Testimonies of Sister Lawrie
Testimonies of Sister Lawrie
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God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
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"My name is Ebenezer Natchathiram. Prophet Samuel took a stone and said, 'Hitherto the Lord helped us' and called that place Ebenezer. The very next day after my birth, my father was very sick. This was while we were in Burma. My mother took care of him because there was no other help in Burma and so I was not taken much care of. He was healed after nearly 70 injections were given to him. Because I was the 4th child, and since my star and my father's star did not agree, they named me Natchathiram (star). Then since my father was healed they gave me the name Ebenezer." (From Sister Lawrie's Diary, Manujothi Vol. No. 4)
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Testimony given February 24,1990, six months before she died:
(This was given in Tamil and translated in English.)

"If I were to tell the life history of Brother Lawrie, there wouldn't be enough time. I will read one verse from the Bible, Genesis Chapter 32, ninth and tenth verse. This was Brother Lawrie's life. From his birth, his mother dedicated him for God's work. When Brother Lawrie was 1m years old in Sri Lanka, his father was holding him in his hands. Suddenly a Ceylonese man, a mad man came. He came to kill the baby raising the knife, because of the anger he had on his father. When he came near he screamed imme­diately, so my father-in-law asked, "What?" The man said, "You have such power! Lightning came and struck me." He said like that and left. So after that incident Brother Lawrie's father used to take care of him very tenderly and carefully. Brother Lawrie told you many times his experiences. One time when his father was meditating by the seashore, he was a small fellow and he crawled in toward the sea. As soon as his father opened his eyes and looked, Ayyah was going like that into the sea. In Sri Lanka the sea waves are very big. Then Brother Lawrie's father saw that the waves turned backwards (thus saving Ayyah) and that there was a great purpose in him. From the small age he was brought up with the fear of God in him. While he was doing his education he had so many temptations, troubles, and trials. 'So when he was doing his college, my older brother V. R. Simeon was studying in high school. Brother Lawrie was playing in the football team, so he used to sit and cheer him. Brother Lawrie was surprised about him cheering for him; so Brother Lawrie told him, "You have much enthusiasm cheering for my football!" And from that time on, he used to address him as brother. They were friends from then. When I was 10 years old, I had a tonsil operation. In those days they used to keep us ten days in the hospital. So I was in the Nazareth hospital (Nazareth, city of Ayyah) for the operation. And after I was standing in the railway station with my father. Then I was wearing a skirt and blouse. Brother Lawrie saw my father in the station and thought he looked like Simeon's father, but he didn't speak to him; he just looked at him and went away. But he also noticed me.

So when the time for Brother Lawrie's marriage arrangement came, then they (his family) were looking for a lot of beautiful and rich girls. They had many offers. Because Brother loved God very much, he had had the salvation experience. He feared God and used to pray that he wanted someone that feared God. At that time I had finished my second year of college, I was 17 years old. My father wanted to arrange a marriage for me. When I finished this year of school he was going to fix the marriage; so he toid me I should be praying that I would receive a God fearing man for a husband. I used to be very shy. He told if I would pray, God would grant my desire. So because of the fear I had for my father I used to pray. (She didn't want to be married, but because he kept threatening her she prayed.) After Brother Lawrie's family started looking to arrange a marriage for him, he had a vision. A lot of girls came to his house; (as marriage prospects) they had their backs turned (he refused them) and they went away. One girl that came threw a bowl of rice in his mother's face. The girl that they had picked out threw the rice in his mother's face. (Ayyah had the dream of this girl throwing rice in his mother's face and likewise was given dreams of the girls that were proposed, showing them unsuitable.) Brother Lawrie loved his mother very much, so he said he wanted only a God fearing girl. So all the girls that came to the house they turned the back and left. Then one of his father's friends told about me. (Ayyah saw a dream the day Sister Lawrie's name was suggested as a wife, he saw in the dream the scene at the railway station of Sister Lawrie as a ten year old girl, and in the dream she came and caught his hand and walked off with him.) He never knew me and I never knew him but God brought that scene that he saw in the train station. So the Lord by a wonderful way brought us together and he joined us together up to this day. I was brought up with the fear of God by my father, when they brought the marriage together I accepted it very happily. But I never had any salvation experience.

