Ministry expands Worldwide
Ministry expands Worldwide
Narayana Consciousness
God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
The Great Man Shri. Lahari
In April 1967, Sister Lawrie had a dream in which she saw that they were in Austria, Switzer­land, and Germany. The next morning she told Ayyah, "Something is going to happen." Then Ayyah himself had a vision of Brother Ewald Frank pointing to him saying, "You are going to Germany." Soon an invitation came from Brother Frank, inviting them to come to Germany. God again wonderfully pro­vided for the plane fare to Europe. At that correct time, a check was received from Brother Avacola, the brother from America, who took him to see Brother Branham. He said he had been keeping this gift for some time wanting to send it, but the address had been misplaced and only recently found. It was just the right time for God's purpose; it was the correct amount at the correct time. Ayyah and Sister Lawrie then made the arrangements for their European Tour.

After arriving on April 30, 1967, a series of meetings were held in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In Germany alone, Ayyah preached and gave his testimony in more than 30 cities. He also preached in several cities in Austria and Switzerland. The Lord was moving wonderfully in the meetings in all these countries. People who had been chained to evil spirits were made free by the prayers. Sick people were healed wonderfully. God healed a lame man in Germany whose leg was in plaster for a broken heel. He could not wear shoes and was hobbling about in crutches. When Ayyah prayed for him he could stand up without support, walk, and jump to demonstrate that he was made perfectly all right.

At another place, a choirmaster who was suffering from pain in his heart was relieved of the pain by prayers. A lady, who had swelling all over the body due to kidney disorder, was healed by the power of prayer. At another place a lady who was suffering for seven years due to a tumour in her lower abdomen, was miraculously healed. Wherever the meetings were held, deep and powerful messages were preached by Ayyah.

There was a farewell meeting at Krefeld on the eve of their departure from Germany. There were many people at this function; with tear filled eyes they showered the Lawries with their love and regrets that they were departing. From Germany they proceeded to London and thus completed their European tour. From there Sister Lawrie returned to India and Ayyah continued his travels, as he had many appointments in America.

The plane that took Sister Lawrie back to India had an hour stopover in Moscow. Always when Sister Lawrie travelled, she would take along gospel tracts to spread around in the different places. Sister Lawrie made use of this stopover to carry the message into Russia, with tracts of Bible verses in the Russian language. She proceeded to place them on the seats in the airport and the airline bus, praying as she did so, that the nation should come out of the darkness. She was not aware of the magnitude of the suppression of religious material at that time in Russia. In the years of the late 1960's especially, the government had taken harsh measures to stop the rising tide of the underground religious movements. Anyone caught with religious material or holding meetings were arrested and beaten, both young and old, whether men or women. Anyone that dared to have religious activities that were not state-sponsored could do so only in strict secret. She did not realize just how dangerous it was for her to so boldly place these tracts right out in the open. The tracts were discovered after Sister Lawrie had already boarded the plane for India. Angry police held up the plane's departure, demanding that she come off the plane and go with them. The stewardess told her not to go but to remain seated, as she knew the police did not have authority to arrest her after she was already on the plane. So by God's grace the tracts were not discovered until she was safely aboard and she was thus saved from arrest.

Ayyah arrived in New York City, September 1967. There he met with Brother Coleman and Brother Hunte, who were joint pastors of a church in the downtown area. They were followers of Brother Branham. Ayyah was invited to preach and to give his testimony, which was received heartily by the congregation. After leaving New York he travelled to various places in America and finally came to Chicago, where he again visited with the Henry Avacolas. A Brother Leigh Vayle from Ohio, having heard how powerfully God was using Ayyah, went to Chicago to meet him personally. He was so im­pressed with him that he brought him to his home with the intent of taking him to several Branham centres. This Brother Vayle then took him to New Orleans, Texas, Tucson and other places in Western and Southern U.S.A., so they could meet with the different groups there. In Ohio, Ayyah was introduced to a number of the Branham groups in the areas near Dayton, Lima and Columbus, where he was received warm-heartedly. It was after they returned to Ohio that Brother Dale and his daughter Sister Suzannah Nivedita became acquainted with Ayyah. The apartment building where the Vayles lived was owned by Brother Dale. To aid Brother Vayle in his ministry, he allowed him to have these rooms without cost. It was through this friendship with the Vayles that Brother Dale could meet Ayyah. After hearing Ayyah's testimony, he recognized that this was a great and true servant of God; so he and his daughter joined in Ayyah's ministry from that time forward.

When Ayyah was returning to New York to prepare for his trip to the West Indies, Brother Dale had the rare privilege to accompany him with another brother from Ohio. On their arrival, they were welcomed of the Brothers Coleman and Hunte. An apartment there had been prepared for them. For about one week they were blessed with the opportunity to be with this great person of God, while Ayyah was preparing visas and plane tickets for Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and other points in South America and the Caribbean Islands. They were deeply blessed to be able to sit and learn at Ayyah's feet, listening to his many deep spiritual experiences.

From New York, Ayyah flew to Jamaica, then on to Venezuela where he preached in Brother Oscar Galdona's Church. Then he went on to Puerto Rico and other West Indies Island localities. These included centres in South America and on the Caribbean Islands: Surinam, Trinidad, Venezuela, British Guyana, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. Here he was a great witness for the Lord among the people. In Trini­dad there were a large number of Indians who had settled there centuries before; they were happy to hear an Indian, one of their kith and kin had come to give them the Word of God. The sick were healed, many were saved, filled with the Holy Spirit and took water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ.
One remarkable incident happened while flying to Venezuela. His assigned seat was in the front of the plane. An acquaintance happened to be on the same flight and asked the stewardess to move Ayyah's seat to the back of the plane where his seat was, so they could sit together. Soon after take off the plane crashed into the sea. The nose of the plane went down under the water, but the tail portion was on top out of the water. Boats were quickly sent out to rescue them. Thankfully Ayyah was sitting in the back, rather than in the assigned seat in the front portion. Many who were in the front portion of the plane were killed or injured. Again Ayyah was saved from death. After finishing his American tour he flew back to India.
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