God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
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There is only one God. But people call and worship that God by thousand different names and forms, according to the "revelation" each one has about Him. And they fight against each other claiming that 'their' God is superior than what the others worship; and each group has thus formed a separate denomination and have their own mode of worship. But any person with the understanding that God is one will laugh at such petty quarrels and will not mind in whatever way that One Great God is worshipped. There are certain others who agree with the view that God is one; but when questioned as to who is that one God, they will immediately answer that that one God is the God whom they worship ! The reason for all this confusion is because no one has had a complete understanding about God, and all along the Ages, God had been raising prophets ( or Avatars ) for each age to give the people 'The Message and Revelation of God' for that Age. God is an "Infinite Personality" with infinite attributes. Each avatar came and revealed ( a few or ) one particular attribute of that Great God. When the avatar's life and purpose were over, He died an ordinary death. But people began worshipping the avatars instead of the "SPIRIT OF GOD" which spoke through them. 'Avatars' are manifestations of God in flesh and they died like ordinary human beings when the 'Spirit of the Lord" left them .

But GOD has an "Original Body" and a "Personal Secret Name" which was never revealed so far to anybody; unless they had satisfied His conditions of faith, love and loyalty ! But a rare few, had however been granted, by His sheer Grace, the extremely great privilege of beholding God's Original Form or having a revelation of His Most Personal Name. And these people 'sealed' the same in their writings here and there because that was not the time when the full-secret was to be given. God had a Great Master Plan which He planned to execute at the final end of the Ages, when HE HIMSELF would be born as an Ordinary Man, in HIS OWN BODY and bearing HIS OWN PERSONAL NAME ! ! ! He had planned to then reveal completely to His devotees His Own Form, and the unlimited powers of His Personal Name ! This great secret is found in all the sacred Scriptures such as the Vedas, Bhagavad-Gita, Bible, etc.

God is an ETERNAL UNSEEN SPIRIT who is all powerful and pervades the entire universe in Spirit-form. But in order to reveal Himself to His creation, He first created Himself into a Form which alone could contain the entire fulness of God and all His Transcendental Glories; and this Form possess the great Name of the Unseen Spirit. This was time when 'Beginning' began. Before that there was no beginning for God and 'THIS FORM' is the 'ORIGINAL FORM OF GOD' whom no man has ever seen; because it was "sealed" by God Himself to be revealed only at the end time when He would be personally present on the earth !
That 'Original Form of God' is an extremely glorious form whom no man can approach or see. He is a consuming fire and cannot behold iniquity !

But God had such great love for His Creation, that He wanted to move personally with Man and reveal His great Love to them. So, for this same reason, God, by His Great Master Plan formed Himself. AS A HUMAN BEING in the very beginning and it was only in this Human Form that He Created the entire universe by His Spoken Word (out of nothing).

The "GLORIOUS POWERFUL HUMAN FORM" OF GOD, no man can see and live. But when that same God hides within Himself all His powers and acts as a normal human being, then people can approach and move with Him without any fear ! This "Human Form of God" is like a "Transformer" controlling the unlimited electricity (power of God) and giving out in limited measure for constructive purposes !

God had already seen through "HIS GREAT FORE-KNOWLEDGE" all the entire creation from the end to the beginning ( even before creating anything ) and saw through fore-knowledge a small group of loyal people (in this Kali-Yuga) who would believe Him at all costs ! This special group of people, God created IN HIM, in the very Beginning and gave them glory, deathlessness and all powers needed to overcome the world ! ( because they were to be later born on this earth as human beings according to God's plan ).

This special group of people whom God created IN HIM, are "the original creation of God" and they can never fail God because God had already seen their loyalty to Him ( through foreknowledge ) and that was why He planned and executed THE SUPREME SACRIFICE OF HIMSELF by which none of His Original Creation may be lost, after coming to this earth ! For details and essence of Supreme-Sacrifice see under "Unique Features".
There are three steps of God coming down. We have already seen earlier that "The Beginning" began only after God becoming a "HUMAN FORM". But the Unseen Spirit of the very same God is also present everywhere. That "Unseen Spirit" has a powerful Name and innumerable characteristics which He wanted to reveal to mankind.

