God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
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44. Who are the 'REAL JUDAH' of God ?

These people who worship God in the form of 'Thathuvams' are the REAL JUDAH of God who will certainly understand about the LORD GOD when He comes to them personally.

45. Eventhough God brought His people under the curse of putting them in a place where they worship wood and stone as Gods, what is the only way of getting out of the curse ?

The only way of getting out of the curse was to worship something ( some forms ) which are not existing as creation. In this way they took the punishment ( curse of God ) but they never wanted to give up their God ( NARAYANA ) !

46. What are the two kinds of people among the Hindus of India ?

i) One group of people who worship the idols as real. and
ii) Another group of people who worship the idols as THATHUVAM - forms and not as real.

47. According to Romans 11:26, what is the 'ungodliness' of JACOB ?

The worship of God in the form of THATHUVAMS is called as 'ungodliness of Jacob' from which they have to turn back to the worship of THE TRUE HUMAN FORM OF GOD ( God's Own Form ).

48. Give an apt example to explain 'THATHUVAM worship'

Thathuvam worship can be compared to a wife respecting the photos of her husband when he is not at home but living far away. But when the husband returns back home, the importance of the photos is lost immediately because the person himself as come !

49. How will the 'Thathuvam - worshipping - people' of the hindus show that they have recognised THE LORD GOD ?

i) By surrendering themselves at the feet of the LORD GOD ( Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna ). and
ii) By performing ' PADHA-POOJA ' to the actual real Human Form of Lord Narayana - and receiving the 'Peace' or 'Maha-Shanthi' from Him.

50. What is the deep inner truth hidden behind the act of the hindus failing down obeisance at the feet of all swamijis ?

i) The hindus fall at the feet of all swamijis in order to search and find out from which feet , the POWER OF GOD flows instantaneously on being touched.
ii) And when they find out 'THAT FEET' of the Divine Lord Narayana ( who is to come as a total man ) - then they will give their full-obedience to all His Words..

51. Why did not or why could not Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna keep any idol or Thathuvam - Form and make obeisance to it ?

Because NARAYANA cannot worship His own thathuvam-representation since HE is the real OBJECT OF WORSHIP for all His Creation.

52. What are the 'Ashtras' or 'missiles' used during the Mahabaratha war ? ( as mentioned in Gita Chap.1: Sloka.9)

The people of that period had invented some mighty weapons - nuclear missiles - and the Mahabaratha war was actually a Nuclear Warfare.

53. Why did Arjuna ask Shri. Krishna to place his chariot between the two armies ? What does this show ?

Because Arjuna wanted to see and observe all the people who have come to right - and did not want to kill them without knowing who they were. This whows his wisdom and the soft nature of his heart.

54. Was Arjuna a Spiritual Man or a worldly man ?

Arjuna was a spiritual man who had left all desires of the world.

55. what is ' Slayer of Madhu '?

"Slayer of Madhu" means one who slays the desires or the world. This is another name for Shri. Krishna.

56. Must we believe in the family tradition ? Why ?

We must believe in the family tradition, because it always reminds us of the common place ( family root ) from where all of us deviated and scattered. And this preservation of family tradition will help to UNITE all of us one day.

57. "There was never a time when I was not' - says Krishna in Gita Chap 2. Explain ?

Krishna is actually slowly telling about Himself ( his reality ) - but at the same time he is sitting there as a man !

58. Why does Shri. Krishna ask Arjuna to ignore the feelings given by the senses ? ( as in Gita Chap. 2: Sloka 14 )

Shri. Krishna says that there is no connection between Arjuna and His five senses. Therefore He asks him to ignore the senses since they are not permanent.

59. Who is 'eligible' for immortality ? ( Gita 2:15 (b) )

One who is not tormented by the contacts between the senses and their objects becomes 'eligible' for immortality - not that he gets immortality immediately, which is still deeper.

60. Did people of Arjuna's time know anything about ' IMMORTALITY' ( or life without death ) ?

The people of Arjuna's time did not know anything about immortality. ( or about life without death ). They were thinking that one gets immortality after death only.
b) living in 'temporary residences' (tents) in this world.
c) All the other Japheth races have hope only if they submit themselves and come under this consecration and Life of the SHEMITIC RACES.

61. What is the great truth which all Prophets and Children of God know very well ?

"All things that are seen are not Eternal ( temporal ). Only the unseen things of God are Eternal and Permanent. -- All the Seers or truth ( Children of God ) know this great truth. (viz. Gita 2:16) "The unreal ( things that are seen ) has no existence. The real ( unseen things ) never ceases to be. The reality of both has thus been perceived by the seers of truth.

