Bible tells that no man has seen God at any time and that He dwells in the light that no man can approach: whom no man can seen or hath seen, then why these great so called preachers who beg every time for money say as if He is talking to them by telephone every minute?
Why did people call Jesus as Son of David and Son of Man when he was neither  born to any man or to anyone in the Davidic line? Were they fooling or flattering him or is it true. If it is true can you give concrete answers?
Who is the Son of David? Jesus Christ or the Lord God? (Luke 20:41-42)
Who gets the throne of David? Jesus or the Lord God and how (Luke 1:32)?
Is the Lord Jesus Christ a human being?
Why did Jesus call himself the Son of Man when he was not born to any man. Who is the Son of Man?
Can anyone kill Jesus if He is Almighty God? He himself in John 10:17-18 says no one can take his life? What happened at Calvary?
Did Jesus Christ change forms while he was in this earth? (Mark 16:12)
What caused Judas to betray Jesus and Peter to deny him? Jesus the Lord chose them. Can his choice fail? If so, where is our hope and strength?
Is Jesus a Sacrifice as John the Baptist proclaimed? If so, can a sacrifice rise up or should be no more being burnt to ashes? Who was it that rose?
Was the resurrected Christ different from the crucified Christ?
What is the difference between Jesus Christ of the Apostles and Christ Jesus of Paul. Are they both one or two different persons? What is the meaning in the Gospel regarding “this Jesus” and “that Jesus”?
Who is the great Anti-Christ with the number 666 in Rev.13:18?
Did Judas Iscariot commit suicide or was he murdered?
Who was the Father of Jesus Christ? As he was conceived by the Holy Spirit who is the Father? The Holy Spirit or the Father? Does it mean that he had two Fathers?
How could Jesus be three days in the grave if He was buried on Friday evening and rose on Sunday morning. This only makes 1 1/2 days: Mark 16:9. Does it mean the Christians do not know simple Mathematics.
Where are the scattered lost tribes of Judah situated primely according to the Bible and not man’s own thinking?
Can a man serve God fully if he has worldly possessions unlike the Disciples of Jesus who totally depended on God? Can they enter into the Holy Place. The Levites only could enter, otherwise they die?
When Jesus was crucified only the Temple Veil was torn from top to bottom which led to the Holy Place and not the Holy of Holies as preachers preach, where only one could enter. It was instantaneous death if anyone had  worldly inheritance, or had their heart therein?
Did people exist before Adam and Eve. Or during the garden of Eden days?
If Jesus is the High Priest who is God? If He is God who is the High Priest? Can He be both and contradict the Word He came to fulfill?
Why do the reputed preachers who once were shouting on the roof tops about the second coming of the Lord Jesus now silently omit it and now only talk about the third coming of the Lord on Mt. Olives publicly? Has the secret Second coming of Jesus occurred already?
23. When Moses wanted to see the glory of God He showed only his back parts, which was of a Man’s. Is the glory of God the back parts of a man?
24. Is it Satan’s masterpiece to unite the World Council of Churches under the beast No.666 in Rev.13:8. Do not the reputed preachers know it? Then why do they support it? Are they also Satan’s’ organisation?
25. What is the mystery of God creating the world in Genesis 1 and the Lord God making it in Genesis 2 ?
26. If the seventh day Sabbath was originated by the Lord God in the garden of Eden, why do the people say that it is the Law and changed it and desecrate it? Who changed this divine order?
If Adam was created both male and female in the image of God is it true that God is male and female also?
What are the characteristics of the Serpent Seed? How can they be distinguished from God’s Seed?
Why was Abel’s sacrifice accepted whereas Cain’s rejected? What was the only qualification God saw?
How does one attain the righteousness of God? If it comes through the Blood of Jesus and all self righteousness are called filthy rags in the sight of God and is called wickedness, then why do the Christian world talk about works, holy living, sanctification by our efforts with Holier than thou attitude?
If no man hath seen God at any time how did he manifest Himself to human beings? How did he shut Noah’s Ark? Or came down and scattered the people at Tower of Babel and destroyed personally Sodom and Gomorrah.
