God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
..... In one way it is true.  I don't belong to that Christianity brought by the British Government teaching us to be slaves for other people.  But Jesus never taught such religion.  He said, if you believe the truth you will be free.  Love the people when they tell the truth !  But they are afraid of the truth.  So they are more or less all these religions people are like under a slavery.

     Then I studied other religions books also, studied Puranas, Vedas and I was a Yogi for 5 years in Ceylon I was for sometime in saffron robe even.  I didn't want to marry.  So I was going from place to place seeking for the truth.  Today many Christians are seeking for the worldly things.  Many people go to temples only to satisfy their 5 senses.

     And what is the hope of India tomorrow ?  Is India going to depend only on elections or is India going to depend on true God?  Does India have power against atomic bombs ?  Should India prepare atomic bombs also like other countries ?    In India, many countries have attacked this country.  Muslims attacked it and they were ruling us and many became Muslims.  Poor people who didn't have the money they thought becoming Muslim will be very useful for them.  Then sudenly the British Government came and many people became Christians because they had lot of convenience and lot of helps from the Christian people.  So many people went to America and other places.  They studied well and brought lot of money joining some religion organisation there.  They went to America and gave a bad picture about India.  They said "The Indian people are dying of starvation".  They are going on the road naked".  That is what the picture the people gave about India.  But being a national man I was against that.  I was a true Indian.  I fought against the British Government under Gandhi.  So many people in America wanted to give me large sums of money to make me one of their man.  But I couldn't get peace.

     I studied Bible, Quron, Bagavad Gita and all the Ramakrishna Paramahamsa books, Swami Vivekananda books, Aravinda Gosh books, Ramana Maharishi books and so many other books.  And I knew that God is moving in every place in a different way.  But I couldn't explain to people about God.  If you go to Jews, they will say Jehovah.  You go to Muslims they will say Allah.  You go to Christians, they will say Christ.  You go to Hindus, one will say Muruga, one man will say Venkateshwara, one man will say Iswara and I didn't know which God was correct.  Because everybody talked about something great that happened with their God.  Then people say about Krishna, Rama.  They are all Indian people.  Even Jesus was from Asia.  Today when you say Jesus, people in India revolt, but Jesus doesn't belong to the western people.  He also was (Asia Jothi), he was a black man.  The western people stole our God to their country.

     So as I was studying this, I found out that India has a great heritage.  Our culture is great.  Then why do people take another culture which is worse than our culture.  We have to find God in this generation.  And every where people talk about Avatars.  In India alone there are about 80 Avatars now.  In every state there's an Avatar.  Now every Chief-minister is an Avatar and everybody who has a small religion he calls himself an Avatar.

     But my friend, Krishna came; that is true.  You can sing about him.  But today that same Krishna is not living today.  Today we are in a terrible position.  God loves us.  One side they are having atomic bombs.  In north they are having atomic bombs.  All over, talking about control of weapons.  Do you mean to say God is a fool?  If he created you and me, will he be afraid of these atomic bombs?  You know there is a one big atomic bomb today.  If the Lord opens his mouth, the whole India will be destroyed.  That is truth.  Because, when the creator is with us what can man do ?  But we are afraid, what will happen to India ?  Today in India we've got many books.  Sagaj marg, nearly 8 crores of people following that.  Brahma Kumari is in Rajasthan, many people follow that.  Veera Brahman, he has written something.  Bharathiar has written something Muthukutty swamy has written something.  Tagore has written something.  And our National Anthem, is not a national Anthem saying: God save our mother land or father land.  But India's National Anthem is different.  In whose hand the destiny of India is, to him be victory.  It is singing victory to that person who holds the destiny of India !  Many people in India have seen by vision what is going to happen to India.  India is Punniya Bhoomi (Blessed Place).  Why ?  We are blessed because God comes down at the end time to bring Dharma Yuga (Righteous Age).  That is why this country is a Punniya Bhoomi (Blessed Place).

