God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
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All glory to Gurudev Shri Lahari Krishna who opened my understanding to know that there is only one God whom the Christians call as Christ Jesus, the Hindus as Narayana and the Muslims as Allah.
M. Anand
First of all, I thank God Shri Lahari Krishna for giving me this golden opportunity to give my testimony.  In fact, I wish to tell it to the whole world by His Grace.

About My Education:

(1)B.Com Graduate.
(2)PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications)
(3)Basically professionalized in Software development.

My Family:

My parents and an elder brother.

My dependents:

Wife and two kids.

About Me personally:

I was a free-going person who wished to enjoy the world and gave great importance to ‘self’ in all possible ways.  I was not having faith on God at all.  I abused God like anything for creating me.   I even told, ‘Who is God?  If he comes near me, I will beat him like anything by appointing some men for it.  I was very serious about this.’

From my childhood, my parents and friends used to take me to temples.  But I used to become very angry when anybody called me to accompany them when they went to temples.  Because, I could not see (or) get any truth by going to temples.

I even fought with my parents when they insisted that I accompany them when they went to temples or advised me to visit temples alone.  I even warned my parents severely for calling me to visit temples.

About my earthly parents:

(Daddy - S. Mallikarjunan, Mummy - V. Umavathi)

My father S. Mallikarjunan used to teach slokas from Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and ask us to repeat them.  But my mother was basically very much against following the teachings of the Bhagawad Gita because she was very much interested only in worldly growth i.e., educating the children, leading our life in such a way that society praises us!

But my father did one wonderful thing. He obtained voluntary retirement from his job as soon as he got totally absorbed in the lovely book called “Shrimad Bhagavad Gita”. He wanted to spend his full time continuously reading and meditating on this Veda alone.  He was eager to become a doer of the word.  But due to my worldly-minded mother, he could not take a brave stand on this.  She gave a lot of trouble when my father voluntarily resigned the job and even thereafter.  She used to fight with him every day.  My dad did not know the way to become a ‘Doer of the Veda’ because he had not personally met the one and only Guru (Lord Shri Lahari Krishna) even though he was on planet earth at that time.

How I received the Divine  Touch of the Loving Creator Lord Shri Lahari Krishna personally:

Actually, I was working in Gulf (Fujairah-United Arab Emirates) in the year 1998.  I came to Chennai for my first vacation.  At that time my father S. Mallikarjunan told me that he had left doing ‘Sandhya-Vandhanam’ (A spiritual discipline done by Brahmins thrice daily).  At that time, I felt happy thinking that he had done a wonderful thing.  Then I told him to remove the ‘Poonool’ (Sacred Thread worn by every Brahmin).  He said it will take some days for him to do so.  Then I asked him the reason for stopping ‘Sandhya Vandhanam’.  He showed me Lord Shri. Lahari Krishna’s photograph and informed me that He is Sreeman Narayana (God Almighty). He (Lord Narayana) had come as a normal man to remove our ‘Karma’ (Sins). He further told me that Lord Narayana has asked all humanity to stop all the ‘rituals and traditions’ which had now lost their substance and was not the ‘dharma’ for this Yuga when God is personally present on this earth. Pure devotion to the Lord and following his teachings alone is the ‘dharma’ for this Yuga.

Actually, just by looking at His (Lord Shri Lahari Krishna’s) smiling face, I felt He must be the Father of all that exists.  I do not know why.  I felt in my soul that the things told by my father were true.

Normally, being an atheist I used to abuse anybody who proclaimed the name of God.  But my mind completely stopped thinking about this person in that usual way.  Also, I enquired my father eagerly whether it was possible to meet Lord Shri. Lahari Krishna in person.  He said that Lord Shri. Lahari Krishna had finished his mission of preaching the message of “Jeevan Mukthi” (Deathlessness) on 24th February, 1989 and had taken his own Glorious Form. I could not understand this.  He said that the direct disciples of Lord Shri Lahari Krishna were available and at present some of them were staying at Medawakkam, a small town where we were also staying.  So, after some time we went there.  I was very much pleased to go to the place where two of his direct disciples resided. They were living in a small house.

