God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA ! (Glory to God) !!
Narayana Consciousness
Prophet Mohammad has prophesied about the Day of Judgement of the world in the Quoran. He has warned that it is KHUR (sin or crime) to doubt the coming of IMAM  MUTHU  MOHAMMAD  LAHAYI  MAHDI.


“The mighty ALLAH will send one MAN-CHILD to deliver my people from the clutches of Kafirs (enemies of God) who will try to persecute the whole world in the end days of doom. He (Man-Child) will show my people the Right Path. This Man-Child will be MUTHU  MOHAMMAD  LAHAYI  MAHDI. The whole world will be full of joy by the preaching of IMAM  MAHDI, by his actions, and by the efforts and steps he will take for the uplift of mankind. His spiritual doctrine that “God is One and We all are One” will spread forth a new light throughout the whole world” - thus has prophesied Prophet Mohammed. According to the Prophet, this IMAM  MUTHU  LAHAYI  MAHDI will rule for 40 years and his spiritual doctrine and soul-stirring messages will attract the whole mankind.


“When the devout Muslims under the leadership of their sole Supreme head, SU  IBU  BIN  LA-ILAH, pray to ALLAH to save them and the world from the on-coming disaster, after the feast of ‘RAV-SHA-SHA’ and when they kneel before the presence of ALLAH with tears, a Voice from Heaven thunders: “Beloved, fear not. I myself have come as MAHDI to help you. Behold! Now, here itself, has IMAM  MUTHU  LAHAYI  MAHDI appeared; follow him and obey him”.  Then multitudes will come to IMAM  LAHAYI  MAHDI and will make Covenant with him. But the troublemakers who always create and foster confusion and disruption will not accept the Call of MAHDI. Through them, Satan, the cruel and wicked opponent of MAHDI will induce 60000 valiant people of war and direct them to oppose and fight against MAHDI. But they will be destroyed by the mighty roar of MAHDI’s men of war roaring as a lion with the power in the Name of ALLAH and of IMAM  LAHAYI  MAHDI as invoked by his devotees. The people of MAHDI will shout: “VICTORY  (ZINDABAD)  TO  THE  MIGHTY  LAHAYI  MAHDI” - (“LAHAYI  MAHDI  ZINDABAD”). Then the Mighty Lahayi Mahdi will rule the world so gloriously that even his enemies will shower praises on his reign. Only then the Muslims will realise that Imam Mahdi has already come; thus Prophet Mohammed has warned the people. Because many false people will come time and again against Lahayi Mahdi, the Prophet warns the people not to fall victims into their hands. The Prophet has further warned his people to keep away from the so-called Muj-dahids who are self-proclaimed leaders of the end-days but who do not know even the rudiments of Islam and yet pose as leaders, and will usurp the powers of the real leaders when the latter are absent-minded.

The world will be most prosperous both in the spiritual and physical realms, in the reign of MUTHU  LAHAYI  MAHDI. The whole world will daily proclaim the reign in wonderful praises thus: “No other reign to beat Madhi’s reign and no other graceful, prosperous and praiseworthy Ruler like Mahdi”. The Scriptures and Huttum are the only LAW of Mahdi’s Kingdom. The people of God will themselves be the Rule and Law (written in their hearts). Every month will witness three pouring showers of rain. The prisons and the hospitals will be empty halls. The judgement halls will wear an empty look. A beneficial revolution not witnessed ever before will also take place in the world. Even the representatives of the other rulers of the world will come to Mahdi to learn and to follow the blessed and bounteous Reign of Mahdi and there will be competition among them to follow it. This will be the GOLDEN  AGE  OF  MAHDI.

But before the GOLDEN  RULE  OF  MAHDI, there will be a great Tribulation for 31/2 years. Rains will fail and lands will be fallow without produce. There will be terrible famine in many parts of the world and it will be very difficult to find water even to quench the thirst. The earth will turn to the colour of copper and the sky to the colour of brass because of the unendurable heat of the sun. No day will pass without deaths due to hunger. Human love and relationship will degenerate to such a point of extinction that man will try to eat man. People will be devoid of piousness, good characters and pleasing manners. Homosexuality and lesbianism will be rampant and can be witnessed both day and night, even in broad daylight in the open streets.

