God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
"GOD, Who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets ......."

     Read Hebrews 1 : 114, Praise be to the name of Jesus.  From the portion we read now we find that God is not a partial God that at different times he talks in different ways to different people through the prophets.  Some times every religion say that God talked only to them, but they do not acknowledge that God speaks to other people also.  But if anybody seeks God diligently, God hears them.  God is not far away and His spirit can touch everyone.  But today we find, instead of worshipping God, they worship the creature.  This is the greatest sin of the country.  We have to worship God, not His creatures because, the creatures are made for us, to make us happy.  God did not mean that anyone should worship the creature.

     I am not talking against my religion today.  I want to make your understanding clear.  Because today, when they see some light they worship, it.  But the tube light did not create us.  Our whole life is controlled by this Sun.  Every man's life is controlled by this sun.  Every year we say one year has finished and we say our dying time, has become one year closer.  So when you become about 60, you talk, "very soon I am going to die."  But today I am going to task you who told you that you have become old?  The Sun told you, not God, because, we calculate time being on the earth.  When the earth rotates 365 days, connecting with the sun we say one year has finished.  Suppose you are not on the earth, or you are in the sun itself then what is your age?  Now suppose you happen to stay in the sun, what is a year?  We cannot calculate the time !  Everybody has got a watch, look at the watch.  "Its 10 'O' clock.  I must go and sleep." "9 'O' clock office time.  Then they run to the Office."  Oh ! 12 'O' clock I must get hungry.  Why should you get hungry at exactly 12 'O' clock?  So the Sun is dictating terms to you.  I was also like that and then suddenly I thought, suppose we are able to stay in the Sun, how can we calculate our years ?

     So when I was travelling by the plane through the world I found out, that when it is evening here 6 'O' clock, when I go towards America, I found that I can go earlier.  I would have travelled about 12 hours but I will be there only at 2' O clock in the afternoon.  But if I go through Japan, it'll become darker quickly, I lose many hours.  So, it all depends on where we stay, But spiritual people they don't stay in the earth but they stay in God.  And when a year ends we think.  Oh I am now 55, I must be old.  Then we walk slowly.  All pains because we are 60.  That is the greater thing.  Our thinking brings death to us, because we become sun worshippers !

     But God never meant man to die.  When God created man, he called him "Son of God."  If God is eternal, the Son of God also should be eternal.  Death came because he touched the 5 senses.  Today, every man thinks in the sense of 5 senses.  That is why death comes to us.  But if we don't think by way of 5 senses and think by the word of God then you can overcome death in this generation.  We do not have to die because we are old.  When we are young we don't feel old.  But as we calculate the years the years we open our way for death.

     Early days they didn't die as quickly as now.  Now even at the age of 25 the fellow becomes old.  Big medical Doctors, they are all weak people today and many people at 25 they become like 80 years old people.  "Heart attack." "Diabetes", What's your age ?  Oh !  I am only 25.  They think that this is natural.   And even our eating kills us quickly.  We always eat sugar, sugar and all like things and only whatever the taste likes.  But there are things which will give more life even though the taste is not good.  I had my grand father who was living for 130 years.  So one day I asked him "Grandfather your eyes are good, you are walking very well and what is the secret of that ?  "He said, I'll get up early morning, worship God, walk many miles and drink some raggi porridge and in the afternoon I eat some rice and the night I eat raggi porridge.  So my hands are like iron."  So from that day I knew that secret of long life is something of a change in the food.

     Even our food, they don't have the vitamins.  We take all the vitamins away.  So naturally we get weaker and weaker.  For that, God is not responsible.  You drink a lot, then your body is destroyed then you say "Dhevuda" (God).  That Dhevuda did not do that.  It is your carelessness.  So many things we do are not good for our health.  If you do something according to the health, you'll find, God will bless you even in the earth.

     Yesterday I was explaining to you about God.  How to touch God ?  If God created us, he is our father.  But the father can be caught by His promises.  When my children were small one boy came and told me, Daddy I want to go on a excursion.  I said what do you want, I want 150 rupees.  I said come tomorrow at 9 'o' clock.  So I was praying in my room.  My son brought all his friends, 9 'o' clock I will get your the money.  I forgot about it.  When it was 9 'o' clock he was banging at the door.  I said "what do you what ?".  It's 9 'o' clock now.  What for 9 'o' clock ?  I want my money.  How did he get that faith ?  By believing my word ! in the same way if you know what God has promised, you can claim that, as from a father.