62. What alone is imperishable ? (according to Gita 2:17) and what are the three truths about This Permanent Substance ?

i) That which pervades this universe is alone IMPERISHABLE !
ii) Things that cannot be seen are ETERNAL ( Permanent ).
iii) And no one has power to destroy THIS IMPERISHABLE SUBSTANCE.

63. Give certain main differences between SONS OF GOD and BRIDE OF GOD.
(Based on the Messages given by Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna at Jaipur.)
March 23, 1986
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(Children of God)
The Sons of God who are born of God, they need not go and repent.
The bride has to repent because she has left God and that life.
2. The Sons of God are created before the foundation of the world. The bride was scattered and left the truth.
The Sons of God have the Spirit of God. And they have no revelation about KARMA or anything. that is why they say: God is IN ME. Try to find God in you, etc.
They have to get the Holy Ghost and THE BLOOD - they are called as ' Wife of God '
But now ( in the change of dispensation ) they are having God in them without their knowledge. They have the FATHER'S NAME written in their fore-heads. They have that Name and they know that Name.
The Bride gets the Name of God through Blood Union and becomes one with the family of God ( through marriage only ).
The Sons of God need not go to the father through the wife or 'bride' . They go directly.
The wife has to go to the Father only through her husband.
When God comes down to the earth, He claims His people by coming as the deliverer and turning away 'ungodliness' from them. They have no repentance.
The Bride are selected by God and they are given the Holy Ghost and come through repentance.
Because they have received the Spirit of the Lord they will speak: Soul will not perish. For them, even if God wants to cut him off, He cannot.
The Bride loses her life (her soul perishes) if she cuts away from the LIFE OF GOD.
All the Sons of God are inside HIM whether they worship stone or anything But they will immediately turn to God when He comes.
The wife goes with the husband and is qualified only through her husband. She has no authority except to hide in her husband's name.
The Sons of God get the Peace and Holy Ghost even without obedience.
The bride gets the Peace and Holy-Ghost only through Obedience to God's Word.
10. The bride gets the Peace and Holy-Ghost only through Obedience to God's Word.
The bride GETS INTO the family of God ( through Marriage Union ).
11. The Sons of God talk only about rebirth, etc. The bride does not talk of re-birth.
64. Why is Shri. Krishna talking to Arjuna like a man who believes in re-birth ?

Because Arjuna already has his mind full of that wrong doctrine so if Shri. Krishna tells that re-birth is wrong, Arjuna may even leave him and run away. Therefore Shri. Krishna has to first speak to him only from that level of faith.

65. Why did Shri. Krishna say: If you shirk your duty, you incur sin ? what is sin ?

Since Shri. Krishna was talking to Arjuna - Arjuna had to give him implicit obedience. Otherwise it will become sin. Because, Disobedience to God's Word is sin !

66. what will a real man of God be like ?

A real man of God will not allow his stand for God to father - even at the point of death. ( See Gita Chap. 2:33, 34 slokas ).

67. Explain Gita Chap. 2: Sloka 37, which says: "Die and you will win heaven; conquer and you will enjoy the sovereignty of the earth.'

This means: If you believe and die ( as a righteous man standing for the Truth ) you will die and resurrect.

68. What is the Gnana Yoga as given to Arjuna by Shri Krishna ?

Gnana Yoga means Shri. Krishna spoke wisely ( with Gnanam ) to Arjuna according to the knowledge Arjuna already had about God at that time.

69. What is the meaning of Yoga ?

-- Meditation of GNANA ( real Wisdom ) is Gnana Yoga.
-- Meditation of how to have KARMA removed is Karma Yoga.

70. What is "KARMA-YOGA" ? ( Gita Chap 2 : Sloka 40 ) Explain in detail and point wise.

    1. KARMA-YOGA is coming by 'Sacrifice of the Parama Purusha'.

    2. In KARMA-YOGA, there is no action of ours ( to please God through self efforts ). Someone else's 'action' is  

    3. But today, people without understanding this great truth of KARMA YOGA, they left off 'sactifice and its
        significance' and have been thinking about BREATHING ( Pranayama ) through the nose in different ways  
        and telling - "There it comes" ! "There it comes" ! They make some ASANAS and meditate and say: we have
        God which is wrong. Yogapiasm is mostly pulling and pushing out air. But all this is of no use and we have
        to die ultimately.