"LAH-A-R-I" is that Great Secret Name of the Unseen God ; and when this very Spirit became a FORM in the Beginning, He bore that very Name "L A H A R I", because "This Form of God" is none else but the Same Unseen Spirit. The Body and the Spirit are one and the same. There are no two gods. Later this FORM further hides His glory and comes as an ordinary Man to offer Himself as the SUPREME SACRIFICE. The Form of that MAN ( PURUSHA ) who came as the SUPREME SACRIFICE is also "LAHARI", because He is that Very God Himself descending as a Mortal Man ! ( See Plate. I ).

This "HUMAN FORM OF GOD" ( LAHARI ) is the only 'Object of Worship' for the entire world and there is no other God other than Him. 'GOD' means 'an object of worship', not an abstract thing. Since people did not know His Personal Name 'LAHARI' they called Him by other common names such as Narayana, Allah, Christ Jesus, Muruga, Ganapathy, OM, etc. This does not mean that there are so many gods. Whatever name people may call, it all means that GREAT PARAMA PURUSHA "LAHARI" ! who came down as a Human-being !

Today, many people talk about God and preach about God, but how many of them know that God was in the "FORM OF A MAN" from the Beginning of Creation ?
"Revelation" is something entirely different from reading about God or preaching about God. Unless a person is personally blessed by the "SUPREME PURUSHA LAHARI" Himself, he can never understand these deep secrets, which have been sealed ( from time immemorial ) in the heart of the SUPREME PURUSHA HIMSELF, who has now come in our midst to reveal these things to us personally.

These secrets have also been hidden in the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatam and the Bible, etc., but people were not able to decipher or interpret them properly and they are all confused today because each religious leader gives his own commentary on the Sacred Scriptures without himself understanding their true meaning.


We render all-praise and glory to Him alone !

Firstly we have to understand that no human being can take for himself the 'Glory' that belongs to God. Every Dick, Tom and Harry's Name cannot become the Name of God. And if any person, claims so, he will immeidately meet with great punishment to his own damage. Because "The Great Parama Purusha" will NOT tolerate anybody to take His position, which is always His eternally ! Please see the fate of all the socalled great people of our times who claimed the 'position of God' for themselves. They are no more among us today. The remaining few who try to deceive the people in the same manner will soon be utterly annihilated by the "Power of Lahari" - the infinite and all-powerful One !

The "Name of God" and "God" are both one and the same. There is no difference between the two. The very Name of God is as powerful and destructive as God Himself. So no one dare oppose the sacred Name of God !

This sacred name 'L-A-H-A-R-I' has been cleverly hidden in the Vedas, Quoran and BIble in a secretive-way and only now, we are able to understand these mysteries ( unravelled by the very author Himself ) for receiving the uncomprehendable powers of God in our lives.

God has today come to the earth and has personally revealed to us HIS OWN SECRET NAME 'LAHARI' which will make us Overcome Death and be 'glorified' along with the Lord and attain the Glorious-eternal-bodies, which He had prepared for us already before the foundation of the world ! None other nameon earth, except the NAME OF LAWRIE (LAHARI) can give us the overcoming Power to change our mortal bodies into immortal-glorious-bodies ! This is the greatest truth for this Age ! Accepting the Almighty Name of "LAHARI" amounts to attaining Eternal-Life. Rejecting the Name of LAHARI means accepting 'Death'. The Secret Name 'LAHARI' had been revealed in 'parts' to different people and they clung to that tiny revelation they had for life.