If Jesus is the Almighty God, who is Christ who rules in the Millennium and later submits to the Almighty after the thousand years reign? ( I Cor.15:24-28 )
Why was Ninevah not destroyed by God after the Prophet Jonah prophesied it would be overthrown in forty days. Did God’s Word fail then, or was Jona a false prophet?
Who changed Jacob’s name? Why was Jacob’s name changed? What does the name Israel mean?
Jesus said “Abraham rejoiced to see my day and saw it and was glad”. If the lamb died as a sacrifice in the place of Isaac and Isaac was raised from the dead in a figure, can you claim Jesus as a sacrifice for you if you still think you are going to die?
If the sacrifice for a sinner is a lamb, what is the sacrifice for the High Priest and the Congregation?
If God alone is the Creator and when Moses said “Let there be flies”, the flies appeared where was God and who was Moses?
When Heb.1:1-2 clearly states that God only speaks through the Prophets and through His Son can each Dick, Tom and Harry claim that God spoke?
What is the correct Baptism? Math. 28:19 or Acts 2:38?
Why did Jesus call Mother Mary “Woman” on the Cross? or at the Wedding of Cana?
What is the significance of Joshua removing his one shoe before the Captain of hosts of the Lord (Josh.5:14-15). Not both the shoes but One only?
What is a Chaldean culture? What is the origin of Ur from where Abraham was called?
Jesus said He came not to judge the world but there is coming another to judge. Why do all the Christians keep on saying that Jesus will judge the world. Are they blind? Search the Gospels and you will find the answer. John 12:47-48 ?
When Jesus was not begging nor his disciples and depended only on voluntary contributions why are these big preachers and racketeers keep on pounding over radio and television and through letters that God’s work will fail they do not get money? In the first place did God ever call them at all. Then why do they keep on begging worse than beggars. Is this the Christianity which Jesus preached?
Preachers pound from all platforms and pulpits separate from all denominations and unbelievers, but what about when God says in I Cor.5:9-13 ? that we should not even eat nor keep company with such covetous believers? Is it not high time or you to separate from all these bogus believers and pastors and evangelists who are fornicators, covetous, idolators, railers, drunkards or extortioners (take money by forceful and tricky means)? Do not such bogus preachers always quote 2 Cor.6:14-18 for their stomach sake?
When the Word Trinity or Rapture and so on are not in the Bible why do people go on uttering these words which were cooked by them and not in the Bible?
When God has given specific instructions not to eat pig flesh, etc., according to Isaiah 65:3-5 and Isaiah 66:17: Deut.14:8 and Levi 11:7-8 ? Why they still eat, quoting a verse in New Testament. Is it because of the hardness of the heart?
What is the difference of the Lord and My Lord in Psalms? Are they the same person or two different?
When Christmas is not the birthday of Jesus but the birthday of Sun God Baal why they celebrate it on that Day. Why Easter is the birthday of the Ishtar Goddess who came out of the Egg, why they celebrate the Resurrection Day on that Day. What has happened to the Christians?
When the battle of Armageddon is before the Millennium and the battle of Gog and Magog is after the Millennium why do the Christians say both is the same?
When Bible says the second coming is like a thief coming when all are asleep why do people expect to be something public?
Why do people leave Christianity and follow different cults which have no deep life in God and go to other religions. What has happened to the present day Christians? 2 Thess.2:10-12. Is it because they rejected the truth and God sent a strong delusions that they should believe a lie and be damned? That means the truth has already come?
When you receive the Holy Spirit do you become Holy as the preachers are banging for 2000 years or does the Holy Spirit makes you realise what a hopeless and great
In Luke 17:22 Jesus tells his disciples that they would desire to see one of the days of the Son of Man, but would not see it. If he were the Son of Man they are seeing him directly. What does it mean?
Jesus says that he came in the name of his Father and that he came to glorify him. Then he says another will come to glorify him? What did he really mean by that? John 8:50.