Then at that time Imam Mahdi will declare: “Behold, TAJJAL (Satan) has revealed himself”. The Jews, the Christians, and all others will welcome him and will send 70,000 singing preachers throughout the world to sing the glories of Tajjal and to preach about his wonderful magical deeds. These preachers will travel round the whole world attracting all the people except the devotees of God, and declaring thus: “This Tajjal is the Creator of the universe; he is your saviour; believe him”. All the prosperity, wealth, gold, jewels, etc., will be usurped by him. The whole world will come under him. This Tajjal will try to deceive mankind by his magical powers, and will be second to none among the men. If anybody will refuse to believe him, then he will send the devils against them in the guise of their dead parents or friends and will try to convince them. If even then they oppose him, he will cut apart their legs and again will join them to their bodies, and show like that. His deceitful works in the guise of real miracles will be so numerous that a big book can be written about him. He will make rivers of blood flow like the waves of the sea amongst the people of Islam.

Only Imam Mahdi will be capable of delivering the people from this disastrous onslaught of Tajjal. People will cry and pray to him. Then MAHDI will be transfigured as ISA-ALE-SALAM (Prophet Jesus) and then will reappear on the earth and will destroy the wicked Tajjal and all his supporters and followers, not with the might of men or armour and weapons but by the power of ALLAH. Gabriel assisting him will order Michael to attack and destroy the wicked fellows.

According to the Quoran, Elsewhere it is stated that, Al-Masih Isa the son of Mariam, the Apostle of ALLAH, has been put to death. But as sure as anything, they did not kill him; nor did they crucify him; but they mistook the crucified one for him. The one who went in search of him was changed in form like him and those who went with him crucified only this disguised man. Those that disagree with this were in doubt concerning him, for what they knew about it was sheer conjecture “THEY  DID  NOT  KILL  HIM  (JESUS)  FOR  CERTAIN.  ALLAH  LIFTED  HIM  UP  TO  HIM.  HE  IS  MIGHTY,  AND  WISE.  There is none among the People of the Book but will believe in him before his death; and on the Day of Resurrection He (Jesus) will be a witness against them”.

QUORAN - IV. 156-159:  “They denied the truth and uttered a monstrous falsehood against Mariam. They declared: ‘We have put to death Al-Masiah Isa the son of Mariam, the Apostle of Allah’. They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but they mistook the crucified one for him.

Those that disagreed about him were in doubt concerning him, for what they knew about it was sheer conjecture; they did not kill him for certain. Allah lifted him up to Him; He is Mighty, Wise. There is none among the People of the Book but will believe in him before his death; and on the Day of Resurrection he will be a witness against them”.

Therefore it is utter ignorance of the Christians to profess that Jesus was crucified when the Scripture so well clearly as sunlight declares that it was not Jesus that was crucified but the One who took upon him the guise of Jesus. Thus Jesus was not at all killed nor crucified. Even the one who was crucified in his place will never come back; that is the unshakable belief of the devout Muslims, and the fact is also that.

But Prophet Mohammad has prophesied: “Behold, Isa will come; every eye will see Him and a Voice will utter: ‘Let everyone worship Him’. At that time, the whole world will be free from Nazarenes, Jews, Christians, Kafirs, Muzhahins, atheists, who all will be totally destroyed. Only the depraved, depressed and oppressed low caste people will recognise Mahdi”.

Prophet Mohammed has challenged them: “Have you observed all the commands given by Allah? You have accepted some of them and rejected some others as per your will and wish. Did Allah sanction them for you? Or do you swear falsely in the name of Allah? Allah will reveal all the secrets kept in safe hiding. All the things in heaven and earth belong to Allah”. Allah will reveal the birth of Mahdi, His coming, and about KAYAMAT (DAY  OF  JUDGEMENT). The end of the world will happen even quicker than the twinkling of an eye”.

Many false organizations will crop up in the name of Islam. False revelations and own interpretations will appear in the name of Holy HUTTU. The Christian Civilization will permeate the whole world, which entirely will go into the hands of the Christians. They will also twist and corrupt their Scripture (Bible). A cruel dictator will appear on the world scene to rule the world. The ULAMAS (Muslim religious leaders) who are not well and fully learned about their Scriptures will backslide. Cities and nations will be destroyed by terrible cyclones and earthquakes. Hailstorms will destroy parts of the world. Corruption and malpractice will flourish to the maximum. Street-singers and dancers, film-actors and actresses will be honoured so much that fan-clubs will be formed in their names and some people will be even prepared to give their lives for their sakes. The rich in the society will be very mean and deceitful. Righteousness and justice will face punishment. Rulers, parliaments and ministers will rule without justice and hence rains will fail. Sky will be darkened and clouds will appear with thunders and lightning but there will be no rain. Many such terrible events will occur. Muslims and Christians can never know about the coming of LAHAYI  MAHDI. They will know about Him and realise His appearance only after He has come and gone. Then they will lament and cry, (Ahvalul Kayamat, Page 22). Why? Because of the devouring desire for the worldly riches in the hearts of the people, this worst state has resulted, and people will not be in a position to understand the revelations of Allah.