Throughout the Hindu Vedas and other scriptures we come across the name 'HARI'. They chant the Name of God as OM HARI OM HARI OM HARI OM etc., They have taken one-half of the name from ( LAWRIE ) LAHARI, leaving out the first syllable 'LA'. If you ask any true hindu to utter the syllable 'LA', he will be afraid to do so, because they know it is the terrible name of God. So they just keep on chanting Hari OM, Hari OM etc., meaning LA-HARI ( LAWRIE ), the Secret Name of God !

The Muslims repeat the first half of the Sacred-Name LAHARI as "LAH". They call God as LAH-ALLAH, ALLAH, ALLAH etc.

Can you now understand the mystery which has so far been shrouding these 'Names' which people gave for God ? When the Muslims say 'ALLAH', this name refers to that HUMAN-FORM of the Supreme Purusha LAHARI ! ! They get power only in that Name - thro' That Form of God (Even without their knowledge).

Even in Bible, the secret Name of God is cleverly hidden from the eyes of the people. Hagar the servant maid of Abraham gets a vision of the 'Supreme-Person' who revealed to her His Secret Name as "LA-HAI-ROI". None of the present day Christians know this great truth. Even today if you see in Tibet there are two temples side by side; and in one temple they chant: OM HARI OM HARI OM HARI etc. Whereas in the other temple they keep chanting: OM LA OM LA OM LA etc. When both ( the chantings ) are joined together we get the Personal-Name of God as LA+HARI (i.e.) LAHARI ( LAWRIE ).

Only by getting a revelation of this SECRET-NAME "LAHARI" can we be able to identify the 'Supreme-Purusha' on this earth: Since He alone will be bearing HIS OWN NAME "LAWRIE" (LAHARI) when He comes down. None others will know this deep secret; and all the so-called bhagawans and Madathipathies etc., (of the present day) will have to place their crowns (glories) at the feet of this Supreme-Purusha " LAWRIE " (LAHARI) in order to obtain His mercies ! Otherwise they will all perish !

The complete secret Name of God (L-A-W-R-I-E) is all-powerful and will grant us overcoming power over all our problems ! ! !
The Inexplicable Powers hidden in the Sacred Name "LAHARI" (Lawrie)
Meditating on this Name brings inexplicable peace (Shanthi) to the soul !
Chanting the Name to oneself in a solitary place undoubtedly brings great tranquility to the mind.
Any prayer made using this Name is sure to bring 100% success and victory !
By using this Name one can attain immortality (overcome death) and obtain Jeevan-Mukti !
Any person (Hindu, Muslim, Christian or of any religion) accepting this Name in his heart gets rid of all his KARMA (Sins) immediately. This most 'Holy-Name' wipes out all sins and stains ! !
This Name is THE ONLY GREATEST PROTECTIVE FORCE one can have in his life which will enable to overcome all evil.
In Short This Name is INFINITELY POWERFUL ! Just try it and see !
This is the great Master-Plan-of-God which the Lord planned and performed before the foundation of the world for the life and blessings of the entire creation ! There cannot be "Life" for human beings without a great demonstration of the Life and Power of the Supreme Purusha exhibited at the beginning of Creation (called Supreme Sacrifice).

The Supreme Purusha fore-knew and saw all the failures weaknesses and problems of man and his entire creation. So in order to redeem them totally from these distresses and miseries of the Five-senses, he prepared a Super-Remedy for his entire creation ( and performed it millions and millions of years ago before the foundation of the world). By accepting this 'Remedy', his entire creation can receive all the life and blessings which He has prepared in store for them. This 'Super-Remedy' was himelf coming as a Mortal-Man and offering HIS OWN BODY as the Supreme Sacrifice. When 'The-Immortal-One' thus became 'Mortal', the 'Children of God' who were created by Him offered him in Sacrifice, for the redemption of the entire creation. This happened millions and millions of years before the foundation of the world; and this great-act of the Supreme-Purusha is recorded in all Vedas and Sacred Scriptures. But the translators and the so-called religious heads blacked out THIS GREAT SECRET from the eyes of the people, so that people by and by forgot 'the Supreme-Sacrifice of the Parama-Purusha' and thus could not attain 'LIFE'.

