God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA ! (Glory to God) !!
Narayana Consciousness
Sikhism is nothing but the branch of SANATANA HINDU DHARMA, because GURU NANAK was born in a Hindu family.  But even though now they have become an independent religion separate from Hinduism.  At the time of the trial of Hinduism when Hinduism faced threat of extinction in the hands of Muslims, this Sikhism protected Hinduism, but now the same Sikhism is on the verge of becoming a threat to Hinduism.  But Guru Nanak always supported the Supreme Purusha in his teachings.  Also he believed in one religion of God.  That is why he visited all the important shrines including Mecca and Medina.  The Tenth Guru of Sikhism, Guru Gobind Singh was a prophet also.  To avoid the future disorder in the order of succession of gurus, be abolished that order after him.  He has prophesied about Kalki Avatar in his 10th Granth Sahib and also in “Sausakhi”.  The proverb in Sikhism says that “in the 20th Century, there will come one new Avatar who will introduce His Own Dharma and at that time there will be neither Mohammed nor Isa (Jesus) and He will come forth from God”.


“He will be called as KALKI because He will destroy the sin of all the people.  He will be having the Shield of wisdom, his mind is his horse; wisdom in his hands and will have a sharp sword in his hand.  He will shine in the Sanctuary of God as a lion.  That Shambhalagramam is really blessed where Vishnu enters the temple of Shambhu”.  (He calls the place as Shambhu’s place).  The Lord of all the universe will appear.  He will be the King of Kings.”


Seeing without eyes,
Hearing without ears,
Walking without feet,
Working without hands,
Speaking without tongue,
Thus dying while living,
O Nanak, know this.
As the way unto the Lord
To be attained through His Cosmic law.

P. 47 - Majh-ki-var, M.1, Shalok, M.2, P.139.

From Shabd - (Voice) cometh the earth,
From Shabd cometh the sky,
From Shabd emanateth all light;
The whole creation resteth on Shabd,
And this Shabd, O Nanak, resideth within man. (PURUSHA)
P.47- Puratan Janamasakhi, P. 137.

Even the gods and goddesses pine
For the human body,
For within this Body
Resideth the Lord Himself,
P.50 - Bhairo, Kabir, P.1159.

They who are imbued with the Name
Remain intoxicated with bliss night and day.
Through the Name alone do they find peace.
P.55 - Ramkali, Sidh Gosht, M.1, P. 946.

Says Nanak, Thy devotees hunger to praise thee;
Thy true Name is their mainstay.
They are in a state of beatitude day and night.
I am the dust of the feet
of these virtuous ones.
P.55 - Asa-di-var, M.1, P.466.

He alone lives in whom the Lord abides,
None else is alive, O Nanak.
P.56 - Majh, M.1, P.142.

She alone is the true wife
Who loses herself in the Lord.
P.66 - Tukhari, M.1, P.1108.

O my foolish and ignorant mind,
Stay thou in thy home (ghar);
Repeat thou the Name of the Lord,
Attuned from within to Him.
P.75 - Maru, M.1, P.1030.

The true melody bringeth forth true honour,
Without Nam (Name) none attaineth salvation.
Without the true Master, none obtaineth Nam; (Name)
Such is the eternal arrangement
Devised by the Lord Himself.
P.91 - Maru, M.3, P.1046.

It onkar Satnam karta purakh
He is one, He is the first.
He is all that is.
Eternal truth is His Name.
He is the Creator of all.
Fearing naught,
Striking fear in naught;
Timeless is His image.
Not forgotten, He is self-existent.
Through the grace of Guru, (KALKI, THE JAGATGURU).
He is made known to men.
P.113 - Japji, P.1.

Though millions have spoken thus;
Though millions came and sat
And left their seats and have gone,
And if their came as many more creations
That speak of Him,
Yet He shall forever remain the Undescribed!
Thou, O Lord,
Art more than our minds can comprehend.
Thou art as great as thou canst be!
Thou art the verity,
Thou art the One Reality;
Thou alone knowest Thyself.
P.122 - Japji, P.7

Vel na paiya pandati
Still they speak of Him,
Each and all according to their might
As one is wiser than another.
He is the great and the infinite One,
And great is His Name.

What He wills comes to pass.
He knows whatever is.

If anyone else says he knows Him,
He is but a fool
In the eyes of the dwellers
Of Higher regions.
There are skies above skies
And earth below earths,
And man’s mind is tired
Of this great search,
It cannot reach the end of His vastness.
How can the infinite
Be reduced to the finite?
All attempts to describe Him are lost.
The infinite knows the infinite.

Ours is to lose ourselves
In worship and adoration,
Nor need we ask, Why?
No need to fathom the unfathomable;
As the rives flow to the sea with their song,
Let us flow on to the Infinite,
Now knowing how wide is the ocean’s flood;
P.120 & 121 - Japji, P.4.

Bharial hath pair tan deh
But when the dirt of sins
Makes dark our mind,
Naught else but Thy Nam, (Name)
Can restore to it
Its fair transparency;
It needs be washed
With the love of Thy Nam, (Name) O Lord!
Man reaps as he sows.
P.135 - Japji, P.4.