“According to UMMATTE  MOHAMMADIYA  SOCIETY  OF  ISLAM, the world will come to its end between Hijri 1400 and 1500”. (Ref. Ahwalul Kayamat).

“6000 years after the First Man Adam, the 7000th year will be the year of Mahdi”. (Alamat Tusla Hat).

“Mahdi will appear on earth in the beginning of 7000th year. At the end of 1450 Hijri, the world will come to its end (Kayukti Rahmattulsai)”.

At present, we are in the year of 1988, which is 1409 Hijri. Prophet Mohammad has already prophesied that Muslims will be unaware of the coming of Mahdi, and that they will just keep Quoran in their houses and offer pooja (prayers) to it, but will not read and follow it. But the common multitude of people (low class and depressed people) will come to know the coming of the MAHDI.


“He will be like Moses for his capacity of the Ancients, like Isa (Jesus) for his wonders and miracles, and like Ayyub (Job) for his undaunted courage. His devout people will be discomfited in His Days. Their heads will be cut off and offered as rewards. Terror and fright will grip them and they will always be worried. The earth will be covered by their blood. If they had wives, their wives will mourn. Such great souls are my perfect disciples”.
(It is written like this about the real devotees who will die as loyal witnesses of Allah on the coming day of Judgement).

IN  “SIJATA” by Hazrat Mohammed Nabi:

It is written like this: “He will prepare for His righteous reign even from heaven itself. One day he will ascend into heaven. That day will be a 1000 years according to your calculation. Allah alone knows all”.


“When the world is full of adultery and fornication, violence and wickedness and confusion and chaos, a great and mighty man will appear on the scene. He will be the Lord of the powers of the Spirit. He will turn all the weapons of fire as without fire and make them powerless.  He will be victorious in every place. He will take his army to any place by his sheer spiritual power. The whole world will come under his control. By his grace, even old men will become young. Kaare Tajjal (Satan) will rise against him and will kill all by his sword. People of the world will honour him as God. But Hazarat Imam Mahdi will destroy that Tajjal and will bring all the dead back to life”.
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We are in the end days of the world. The Day of Judgement of Allah is to be revealed. IMAM  MAHDI  is not a personal name, but it is the name of the Form which Allah takes in the last days upon the earth to be in fellowship with the people of the world. The same Imam Mahdi is called as Jesus by the Christians, KALKI  AVATAR  NARAYANA  by the Hindus, and Maitreya Buddha by the Buddhists. All these names are the names of that ONE  DIVINE  PURUSHA  OR  AVATAR  OR  IMAM, who Himself has a personal name. When the whole world was awe-struck by the vicious advancement of the so-called Science and by that advancement, when man was about to land on the moon for the first time on the midnight of the 20th/21st July 1969, the Almighty God came down into His Chosen Body, THE  DIVINE  BEING,  PAULASEER  LAWRIE  MUTHUKRISHNA, and revealed HIS  GLORIOUS  FORM  (VISHVAROOPAM) to His people. Since then, for the past 19 years, He is revealing all the hidden secrets from all the Scriptures gradually to his people. With the great Love of God pouring from his heart, He is calling the whole humanity by His glorious voice roaring like a lion, that ‘DEATHLESSNESS  IS  YOUR  RIGHT’, enlightening those who believe him and imparting to them deathlessness at His Will.

His warning to the whole world is thus:

“BECAUSE I LIVE, YE SHALL LIVE ALSO. Your religion, or caste, or community, or money, or wealth, or colour, or education cannot save you from the on-coming disaster. Worship the Creator, not the creature. The Mystery of God is revealed only to His children. God is One. All should come under His Rule, but not under any religion or organisation. Ere the time shall be no more, if you gather under Him, you will be delivered from the forthcoming world destruction”.
(Translations of excerpts from Tamil Book)
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