When the Body of Lord "LAHARI" was slain as the "eternal-remedy", the same body came back to LIFE again with full Power and Glory, thus proving to "the Children of God" His Indestructible nature. The Supreme-Purusha thus established "THE FAITH" on Himself thro' His Early-Sacrifice and proved. His deathless-nature and unlimited powers to His people.

The "TRUE-FAITH" or "ETERNAL-DHARMA" is the one established by LAHARI The Parama-Purusha (millions and millions of years ago before the foundation of the world) and not the religions of the present-day.

When the Supreme-Purusha enacted this Great-Act of AADHI-BALI (Supreme Sacrifice) before the children of God (who were existing at that time). He "sealed" the same as a great-mystery for the blessings of the people and thus started the "FAITH" (Supreme-Purusha-Dharma). He then began sending prophets to the earth in each Age and thro' them he revealed the "heavenly-secrets" which He had sealed. All those who believed the prophets (or avatars) were considered qualified to attain 'that-LIFE ! And thro' the prophets He gave us all the Sacred Scriptures, such as the Bhagavad-Gita, Bhagavatham, Vedas, Quoran, Bible etc., for us to read and understand the mind and plan of God for mankind in every age !

But today there is no "Faith" on this earth ! The people of this earth have entirely forgotten the "Eternal-Remedy" that the Supreme-Purusha had prepared ( for us ) by Himself becoming A SACRIFICE before the foundation of the world.

Faith on 'that "REMEDY" of Parama Purusha (Aadhi-Bali-God), alone can save us today. - and cleanse all from our Jenma-pavam ( Original-Sin ) and Karma-pavam (Sins) - without which we can never be united with God ! !

That is why, at the end of this Kali-Yuga, That Supreme-Purusha, "LAHARI" - HIMSELF has come down in our midst as an ordinary human being in order to personally reveal HIMSELF as the author of Great Early Sacrifice to us ( His beloved ones ) so that we may not perish with the rest of the world !
There lies an "Ashram" called "Manujothi Ashram on the outskirts of River TAMPARAPARNEE, spread near a little town called MUKKUDAL of TIRUNELVELI DISTRICT, SOUTH INDIA. This Ashram was first established in the year 1962 with a very few inmates. But now it has grown into a very large Ashram with about 300 families residing there and this Ashram is named as "MANUJOTHI-ASHRAM" have many branches all over the world ( in countries like America, Germany, Switzerland, Burma, Malaysia, Dubai, etc., )

The "GURU" of this Ashram is "LORD LAHARI" -- The Supreme-Purusha Himself who has established "His Earthly Abode" here since 1962. Since the time of His earthly , He has separated for Himself a small group of loyal devotees from all walks of life, from all parts of the world and had brought them into this wilderness-place of MANUJOTHI ASHRAM. Here, He has imparted to them the "Great Secrets of Life" which would enable them to attain Jeevan-Mukthi. All these messages of the Divine Lord which you receive now on the Web-site have all been taken from His Lips directly and presented to you.

He has fulfilled to the very letter all the prophecies given about Him in all the Sacred Scriptures ( of all religions ) and has revealed openly all the hidden-mysteries of these scriptures, thus, proving to the world, without even a shadow of doubt, that He is that very "LAHARI" -- the God Almighty Himself and that there is none else beside Him!
There is a false doctrine prevalent today among the present-day religions people that Man can become God by meditating on himself that he is God. They say, God is in you so you are God. There is a very great lie ! Man can never become God. The creature is entirely different from the CREATOR. God created everything out of nothing , just by the power of His Word ! God can become Man, but man can never become God. Yet today there are many so-called 'bhagawans' and 'gods' who deceive the people and lead them to destruction. But a true devotee of God will not be moved by any outward signs but spot out the deceiver in no time. God has to become 'a total Man' at the end of Kali-Yuga. This is the great plan of God. The so-called religious heads, falsely claim themselves to be that person. They attract the people for sometime and finaly when they die, people loose faith in them. But some people are so foolish that even after the death of such people, they still worship them as gods and say that they have become 'Jothi' ( Form of light ).