     Today when we get sickness we always cry "God has sent a sickness".   But God is Good!  God is a good God.  He loves everybody.  He doesn't say I love only christians, only musllims or only Hindus.  Not like that.  He has no difference of community.  He doesn't say I love only Andhra people and not that of other state.  Every human being, he loves you !  If you are an human being you can claim the love of God.  And as a father, you must believe that he never sends any bad things to you.  God never sends sickness to you.  Why God doesn't send sickness to any man !  God is a good God !  He wants everybody to be healthy.  He wants every disease to go.

     Many people are possessed of Demons.  I didn't believe once that demon's can touch people.  I worked for 5 years in the vellore medical college hospital, And the brain Doctor will be there.  And the brain doctor will say for everything "I must cut your brain".  So I told him.  This lady is devil possessed.  Are you going to cut her brain also.  No.  Mr. Lawrie for every brain trouble we have to cut the brain.  So I prayed for her.  Immediately the devil left her.  Then the doctor said "I don't know, I don't believe in the devil but the cause of this dease "eteology" unknown".  I said, that's a devil possession.  So as I was working 40 years in the ministry I found out, if any man or woman is not after God, Devil comes into their life.  If any man says there is no devil, he is the greatest devil.  It exists today.  It gets into your body.  It takes control of your body.  If gives you fear in your body.  It gives you nervousness in your body.

     If youthink that God has sent the sickness, you will not resist the sickness !  Now suppose you've got a daughter somebody pulls the daughter and runs away, will you keep quiet of will you shout ?  You will make a shout because you know that it is not God's will !  In the same, way, it is not the will of God for anybody to be sick today.  If you are sick today and you think God has sent you sickness, you are wrong.  You got to have that resistance inside.  It is not the will of God to be sick anymore.  Till you resist inside your body that sickness cannot go.  You may say, what about the doctors ?  Because Doctors also, they inject and that causes the sickness or go.  If the sickness is a will of God anybody attacking the sickness is against God !  Even praying is against God !  So it's the will of God for everybody to pray against the sickness.

     And we got 5 senses, this will always say "noppi (pain) here, noppi here, it'll keep on telling".  And very often "Here pain, there pain it will say".  But God's people can overcome that by faith.  What is faith ?  Believing what God has promised and claiming that.  See, first of all, we must know clearly about God.  God is a spirit, we are human beings.  How can we have fellowship with God ?  A man cannot have fellowship with an ant.  If I should have fellowship with an ant, I must become an ant.  So that unseen God, is a spirit, He is everywhere.  He is in the stone, he is in the tree, he is in you, he is in the animals.  There is no place where God is not there.  But how do you know His nature ?  How do you know His love ?  It is easy to say "God is Love".  But brother and sister, if you could know the love of God you would run after him like a mad fellow !  Today we don't know the love of God !  We think that God has been putting us in to great difficulty.  See the world, whatever you need God has placed in this world.  Everything is for human beings.  Because His love is there, he has given a climate also to suit us.  Man cannot live in the moon, but here you can live.

     So that God's love, he doesn't want us to perish.  That is why when God wanted to create people in the beginning he didn't choose an Angel, he didn't choose an animal, he didn't choose anybody else, he chose a man.  And that man he knew, one day will fall and he will be in sin.  But in his love for man, he first created a man.  That is called first born, even though he was a man in his fore-knowledge he found out one man in the human line and in David's line.  That is why he called him Christ.  Christ means anointed one.  He is a human being but before the world began, before there was one mountain, he created him and possessed him.  And through His (First born's) mouth he created everything.  So he was inside him, the Unseen God was inside him and through the voice of that person, he created every Creature.  And today many people do not know that secret.  I can have a thought, but when I speak I give a form for my thought.  That is why, all what you see is not eternal, what you don't see is eternal.  Today, we are holding these earthly things as if eternal.

     Within hundred years nobody of you will be here.  All of you would have gone into eternity and another genertaion will come.  Are you going to think that this world is a permanent place ?  No, You have to leave this world.  This is a Chathiram (Lodge).  You don't do any work in a Chathiram.  In a Aerodromme you don't go these and plant a seed !  you have to go to another place.  So in this world, God has placed us here, not as a permanent thing.  Because, what we see today is not eternal.  But God in his love, he wants to make us eternal.  That is why he wants to put his spirit in us.

