The Departure from His Earthly Abode on His 68th Birthday
Narayana Consciousness
God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
The Great Man Shri. Lahari
Ayyah in his last years had stopped celebrating his birthday. But somehow the day of his 68th birthday, February 24th 1989, he wanted a great feast of three rich meals to be arranged, and a shed to be built for guests who might eventually come. Surprisingly about 500 guests from all over India came to see Ayyah, without knowing that he had arranged this feast. He received all of them on the 23rd. Usually he prayed and blessed them only at the time of their leaving, but this time it was different; he received them and laid hands on each one of them and blessed them. After that, he spoke to them the whole day. The main topics were:
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Even though many people advised him to take some rest, he went on speaking until 10 P.M. After that he went to his room to rest. Suddenly about 11 P.M. he began to sweat profusely. It was so extreme he changed his shirt five times. Each time immediately the shirt became wet again. The Bible tells, that 2000 years ago just before Jesus departed from this world, He also began to sweat like great drops of blood.

Ayyah then called his sons Deva Aseer and Devadayavu who advised him to see a doctor. Usually he would have refused but this time he said all right. Deva Aseer took him to the doctor. Ayyah charged Devadayavu that he should stay in the Ashram to look after the next day's feast and not go with them to the doctor. At first Ayyah's pulse was very low; but after some time he got better. When Devadayavu arrived later at the hospital with some necessary items, Ayyah sent him away saying, "Go see that the feast will be prepared well and that everything will run smoothly in the Ashram." The next day Ayyah was feeling well again. Everyone in the Ashram was happy that he was better, and they enjoyed the feast that had been prepared like no other previous feast. Then at 8:30 P. M. Ayyah stopped His Breath. As per the Scriptures he had to be buried under the earth and rise up as the Indestructible Narayana. He had to prove to the earth that he had overcome death. This is very clearly mentioned in the “Kalki-Puranam.” “Ahirathirattu” and “Arul Nool” also prophesy the same thing. 

He had foretold in many previous messages that he would soon go. This happened at the beginning of the Sabbath day, February 24, 1989 on his 68 birthday.

He often told his devotees that the glory was already inside him. It is like a butterfly which is still hidden inside the cocoon. Many times, just before his departure, Ayyah spoke of the Bible verses in John. "A little while, and you shall not see me; and again a little while, and ye shall see me, because I go to the Father. Verily, verily, I say unto you, that ye shall weep and lament, but the world shall rejoice: And ye shall be sorrowful, but your sorrow shall be turned into joy." But just like the disciples of Jesus, 2000 years ago, Ayyah's followers could not understand what he was telling them; that he would soon be leaving for a time.

The burial place of Ayyah is located about 50 metres North from the prayer hall. This is a very special location. In 1963, at the Camp meeting, the Holy Spirit was poured out in a magnificent way on this spot. Ayyah's son Devadayavu several times wanted to erect a building in that place but Ayyah forbade it, saying that this place was a special one. It was decided to select this place for the burial ground. Later Devadayavu erected a Mandapam over the site and placed a wall around the area.
On the 21st of February, just 3 days before Ayyah's departure, the whole of India was under a total lunar eclipse. It was a spectacular sight, as it was at the full moon. The moon turned dark red and the sky was darkened for a period of about 3 hours, between 7 and 10 P.M. It was the common talk among those who saw the sight that some great person would be taken off from the earth. It must be remembered that signs of the moon had great significance in Ayyah's ministry. God told Ayyah one month before the Moonlanding event in 1969, that He was going to come down to earth and live in him. This 1969 moon sign heralded God Coming Down, and this lunar eclipse signalled the departure.
The news of Ayyah's departure spread throughout the world to his devotees. Most were in shock, unable to comprehend that Ayyah truly had left them. It was not the conventional thinking that his departure would be in such a manner. Everyone thought he would go in a spectacular show, thinking of chariots of fire or whirlwinds with lightning, or something in that order. But God, who silently came into this world like a thief, left in the same manner. Some believers in Germany, when told of the time of Ayyah's departure could then explain the strange phenomenon that occurred at the same time in their country. The air pressure there fell to such an unheard of level, it could not be registered on the barom­eters. In many cases barometers were broken because the pressure fell below the capacity of the instru­ments. People all over called the meteorologists for an explanation. There was no weather change that should have made the air pressure to change at all. This unusual event lasted for nearly six hours. The story was carried in all the papers, with no one able to explain this unnatural phenomenon. Strangely all this happened when Ayyah left his earthly form.
It must be noted that after Ayyah left, there were some significant changes in the world. Things that were predicted by him: In a message on January 14th 1989, he stated:

"Even this year it has started, because the government and everything will change. They will have the new government and will give a lot of trouble to everybody - to good people. There won't be any stable government; violence will increase and the tribulation will come."

This actually started in the spring of 1989 with the fall of the Soviet Empire. This fall brought the upheaval of'all the world governments. In the past years all the world systems have radically changed. The global economy has become more and more dependent on the World Bank. The World Government regulations are becoming more powerful than individual countries' laws. World courts and worldwide treaties now have a long reach inside every country. As Ayyah has warned, soon this 'New World Order' will control everything along with the anti-Christ, and then tribulation will be in full swing. He stated, "Everything is already in place and one day you will wake up and it will be there." He promised that when this pressure would come to the Bride, she will be taken away.
"In our meetings, amongst the people who have known God, God is bringing a very great separation." (Quote from Camp meeting 1988 P. 2.)

Ayyah also predicted some things that would take place inside the ministry itself, after he left. These things have also taken place. Some have left following the message discouraged, because Ayyah had gone without an open show. He came like a thief and went in the same way, and they could not believe. Then, different factions arose from within, to draw disciples after themselves. Ail these things are very painful to watch seeing the confusion that has arisen, but in the end it will be the Truth of the Message that came from Heaven, that will prevail.
Ayyah warned in January 31, 1988 message; "When I leave the Ashram, the fighters will take it. The swastika people will take it."
Ayyah quoted the Bible scripture, 'Don't throw pearls before swine,’ in warning not to try to convince closed minded people the deep truths that open the way to the ‘Tree of Life’. "The teaching I am giving is given by God in Spirit. It was not given for others to compare." (Quote from Camp meeting 1988 P. 8.)

In Ayyah's messages deep spiritual truths were revealed. They were not given to us to be thrown out and trampled by the worldly or denominational spirited people, who do not have spiritual insight. They were for the humble that go to God honestly, with an open heart to discover the truth. These mes­sages are freely given out in books, from Manujothi Publications, to any such people.