At 17 years old I had finished reading the Bible 10 times. We were staying with Brother Lawrie's brothers, together in the family house and we were all singing and praising. Someone came to beat Brother Lawrie in the meeting (a devil possessed person) and Brother Lawrie prayed and calmed that person. The two devils were Davy and Joseph that he cast out. Deva Aseer was laying by a window. The next day morning, Brother Lawrie's mother was cooking and Deva Aseer who was 3 years old was eating (more than an adult could) 13 of these vadas (doughnut like cakes). So I was wondering, how can he eat that much? His face was all disfigured, his head was swollen and he was rolling, he had fallen and was crying and screaming in a temper tantrum. By then Brother Lawrie had gone to work. I told him (Aseer) I was going to get your daddy and he said, "No, no don't get him." Brother Lawrie never used to come home at the middle of the day but that day at noon he came. As soon as he came in he asked, "Where is Aseer, where is Aseer?" I said, "Why do you ask for him? Look at him, he is lying down there all swollen and disfigured." He prayed for him and soon as he finished praying all the swelling in his head and ears became normal. I was so amazed and we praised God. Brother Lawrie said, "When I was typing at my work, God showed me that Deva Aseer had a devil in him, the devil that was cast out the night before. When it went out it attacked Deva Aseer." When the Lord showed that to Brother Lawrie he came running to pray for him. After that he ate a regular meal.

So with each child God taught us and brought us into His path. When Brother Lawrie was doing the Nazareth work we had so many experiences. If we started writing that, the book won't be enough. In the end God gave so many souls to Brother Lawrie. In the old days Brother Lawrie used to take people in secret and give baptism, because he was fearful of those Nazareth Christians. The wives would come and take the baptism secretly and then they would go and talk to their husbands and then they would come and take it. So like that little by little God gave us souls here and there.

In our ministry God did so many miraculous things. From the day Brother Lawrie was born to the day he departed, all I can say is that his whole body was consecrated to the work of God. Never would he speak about worldly things or worldly matters. No matter who he saw when he started to talk, it would always wind up on something about God and the Word of God. Sometimes it used to be difficult for me too, sometimes I wanted to talk about something else, but he just talked about the Holy Ghost and the Lord God.

God gave many souls to him. When the teaching about the Sabbath came, we used to think why he is changing so many things. But when we look at it by the Word, Sunday is the first day of the week. Sunday means sun's day, the first day of the week. So anyone who has any brains at all, can figure out that the seventh day has to be Saturday. So that was a blessing.

We have to sow the Word of God's seed somehow. The Bible says about not having enough people for harvest. I read something in the history. One lady was lame. She used to sit upstairs at the window watching everyone coming. The lady would write words from the Bible, God's Word - anything that would come to her mind, and drop it down from the window to the street. The people that would go by would pick it up and read it, and they used to get happy and leave. So she did a ministry like that. So God gave me a (similar) experience. Even if it was somebody's old address or whatever, I used to write something and send.

After this ministry, in 1969 Brother Lawrie went to America, in Chicago the day that man landed on the moon, that (God coming Down) experience he received. He had three months visa for America; he came back in one and a half months. I felt like I shouldn't accept this about God Coming Down, just because he tells it. He says, "If I tell anything new, she will never accept." Brother Lawrie had brought two people back with him from America, a man and his wife to tell of what happened in America to heip convince me. They would tell, “Do you know Brother Lawrie had a nice new experience in Chi­cago? God has come down on him and he is the incarnation of God.” Then I thought that this new experi­ence was a kind of a new truth; each time when Brother Lawrie went west, he got a new experience."
Sister Lawrie was never one of Ayyah's 'yes men' who would take any new message unless she could see it in the Scriptures. When Ayyah returned from the 1969 experience, he was explaining what had happened and how the cioud was following him, vindicating this truth. After it had followed them a few places, she said, if it comes again and stands over her father's house where they were planning to go next day, then she would believe. Sure enough the cloud followed them and she believed. Each of the subsequent revelations given by Ayyah, she sought the firm foundation in the Scriptures and when she found it, she was fully believing this Great Message spoken by Ayyah. In all the years of the ministry her unending .support complemented the work of Ayyah and the ministry. Ayyah many times said, when his faith would be wavering, in times of difficulty she would be the strong one encouraging him to go for­ward saying, God would provide.

On August 29, 1990, our dear and well beloved Sister Lawrie passed away. She was 61 years old. It was exactly one and a half years after the departure of Ayyah. Her exemplary life was one of spiritual dedication to her God, to her husband, to her children and grandchildren, and to the ministry. She was affectionately called Amma (mother) by many, and indeed she was a spiritual mother to a multiple of hundreds who were inspired by her life. She is sorely missed by the people of this ministry. It is thought that she had a premonition of her impending death. She was not ill. In the few days before, she had been busy cleaning her rooms and she was telling her grandchildren that she was going to see Ayyah. A few months previous she had a very vivid dream that she was in heaven before a very great mansion. Ayyah was standing at the door and took her inside the lovely place. He said, "See the place I have prepared for you."