     If you do not have the spirit of God you don't have eternal life.  That is why I am not against any religion.  You may be whoever you are.  There are many Christians today they talk about Jesus, they sing, play music, they talk about him but I ask you my friends "Have you tasted God ?  You may go to the temple.  There are many places, they go year after year for 18 steps, but after 18 steps still they don't find God !  By the time, they become old then they stop the search for God.  So it is not who you are but whether you have touched God in your life.  I can't believe my father's God.  That won't satisfy me.  You have to get satisfied.  This touching God will give you satisfaction.

     I was in Ceylon.  I had to run for my life from India because the British Government wanted to kill me.  Because as a student leader I was working for congress and and the arrest warrant came.  We did log of damage, So I had to go to Ceylon.  There I turned a communist because I thought that it is good for India; But my friend, without God nothing is good for you.  Today they think nature is God but the one who created nature is God !  If you say nature is God you are a miserable Creature.  So when I was in Communism, my wife and I, we wanted to serve the people as a Communist.  That time I had no peace.  No peace in my heart.  I was full of sins and at that time a young man met me.  He showed me the way to get peace.  So I was in a mountain meditating.  5 years I was a yogi.  As I was in my Nishta (Trance) suddenly a light came.  I saw Jesus there.  My sins were gone.  that doesn't mean I became a Christian knowing Jesus is not a Christian.  Christian means joining a christian church.  That is Christianity.

     Today the christian religion have no God.  If there is God they would have cound out who I am.  Today, there is no place for God in any religion, because money is the important thing there.  But we have to watch God.  Bhagavad Gida says "When wickedness and violence comes in this world Krishna has to come".  Christian people expect to Jesus to come.  But you must understand when the seed is put under the ground, the seed dies.  You don't see the seed again.  Jesus said, "Unless a wheat falls into this ground and die, it cannot give fruit".

     One seed gives birth to hundred of seeds just like the original.  But the original seed you never see again.  Jesus said "You'll never see me again".  But what do the christians say today, "We are going to see Jesus".  "He is coming".  That Jesus will never come, till you say "blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord"!  Now see, Jesus said, "That one has to come in David's Line".  But Jesus was not born to David !  He had no connection with any man.  So that person Jesus, a holy child, cannot belong to David's line and come to the royal throne !  Today, the christians say that he came in David's line.  These things are challenged because these are the key things which made the people go astry.  I didn't get this knowledge by myself.  God who came down on moonlanding day used to wake me up in the mid-night, he will take me Bhagavad Gita, he will explain that.  Then he will take all the books ask me to read it, then he will tell me the meaning.  Then he will ask me to take the Bibnle and he will tell the meaning.

     In this generation, you will never die because, Jesus said, "He that believeth in me shall never die" - Why?  Because He took our death away.  We don't want any religion today.  But today, the Karma is there.  How are you going to remove karma ?  If you are going to take 7 births it is alright.  But have you done that !  What birth are  you in today ?  Whatever the thing is you have to get rid of your karma.  You can't say I am a good man from today.  What about your past sins ?  What about your Genma Pavam all these things, Karma Pavam ?  These things will never go.  Every sin your fore-fathers committed will affect your family, generation after generation.  It can never go unless you confess it and unless you come to God today.  So that is why these days death came.

     Everybody thinks that death is his friend.  Everybody is preparing for death only.  But Bible tells "the last enemy to be destroyed is death".  If God created us like beasts then we are miserable people.  We got a soul.  God is not telling you are a hindu soul or christian soul or muslim soul.  God speaks to you.  Have you ever listened to His voice ?  If you meditate in your house and ask for the real God to come to you he will really appear to you !!  But what do we do today ?  We take a religion of our choice and take away our love from God.  What is religion ?  Taking our love from GOd and taking it to human.  But if you depend on God you can hear His voice and then that will be life for you.

     If you are sick today if you listen to him, suppose I touch you and pray, something happens to you.  First of all you must know who touches you.  Secondly if your body is having some demon attack what do you believe today ?  We don't believe God like we believe a post man even !  We believe only what we see.  That is why we die.  We believe only what what see.  But see, faith is not that.  A postman comes, he tells, "There's a money-order" for you.  You believe that !  You don't say give me the money first'  I must see the money.  But you sign it.  How do you sign ?  Before receiving the money you sign that you have received it.   When you drink, you suck the water and by believing, the water goes in.  When you breathe you believe the air will go in.  Like this when you want to get water you open the water tap and then you believe water will come.  If you are a hungry man and you don't go near the water and sing a song.  You don't go and pray, "Oh water, wonderful water."  If you are hungry you just do like that (eat).  Today what do the people do ?  They simply sing but the thing is you have to open the tap.  If you don't open the tap you don't get the water.  You may sing, you may put Bhajan, the water won't come !  Opening the tap is faith.  That is why faith is a real thing.  Trust God that he will heal you whatever the disease it.