I got the opportunity to meet one of His disciples Mr Advani Saras.  He told me: “Hitherto Avatars like Rama, Krishna etc., have been born to tell the Truth. Now at the end of Kali-Yuga, God Himself (Sender of Avatars) has come down to tell the Truth.  He Himself is ‘the Very PARAMA PURUSHA’.  But I could not catch that point and I asked him, whether we ourselves cannot be called Gods whenever we do good things? He then told me that “God can come down as a Man but man can never become God”.  That was a great blocking sentence for my thought and even acceptable indeed.   This disciple told me the ‘Secret Personal Name’ of God Narayana. Then we came back from their place.  Then I went back to Gulf after completing my Computer Course for which I had come to India in the name of vacation.

My First Prayer to Lord Shri. Lahari Krishna:

I had kept my suitcase in my room that was given to me.  Actually, I thought of revising the subject that I had to use the next day morning in my job.  At that time, I searched for my computer note book.  It was not available.  I searched for it very thoroughly.  I could not find it.

I just closed the suitcase and exclaimed “Shri Lahari Krishna!” internally thinking: “They told me that you are God”.  I thought about Him very deeply in my heart just for two seconds.  That is all.  Then, I checked again in the same place where I had searched earlier.  The book was clearly visible.  It was nothing short of a miracle because I was very sure that I had searched very thoroughly for the book in the very place where it was found.  But I took this matter very lightly and ceased to think about it.  But, even without my conscious knowledge, I was keeping on chanting that name “Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna Jeyam” repeatedly.

Even till today, I am not able to understand how I was chanting the name of Lord Shri Lahari Krishna. This was again a miracle.  What made me to tell that Name? And how did I tell that?  Later I wanted to finish my job in the Gulf quickly and come back home. The urge to earn more and more money stopped suddenly. How this came about is a story all by itself. It was a casual incident which resulted in a very great revelation. The impact of this incident was deep and long lasting. The incident was as follows: When I was casually talking to a worker in the warehouse I uttered a sentence casually scarcely aware that I was uttering it. This sentence was packed with ‘tons’ of self-glory and pride! It was pride in the possession of riches! I had saved a lot of money and had a very big amount in the bank. When riches exceed a certain limit we are not in control of it. The money controls us. Fully sated with the power of riches I was acting high and mighty and my words echoed this. After uttering these words I quite suddenly felt remorseful. I began to think about what gave me the impetus to utter these words. I immediately found out that it was the possession of riches above a certain limit that gave me this false sense of power. I was no longer in my own control. I was in the control of money. Immediately I wanted to quit my job and come to Chennai even though I was highly paid. I was able to see the devilish mind of my mother over this decision. There was also a lot of encouragement from my superiors to stay on in the job there by granting me a promotion to the ‘Management Cadre’.  To escape from the meshes of maya I told them that I was going to continue my higher studies and left abruptly.

After returning to India I did not want to go for any job. As I had accumulated enough money and as I did not have any bad habit I thought I could retire and pursue some harmless, permissible pleasures of life.

I saw a big change in my mother’s face when I came back from the Gulf after resigning my job. When I came for vacation the first time with the job my mother was all smiles. But now there was no smile or welcome on her face.  She did not like me to quit the job. Her affection towards me was based on my bank balance and not on real filial love.  My mother asked me, “You have left the job and what are you going to do now?”  Although my mother was worshipping Lord Shri. Lahari Krishna she was totally covetous. It did not take me long to find out that she was only a nominal worshipper and not a true one. But I could not see any change in my father’s attitude. He was very happy at my decision. He told me to just sit at home and read the Vedas. He said that he would take care of me with his pension if such a necessity arises. It was the sheer Grace of God that took away the love of money and power and position from my heart. It was also due to his Grace alone that I came back to India.  I now started to appreciate my father’s way of life. He would read the Vedas from dawn till dusk and talk only about that. His face was radiant when he talked about God and His Goodness.

Within a few days, I got a job in the branch office of the Gulf office. I had to take up this position due to certain unavoidable circumstances. Whenever there was an opportunity to communicate with me my father used to tell me portions from the discourses of Lord Shri Lahari Krishna.  I found those words nice to hear because it was full of Truth.  These messages of Lord Shri Lahari Krishna gave me great happiness. I wanted to hear more and more. Ultimately I was so engrossed in the messages that I wanted to change my plans and life-style.  Normally, I never change my plans unless I find something higher and better.  But Lord Shri Lahari Krishna’s words made me change my plans. These discourses hitherto unheard from any human being slowly removed all that was false and base in my mind and filled it with the Divine Truth.  This is simply marvelous. I cannot be thankful enough for this Great Grace of God. I will describe in detail how the Lord led me step by step in the path of Truth. All praise and glory be to him and him alone!