     So today, many people say "I belong to Allah group", "I belong to Krishna group".  But I will tell you today, there is only one God.  That God is every where.  We must have a clear conception about God today !  Then many people will be happy today.  These divisions; state divisions, language divisions, community difference, colour difference is not made by God !  It is of the devil !  If us are divided like this, God can never bless you.  Today, everybody wants to be a minister, because you think there is power there.  But I will tell you today that the spiritual power is greater than all the worldly powers.  But we do not know how to catch that power.  We think that we can bring God by singing and shouting.  You can't bring God by singing and Bhajans and all.  For the ears it may sound nice.  But you must seek him according to God's word.  You must study other books also.  If you study Bhagavad Gita, when Arjuna was there, Sri Krishna, he showed his Viswaroopa.  His face was bright as a sun.  That was not the form of Sri Krishna, the form of one who was inside Sri Krishna.  That was the Viswaroopa.  The same Viswaroopa is for Jesus in the books of Revelations.  But what do the Christians say, they will tell everything is a devil except them !  You go and ask a Christian-Everybody is a devil, we only are Godly people.  I come against that talk.  You can see more devils among Christians than other religions.  Because I've been in all the religions.  I've travelled round the world 8 times touching every country and I have got attacked more among my own people than from other religions.

     I have not come here to convert you from one religion to another religion.  I have not come to change your name from Subramanian to John.  Changing Subramanian to John doesn't make anything.  He will be the same devil there and here also.  Changing name is nothing.  Oh, your name is changed to John so you are a good man.  Humbug !

I am talking to you Andhra people, as an Indian.  I don't know Telugu and I've come here to talk to you in English, because with this language I had travelled round the world telling everybody about God.  And in Tamilnad, I will talk in Tamil.  What will I do in Andhra ?  I can talk only in English.  People say, Oh!  our country.  We have to have a unity.  How can unity come without God ?  If you have a touch of God that'll change your life.

     Today, if you want to become a Christian, you have to pass through so many conditions.  When I was under this confusion I met many people, they used to chase me out.  Get away you Rascal !  you are a devil but God was not calling me a devil.  And I had peace in my heart.  But I wanted to have love.  I couldn't find it among the religious people.  Everybody was interested in collecting money.  Without money no religion can exist.  Everywhere collection, collection, collection.  Without collection no church, no religion.  But for 40 years, I have been travelling round the world without taking any collection.  But God has been supplying all our needs.  So I know if any collection is there God cannot be there.

     Let us study the nature of God.  Now see the sun, it is for everybody, The Americans cannot say the sun is American sun; Russia cannot say the sun is Russian sun.  Nobody can stop you from looking at the sun.  Everybody is free to enjoy sun.  You are not asked to give any  money of 'sthothratchai' offering for that.  Nobody collects money to look at the sun.  It is free.  Rain is free.  Breathing air is free, you can breathe as much of air, nobody will ask you money.  Salt is free, but what does man do ?  He asks money from you for that.  But God gives everything free.  If God gives everything free then how can there be God if you charge everything for that.  God doesn't say; for Andhra people lot of rain and Tamil people half rain and Kerala people no rain.  He doesn't tell that.  He gives everybody.  Such a great God we have.  But man doesn't thank him.  What's the greatest sin of man ?  Not thanking God for all his bounties.  If you start praising and thanking God, God has already touched you.  Get up in the morning : Lord I thank you for the nice air you give".  If a man gives you hundred Rupees you say thank you, thank you, thank you.  You must be thinking God is worse than 100 rupees.  If a man gives you a lift in the car "thank you sir, thank you sir, thank you, thank you thank you !  If he takes you in a rickshaw, thank you, thank you.  But God....one breathe stops you die !  You never thank him !  My brother and sister, whoever you are , whatever religion you belong to, get up in the morning and thank him !  See the power will come in your life.  Your sickness will go !  All your diseases goes !  The power of God comes in to your life.  That is where religion starts !  Religion doesn't start in collecting money.  We have such a bountiful God.  That God, I am telling you about him today.  Not only that, we must know the nature of God.

     Every god (name) is not the name of God.  Now one man will say, OM Namachivaya we think that is the name of God.  No. 'OM' means I AM, I AM.  So you sit and say I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM, OM, OM, then you get some peace.  OM is not the name of God.  it is a common name.  Jehovah, that means self-existent one.  Allah a strong tree.  What about Muruga ?  beautiful.  This is not the name of God.  The name of God means -- He has kept that as a secret all along.  Adhi Shankara knew that little name.  If you know that name dead people can rise up.  Wherever the dead people are raised up then they must know the name of that God.  Don't get angry with me.  Because I want to lead to God, not to my religion !  I believe in Christianity which came 2000 years ago through St. Thomas.  One disciple of Jesus came and died in St. Thomas mount.  He preached correct religion.  The religion which you hear now is false.  That was never preached by Christ.  I challenge every Christian today, you take your Bible and come and I will prove that you are teaching wrong.  If their teaching is true there won't be this fighting.  There are so many divisions there.  Now they are all joined together in the name of God, without God.  We are not afraid of that union because we have God with us who can destroy all that.