Paul says that he would show a mystery and that we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed in a moment. Do you believe that? Or was Paul just cracking a joke?
Noah was a man called by God as righteous in that generation. After the flood the first thing he did was to plant a vineyard and got himself so drunk that he did not know where his clothes were lying. Is the righteousness of God is to get drunk to unconsciousness or is it something else tangible?
When the Bible is very plain about marriage and divorce in simple manner why in this intelligent period they marry and give the same in marriage.
The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was: Ezk.16:49: Pride, Fullness of Bread, Abundance of Idleness. Neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. Which country in the whole world will fit into this category and can you name that country and her daughters?
Who is the wayfaring man of Jeremiah 14:8-9 ?
Is speaking in tongues the sin of the Holy Ghost? If not, what is the sign? Did Jesus Christ talk in tongues?
Why was David called a man after God’s own heart? He murdered Uriah and committed adultery. Was God out of his mind or did he see in David something else to please him?
We find these days women dressing in men’s attire. God calls this abomination what has happened to these so called Christian women?
Paul says that he suffers not a woman to usurp authority or speak in a church. Why then do these women preachers teach and preach from pulpits and platforms contradicting God’s Word.
What is the “Carcase” (dead body) mentioned by Jesus where eagles are said to gather (Math.28:28) ?
Why was it that Mary Magdalene “knew not that it was Jesus” and “supposed Him to be a gardener”. Was she struck with amnesia?
What is the difference between “thus saith the Lord” and “thus saith the Lord God” ?
Can a true prophet of the Lord God be deceived by the Lord God himself? If so, why? Ezek.14:7,9.
When Genesis chapter 2:9 clearly says that the Lord God made the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil out of the ground why do people say they represent God and devil?
What is the Gospel of the Kingdom which Jesus spoke of in John 16:8-11 concerning sin, righteousness and judgement? Is it being preached now all over the world. If so the end would have come already. The present day Christian Gospel is not Kingdom Gospel.
What is the difference between the Pentecostal power which the disciples received and the Feast of Tabernacle power which is to come and the difference in the symbols of the two tablets of stone one made by the Lord and one made by Moses and the difference of the green tree and dry tree. Luke 23:26-31.
I Samuel 28 describes the woman with familiar spirit bringing up the Prophet Samuel from the dead at the request of Saul. Was this really Samuel whom she brought up? If so, how did she possess the power?
In Mark 11:12-25, Jesus answers the fig tree and curses it. What could the fig tree have told Jesus. Could it really speak?
II Thess.2 refers to second or third coming? Give reasons for your answers. If it refers to the second only would God want his Bride to go through tribulation before coming personally for her? How can there be a falling away without the truth coming first?
What is the difference between the First Tribulation and Second Tribulation of Matthew 24:8-22 & 29.
What precisely is the meaning that the Word of God is sharper than the two edged sword? Is it the Bible or a person? Why does Paul call himself an Apostle born out of due time. Heb.4:12-13; I Cor. 15:8.
Luke 4:18,19 only fulfill part of Jesus’s ministry. When does Jesus come to proclaim the Day of Vengeance and to comfort all that mourneth. Isaiah 61:1-2.
The early Israelites won the battles by playing music and going around the walls of Jericho seven times, by Moses’ hands being lifted up by Aaron and Hur and Joshua pointing his spear at Ai. Why do the present Israelites depend on their ornaments and the Christian nations prepare nuclear weapons? Does it not mean that they do no more believers in God or they are not true Israelites?
Modern theologists teach that (1) Hunter shot a pigeon which fell on Jesus’ head at the time of baptism; (2) Israelites walked through Red Sea instead of Red Sea; and (3) Moses saw the red rising sun through the bush which is claimed as the burning bush. Do you believe on the Word of God or on these false anointed ones?
In II Cor.12 Paul says that he knows a man in Christ. How can Paul know a man without knowing his name? What is the mystery of Saul calling himself “Paul” ?
