Further Travels to Western Countries
Further travels to Western Countries
Narayana Consciousness
God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
The Great Man Shri. Lahari
After Ayyah's third western tour that culminated in the Moonlanding God Coming Down event in 1969, Ayyah travelled to the United States and European countries four more times. In 1973, he took a two weeks journey to Germany, visiting people who had not been able to come to India when the West­erners came. Then again in 1979, Ayyah along with his devoted wife Sister Ebenezer Lawrie travelled throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe visiting the believers who were in the Ashram for the five years between 1971 and 1976, but had to return to their respective countries by the government order. In 1982, Ayyah and his wife again travelled in the west, staying for six months. The ministry in India had grown so much and crowds of people were coming every day wanting a personal talk with Ayyah. This 1982 overseas trip was a great rest for him, giving him time to relax and also to write the book ‘Throne of God’. The final visit was in 1985 when he made a quick trip of eight weeks time to visit all the believers. He arrived in the USA in the middle of June, visiting all the centres and then travelled on to Germany where by God's grace he could meet everyone in a gathering, celebrating July 21 st in Obertal, Schwarzwald. He then returned to India from France in early August. On these journeys many evident signs were present to show the heavenly protection and power that was always with Ayyah.
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The Cloud Always Present
When Ayyah travelled the cloud was always present as a beacon of assurance, moving along with the car. Just before coming to his destination the cloud would then move ahead and stand over the building. At the arrival, a sprinkle of a few minutes of light showers would then come. This sprinkling of a light rain has all along come as part of the cloud vindication. In many of his meetings just at the start or finish, a few very light rain drops will fall, giving a sign of God's presence. Ayyah called it like a 'panneer.' (In a wedding house in India, as the guests enter the door, someone stands and sprinkles each guest with sweet smelling water. This is considered a blessing.)
The Sign of Lightning
Another phenomenon that would occur as Ayyah travelled. Just as the car moved off there would be a single strike of lightning, just ahead in the direction of the destination. This Ayyah explained was to clear the road of any danger. On one occasion just a few minutes before getting into the car there was a great thunder that shook the house. Everyone there was startled. Then, after the car was loaded and ready to proceed the single lightning struck. In these incidents there was never a sign of a brewing storm or rain; but just out of the blue sky the lightning would strike. These lightnings, thunders, and clouds have been vindicating the truth of the Moonlanding Messages ever since the God coming down experience in 1969. These heavenly signs have encouraged the believers very much.
A Sheet of Paper travels 600 miles by itself
One time after leaving home, one of the party members travelling with Ayyah realized that a very important paper had been left behind. It was too late to return for the paper as they had already travelled many hours. There was nothing to do but go forward. Upon reaching a home 600 miles away, in the room Ayyah was to use, the paper that was left behind was laying on the table. A very similar incident of a needed article mysteriously flying over the miles to Ayyah occurred in his Malaysia trip, which will be explained later.
The Congested Highway makes way for Ayyah's Car
On these Western tours, thousands of miles were travelled by car and the travellers could see the protection that was provided on the dangerous road ways. One strange thing observed was, the car Ayyah was travelling in would be without any other cars coming near, either before or behind. Looking ahead you could see a congestion of many cars and trucks, driving very fast in close proximity. But in every occasion as soon as Ayyah's car came near, it would mysteriously just break up and scatter, some pulling off the road, some turning at an exit, some speeding away; but always there was a clear path given to the car Ayyah was riding in.
Mount St. Helen's Volcanic Eruption
It is some coincidence that soon after Ayyah flew over Mount Saint Helens, located in the state of Washington, U.S.A., that the volcano which had been dormant for thousands of years became active again. In just a short time it erupted with such force that it blew off part of the mountain, showering ash on to an area the size of Chicago, killing 57 people. This reminds of a verse in Psalms 114: 'God came down and touched the mountains and they smoked.' Another interesting fact about volcanic activity: When Ayyah shifted his Madras headquarters to the Ashram area, he kept a house in nearby Gandhinagar, about 8 miles from the Ashram. He would divide his time from this house and the Ashram. When the Westerners arrived in 1971, they were first housed in Gandhinagar in different rented homes for about six months. They stayed there for these first months, as it was thought they should get acclimatised to the Indian climate and culture before settling in the Ashram. Recently, in the open field across the road from Ayyah's former house, a volcano has begun to push up.