     Suppose you may not have this finger can you get your finger back ?  Where will you go ?  Suppose your car is under repair you go to the car hospital.  If the watch is under repair you take it to the watch hospital.  If your body is under repair you go to the creator "Lord I am sick", he wont say go with one finger.  He will give a new finger !  You believe that ?  No, no how can this finger come to me.  Because you are closing the door, If you believe this finger will come it will come.  But how you believe ?  You may have no hand, can you get a new hand ?  In Jesus time he did that, When a man with a withered hand came he siad "Put your hand up" he didn't put his good hand, he took his bad hand and did like this and the hand became alright.  Because he had life, He was God come down.

     That is why, Avatars came in different times to show God's power.  I believe that Krishna came for that hour.  If Krishna did not come the wicked people would have been winning the battle.  He came as a thief at the proper time, Thank God for that.  Rama came, why did he come?  He wanted to save the people from Ravana.  So Avatars come in the proper time.

     Our country is a great country.  This is the only country which practises ahimsa.  Are you not proud about it ?  The people are preparing bombs.  On whom is India trusting today ?  Why did Gandhiji come ?  He told soul force.  Why ?  He believed God, he believed in God's power.  But that time power did not come.  That 's why they could kill him.  But God has come down in these last days to finish Kaliyuga.  For Dharma Yuga, the very Narayana has to come.  So he is not coming so that anybody could kill him.  He has come secretly in India to help the people of India.

     I am not telling that other avatars are there and all.  I am not worried about that, when God came down on moon landing day I knew what has happened to me.  There are many people who saw that.  And during these years he is teaching the people how to be saved in this coming trouble.  That is why I have come here today to tell you to be happy because we won't be destroyed.  There's a group of people who stand strong in this message, they will overcome death.  Why I am telling boldly is because the soul power given by God now is superior to what was given all these years.  Because man has to be educated.  He had to believe God, not for healing only, complete recovery.

     So in these days God is doing mighty works.  The whole India even though is in confusion today, God is having the hand on this country because, everybody is worshipping something in this country.  The fear of God, is there.  That is why communismor any "ism" cannot overcome India.  There are so many "isms" but the fear of God is controlling the whole country.  Why ?  So that at the last days Narayana could come and save His people.  So let us be happy since God has come down.

     Don't think I am a Christian.  I am a God's man for this hour.  The very God whom you worship sent me here.  I am preaching and going in 4 days time but very soon there will be trouble all oever the world.  Kingdoms have fallen and everywhere there is a fear of violence.  They think by Shooting they can win the country.  If by military means only you can win the whole world, then you are very sadly mistaken !  You ?  You can't kill the creator,  The one who brought atomic bombs, he can overcome that and all the people who believe him can also vercome that.

     First of all don't have any fear.  Fear is not of God.  Now see, there was a boy and the next door person was beating him.  So this boy was afraid.  Whenever he met that man he always had to fear.  But one day to the next house a strong man came.  So this boy said, "I am afraid", "That" man is beating me ".  Oh ! that man I have beaten him once.  Don't be afraid. Next time he tells anything, tell my name, he will run away.  Next day he came.  I will tell you to my friend.  He ran away.  How did the fear go ?  He got friendly with the next man.  So when you have God and you become friendly with God all fear goes away.  That is a very important thing.

     We neet not be afraid of anything.  Fear is not of God.  So if you are God fearing the fear will go away.  In these last days everybody is expecting something to happen.

     Now see, you have to learn from every religion.  For Bakthi nobody to beat Hindus.  They have to learn from Hinduism "Bakthi".  For unity, you have to go to muslims.  But for Karma you have to take the sacrifice.  (For deeper messages on Supreme Sacrifice - mentioned in all vedas kindly contact the address given on "Contact details".).  That is why if you say I don't want that , you die.  For that you don't go to another religion.  I am not telling to change from one religion to another religion.  I love you, I want your Karma to go away.  I don't want to change your name.  I want you to possess God in your life.

     So what happened, the same Narayana, the same God you worship he came down.  He came down as Krishna, I agree.  He came down as Rama, I agree.  He came down as Prophet Mohammed I agree.