     You may say why I'm telling this.  We must understand God, then we will know how to get his blessings.  God is everywhere.  The spirit of God is everywhere.  It's in the animals, it's in the birds, it's in the stone, he is in the air, all over.  He knows you, you need not  tell him that you are a bad fellow.  Before you can tell who you are he knows who you are.  He knows from beginning to end.  He know who will be good and who will be here in this meeting.  That great God who has fore-knowledge is a spirit.  That is why those days they worshipped God in spirit and truth.  If you don't have the spirit of God how can you worship him ?  Come on ; It's not beating a drum, it's not jumping and dancing.  Even drinking people dance.  Does it mean that they have God ?  You can just jump and do so many things.  But have you the spirit of God ?  That is why if you don't have the spirit you can never know God.  You may be a good bulb, you can polish it and clean it.  But when the current touches only the light comes.  Without that current you cannot have light.  Has your bulb been lit by God ?  There are many people in religion but they have not known God.  Today I ask you all to seek God.  That's the only hope of this country.  Why I'm telling this is, in 1969 on moonlanding day, one hour before that, God came into my life.  That is why Bible and other books opened to me.  What I say is life for you !  You may have many avatars.  You may have so many good people But you have only one Christ Jesus.  So today, I want to tell you something.  In these 4 days meetings, you can find out God in this generation.  You can't find God in any religion.  But you can find God in truth.

     God has raised many people in India.  Gandhiji came.  He told about Ahimsa.  Can ahimsa win ?  Can ahimsa win the whole world ?  I tell you, that is going to win the world and rule the world.  But in Gandhi's time, the ahimsa God did not come.  But now, he has come to take control of the whole world.  That is why in 1969, after moon landing day every Maharajah and Kings had to lay down their thrones crowns.  After 1969 there is no King or Queen with any power.  why ?  Because our God
the great King has already come down and is working through, giving us the truth.

     So what I am telling you I am not blaming your religion.  I want to tell you that if you study all the books together you find, that it is not wrong in the books but wrong in your conception.  Every man wants to talk something.  But only the Spirit of God can give you the truth.

     So that unseen great God wanted to express Himself.  Now, what you call Narayana, it means he came out of water.  Then Logas, Word, Jehovah, Allah all mean the same thing.  But what do the people say ?  When they say Jehovah they think others are not God.  These are all different names of God, Krishna came, did his work.  Rama came and did his work.  What can Rama do today ?  Today God has to raise people.  That is why, these last days great confusion exists all over the world.  But God knows the situation of the world, so he comes down.  In every age God comes down !  Usually, he sends an Avatar.  Avatar will have to die but one person can never die.  Narayana or the Word or Christ Jesus can never die why ?  This unseen God which is immortal, he has no death who revealed himself to us, he shows one person among the human beings.  That is why when he created him, he has created before there was one earth here, one moon there or sun here, so that the unseen God could live in him, he gave him deathlessness.  He cleans his life of sin.  Because he has to come at the end time that form he took for himself.  That is why he was called First born and through him he created the whole world and through him he created every creature.

     If you love God, if you love his spirit, he is in every living being, even in the chicken, even in a bird.  If God's life is in bird, you have no right to kill the bird because God's life is there.  So when a man knows God, he will automatically come to Jeeva Karunyam !  Why ?  God created that also.  In India we were all vegetarians before but when the British came, they all started killing the lamb and chicken and everything and they spoiled most of the Indians.  Now no Christian can live without meat.  But you become a vegetarian and see what a nice blessing it is.  Mostly people die soon because of eating meat.  If you eat vegetarian diet you'll be living longer life.  That is (non-vegetarian) is not a blessing for us.  So religion starts when you love every creature.  You can talk about God and if you have no Jeeva Karunyam, I don't think what God you have.  I am not talking like a Christian.  Whether you are a Christian or a Muslim or a Hindu.  I don't want you to change religion.

     When I pray, believe that peace comes to you.  Because God has raised me for that purpose.  When I pray you get the peace.  Then you live happily with God.  So when God is so wonderful, have you ever tasted it ?  Have you ever touched his life ?  If not, what is the use of talking about God.  My father also was talking about God but he never had this experience.  So one day I was talking to him, he said "Yes boy".  "Yes my son" then he got the peace.  When I was a small boy they said that holy ghost is in everybody.  I went to the important people.  They never realized that whether you are a young man, whether you are a young girl, God has no age limit.  Even a boy of 5 years can get the peace.  That peace will give you life.  And that'll give you peace.  And you'll have a wonderful life for you.

