Turning of the Ministry to Non-Christians
Turning of the Ministry to Non-Christians
Narayana Consciousness
God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
The Great Man Shri. Lahari
A little more than midway during the five years of the Westerners stay in the Ashram, God began speaking to Ayyah about who were the real Israelites. He told him that many of the Hindu people were actually from the original tribes who were carried east by Nebuchadnezzar. A great change took place in the ministry, as he began to have invitations to speak to Hindu groups and they began to seek him out. At that time Ayyah said, large groups would come from the Hindu people. Up to this time he had preached only to Christian groups, and most of his devotees had Christian backgrounds. It was a surprise to his followers that people of other religions could recognize that God had come into Ayyah the same as they had. God is not a respecter of persons and within every religion He had His true people and devotees.

After the return of the Western believers to their respective countries, many people started coming from the various Hindu groups to speak with Ayyah. The ministry, since the Moonlanding in 1969, had gathered believers to Ayyah. They recognized that he fulfilled the scriptural account of the Second Coming of Jesus. But people from other religions also were expecting that someone was to come in this age, as foretold in their books and prophecies. The Hindus were expecting the Kalki Avatar, the Muslims the coming of Imam Mahadi, Buddhists expected Maithereya Amitaba, the Jews were ex­pecting the Messiah, and the Christians Christ Jesus. Each religion is expecting someone. Will several appear on the scene, or will it be one person, who perfectly fits all the prophecies in all the Holy Books that foretell of a coming chosen man into whom the Lord would embody Himself?

Some Hindus, when they heard of Ayyah, began to believe that he was the one fulfilling what was told in their books, that he was the ‘Kalki Avatar’ who was to come when the world is full of Adharma to establish Dharma. (When the earth is full of unrighteousness to establish a righteous age.) Their books said, when the earth is full of evil the Lord embodies himself and comes down, to bring in a righteous age and to destroy the unrighteousness.

Actually during the great campaigns of the early 1960's, almost every leader of the Hindus at that time wrote to Ayyah, that he was God's man and wanted his 'Dharshan.' They called him Avatar, falling at his feet. But at that time Ayyah was so immersed in Christian thinking that he could not under­stand the Hindus requests and did not consider such talk. The Hindus went away sorrowfully. It was not God's time in 1962 to make this great move and only later could Ayyah recognize what a great mistake he had made in his thinking. As told in Ayyah's words:

"I am sorry for them and beg all their pardon now. I was such a foolish fanatic Christian then (in 1962), but now I invite all children of the great Lord and say to them: I love you for God's sake."(Newsletter May 1, 1983)

Now, after God had revealed to Ayyah what these Hindus were to Him, that they were His special people, Ayyah started to conduct more and more public meetings among the Hindu centres and villages. Fame of him began to spread abroad. During this new move public meetings were again held with healing prayers and many were healed and received a peace when he touched them. The void that was left in the Ashram by the return of the Western believers to their own countries was now being filled by new devotees from Hindu background.

Since the Manujothi Soundarya Lawrie Orchestra consisted of many Westerners, when they returned to their respective countries the band suffered a great loss. With the coming of the Hindu devo­tees the orchestra was soon rebuilt. Selecting several for training, Ayyah's son Devadayavu soon had the orchestra up to full force. In fact the orchestra was so good they became famous and they were called to many villages to perform. Ayyah always spoke for at least 30 minutes before each performance and prayed for the sick afterward. By using the orchestra to play concerts in the villages, bringing the crowds, the door was opened for the message to be taken throughout many parts of the country. Soon many souls were gained from all over India.

The message Ayyah was giving was not one of conversion from one religion to another but to believe in the One God who created the heav­ens and the earth. It did not matter if you called Him Narayana, or Allah, or Christ Jesus, He is the One God who created everything. Ayyah preached that each person should fol­low the good that is in their own scrip­tures, and that the scriptures did not teach the hatred and killing that is practised by some sects.

As Ayyah says in his own words to his Western devotees after they returned to their own countries: (Quoted from May 1, 1983, Newsletter sent from Ayyah to all the Branches of his Ministry all over the world.)

"I also see a change among the non-Christian followers and their great desire to obey and follow this ministry and much more than the Christians. We do not preach a reli­gion or even Christianity as branded now, but the people in other Faiths also receive us with open arms, and according to their books, they say that their sins go away as they receive me in their homes and I feast with them. As I lay my hands on them for blessing, they are filled with the Spirit of God (Shakthi). 'Shanthi' (Peace) comes on them, they get such a peace and joy of the Lord. They never agreed to be converted as Muslims under the Muslim rule or as Christians under the British rule, alto­gether for about 450 years, but they have been waiting for the One mentioned in their own prophetic books, and the Lord alone is leading them here. We can see a steady stream of people of all Faiths marching on to the present truth in one day. They threw away all the emblems and symbols of their past seeing and believing life. So far 1,300 at the previous months' meetings and more at the Ashram have come to the Lord in this manner as a steady stream. We do not belong to the present-day Christianity and we advise our followers also to keep out from the man-made religion called Christianity or other reli­gions, which do not exalt God. As you all know, the living Christ is in me. I am not God but a man with the Righteousness of God, and I worship God, the Eternal Spirit and Light. This does not mean that I have changed my God. Unfortunately or fortunately, the God I worship has no religion. He is my Father who is full of love for all creatures; and God is no respecter of persons. (Acts 10:34) I received peace through Jesus and I will never deny Him, even though I deny the twice-dead Christianity in which I was brought up in my childhood days and which has no God to support those in it who are against the Bible. I now do not belong to any Christian sect or denomination, and so I am able to love all my countrymen and also all human beings and creatures of God."