Life Tabernacle burned down
In 1979, during Ayyah's first trip back to Chicago since the 1969 Moonlahding day, he wanted to visit the Life Tabernacle, the Tabernacle where he was preaching when the God Coming Down expe­rience took place. To everyone's surprise, it was learned that the tabernacle had burned down shortly after the 1969 event and the space where it stood had been turned into a parking lot.
Getting respect for Ayyah
When Ayyah travelled to Germany in 1973, he went alone. In part of his journey he was treated in less than an honourable way in a place he was visiting. In one incident they were in a shop. Everyone had funds but Ayyah found he did not have enough with him to purchase a record that he wanted. It should be noted here that the very persons who were with him and saw his predicament had benefited financially very much with funds from Ayyah's ministry. Instead of buying the record for him they acted superior, looking down on his inability to purchase what he wanted at the time. But God does not allow his Son to be so humiliated. As they were returning in the car, for the next several miles the car was stopped by the police three times, and each time an expensive traffic ticket was issued. Actually they did not think they were speeding or driving in any way that would bring the police; still they were stopped for speeding and given expensive tickets for traffic violations. For not giving the small amount to purchase the record, great amounts were taken from their pockets via traffic tickets. Even though they were not speeding, God made the policeman's radar to register that they were. After this these persons began to think on their mistake and realized with fear to change their ways. From that time on they gave Ayyah very much respect, carrying his luggage, opening doors for him, and taking care of his needs while Ayyah was their guest.
Snow Storm stopped
As a group was travelling with Ayyah in United States, without warning a blinding snowstorm began. The driver woke the sleeping Ayyah and cried, "Ayyah, look at the snow!" It would have been very dangerous to keep driving on that mountainous highway during a snowstorm. They had many miles yet to travel. It would have meant pulling aside for the night and missing the expected appointment. At that moment Ayyah prayed. The snow stopped, the sun returned, and the car went on to reach the destination without any danger.
Help at Midnight on a dark Mountain Road
In Ayyah's travels in the United States those who went along were often driving in unknown areas and paths. On one occasion, the group stopped for the night in a desolate area. After getting a room they went searching for a place to eat. By mistake the driver turned onto a narrow road that was taking them up a winding mountain. It was very dark and hard to see where they were. It was decided they should turn around and go back, but in doing so the car slid over the narrow road into a small ravine. It looked like a terrible fix as there was only darkness all around. But before anyone could get much worried, a man appeared with a tractor and pulled the car back on the road, sending them on their way after a few minutes. Where the man came from, no one knew; he was just there to give the help when the car was in trouble. Just as they reached back to the main road, a police car was sitting there. After inquiring with him how to reach a place to eat, he said to follow him. He led the group on that dark night to a nice restaurant that stayed open all 24 hours and the party could get the needed food. Always in Ayyah's travels, in every situation when help was needed, suddenly from somewhere it always appeared even before anyone could get worried. Many times as the group would go to a strange city looking for the house that they were to visit, there would be a policeman standing near in his car who would direct them. In many cases he would even say, ‘Just follow me,’ and lead them to the correct address.
Car trouble
On Ayyah's western travels thousands of miles had to be travelled by car as believers were scattered in many areas. On one occasion there was car trouble as two cars were travelling between Richmond, Virginia and Anderson, South Carolina. Ayyah was in the lead car and everyone was talking and enjoying the ride. Suddenly Ayyah said, "Stop the car and turn around; the other car is in trouble." They turned around and Ayyah directed them exactly where they should go. They found the second car at a garage. The driver had turned off at the previous exit with smoke billowing from under the hood. God again foresaw there would be a problem. The same God who alerted Ayyah to turn back because there was trouble, had a man placed at the garage who found and repaired the problem quickly and the group was soon back on their way. Anyone who travels much on highways will know that to find such a place with a knowledgeable mechanic would be very rare.