     Jesus was not a Christian.  He was a Jew telling about God.  Later on the name came Christian.  He is not a white man's God.  He was Aasia Jothi (Light of Asia).  Why we hate is, the British people for slavery they brought it.  The wrong interpretation of the Bible.

     You know one day a Britisher came, He said "If anybody smite you on one cheek show the other Cheek".  This is the worst thing anybody could do.  Why ?  If I show my cheek and I get beating and show the other cheek, that fellow will keep on beating me.  It's a easy way to make us slaves.  I resist that.  If Jesus gave that teaching, he is wrong.

     One day I went to England, one Negro was there two white men came, they were beating him on the cheek, blood was coming and he was telling, "Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord" one blow, one blow.  I was standing there.  Because he was a black man, I got angry.  Because two white men are beating a black man.  So I am a black man.  So I said you are like a mountain, big fellow.  You could with one kick hit both the fellows, why are you allowing that: My brother Jesus told to show other cheek, so I am showing cheek.  so I got very angry.  I pieted that fellow, I was also strong man, I know Krate, Jujutsu everything.  So I slowly came, gave both blows.  They fell down.  Why are you beating us?  Show your cheek I will beat you.  Engh.  I beat you, Show your cheek.    No, no no a whiteman will never show his Cheek.  I said a black man will never show this cheek.  They ran.  So this negro was watching "Brother I got revelation".  The man who give the first blow is the winner.  You gave the first blow, they ran.  So Jesus would not have told us to show the cheek, he would have told us to give the first blow.  Then from that day he was Changed.  He got my name.

     After two years I went to London there was a girl, negro girl, she was beating a white man.  So I caught that girl, "Why are beating a white lady.  Engengh I am giving the first blow.  I said "Where did you learn that ".  Our loeader is there "One day in the high path an Indian came, he told him, give the first blow".  So now today, we are giving the first blow.  Then I told "Do you know the name of that man"?  Some Lawrie.  That's my self.  Then she said, "Thank you Mr. Lawrie".  From that day, We are becoming a nation.  So how to become a nation, getting blows like that ?

     What did the British say, "show the cheek."  But they will never show cheek.  That is why I tell you my friend, don't bring the religion to make us slaves because Jesus would have never made us slaves.  Krishna did not make us slaves, Rama did not make us slaves.  By our wrong thinking and wrong teaching we became slaves.

     On moon landing day that very Jesus came into my heart.  Now many people say "you also have Jesus".  Everybody has Jesus.  But for me, Christ Jesus came in to my life, and he is the one who gave me the intrepretation of this word.  The same Narayana, now you may be expecting he must have come as Krishna.  Krishna came for his period.  But today, there are many people claiming as Avatars.  But my friend, God has to vindicate it.  If God doesn't vindicate it nobody can be an avatar.  But avatar has to die.  Every Avatar died.  Avatar cannot give you life-teaching.  The only person who cannot die is Narayana.  That is called Christ Jesus.  He has eternal life.  That is why he came down.  So this time he comes with his own body.

     Avatar means another body.  But Christ body he comes.  Because of the death of that lamb Christ Jesus, everybody who believe this message can overcome death.  Death cannot touch you.  So you may be a Hindu, you may be a muslim, you may be a Christian if you receive me as a man sent by Godyou will see Karma going away.  You will see peace coming into you and you will be very happy.  You sickness will go and that is why we have spent this money and come to you.

     I am not forcing you.  Because I love you, eventhough the christians hate me I love you as my country men.  So you take this life.  I am not come to establish a big church.  I go my way.  I am travelling through the world.  But this is your hour, this is your healing time.  God can give new body if you believe, because according to our belief we get it.  If I believe I will get this I am getting it.  That is why I want you to rise up in faith.  Our creator can create a new body for you today.  That is why all the healing meetings, they are having many healing meetings.

     But this meeting you can get new body.  You can see that you are healed while hearing this message.  That proves my ministry.  If I am not not by God my ministry is wrong.  God cannot bless it.  But God will vindicate my ministry.  The whole nature will support me because unseen God works through the nature.

     Indira Gandhi was there, Rajiv Gandhi is one man, the whole India supports him.  He is the voice of India.  Reagan is the voice of America.  Like that, every president is the voice of that country.  But God, the first born.  Narayana is the voice of God.  God works through him.  That is called Christ Jesus.  Christ Jesus means one man who came in David's line into whom life comes.  That's the voice of God.  Voice of God created  those days.  But voice of God may destroy the world today.  People are not going to die of atomic bombs, they are going to die of the voice of God.  The sheep of God will hear the voice of God.
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