By 1979 there were new centres throughout India. Several high caste Brahmin families came to recognize Ayyah as the Kalki Avatar. They, being well versed in Sanskrit, were able to show plainly the places in the Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatham, Ahilathirattu, Arulnool, and many other Hindu scrip­tures, that proved him to be the very one that should come.
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Some of the Examples are as follows :
"He should be in Dravida Desham (Tamil State) in a place near where the River Tamiraparani will be flowing." (The Manujothi Ashram is four miles from the River Tamiraparani) "He will be born as Paul-a seer." Which is Ayyah's second name given to him at birth.

In Arulnool it tells, "Go ye to Tirunelveli in South India, North of Kanyakumari I will come. Vaihunda Naathaa (Lord of Heaven) will come from Nadars (Ayyah's caste) and from Nachethram." (The present day Nazareth, Ayyah's home town.)

The book 'Mystery of Bhagavad Gita, Srimad-Bhagavatham and Ahilathirattu and Arulnool' give all these and many, many more such evidences showing that Ayyah is the Kalki Avatar that should come into the world. This book can be obtained from “Manujothi Publications” from the addresses at the back.

Other centres that were established by 1979 were in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Mysore, Kerala, Pondicherry, Burma, Malaysia, and in the jungles of Nagaland. The greatest outbreak came from Andhra State where by the early 1980's, thousands of believers came to believe in the message brought by Ayyah. Also in the early 1980's the camp meetings that had been disbanded after the gathering of the Western people were again started. Thousands came from all over India to attend these meetings that were held in July as a celebration of the first July 21st Moonlanding Day, when God Came Down.
New Oppositions Arise
Because Ayyah was making great strides among the non-Christians, again much opposition rose against him. The Christians called him a Hindu, Hindu leaders in some places accused him of being a Christian, but Ayyah claims, "I am neither a Christian nor a Hindu, but a follower of that One Great God who called me."

The anger was so great especially among the Christians that they hired thugs to disrupt the meetings; but in each case God wonderfully saved the day by bringing the victory to Ayyah and sending those who came to break up the meetings away in shame.

Many people warned Ayyah that he should be careful about eating and drinking in public places as many in India were after his life. One day he was about to drink a glass from a cool drink bar. Suddenly and mysteriously the bottom of the glass broke away and all the drink spilt down, while the upper part of the glass was still in his hand. It was later found out that poison was put in the drink.
Brother Lawrie - Ayyah
Up to the time of the awakening of the Hindus, most of the followers were of Christian back­ground and called Ayyah as 'Brother Lawrie.' When the devotees from Hindu background came flooding in, the affectionate name they addressed him with was 'Ayyah.' This is a term for an endeared leader, comparing to the title 'Brother Lawrie' the Christian term of endearment. Soon the devotees of all back­grounds adopted that term while referring to Ayyah.
Baptism - Gurudeeksha
Hindu believers came to understand that Krishna or Narayana was inside Ayyah. When they touched his feet they felt a great peace come inside them. When Ayyah explained about being baptized in the name of Jesus they readily accepted, as they were already trained that when they accepted a Guru (a spiritual teacher), they were to go through a ceremony called Guru-Deeksha. In this act they surrendered to the Guru through the ceremony in the water. So they were already prepared from their own background and accepted it readily.
Great Camp Meetings
From the early 1980's, Camp Meetings were held at the Manujothi Ashram every year and huge crowds came in bus loads, by train, and walking. A temporary tent of palm leaves and palm leaf shelters were erected to provide rooms for the visitors. This was a great time of rejoicing. Believers from all over India came to listen to the many and mighty messages given by Ayyah. They came happily with songs, dances and dramas they had practised in their home places to perform at the meetings. Every centre had a chance to perform and give honour to God.

Because Ayyah felt so very sorry about his shutting out of other faiths by his own narrow mindedness during the earlier days of his ministry in refusing them to partake of the riches of God's gifts, the now enlightened Ayyah opened the Camp meetings to all. He invited everyone to come and give praises to the One Great God. Many came from Muslim, and Hindu, and Christian Faiths, and were given a chance to speak about their personal experiences with God. At the Camp meetings many sports events were also held, as Ayyah always taught, a healthy body was important for God's people.

