blind man, now you see. Do you know the Son of God?"

48  Mm:

36  He answered and said, Who is he, Lord,

-- Who is He, Lord? He was not telling He was Jesus. Now He is telling, "Do you know the Son of God?"

49  Mm:

Who is he, Lord, that I might believe on him?

37  And Jesus said unto him, Thou hast both seen him, and it is he that talketh with thee.

-- The One which is talking to you is the Son of God.

50  Mm:

38  And he said, Lord, I believe.

-- I believe.

And he worshipped him.

-- And he worshipped him. So you can see, a blind man's eyes are opened, but still he had to pay the price to meet the Son of God.

51  My dear friends, this is the last day of the meetings. Within about an hour, we will be going back to our homes. But I want to tell you one thing: In this world every depends on satisfaction. Without satisfaction there won't be any interest in this world. A man studies, the whole year he studies, at the end of the year he goes to write the examination and then he is waiting for the results, then his number appears on the papers. He is very happy, he is satisfied. He is not worried about his pains. He is telling everybody, "I passed!" If he had failed, he may even commit suicide.

52  Suppose a man is running a business, the whole day he is in the shop. At the end of the year he is trying to find out whether it is profit or loss. If it is gain, he is very happy. He takes his family out. Suppose he lost, he is very much discouraged.

53  Suppose a man is harvesting a field, he has to reap a good benefit. If there is no benefit, he is discouraged. Suppose an officer - Morning he goes to office, works very hard. At the end of the month he is waiting for the salary. Salary is the satisfaction for him. He comes home, he sings, he goes out shopping. Suppose you don't get a salary, no happiness. For our trouble we must get satisfaction.

54  I was planting a mango tree. I watered it, it became a big tree. One day there was a nice fruit. Oh, the smell was wonderful! So we picked it up: Nice red colour! So we wanted to eat it with the father and mother. Mother cut it. Good smell, but can't keep in the mouth! So I said, "What is this?" I took a woodcutter and cut the tree the next day. I don't want that mango tree. The axe is laid at the root of every tree. You are planted by God. Every man is planted by God! God is expecting the fruit from you!

55  My dear friends, you may be whatever you are. You may be a rich man, one day you have to meet death. You can't escape that. On that day, how will you feel? It is not a happy time. Are you giving good fruit? Every tree which doesn't give good fruit will be cut off!

56  What are we doing here? God called us. There are so many people without employment, why didn't He call them? I was sitting comfortably in the Vellore hospital; good money. My wife was the dietician, I was the secretary purchasing officer. I had two stenographers, clerks, everybody. I ring the bell, people will come running. Then God said, "Leave the job." Why? To gather fruit for God. I am not God. I come to gather fruit for Jesus. This is the fruit season. God has come harvesting. First He gathers the tares. He bundles the tares to be put in the fire. They talk about Holy Ghost without the Word of God. How can God honour the people without the Word?

57  My dear brothers, watch very closely. I am not a young man today. When I was a young man, I used to pray whole night. Fifty thousand people one day,... But now I am sixty. Why I am coming here? I can sit quietly at home. I see that the people are not true to the Word of God today. Repent of your sins today! Oh you preachers, repent of your sins! You call me a backslider who is true to God's word. You call me anti-Christ who is true to God's word.

58  Suppose there is a cycle thief. You know what the cycle thief will do? He will steal a cycle and shout, "The thief goes there! The thief goes there!" - so that he can escape. You know why you are calling me anti-Christ? You are the cycle thief. So you want to put the attention of people on me who is true to God's word.

59  My dear friends, God is planting the trees. He has manured it. But today you have to satisfy Him. Will you satisfy God today? Whoever you are, satisfy God! Ask Him to come into your life. I am not telling a Christian God. God is for the whole world. Jesus is the light of the world. You don't need Christianity for that. I am not come here to preach Christianity. I want you to believe on Jesus! Open your hearts, He will come into you. See the healing then. See the power of God in your life!

60  When the Lord Jesus blessed my right hand, when I put my hand on you: It is not a simple hand, it is the power of God. Without doubt open your heart and come, confess your sins, when I'll ask God to fill you. Believe that God has filled you already. You will go out of this place completely finding the Lord Jesus. The thief never got any baptism. He said: "Remember me when I come into the kingdom." He got the peace.

61  So my friends, in this last day, I tell you today: There is a time coming very shortly, there is a message going throughout this world to prepare His people. Unless you are ready, you will be caught up in the tribulation.

62  There is a great union coming: This is a gooseberry, lemon union. This is not a heart union. If you open the bag, everything will roll to its own place. We are preaching a union on the word of God! Anybody on the word of God, you are my brother, you are my sister. God bless you today!

63  So my friends, I am going to ask you: "How many people love Jesus today?" Give your heart to Jesus. (A song is played by the orchestra.) Jesus is calling His people today. Come to Him today. Don't be in a hurry. Open your heart to Jesus. Jesus will heal you today. He wants to bless you. Come believing on Jesus. Let us pray. I am going to pray for you now. Please don't rush. (Bro. Lawrie prays individually.)

-- R. Paulaseer Lawrie

November 15, 1981

Bombay - Day 5