God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA ! (Glory to God) !!
Narayana Consciousness
God has His own unique way of revealing Himself to His people.  He knows His own people and He is recognized by them.  God has raised many prophets and Avatars in India from the time immemorial.  India can boast of her being the spiritual founder of all the three major religions of the world from which all the inter-religious and intra-religious organizations have cropped up in thousands, but driving God from them.  Today God is not in any man-made religious organization.  He cannot be bound or limited by the filthy imaginations of mankind.  But since the beginning of creation, God has raised up many prophets and avatars to save His people.  These prophets have prophesied so many truths of the present Avatar KALKI AVATAR.  One such prophet is SHRI. POTULURI VIRABRAHMAN OF ANDHRA (INDIA).

SHRI. POTULURI VIRABRAHMAM OF ANDHRA  has written his prophecies of KALKI AVATAR in his prophetical book “KALAGNANA TATVAM”, written about two hundred years ago.  He calls This PERSON KALKI AVATAR as VIRABHOGA VASANTA RAYUDU”.  VIRA means the Most Powerful; BHOGA means He is married and it also means as Heir - Apparent; VASANTA means blood of youth; RAYA means King.  It can be aptly translated in English as “THE ALMIGHTY EVER YOUTH KING”.  The Prophet has recorded minute details of KALKI AVATAR’S LIFE AND HIS ACTIVITIES.  Even he has written that the first name of the KALKI AVATAR as “PAUL”.  Some of the prophecies of VIRA BRAHMAM are given below.

1.5000 years later, in the year DURMAT (1921-22) God will come down to destroy the wicked people by His Sword.  He will walk on the earth as a MAN.  (SHRI. PAULASEER LAWRIE MUTHUKRISHNA was born on 24th February, 1921 in MUNNAR OF KERALA STATE).

2.In the year 1960, in the month of November, a COMET will appear in SOUTH INDIA.

Here the prophet sees KALKI AVATAR SHRI. LAWRIE MUTHUKRISHNA rising as a comet, after He undertook his first world spiritual tour, meeting almost all the important religious leaders of the world, including his forerunner Prophet Branham of America.  Like VIRABRAHMAM, Prophet Branham too has prophesied clearly about the coming of SHRI. LAWRIE MUTHUKRISHNA IN INDIA as the LAST AVATAR.

3.He will overcome death.  He will protect the good peopoe; He will appear among rose flowers.


4.The LORD leads His people into SAMAVEDAM and the wicked people are afraid in their hearts.

5.The whole world is shaking and trembling with fear and awe at His Presence.  He is a man of peace revered by all religious.

6.The disciples of Pothuluru Vira Bhoga Vasantharayudu will shine as JYOTI SWARUPI (FORM OF LIGHT).

The prophet sees a group of people, the followers of KALKI AVATAR being glorified into form of light.  This is the MESSAGE OF THE HOUR that GURUDEV PAULASEER LAWRIE MUTHUKRISHNA is preaching throughout the world even through INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION media that IT IS POSSIBLE TO OVERCOME DEATH IN THIS GENERATION.

7.My people are poor people.  The prophet sees in vision the followers of the Lord forsaking all their wealth and their position in world and coming and following Te Lord solely trusting Him only and nothing else.  This prophecy was also fulfilled in 1970 when hundreds of Westerners came to Manujothi Ashram leaving all their position, status, wealth, etc., in their countries, but were living in this Ashram, fully depending only on God.  They were sent back against their wishes because of the non-granting of extension of resident visas by the Government of India.
8.All kings and emperors will have to lay down their crowns and kingdoms  and be like common people.  THIS IS THE SIGN OF HIS COMING.

This prophecy was fulfilled also by1969 when all the Prevy Purses and all the kingly honours and privileges of the Royal Houses of India was abolished by the Government of India.  Today there is no kingdom ruling anywhere in the world.  Even in the so-called Royal States, the king and queen are the just puppet-heads and the countries are being ruled by the democratically elected heads.  This was the time in 1969 when God came down into SHRI. LAHWRIE KRISHNA n Chicago, U.S.A., on 21st July 1969 when He was giving his spiritual discourse in LIFE TABERNACLE IN CHICAGO.

9.The thunders will fall down in day time.  The Fire of Heaven will rain on earth destroying many.

The prophet sees in the vision many people and nations being destroyed by the fire sent by God on this disobedient generation.  This is what the warning that God is giving now to this present generation that they will have to face His wrath which He is going to fire down on the earth at His appointed time.  God has started to show His power in the previous American Tour of Gurudev Paulaseer Lawrie Muthukrishna in 1985 when the lightning following him fell on the forests burning and consuming the green forests from South to North in more than 14 States, and the fire is reported to be still continuously burning.


Shri Virabrahman has prophesied the time of coming of God in this generation.  The following verses are some of the prophecies made by him in connection with the time of appearance of God on the earth and about some important events.

10.He comes in between the years KRODHI and RAKSHASA in the middle of SADHARANA (1969).

