Summary About Ayyah
Summary about Ayyah
Narayana Consciousness
God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
The Great Man Shri. Lahari
Gurudev Rasiah Pauslaseer Lawrie Muthukrishna was born on the 24th February 1921, in Letchumi Tea Estate, Munnar, South India. He eame in the Royal Family-Line of Sudalaimadan Nadar of Adayal, MudaSur. His parents were Mr. S. Deva Rasiah and Mrs. Nesammal. He was brought up in Nazareth (Nachethram) Town in Tamil Nadu, South India.

When he was studying in St. John's College, Palayamcottai, he enthusiastically participated in the Indian National Congress Quit India Movement and was the Student Leader for the movement. He organized student protests and strikes at the peril of his life and when he was about to be arrested, he fled to Sri Lanka. There he became a famous football player and was training for Olympics. During a game he broke his leg which ended his football career. He was about to become a communist but deep inside he knew there was a God. He sought Him in many religions and sects and while meditating at a tea estate, a vision of a glorious being came to him. After this experience a great peace came into his heart.

He married Ebenezer Natchathiram in 1948, and they had three sons. He was Secretary to the Superintendent of the .internationally reputed C. M. C. Hospital in Vellore. In 1953, when his life was slipping away from the dreaded disease diphtheria he had a vision of being taken to heaves and given a commission by God to surrender everything and serve Him full time. Both he and his wife resigned their jobs on October 1.5th 1953, and began their journey of Faith Life.

After many years of trials and persecution, God broke through the oppositions in 1961, and a big revival broke out in Chennai (Madras). Huge open-air meetings were held between 1961 and 19663 in the S.I.A.A. grounds, where hundreds of thousands from all religions attended. It is impossible to count the vast number of incurable diseases healed during Ayyah's ministry or the countless number of those who were filled with the Divine Spirit that brought them peace (Shanthi) in their troubled lives.

In the year 1963, He founded the IVJannjOtml Ashram near Mukkudal, as a place where people without any distinction of religion, caste, colour, community, country, or creed, engage in nonstop con­tinuous prayers, praises, and meditations. He also founded Manujothi Ashram Soundaiya Lawrie Orches­tra and nurtured it with great care; it has gained widespread popularity. Tens of thousands of people visited Ayyah at his earthly abode and received Peace (Shanthi) and blessings. Many people from several foreign countries also came and stayed in the Ashram for a number of years and learned his teachings. They have returned to their respective countries.

He travelled widely making several trips round the world. On the 21 st of July 1969, when man landed on the Moon for the first time, Ayyah received the experience of God Coming Down into him and since that time, he was revealing secrets that were hidden ftom the foundations of the world.

The doctrine that Ayyah preached, is that God is no respecter of persons, but those who fear Him and do His will are accepted by Him. He did not teach conversion from one religion to another but to Fear fiat One God Who is our Creator, and that we should not worship any creation but only that One God whether you call Him Allah, or Narayana, or Christ Jesus. He aj|o taught, that the Holy Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Holy Quran and all other Vedas known tf jthe world, are gjwen by that One God.

During his ministry people came to Ayyah from all walks of life led by visions and dreams to get the Peace (Shanthi) and Blessings. Praise and Meditation Centres are functioning in various parts of the world and his teachings continue to be propagated.

On June 13, 1987, he announced that the Righteous Age heralding the Millennium started from that day. In July 1987, 'he raised the Royal Standard, the Love Flag of God. On October 3, 1987, he declared He was the King of Heaven and Earth and established his Divine Kingdom.

Ayyah's earthly abode is spoken of in Kalki Purana, which tells, "On the banks of the Tamiraparani River in Sambala Gramam (Village), Kalki Avatar would appear." Also Muthukutty Swamy of Kanyakumari 150 years ago prophesied in Ahilathirattu, that "He would have His habitation near Mukkudai. Flee this very moment to Tirunelveli; or else you will be blown off like ashes." These and the many, many other prophecies that have been listed in Chapter 14, have established the validity of the claims of Ayyah's devotees, that he is the Kalki Maha Avatar; the one the Hindus are expecting at this age, and the one spoken of in the Bible as the Lord God and Mighty God, from the very beginning. That he is the Imam Mahadi of the Muslims, and the Maithereyi Amitaba of the Buddhists and he is also the one whom the Jews are eagerly expecting to come from the tribe of Judah in King David's family-line. That he is the Chosen One, the Firsffecura of God, that contains the "Unseen God" that Great Jothi - Great Light, that only he can approach and he is the mediator between God and Man, the Man Christ Jesus.

As spoken by Him on several occasions he entered into Glory on his birthday, February 24, 1989. He foretold that terrible Tribulation period will start in the world very soon. He also foretold that real changes will take place in all govern­ments and all established organizations; and accordingly now in many countries of the world, great his­torical and quite unexpected changes have taken place.

In the years since Ayyah's departure, his message continues to go forward in his name. Details of the happenings after his departure from the earthly abode can be had on request. It is the firm belief of his devotees that Ayyah will soon reappear in his Glory and will take all his devotees who are his 'faithfuls,' into Glory.
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