Visions, Prophecies and Predictions given by Ayyah
Visions, Prophecies and Predictions given by Ayyah
Narayana Consciousness
God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
The Great Man Shri. Lahari
It would be difficult to complete the biography of Ayyah without including some of the Proph­ecies, Visions, and Predictions that he gave throughout his ministry. In this chapter some of these are listed.
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"O America, America! The vine of my planting, the choicest of my Jewels, that despises the Word of God and builds temples and rejects them that are sent unto her! How I bare you on eagles wings and brought you unto myself to a land of milk and honey by stirring up the nest, and brought your Pilgrim Fathers, fluttered over the young, spread abroad my wings, took you and bore you on my wings like an Eagle! But you have the name 'Eagle' but have denied me altogether; waxen fat and kicked: Thou art waxen fat, thou art grown thick, thou art covered with fatness; thou hast forsaken the Lord God who made you and lightly esteemed the Rock of your salvation. How often would I have gathered thy children together as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings and you would not! Knowing very well how thy Sister Great Britain was lifted as a world power by the power of God from a small beginning, and fell down to such a low degree because of pride and in her height of glory sang, 'Britannia Rules the Waves,' w/hicfa God alone can do. You did not humble your heart. Behold your country in the height of civilization led the nations of the world. It is left unto you desolate. And verily I say unto you: Ye shall not be able to see me or recognize my visitation, except the choicest few, whose eyes I opened because of their humility. And I will give the glory which I had before the foundation of the world, and will take them to a place I have prepared for them." (Quote from Meditations and oriental wedding, 1970 P. 8)

"Oh America! All the Western countries! You are only 300 years old. And you talk as millions of years old people, because of your popularity and money and all; that has made you proud, that you want to make your (self) somebody. But you (should) become (a) nobody! (God's people should become a nobody so God can use them.) You'll never become (a) nobody. You will never become (a) nobody! That is why you become proud. That is why God is not completely in you. But you say you are evangelizing, but you are only evangelizing the tares. You go to convert the people to make him doubly sinful. You teach all kinds of sins to the world. You are the people who are smuggling drugs and everything, and making to have projection (visions by taking drugs) to the other world and all things which is false. But I warm you: That destruction is very close to you. The fire is going to fall. When the righteous people are taken away soon, woe unto you! It would have been better if you were not born. You are going to take the number 666, or you have to die as martyrs, or come to life now! The Life is calling you! The Life is calling joml The Life is calling you! Come, or never come - Martyrdom or destruction will come. The whole soul will be destroyed. It is number 666. Otherwise, you will get the glorious body. I set before yoMi these three things: Deathlessness or martyrdom or destruction of your body and soul in Hell. This is your choice today. Clioose one of them and you will get it." (Quote from 'The Prodigal Son'. January 31, 1988, P.44.)
"In my visit to the States, as I was passing through Tucson a strangeifiing happened. The Pillarof Fire, lightning started the forest fires. They could not quench it. Why? The Lord started it. He sajttfft would not be quenched. Judgment has started. It started from South and went to North. Last week the terrible Mexican earthquake came. This is not going to stop now. Watch! The Fire is not quenched yet. The whole California is (in) for a terrible judgment, more than Mexico, very shortly. (Quote from The Lamb of God, 1985, P. 23.)
"Very early in the morning, the Lord woke me up 3 o'clock and suddenly a vision rose before me. In the vision, I saw a very big, but very, very long silver, fishlike aeroplane, flying at a terrific speed like a flying saucer towards me. The cockpit of the plane was dazzling bright like the sun, and it's body was shining with electric lights. The colour of the plane was silvery. Another small vehicle like the landing vehicle on the moon, flew (rolling and rolling) close and parallel to the aeroplane, and was giving out each particular of the plane's flight to an unknown destination. I heard close to me many voices shouting, 'Oh, the plane has come to pick up Brother Lawrie.' Suddenly the plane appeared to descend and land on a nearby aerodrome. Some of the people standing near me but whose heart was not rooted deeply on the Word, saw this apparent descent of the plane, and attracted by it's beauty and lustre, rushed to the aerodrome to see it. The rest of the people who were firm on the Word stayed with me. Quite unexpectedly the plane without landing on the aerodrome came straight to me. And all those who had dashed off to see the plane at the aerodrome were never seen afterwards. But just then as if by a miracle, people who were far away in different countries, and whose heart being rooted firmly on the Word was one with mine, were found running towards me to board the plane along with those who stayed with me. So you will see it is the heart condition that matters most and not any amount of sweet' lip-homage'. After the vision, a great light was on me, and I couldn't sleep the rest of the morning. You must ponder seriously on this vision and find out for yourself it's deep impact and true meaning." (Quote from Newsletter, April 3, 1980.)
"I would like to state a vision I had in the early days of my ministry before going to the States for the first time in 1960. I was leading a multitude of people with my wife and children. We walked through mountains and valleys, through stones and thorns, through rivers and sand, through rain and sun; and thousands of men and women were rejoicing and singing and marching. As time went, one by one, many friends and believers left us as hardship came. But the march was going on and big groups of people suddenly left when we had to cross a big river and it pained us all. But courageously the rest of us were marching, and all of a sudden, we came upon a high perpendicular mountainous rock, which we had to pass over. At this juncture, some of my children wavered and kept aloof far away from the rock with most of the 'faithfuls.' My wife and I, and a few others were moving on slowly and faithfully and we came very near to the rock. The former courage, joy, and speed had by then left most of us. The face of the rock was almost smooth with no cavities or juttings to step on, or hold on to and climb. Moreover none of us were mountain-climbers, so there was absolutely no way of going up the rock. And so when we raised our heads and looked at the great rock reaching up to heavens perpendicularly, even my wife and others too relented, saying, 'How is it possible to climb over?' They stopped and I moved on alone for a short while, and then a voice said5''Gniy faith on God's Word will glorify you.' With this voice, I was awakened and the vision left me." (A quote from Stumbling Block, 1980.)
(Spoken to him early one morning just as he was washing his face during his 1959-19601 world tour.)

