God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
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84. Will a person who goes after the desires of the world have peace ?

No. ( Refer Gita Chap. 2 Sloka 70 ).

85. What is the privilege of the sons of God. ? How do they easily get 'the peace of God' ? ( Gita Chap. 2, Sloka 71 ).

When the sons of God disengage that self they easily get the peace !

86. During His discourse with Arjuna, what was Shri. Krishna preparing Arjuna for ?

Shri. Krishna ( during his discourse ) was actually preparing Arjuna to do HIS WILL.

87. Is is possible to attain perfection by 'ceasing the act' or 'refusing to talk' ( Mouna Viradham ), etc. ?

According to Gita Chap.3: Sloka 4, it is very clear that just by ceasing to act man doesn't attain perfection.

88. What is Sankya Yoga ?

Yoga through knowledge - When one is increasing in knowledge, and goes on controlling his thoughts, that is called Sankya-Yoga.

89. Which type of man never needs to fear a fall ?

A FALLEN MAN ! - When a man is totally fallen and flat on the ground, he cannot fall below that any more. So this type of man does not need to fear a fall.
This actually means that we should all accept the fact that we are already 'fallen people'. and stand by HIS GRACE ALONE !

90. According to Gita Chap.3: Sloka 6, who is a hypocrite ?

He who outwardly restrains the of senses and action, ( by showing that he is doing Yoga ), but sits mentally dwelling on the objects of the senses, is a HYPOCRITE.

91. According to Gita Chap.3, Sloka. 13, what is the meaning of the words: 'The virtuous who partake of WHAT IS LEFT OVER after Sacrifice are obsolved of sins' - Explain.

a) Partaking of what is left over of Sacrifice' does not mean 'Pouring of Ghee' which the present day fallen Purohits do. In this case, nothing will be left over. Moreover they do not understand the meaning of the word 'SACRIFICE' mentioned in this sloka.

b) What is left over of 'The First Supreme Sacrifice of the Parama Purusha' ( Aadhi Bali ) is His Pavithra Atma or HOLY-SPIRIT which one has to in-take ( partake ) voluntarily in order to be absolved of all sins. This ( Aadhi Bali ) is THE REMEDY kept by God for all His children by which they can have their KARMA removed.

c) During the YAGAMS or Sacrifice of early days, any animal ( like sheep, or cow ) was being sacrificed - ( not as atonement ) - but only in remembrance of the Aadhi Bali, during which the ashes ( remains ) of the animals was partaken as holy ash as a symbol of the 'Holy Ghost' ( Pavitra Atma ).

d) But now, by changing the entire significances of sacrifice and forgetting the Supreme Sacrifice totally, the Purohits just pour Ghee which is contrary to all Vedas.

e) Therefore, 'partaking of what is left over of sacrifice' means ACCEPTING the remedy of the Supreme Sacrifice - ( performed by the Parama Purusha Himself at the beginning of Creation ) and IN-TAKING of the 'HOLY GHOST' and allowing the HOLY GHOST to have full sway over our lives.

92. Is the doctrine of re-birth right or wrong ? If it is wrong why did not Shri. Krishna say so immediately to Arjuna, but talks to him as a man who belives in re-birth ?

If Shri. Krishna had told Arjuna that the doctrine of re-birth is wrong, Arjuna might have left even Shri. Krishna. Therefore Shri. Krishna had to show Arjuna ( in the beginning ) as if he also is a believer of re-birth and only then he can uplift him step by step spiritually to the real truth of God realisation.

93. What is 'righting a righteous war' ? ( Gita 2: Sloka 33 )

"Fighting a righteous war' means taking the only remedy of the "RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD" and living by That Righteousness whereby SIN is not imputed to us and God doesn't see sin in us.
Otherwise we have to suffer for our sins. That is why it is said in Gita Chap.3: Sloka 9.
"Man is bound by his own actions except when it is performed for the sake of SACRIFICE !"

94. What is "Selfish Dependance" as mentioned in Gita 3:18. Explain.

All creatures should obey and depend on their Creator God - NARAYANA and should not obey or depend upon each other for their selfish ends and selfish motives. This type of perverted - dependance among the created beings is termed as 'Selfish-dependance' - which is a great sin in the sight of God. All friendship and fellowship should only be based on God's Word !

95. When we go after the worldly things with attachment, then what happens ? How ?

We create our own gods by serving - ( getting attached to ) - the created beings who support us or give us money thinking they are gods.

96. How does a wise man ( God realised soul ) act without attachment ?

The wise man having god hold of THE ONE SOURCE ( Narayana Himself ) will not get attached by depending on any created being except the Supreme Lord ( called as clique-forming ). The one who has caught hold of THE SOURCE can have no strange gods.

97. What do the sons of God ( hindus ) already have ? What do they need ?

They already have 'the Name of God' being born in that family - They should only realize THE PERSON to whom the name belongs. If they know HIM, they cannot die. They need only REDEMPTION - not salvation. They already have the 'blood in them'.

98. Who is the 'absolute' or 'Nirguna Brahma'

The First Born Parama Purusha - called as CHRIST JESUS or NARAYANA or ALLAH is the 'absolute' or 'Nirguna Brahma' .

99. How to get real knowledge ?

By ' KILLING' everything that obstructs the way to that knowledge. The knowledge of knowing THE ABSOLUTE !

100. What is 'Vignana' ?

Knowledge of the Sakara Brahma or the Manifest Divinity - which is the LORD GOD - The Form of God !

101. What is the only way to go INTO NARAYANA without death ( in Glory ) ?

The only way is to know, understand and realize that HE, ( NARAYANA ) alone is Deathlessness and beyond the 5-senses ( His birth and activities being divine ). By knowing His reality one transcends death. There is no other way to go.

102. What is the work of the devil or Kaliya ?

Kaliyan's work is to take you away from the Love of that One Person - Shriman Narayana. And he deviates our attention to so many things of the world or brings many people as mediators saying You must go to HIM only through me etc. - This is all devilish work.

103. When does a person see the entire creation within himself ? ( and ) when does he see the entire creation IN NARAYANA ?

When a person has not attained enlightenment regarding the Supreme Purusha, he will think that He is a somebody - or a god and that all the creation is in Him.

But if a person gets the true revelation and enlightenment regarding the Supreme Purusha, then he will know ( by that Surpeme Knowledge ) that the whole creation is only IN NARAYANA ! ( controlled by Lord Narayana ).
(Based on the Messages given by Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna at Jaipur.)
March 23, 1986
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