Sacha Sahib Sach Nai
His Nam (Name) is the substance
Of which all life is made.
His Nam enlarges the heart
And makes it limitless.
His creatures beg
Their daily needs from Him,
He gives all things to men.
Naught is our own,
All is His that we possess,
This life and all is His!
With what offerings
Could we enter His temple?
With what virtue, His presence?
What words have on our lips
to win His delight?
Meditate on His Nam at moru, (Moriah or Meru Mount)
Wet with the ambrosia of the daybreak! (Immortality),
Our doings make this vesture of our body;
The heaven shall cover our shame with honour,
And by the light of His glance
We shall go free
The dawn of divine knowledge
comes from within,
And man sees God as the light revealing.
High above all things is the revealed Infinite,
In Himself self-resplendent, glorious!
P.126 - Japji, P.2.

Lakh nekiya changiyaia
For the Creator who created all,
And wrote the coming and going of all,
Before Him, all devoices are false;
His grace alone is the true standards
of our being approved. P. 151

Mur-raja kur parja kur sub sansar
And if hearing the Name
Our mind is pleased,
We attain to the door of deliverance.
P.156 - Asa-di-var, P. 468.

Akha jiva visrai mar jau
I practice Thy Name and live;
I forget Thee and die.
How hard it is to practice Thy Name,
O True One!
If I long for Thy True Name, O Lord,
My woes shall whither away.
P. 168
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In the name of the Sole Supreme Being (PURUSHA) - Eternal Manifestation;
Creator-Immanent Reality without Fear; without Rancour; Timeless Form; Unincarnated; Self-Existent;
Realized by the Holy Preceptor’s Grace.

Composition of Guru Nanak Dev in the Measure Asa - P. 347 - “SO DARU” - Stanza 27 of Japu.

He alone is the Lord, Immutable, Holy -
Eternal His Greatness.
He is the Creator;
He ever is, He ever shall be,
Never shall He not be.
In immeasurable aspects, categories,
And species has He made the creation.
He pleases His greatness, He makes manifest His actions,
He acts as is His pleasure.
Command Him none may!
Saith Nanak: He is the King of Kings -
Abiding by His will is best. (1.1)

Guru Ram Das - “SO PURAKHU” - P. 348
The Lord is Himself Master and Servant. (1)

Those on the Lord meditating are liberated -
For them is Yama’s noose snapped. (2)

Thou the Primal Purusha, beyond reach, Creator;
None thy equal. (5)

Hari-Namu padarathu Kali-jugi uttamu
Hari japiyai Satiguru bhae jio.
In Kaliyuga noblest of all boons is
the Name Divine; (HARI’S NAME!!!)
Composition of Guru Nanak Dev. P. 349.
Chaupade (Quarters) - “Suni Wadda”.

Fruitless is all practice of virtue,
Austerity, good deeds,
And high attainment of great Yogis.
without Thy grace non realization achieved.
This by grace comes; else all efforts
unfruitful remain (3)

None of his own efforts gain devotion to Thee.
Saith Nanak: Thou art Holy, and from Thee comes
exaltation. (4) (1)

A khan jivan visari mari Janu
I live only as the Name I utter:
Forgetfulness of the Name to me is death.
Hard is the resolve to utter the holy Name.

Hunger for the holy Name all sorrows consumes (1)
Mother mine! How can He be forgotten -
The Holy Lord, of the holy Name?
Even an iota of greatness of the holy Name,
Inexpressible its value.
Men are exhausted attempting it. (2)

Saith Nanak: Those without the Name are the truly low-born. (4) (2)

Je dari mangatu kuk kerei khasm sunei

Lord-Creator: With Thee as Sole Doer,
On whom need one be dependent?  What
worth has then the world? (2)

Himself the beings He creates, Himself to
them sustenance provide; (3)
Himself devotion to truth He inspires.(4) (3)

Talu madirei ghat kei ghat.

None by invoking Name of God is persuaded. (3)
Saith Nanak! Men are human in shape and name -
Their doings dog-like: at the door waiting to
Carry out commands. (4) (4)

Jeth Shabdu surati dhuni teli jeta
Rupu kaja teri (P.350)

The Lord is one and sole -
One and sole, brother! (2)

Vaja mati pakhawaja bhau (P.351)

Making purified understanding the instrument,
Right feelings the drummer:
Having joy with heart full of ecstasy
This makes your devotion, this the
austerity. (1)

Karma kartuti beli bithari Ram-Namu phal hua

Beholding Thy shadow creation. (3)

Kar kirpa apnai ghari aiya tan mili Sakhiyan kaju rachaiya
As by grace has the Lord is His proper abode arrived,
In association have my damsel-friends the wedding celebrated.
The heart at sight of that moment’s wonder in bliss,
As the Lord, to wed the Bride has arrived. (1)
Sisters of my heart, sing of enlightened wisdom -
In our Home has arrived the Bridegroom,
Life of the world.
As by the Master’s guidance is celebrated our wedding,
And union with the Lord come about, did we realize,
In all three worlds is the Holy Lord pervasive:
In this mind faith fixed as is the ego eliminated.

Kali-jugu Hari kiya pag trai khiskiya pagu chautha tikai tikao jio
As Kali-yuga the Lord HARI brought on,
Shattered were three of Dharma’s feet;
On the fourth foot alone it rested.
In this age came to be lived the
  Master’s Word.