The first incident where Ayyah broke my plan for my good:

Actually, I had planned to settle in Canada to avoid fights in the home with my mother and to have peace of mind. I applied for a job in Canada and got it soon after I came from Gulf permanently.  This plan made my mother happy.   But she was worried in a fleshy way.  But my father showed me a sentence told by Lord Shri Lahari Krishna: “America is going to be destroyed for its sins”.   He even told me seriously that Ayyah has asked us not to go to America. These words got embedded in my brain and by God’s grace the idea of going abroad was taken out of my mind.  Here I would like to highlight that God alone can change your plans. Usually when cherished plans are changed there will be pain in the heart but only Ayyah can give you such inexplicable peace that there will be no pain whatsoever even when cherished plans get changed in a jiffy. This happened in my life.  He alone can bring this change of mind without pain which no brilliant man can do.  This is because He wants to totally plan his children’s lives so that they will not lose their soul because he alone has the True Love on us. His love alone prevents us from going to the wrong places and at the wrong times and get lost eternally. Only the Creator can have such love on us and show it in action in our lives.

After some days, I was slowly pulled little by little by the Word of God which I did not even know.

When I used to talk deeply with my dad on spiritual matters, he used to tell me that I was telling the Word of God in a very beautiful manner and that I was granted wisdom by God.  I could not realize and did not know what he told.  But now I realize that this is purely because of the Love of God on me.  This is really thrilling and highly enjoyable.

Later, I asked my dad to give me a book of Ayyah that is easily understandable.  Then he gave me the ‘Book of Psalms’ (One of the books of the Bible). I went through the contents of the book. God showed me from the 25th Psalm certain spiritual truths; here I found portions which dealt with asking forgiveness from God and protection from enemies. Further full safety was assured by God to those who surrendered to him totally. This gave me great confidence.

At that time, my parents were searching for a suitable bride for me.  Most of the people who found other things suitable in us could not get reconciled to the Truth we believed in as it broke their pet conceptions and false rituals and ceremonies. Because the majority of the people are not in the Truth they find people in the Truth unpalatable.  They rejected us because my parents were following the Truth and were professing it boldly.  Even though I was earning a lot and having an own house, and enjoyed robust health people rejected us because of the Truth we believed.

I had left the task of choosing a girl for me to my mother.  At the same time, I was very keen in not allowing anybody to interfere in my family life.  This was because I felt that there should not be any confusion brought into the home by others.

A girl was arranged for me and my marriage was over. One day, we both were watching the Adhi-Bali Video CD (Powerful Message of Ayyah about SUPREME SACRIFICE).  At that time, I felt that the message was very wonderful.  I had never heard that kind of message earlier.  It was full of Truth.  I got the interest to follow it by the Lord’s grace.  So, I prayed to Ayyah:  “If I have to follow, I have to get the confirmation from my closest person. Then, Lord took my wife as an instrument for this as I was unaware that she is the closest person to me in this world at that time.  My wife must agree to my decision.”  Within 15 minutes, my wife told “If you are going to follow this Truth then you must get full knowledge of the Truth by hearing the audios and seeing the videos.”  I asked her to repeat what she had told. She did so. I asked her to repeat one more time.  The third repetition confirmed me to follow the ‘Path of Truth’.

After two days it was a Saturday.  I desired to keep the SABBATH (A Special Holy Day of God) according to Ayyah’s message. My wife opposed this idea.  That is, she did not stop me from keeping the Sabbath but she was not interested in following me.  So, I told about the blessings of Sabbath Observance once, and then left the matter to God.  (Actually, as per Lord’s will, we are not supposed to light fire on that day - even for cooking).  This is as per the Vedas.

She prepared hot coffee in the morning and enjoyed it nicely.  In the following week on Wednesday a lizard fell into our well and died and the water was very smelly.  We were unable to drink that water for one week. This was because of not acting as per the ‘Will of the Lord’ after knowing the Truth.