    4. But KARMA YOGA doesn't mean Yoga ( in the above given sense ).

    5. It is said that in KARMA YOGA all thoughts are directed singly to ONE-IDEAL. People falsely imagine this is
        to mean - 'trying to control the five senses' through concentration, meditation, etc., which no one can. And 
        so they don't attain what they desire.

    6. But in this Yoga of dis-interested action or KARMA YOGA they won't have any aim except God. The KARMA
        YOGI'S aim is to attain THAT LIFE.

    7. DISINTERESTED ACTION means God does all the work ( for us ) and we keep silent ( i.e. ) we don't strive
        through self-efforts - we move only through the power of God, to fulfill His will for His Glory. !

71. How did Viswamitra Maharishi lose his concentration on God while doing his Japas ( and tapas ) to Narayana ?

Vishwamitra through his thoughts was thinking in his brain about sexual desire and that desire come into his imagination ( in the form of a beautiful woman ) . Then he united with that body in his brain ( through his thoughts only ) and this broke his Japa and concentration on God.

72. When does a man of God come to the realisation of God's Righteousness ?

Only after finding out that one cannot control the mind - ( forcibly through own efforts like closing of eyes, or fasting, etc. ), then a person comes to the realisation of God's Righteousness.

73. Why did the ancient people ask people to meditate sitting in one place, even though they know that the senses will not be controlled in that way ?

They did this in order to keep the wicked of mischievous people under control at least for one or two hours so that that amount of mischief will reduce in this world. ( This is like giving a 'soother' into the mouth of a crying child. ) It was also done to make people realise that the mind cannot be controlled by force.

74. Can a person be devoted to the 'letter' of the Vedas and yet lack the true WISDOM of God and the real power of God in their lives and be full of worldly desires ?

Yes, of course, because such persons try to understand the Vedas through their brain, without realising the 'sense' of the written Vedas. These people may even memorize all the slokas of the Vedas but yet not realize God in their lives. ( Refer Gita 2:41- 44 )

75. Who is a Brahmin ? Is he the one who wears the holy thread ?

A true Brahmin is one who has renounced ( from the heart ) all worldly desires and has switched on to God - not one who is born in the Brahmin community.

76. What is the true meaning of Yoga ( in the form of equanimity ) ? - Karma Yoga

Evenness of temper is called Yoga - Even tempered in success and failure. The meaning of Yoga ( Karma Yoga ) is therefore our action or karma which should not be attached to anything in this world and we mustn't do anything with the idea of bringing fruit ( for ourselves ). We must do what is right but we must not do it for the sake of any gain.

77. Do the religious people of the present day know the 'secret' of how to be of stable mind or control all lusts ?

No. But they still preach to others that all must control their senses while they themselves do not know the way to control their lusts.

78. If a person visits another man's wife when the husband is not at home, what does God do ?

God sends another man to meet his wife when that person leaves his house.
( In the Lord's Own Words: 'If you go to 'visit' another man's wife, someone will automatically be there to 'visit' your wife. What will 'the karma' do. It will come to your house. Before you come back to your home, another fellow would have come to your wife's house'. )

79. Does mere 'thinking' ( or ) meditating that our mind must be under control one's mind ?

No, but even while thinking the mind will not be under our control. But instead only when a person sits in meditation the devil gives him thoughts and all tricks to commit great sins.

80. When does all desires of the sense towards the sense objects leave a person entirely ?


81. What was the experience of Shri. Krishna which he related to Arjuna regarding the control over even the desires of the senses ?

When we do not enjoy the sense objects with the senses, the sense objects turn away from us. But the desire on them does not leave us. It will be there. This desire also disappears in the case of the man of stable mind when he sees THE SUPREME ! Shri. Krishna is telling his own experience to Arjuna in this way. The desire will be there and that also disappears when one sees THE SUPREME ( Parimpooranar ) - Because, WHEN YOU PUT YOUR DESIRES ON HIM, ALL OTHER DESIRES LEAVE.

82. How to put all our desires on Him and how to 'see' the Supreme ? What is the meaning of 'devoting oneself heart and soul' according to Gita Chapter 2, Slokas 60 - 61.

The actual meaning of this is to love the LORD GOD with all your heart, soul, body and strength !

83. Which is day time for the god-realized soul ( the Seer ) ?

When the sun goes down, when it is night when all sleep, that is the day time for the God realized Yogi ( Seer ).
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