But no human-being can be 'glorified' (or become jothi) without knowing the secret of the "SUPREME-SACRIFICE"; and this Secret has only now; been given out to the people by the Supreme-Purusha Himself; thus baffling the minds of all the so-called bhagawans of the present day !
The main life-incidents which took place in personal life of SHRI. PAULASEER "LAWRIE" MUTHUKRISHNA ( alias LAHARI KRISHNA ) traced to the extent possible by His Grace is presented to you in Simple English so that you may not fail to understand the real transcendental-glories of the Supreme Lord "LA-HARI". These life-incidents will by themselves prove beyond doubt the true identity of the Person concerned. Please meditate on each incident carefully and ask GOD to open your understanding to grasp this MOST PRECIOUS TRUTH ! ! !
The Geneology of the Final KALKI-AVATAR, Shri. Paulaseer LAWRIE MUTHUKRISHNA can be traced from 'the Bhavishya-Purana' of Sage Veda Vyasa, & from Bhagavatam written by the same Vyasa and also from the Holy-Bible written by different prophets all along the ages. Muthukutty Swami who wrote the Ahila-Thirattu and Arul-Nool ( 200 years back ) also gives the geneological line of the coming KALKI-AVATAR !

If we compare BHAVISHYA-PURANA and THE BIBLE is quite evident 'VISHNU' of the Vedas is none-else but the 'LORD-GOD' of the Bible. In the Bhavishya-Purana; Veda Vyasar clearly states that 'VISHNU' created ADAM and EVE; and traces their geneology upto "ABRAHAM" whom he called as "AVIRAMA".

On the other hand; if we compare the BIBLE and the QUORAN, it is quite plain that the "ALLAH" of the Muslims is none else but "CHRIST-JESUS" of the Christians. So there is No contradiction however among the different Sacred scriptures but only in the minds of the people, "LORD LAWRIE" (Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna) has now come to prove that GOD IS ONE and that there is no other God beside Him ! !

According to these 'Scriptures' given above, "KALKI-AVATAR" should be born in the blood-line of "KING DAVID" who ruled almost the whole world in His time (some 3000 years ago). The Holy Bible clearly says that the Lord-God should come thro' the lineage of one of Sons of King David.

King David comes from the blood-line of "Avirama (Abraham) --- This 'Avirama' was a great devotee and follower of "VISHNU" (Lord-God) and his line is traced from the time of 'Adam' in Bhavishya-Purana. The Blood-line of King David is traced in the Bible. King David had many sons thro' his many wives. But two of them need to be given prominence in this context. One is "SOLOMON" and the other is "NATHAN" Solomon took the rulership whereas Nathan took the priest-hood. Solomon's line became great kings who were all finally destroyed and came to nothing. But the LINE OF "NATHAN" in which the Son of David comes was carried away captive by a 'Tamil King' from INDIA called Nebuchadnezzar who (obeying the command of God) brought the Line of Nathan to SOUTH-INDIA. This 'Nathan-tribe' began multiplying by intermarriage and completely lost their true identity and their complexion etc. They became one of the down-trodden castes of South India (the NADARS). But they belonged to the ROYAL-FAMILY at one time.

SHRI. PAULASEER 'LAWRIE' MUTHUKRISHNA (alias) LAHARI KRISHNA is the 5th decendant of the great "SUDALAIMADAN NADAR" (who comes in this line) of whom Prophet Muthukutty Swami Prophecised in his book called AHILA-THIRATTU about 300 years ago. He indicates in every detail, the identity of "this Great Person" and also gives the place of His Birth and many other details very accurately ! !
End of Introduction !
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