With the gathering of such a large crowd in this wilderness like place, water shortage can bring some concerns. During the beginning days of the Ashram in 1962, the water supply could not even support the few souls of about 15, and during the dry spells water had to be carried in. When at last after the prayer of Ayyah the wells filled up, water was provided for the growing population. Now crowds of thousands were gathering for the meetings and the question of water was urgent again. In 1982, a severe drought hit all over the state of Tamil Nadu and water had to be brought from other states. Suddenly in the Ashram they also had no water. Ayyah then prayed this prayer: "Father, You can give us water even without rain and make the fields green." And he then said, "Thank you for doing it."

Below the result of this Prayer is Quoted, as explained in a Newsletter sent to his believers:

"And strangely enough, the next morning a heavy mist came and enveloped the whole Ashram. It covered the fields and made the ground wet for a day with all mysterious manure power, and the crops in the fields started growing to a big height with a goodly increased yield, and we have had a very good harvest of paddy. And the Lord clave the rock and water started pouring in good force from the top of the middle part of the new well and we have a perennial supply of water without rain whereas all the wells and fields of others round about went dry and the crops withered." (From 1982 Newsletter.)

The marvel was the water did not come from the bottom of the well but the water rushed from the top by the rock opening. This supplied amply for the Camp meetings for some years. Then another severe drought came in 1987. Again all the wells were empty. Ayyah's son Devadayavu blasted the new well with dynamite. Like a miracle that well came in full of water, when all the surrounding area wells were dry. This was enough to accommodate the water needs of the thousands that came for the Camp meeting.

A year later the drought was still in force in the Ashram area. As huge crowds were expected to attend the Camp meeting in July, the water shortage became a serious concern. During this time Ayyah led a procession around the Ashram grounds carrying the Kingdom flag. At the end he prayed this prayer: "Father, I pray that, if this message is true, if these people have really confessed their sins, give us a terrific shower these days before the camp meetings, to prove that you sent me Lord. Thank you for that. Bless us and confirm us .and give us a token Lord!" Suddenly the normal July wind that comes from the West, shifted and a strong East wind came, bringing with it a big downpour of rain. During the next week there were many days of pouring rain, cooling the climate and filling all the wells. The 5000 who gath­ered for the ten days Camp meeting were amply supplied with their water needs.

Another problem that might arise during a gathering of that size is the possibility of rain. The people are housed in temporary shelters made from palm leaf. In this location, even though it is a very dry area, suddenly storms can rise quickly in heavy downpours. For the many people gathered for the meet­ings, staying in the fragile shelters in such a downpour would be a real hardship. In the July 1984 meet­ings, suddenly a storm started to break out and the people were about to get wet. When Ayyah prayed, like in the Bible days of old, the wind and rain stopped and the meetings were not disturbed. In some other years when the rains became a threat, at Ayyah's prayer they would suddenly disappear. In a special meeting held in January 1985, this was the case. The rain clouds were gathering on the last day of the meeting. Ayyah prayed for them to go away and immediately the weather cleared. On the last night as he was dismissing the crowd, he told the believers to go home quickly as the rain would come the next day. And just as he said, the next day a heavy rain came.

One year some rain did fall during an evening meeting. Ayyah assured them telling, "Don't worry all your things and bedding are safe and dry and you will get a good nights' rest." Sure enough none of the belongings were spoiled from the rain. Their things remained dry in the fragile shelters reminding us of the time of Gideon when God let the dew fall on all the ground but the fleece that Gideon placed on the ground was fully dry.

For those attending the Camp meetings there was never any charge. Ayyah had memories of his own experience of attending the conference in Scotland when he was asked for fees when he had no money to pay. Therefore in his Camp meetings, lodging and meals were provided for all that came, without charge. Many times as the crowds swelled, it would look like there would not be enough food for everyone. Then at the very last moment an offering would come from some unexpected source, providing enough funds to purchase the extra food. On more than one occasion when the food servers would come to Ayyah to say that they did not have sufficient rice to serve everyone in the coming meal, Ayyah would pray and then instruct them to serve. That small amount would grow and all would be served to the full.

On some occasions, vendors would be demanding the money for the supplies when all the money would have already been spent. Every time at the proper moment a sum would come from some means and the bills would be paid. Neither collections, nor hints for money were ever made at any time. To meet the needs, God would place on the heart of someone to give at just the proper time and for the very exact amount that was needed. The money would come so wondrously that enemies would slander Ayyah, saying that he had piles hidden away. They could not see how the ministry could operate so smoothly without collections. Their accusations were far from the truth, as the ministry was always just hand to mouth, giving the need for each day.

During these Camp meetings believers attended from many countries, U.S.A., Germany, Malay­sia, and from all the states in India. Even though the facilities there in the wilderness were primitive and they had to travel very long distances by plane, trains, buses, and carts, those who attended testified that they were very much blessed. After the meetings they all went home joyfully.