Safety while a Bank Robbery was taking place
In Tucson, Arizona Ayyah and two others were waiting in a car while the driver had gone into a shop for an errand. Suddenly right in front of the car a great whirlwind swished past with a roaring sound and passed over, about 50 feet away to the left. It was about as tall as a light pole and remained stationary in that spot. At almost the same moment, further on to the left, several police cars appeared. The whirl­wind stood halfway between Ayyah's car and the police cars that were surrounding a bank in the process of being robbed. The whirlwind stood there in that one spot until the robber was captured and the danger was past. Ayyah explained that since there was danger in the area, the angel was there to guard that no bullet should come in our direction.
A Fire that will not be Quenched
On the very evening that Ayyah was leaving Tucson in July 1985, a very great lightning storm struck. The storm was so significant that the papers carried on the front-page pictures of the terrible lightning. God spoke to Ayyah, telling him that a fire was started that night that would not be quenched, referring him to the scripture, Ezekiel 20:45-49.

Ayyah tells of this incident in a July 21, 1985, message that appears in the book ‘Lamb of God’:

"Forest fires now in USA is a sign of change in dispensation. In my visit to the States, as I was passing through Tucson, a strange thing happened. The Pillar of Fire, lightning started the forest fires. They could not quench it. Why? The Lord God started it. He said, ‘It will not be quenched'. Judgment has started. It started from South and went to North. Last week a terrible Mexican earthquake came. This is not going to stop now. Watch!! The fire is not quenched yet! The whole of California is (in) for a terrible judgment more than Mexico very shortly."
Lightning flashes over Roof of House throughout the Night
On July 21st 1985, Ayyah conducted a meeting with a big group in Obertal, Germany. The large twenty-room house was like a lodge and could sleep many of the believers who had travelled long dis­tances for the meeting. At that meeting a very special and powerful message was given. Then that night di­rectly over the house an unusual lightning flashed for several hours, even to the point that it was a fear­ful sight. It seemed it was right above the very roof, illuminating around the house. Many staying there opened the windows of their rooms to look up and praise God for this wonderful vin­dication.
Trees Clap their Hands
As Ayyah was travelling from Obertal to Frankfurt, Germany, it was noticed by some of the party that as the car travelled along the highway and approached the trees lining the roads, all the leaves on the trees shook. When other autos and trucks passed, there was no such shaking; only when the car Ayyah was riding in came near, the leaves began to shake. It was asked, "Ayyah why is this so that they shake only when our car passes by?" He answered, "They are happy." So even though most of the world did not recognize who was passing through her midst, the very nature could recognize and had to respond. Isaiah 55:12 says, "For ye shall be led forth in peace and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands."
Other Trips Abroad
Ayyah also took several voyages to Sri Lanka and Malaysia. In February 1979, Ayyah had a chance to return to Sri Lanka after 30 years and visited many of the places in and around Colombo. He had some special spiritual experiences in that country. In 1943, he found God in the Tientson Tea Estate and then later in 1949, when his eldest son Deva Evu was sick and dying of diphtheria, he and his wife dedicated their lives for full time service in God's work. Upon his return in 1979, he prayed and re-dedicated his life.
Lost Camera Lens Cover flies 7 Miles and Falls in Ayyah's Lap
In October 1981 Ayyah was able to complete the journey to Malaysia, and he held several days’ meetings in the India Medical Association Hall. Great crowds came and the devil-possessed were deliv­ered. Many accepted this message. Afterwards smaller meetings were held in different homes. On the last day, a brother who was taking photographs with a loaned camera lost the cover to the camera lens. The place where he lost it was somewhere 7 miles away. He came to Ayyah very upset and did not know how to explain to the owner regarding the lost cover. As Ayyah was thinking this over, he suddenly saw the cover flying in the air and it lighted right on his Bible. All who were there were struck with awe.