     So this great God, early he selected a man and made him immortal.  And through his word he created everything.  What his word spoke, everything happened.  What came out of his mouth was called truth.  To worship God you must worship God in spirit and in truth.  Whatever came out of his mouth can never be wrong, because he was talking by the spirit of Truth.  So this Bible, Quron and all Vedas are not just written by ordinary people.  The spirit of God came, they wrote something what their people should do.  That is why it is called Holy Quron, Holy Bible.  But having a Bible will not do any good for you.  Some people keep the Bible to drive the devil out.  When they bury anybody, they put the Bible also and bury.  When they are sick they keep the Bible also and bury.  When they are sick they keep the Bible as a pillow.  Satan is not afraid of that.  He is afraid of a man who has spirit of God in him.  Many people do not understand that people can be possessed of the devils.  If some man dies in the middle of his age the spirit his roaming about all over the places.  One man will sit and open his mouth.  AHH !  it will get in to him.  And he will say "Kundulu Noppi", "Kadupulla Noppi" (pain in the heart) - (pain in the stomache) you may go to the doctor he will give injection this and that but Kadupula Noppi won't go.  Then you drive the devil out, he is alright.  That will be a spirit of dead man.  So these accidents, people die, their spirit is roaming about.  that can get in to anybody.  One day I saw a spirit in a woman which was dying sinking and Eh, Eh like that.  Then she told.  I was killed by some body.  One day a British girl had a devil, the devil said I am a Punjabi died in Tennesse river.  She came near that river.  So, I got into her.  What do the people say ?  They don't realize that's an evil spirit.  And when you cast out, they will become normal.

     So like that, when spirit of Lord comes into a man it gives him a special power.  Miracles happen.  That is why these Avatars did great things.  But now we've come to the end of the age.  Jesus asked a question.  What do you think of Christ ?  Christ is a man, but he is asking What do you think of Christ ?  He says son of David.  So God promised in the early days that one human being, God will come into him and at the end he will bless him and through him all the people will be blessed.  Now I am not come to blame you or tell that I am a great man Today to make me appear great.  I may put on a saffron robe, ruthiratcham and walk like a saint, everybody will say  I'm a sadhu.  That is why I don't want to be like a sadhu.  Because you don't find an Avatar by appearance.  Because in that case there are 100 avatars in India.

     Bible says "My sheet hear my voice".  You can find out the Avatar only by the voice.  If my voice touches your heart, if you are a sheep you will be simply pulled.  There is no problem for that.  Because, you go to a sheep, you may dress like a shepherd and talk like a shepherd, no sheep will come to you.  But when the real shepherd comes "eaioh", he puts a shout, he puts a shout, they will just come.  The sheep knows the voice of the shepherd.  The creature will know the voice of his Creator.  So how many creators are there ?  When the real Creator comes the creature will hear the voice.

     So as I told you, in India, Muslims came, many Hindu's were not converted and many British came, they were ruling for more than 150 years.  Many Hindus were not converted.  So what is wrong with these Hindus.  They are the real stock.  Why ?  Nothing could convert them.  Because they were waiting only for the last avatar.  When that voice is heard by them they will come running, throwing out every false things.  that is why in India there are so many people.  India is a country full of people.  All holy people.  But today they don't know what to do with their Karma.  They will say "We must go through so many rebirths".  But I want to ask you my friend, I am asking in love, as an Indian, not as your energy, "How do you know which birth you are in ?".  Who can tell you about that ?  I agree, we may have so many rebirths.  But what are you going to do with that ?  When are you going to get rid of your karma ?  But in our religion, every religion we have a secret.

     In India many people do not know that when God scattered the Jews, Jehovah's people they went all over the world and you know today you see, Subbiah, Ramiah, Venkataiah; What is this Iyah ?  They are the Jehovah's people.  "Yah" means Jehovah.  So even though many centuries have passed their names have not gone.  Suppose I go to America, I settle down there, certain town I will call with my name, Indian name.  You go to ceylon many of the Indians who went there get their Indian names there.  So you can find out where the Indian people were there.  Where the British people went you can know it.  Where the Dan people went, they went on naming din, don, London, Denmark like that.  They were putting names like that.