This corresponds to 21st July 1969, when God came down into SHRI. PAULASEER LAWRIE MUTHUKRISHNA IN CHICAGO, U.S.A., one hour before man first landed on Moon.

11.He lives in an Ashram which is full of joy.  He calls this MANUJOTHI ASHRAM as ANANDASHRAM in his book.


13.In the year RAKTAKSHI (1985) in the month Pushya (February) God will come to VIJAYAWADA and will conduct a marriage of one of the followers of VIRABRAHMAM in ELURU, near VIJAYAWADA.

This prophecy was also fulfilled in 1985 when SHRI. PAULASEER LAWRIE KRISHNA conducted his spiritual meetings in ELURU and a marriage was solemnized on one of the days in his meetings in his presence.

14.He is the only one GURU, called OM - PRANAVAM.

15.His Ashram will be situated near the confluence of three mountains.  This prophecy is also indicative of this MANUJOTHI ASHRAM, being situated nearby TENKASI, the point of meeting of all the three Hill Ranges.

16.You would not have a good master to lead you into the Path of Grace of God, had I not taken this Human Form.  Be Careful.  Don’t neglect me.  ALL YOUR KARMAS (SINS) AND YOUR DESIRES WILL VANISH AWAY.  The Prophet Magi has come in KALIYUGA and all the people wait for Him.

17.In the year ROUDRA (BHARI KOMTI) a great man called GANDHI will be born.  He will confuse the kings and emperors; therefore some people will die.

This is about the year 1900 - 1901 when GANDHI appeared on the political scene of India ultimately causing the British to flee from India by his powerful Non-Voilence Movement.

18.Kalpa-Vriksham Paula-Dharudu.  He has a name PAUL.  He is the Tree of Life.  The AADI BRAHMAM (The Original Creator).  He will ascend to Heaven.  He will be coming with clouds.  He is that Srishaila-dhamudu.  (He abides in the Holy Mount).

19.There is a hidden fruit called MYSTERY FRUIT.  This fruit has no seed. (self-existing).  This is Truth.  The Great Fruit has no beginning and has no death.  This mango fruit is sweet.  This fruit is called as ‘OMKARAM’ (PRANAVAM).  My mother, my daughter, This Fruit is hidden for others.  This is medicine for people, but people do not believe it.  This fruit belongs to His Servants and to those who meditate on PARAMAGURU (The Master par excellence).

20.Bridegroom IS DIFFERENT FROM Bride.  Both are not the same.  He is the Son.  He begat the daughters and the Son.

The Self-existing God took the Form of the Son (FIRSTBORN).  Then He created Bridegroom and the Bride.  But He himself comes as Bridegroom.

21.People can’t believe This Fruit.

22.Those meditating on Sadguru (Te Good Master) can only understand.

23.In this earth two persons went to heaven.  Two birds with golden wings have disappeared in twinkling of eye.  BE CAREFUL! Don’t be afraid of the devilish troubles.  MEDITATE ON GURU (MASTER).

24.Shiva means Life, Ganga means water, The God of Living Waters.

25.He comes riding on clouds.

Wherever SHRI. PAULASEER LAWRIE MUTHUKRISHNA goes the white clouds and lightnings and thunderings follow him.  In his previous world tour, while he was traveling in a car, the lightning that struck down in Tuczon has ignited the whole forest land and the fire couild not be quenched by the fire-brigade units for months.

26.He is living in South, in Srisailam.  Here He is called DAKSHINAMUTRHY is under this tree.  There is a belief among the people that if anybody touch or worship the tree all his sins (Karmas) will go away.

The original script of Kalagnana Tatvam is awaited.  More will follow on the receipt of the same.  But sufficient is this small article to prove and vindicate the ministry of KALKI AVATAR OF NARAYANA, AS SHRI PAULASEER LAWRIE MUTHUKRISHNA.

27.Meditate on the name NARASIMHA (LION OF JUDAH).  He will establish His followers in Kasi, Rameshwaram.  He will provide all the needs of people of all castes.  He will rule in righteousness, in Dharmayuga or Satyayuga.

28.The mango fruit is sweet.  This fruit has no birth and no death.  This fruit is called “OMKARAM (“OM”).  My mother, my daughter, this fruit is hidden from others.  This is medicine for people.  But man do not believe.  This fruit belongs to His servants and to those who meditate on that PARAMAGURU (THE SUPREME MASTER).


“LAA” (LAW) means it is the name taken from the original enchantment of the Arabic Language (    ) meaning it is the name of PARAMATMA (SUPREME SPIRIT).  This letter (U) is not only found on the foreheads of the devotees but also can be seen on foreheads of the deities of SRI. KRISHNA, NARAYANA, RAMA ETC.  Those who wear this letter (NAAMAM) would not wear another letter.  After bath they put this NAAMAM (Letter ‘U’) on their foreheads and meditate upon God.  They have faith through this Letter “U”.

The Brahmins who do know Agamashastras (telling about statutes), they understand all these things.  Others cannot understand this.  All the temples especially the Vaishnavite temples display this Naamam as in Srirangam, Tirupati, etc.  All these temples display this letter and they do the enchantment of this letter “U”.
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