"My child, I brought you throughout the world to teach you many truths, to make you holy. You will see my coming in this world in Glory, in this generation. I chose you to destroy and overpower the darkness and not to get a big name for yourself. The world did not receive me and how will they receive my child bom of my blood? This path of mine is very difficult. I am taking you to India with new power and strength. I will live and will lead you to eternity. Your home affairs I will take care. So do not doubt your steps as I am guiding you. Will you do without doubting my child? With a new gift I will work in India. I am taking you to my prophet to explain to you things clearly. He will talk to you and clear your doubts and will answer all your questions, which trouble your mind."
"I am not happy about some people's movements in this ministry. Some are defiant, disobedi­ent. And as I was thinking, suddenly God brought a picture to me, a tree full of branches. Suddenly it is cut and the wild olives were grafted. Then after sometime, the branches of wild olives were cut and the good olive branches come again grafted. It is not grafted, actually it is a good olive tree. And so I was wondering about the message. I don't think I will be giving any more messages. But suddenly, I could see God turning towards the so-called Hindus. You know Jesus said I have not found this faith in Israel. Yesterday a Hindu man came bringing a bag of fruits, the first offering and he said, "Brother Lawrie, I know God has come down, I have certain problems; you speak the word here everything will be alright." In the night I was crying, "Here is a group of people, for four and a half years they are hearing and hearing the pure gospel. No faith, selfishness is not gone, spirit of common living is not there, same old Sodom and Gomorrah, and all these qualities are still there." And it started roaring. And something said, "Leave off the Christians, no use of preaching to them any more; go to the Hindus totally." And this is what came, "Let them that be Holy, be Holy still." So this is the period that God leaves them off for their own fruits." (Quote from the book The Revelation of the Lord GodP.411-412 Everlasting Gospel, April 5 P.M. 1974.)
"I died to myself in Chicago, (1960 World Tour) when I unknowingly walked on the high voltage electric line that runs parallel to the railway track, and still nothing happened to me. I should have died that day itself, but God by His mercy saved my life. So today I reckon myself as dead to the world. At that moment I could see a ball of fire coming on me and immediately I could hear someone pray from inside. That was the day I made a covenant with God which I gave you after Moonlanding, but with slight alterations." (Quote from the book The Last Trump, P. 325 October 3, 1972.)
"I am a man like you. But Narayana has come into me. He has told me certain things. So I know what is going to happen to our country. That same Narayana called me; same Christ called me: 'You tell the people of India, they are my people'." (Quote from The great Camp meeting, 1988 P. 11.)
"The whole thing was gradually unfolded in Chicago itself. But if I had told the whole thing then itself, it would have been too much for you. So God had to enable me to give the Truth little by little." (Quote from the book The Secret of Rapture, P.221. Sept. 3, 1972)

As Ayyah related to a devotee about this experience. The whole thing opened to him in a mo­ment, and he could understand all the Truths from the beginning of the ages to the end. But as it is with a dream, when one awakes and can not remember all the details, Ayyah could not recall it all. God would reveal again all the details as time progressed.
"So what you get now is full Truth. Truth meant for life. He will wake me up in the morning, in the night and tell me something. I tell it as it is; that's all. That is 'Truth.' All the hidden truths are coming as they were. If you take the old matter and argue, I am not coming to you. This is Truth." (Quote from Message from September 1988. P. 59 or Sept. 17, 1988, par. 468.)
"He told me, 'Refrain from doing anything.' And that is why I am sitting quietly. I am a man bom in this world, come in the line of Son of David. But will anyone believe if I say, 'I am a good person?' But what does He say? 'Hey! You are not from beneath, you came from above!' Then what I thought was, 'When did I come from above? Am I not beneath only?' But I know very well that, from the beginning itself there is all protection (for me). He Himself said. What did He say? After He said, 'Today I become your Father, you are My Son,' then how can I say no? His Word is Law for me. Then I said, 'You have said it, then I am Son of God only.' Then I thought, 'Didn't He say that He came from above? Then where is He beneath (on earth)? He says, 'You are My Son,' At the same time He says, that He came into me from above. If so, did two persons come? Righteousness came from there (above), and Peace came from here below. Because the Peace has to come only from David's line. There is no other way. He can't be born in any other way. You can't hate me because I am bom in that line; because I was chosen for that work. But I don't feel proud of that. I just say only about that grace, 'Oh, without choosing a good person, You have chosen a bad'person! That's Your grace! My, is there a grace like this?' -No one else has received such grace. Why? If He takes hold of a man In the beginning and says, 'You are in charge of all what I have made.5 Is it possible to believe? I believe it!" (Quote from Unwritten Thunders Part 4, P.48 or Oct. 8, 1988 P.M.par. 80-83.)
While Ayyah and Ms wife were resigning their jobs to give full time to God:

"I told my wife, 'I feel something, I feel as if the whole world is shaking.' She is also trembling. (That Voice roared): 'Today I have become your Father, you are My Son.' I couldn't understand the meaning. Only in 1969, (Moonlanding Day) it was clear to me. But on that day itself I knew. Always He will say, 'My Son, My Son...' I never used to tell anyone. What did He say? 'You are My Son. I chose you in the beginning. You follow me. No one can touch you. No one can kill you. Then why should you be afraid? No one can even stab you with knife or do any other harm.' Till today He has been protecting me." (Quote from Unwritten Thunders Part 4. P.87 Oct 15, 1988.)