When David struck Goliath with a stone the impact should have made him fall back. But he fell upon his face to the earth. Was he killed by the stone or seeing David’s faith the angel of God attacked from behind?
Why did the Lord try to slay Moses? Why did Zipporah cry ‘thou art a bloody husband to me’ to whom does she refer this statement?
When the disciples were trying to catch fish Jesus already had fried fish and fire on the shore where did he catch the fish and get the fire from? If this implies Jesus feeding them without their own efforts why do the present day full-time workers and circuit riders go in search of money without trusting on the Lord?
How can the star that led the three wise men stand over the child. Math.2:9 ? Was it a literal star or was it an angel or something else?
85. Why did Jesus not allow Mary to touch him after resurrection whereas he allowed other disciples to touch him freely?
If Jesus with the power of his spoken word could raise Lazarus from the dead why did not he have power to remove the stone from the grave?
When a lover one is killed the person is more important than the weapon which killed. Jesus died on the cross and those who love him will keep his Commandments. The present day Christians hang crosses all over and attack all those who love Jesus and are true to his Word and obey his Commandments. Does this mean the present day Christians are on the side of murderers of Jesus Christ?
Why did Jesus ask Peter to confess that he loved him thrice when he knew that he already denied him thrice?
Who rolled the stone of the grave? Was the resurrection power of Jesus unable to remove the stone from the grave. Was the stone removed before he arose or after he arose for the people to see its inside?
Bible says in I John 2:11 that ‘he who hates his brother walks in darkness. Chapter 3:15 says he who hates his brother is a murderer. Can the present day Christians in denominations claim to have the love of God by hating one another and walking in darkness and not knowing where they are going and not having Eternal life because they are murderers. Are they not blind leaders of the Blind’?
Why do the denominational people make Jesus Christ to look like a snake hanging on a pole and preach sermon after sermon. How can the Lord Jesus Christ born without sin be under the curse and life of Sodan, to be typed as a serpent of brass hanging on a pole? The Prophet John the Baptist calls those who came to be baptised as vipers and snake what a shame! If this does not mean Jesus Christ what is the explanation?
When Jesus told Peter that if he had faith he could remove mountains. Peter did not perform the deed even after Pentecost. Does it mean that Peter did not have faith or was if not the proper time for the fulfillment of God’s words.
Who is the King of Psalms 72? Who is the Son who is given so much authority and power. Is he the one who is also made the first-born of God. Psalm 89:27. Since God promises never fail.
Men with natural bodies have gone to heaven and have been living there for thousands of years like Enoch and Elijah. Do you agree that the theory flesh and blood cannot enter the Kingdom of God is unscriptural? Bible says flesh and blood cannot “inherit”.
Why do people say paying tithes brings you under the law while Bible says Abraham by revelation paid tithes. Is it because of covetousness?
Do you believe in Palmistry, Astrology and Numerology or consult familiar Spirit, and do you know such people are “abomination unto the Lord”. Why when sudden calamity happens millions die under different stars, numbers and signs. Why they cannot tell this? (Deut.18:10-12).
Do you know that many nations of the Earth will be able to buy and sell and yet not be killed for not taking the mark of the beast.
Methuselah was not the oldest man that ever lived?
Many or almost all say the Jewish Temple will be built and there will be tribulation for the Jews. Can you prove these from Scriptures.
You know you are just fooling God and people by just professing Christianity as a social work. You have never had any touch of God in your life and if you are a clergyman you have been taught in the school of unbelief and has no belief in the power of God or His Holy Spirit. Will you go on fooling with people like this for evermore. Do you not hear the undercurrent of revolt in the whole world that Christianity cannot satisfy. If you can get the correct answer for all these questions you can know the wonderful power of God and will not be deceived by the Blind Leaders of the Blind. Wake up and if you cannot get correct answers write to us to the Indian address and we will help you. The correct answers will make you fit to escape from all the troubles coming in this world. Otherwise you will be deceived into the great tribulation which will come as a snare in this world. Read Matthew 24th Chapter.
God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
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Dated: 24th February 1980