     For your karma, Narayana has to come down, God has to come down and take the sin away.  The karma cannot go by your efforts.  You may try and try.  That cannot go except God takes it.  If he can take it you are free.  Now listen, they say Jesus died for our sins, if he died why should you die ?  Then we should overcome death.  That's why christians will say, Jesus died for my sins.  "If he died for your sins why there is sin in you ?  But you do worse sins than before.  Every time telling Jesus died for me, died for me.  If he died for your sin you can't sin any more !  If he died for you, you can't die any more ?  And if he died for your sins you are righteous.  You are 100% pure because, God's life is in you.  So God came down to take our Karma away.  That's the medicine for our Karma.  We don't want Christianity anymore, but we need the medicine for karma When I took him, my Karma went away.  I got peace.  Not only that, today we are able to get a blessing for other people.  So that is not the Christianity which British preached.  It is the remedy for sin.  Today we have everything in Hinduism.  But we don't know to interpret that.  Because in this Yagam, its a type of sacrifice, it will burn to ashes.  The sacrifice doesn't come to life again.  But because of this sacrifice we all get life.  Our Karma goes.  That is why I said Christianity, is wrong.  And today I can prove you from the Bible my that on moon landing day Jesus came into life.  So if anybody believes that Jesus is in me you get your Karma gone.  I don't want to take you to Christianity.  I am not boasting.  I love you all.  You are my country men.  This is the only remedy for you.  Come on take your Karma away and then we will see our God lifts our country.

     Our country is going to win the whole world.  These thing today, these elections and everything it will change.  But God has come down for the Dharma Yuga.  No injustice should be happening any more.  What will happen to Russia ?  Will Russia attack us ?  Will China attack us ?  Will America attack us ?  Don't be afraid of that.  We have God with us.  If they come to attack they will find their mistake.  They will be wiped out from the map.  Why I am telling this, I want my country people not to be afraid.  Let us search our heart.  Let the Karma get away from us.  So long, the Karma remains, You can nowhere have peace.  If you have Karma What is your remedy ?  Now there is a river to cross.  He says 7 rivers you have to cross.  Suppose, I have an engine, I can start the engine and sit quietly and I can cross it.  If you can take your Karma by your efforts or Yogaappiasam I don't mind it.  Or you want to go to Jungles.  But if you can't do that, what are you going do with your Karma ?  Think seriously about it.  Our country became free, it came free, British went away, but still religious freedom we don't have !  We are not free yet in religion.  Every man talking about his religion.  Nobody talks about God.  Because they have not seen God.  They are not having any personal experience with God.  But if you touch it today, if the power touches you today, if you open your heart, invite him as inviting in a friend Come in to my life.  Take my Karma away.  You see whether Karma will go away or not.  That is why these 4 days meetings we have.  When I met this sister in America she was the driving the car very fast, so I told her, sister I am a married man you are driving very fast.  Then she came into this life.  Today she is very happy.  I have not joined any western Country, I have not sold my country for money Because of love for you.  Every Hindu don't become a Christian anymore.  God has come to you.  He wants to catch you today.  Be filled with the power.  Let us pray.  Everybody stand.  You know in this ministry you may have disease, you may have sickness, you need not have touching any prayer, because God's word is powerful and when the word comes to heal believe it.  Even in this ministry you will get new legs.  You know people don't believe that.  But if this ministry is true, if really God has come into me, when I pray believe that you will get new body, new eyes, new strength and the peace can come into you.  Believe that I am telling the truth, that Jesus is in my life, you will get your Karma go away.  So let us close our eyes.  As I pray your hands on the sick part of your body.  Think about the loved ones far away.  If you have problems anything put before God.  God is a loving God.  He loves you.  He wants you to be completely alright of all problems.  When the solver of problem is here why should you worry ?

     So I am going to pray to God.  Loving saviour, I pray that you will bless this people.  In the new name which you have revealed to us, I command to every sickness to get out of the body.  All demon powers and every devil powers get out of the body.  Every witchcraft I break in the power of Jesus.  Fill them with the holy ghost.  Fill with thy spirit.  Lord, heal their bodies.  Lord bless their families Lord If their loves ones are faw away heal them Lord, Thank you for healing them.  Thank you Jesus.  In the new name, Amen !
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SERIES - 1, February 02, 1985
Paritranaya Sadhunam Vinasaya Cha duskrtam dharma
Samsthapanarthaya Sambhavami yuge yuge !!!
Bhagavad Gita 4 : 8
     God came down on moon landing day as KALKI MAHA AVATAR and revealed himself through HIS Vedas as First born - ALLAH-NARAYANA and CHRIST JESUS and has given the message for the unity of India.
As said in His Holy Scriptures !!!
Series - 2
Narayana Consciousness