Then slowly she understood that Lord Shri Lahari Krishna is the True God by practically experiencing His Peace and Love personally.

After reading from the messages that we must get up in the mornings and praise God I got up early in the mornings and did so, by the grace of the Lord. I was filled with the power of God. My wife refused to pray along with me. Those days, she used to suffer from a very severe wheezing problem.  At that time, I heard from the messages of Ayyah that God is able to solve any disease or any problem whatever it may be.  My wife was suffering from this wheezing problem continuously for fifteen days. It was horrible to look at a creature suffering like that.

So, that night we went to the hospital and the doctor gave an injection.  At that time my wife told me: “From my very young age itself, I have this problem and I was scanned once and there was a small problem in the heart - a tiny growth of wall”.  Normally, a human mind will think that “Oh, God has given me a diseased bride and instead he may do anything under that circumstances due to hiding these things”.  But God clearly made me to realize that “Anything can happen to anybody at any point in time”.  Above all, God made me to think only about Him and His Almighty Powers at that time. He gave me the bravery and the faith to leave this problem to Him.  That night we came back home.  The doctor had asked her to come the next day morning for further treatment.

By God’s grace, I woke up early in the morning by 4.30 A.M., and did a deep prayer for her chest pain.  We went to the doctor where they took all the necessary tests.  The result for each test came out successful such that everything was perfectly normal.  The doctor was shocked on seeing the results.  This was because there was no consonance between the two reports. Yesterday it was abnormal and indicated a critical problem. The next day it was perfectly normal.   For your information these tests were taken in a prestigious private hospital. The reports were diagnosed by the Chief Cardiologist.  They could not identify any problem because the problem was permanently solved by the Lord.  Thereafter she did not suffer from wheezing problem at all.

About Resignation of my Chennai Job (After Marriage):

By our Lord’s grace, I woke up regularly early in the mornings and did the prayers given by the Lord for the new-comers.  God made me to do that with my full heart and soul.  Really within seven days, there was a terrible change in me. I was given a spiritual insight by Ayyah (Sreeman Narayana).  I found that there was nothing useful or worthwhile in the mundane day to day life-style of the people of the world.  It was a life-style which had no purpose and no God. Every one of them -- be it elder or younger, be it a peon or owner or manger, be it poor or rich -- followed a useless existence. After obtaining this revelation the Lord made me to concentrate on His Human Form and Name very deeply.

The interest of going to a worldly job and serving the world went away from me after listening to the lovely words of Ayyah.  I was waiting to resign my job and dedicate myself fulltime to God.  I was waiting for a confirmation from Ayyah -- a perfect sign of God -- to resign the job.   For a week, I was going to my office mechanically. I was not interested in my job. My full focus was on the messages of Ayyah which gripped me very intensely. I was listening to the messages of Ayyah in the mornings. Thereafter I went to the office. As soon as I came home I would once again get absorbed in the messages of Ayyah. Even though I was newlywed I could not allot time for anything else other than Ayyah, by the terrible unshakable grace of Ayyah (The True God). I urged my wife to join me and hear the wonderful words of Ayyah.   I was spending my time like this for a week.   I was not even aware that I had not spent any time at all to talk with my wife. My wife found this intolerable and burst out. I consoled her and told her that the most important thing in the world was to hear the voice of God and do it. Slowly my wife understood this truth though in the beginning she gave some trouble.

After some days, she was also insisting that I leave the job.  But I had already submitted the resignation letter by the Lord’s grace.  I was very eager to get relieved from my office but nobody was willing to relieve me.  Everybody in my office told me that working in the office for my livelihood was my duty. They told: ‘You must do your duty.’  I told that I was going to read Vedas.  ‘That is my real duty--not this office work’.  Everybody called me a fool.

I had asked the Lord to change my wife completely to follow the Truth so that we could jointly fulfill the Lord’s will. The Lord answered this prayer also.  The same day as soon as I came to my house I saw her reading the Holy Bible with very great interest.  We both were very happy in Lord Shri Lahari Krishna. Also, when I was listening to one of the Messages of Ayyah, I got the enlightenment that a normal man could not speak these words and just as I was thinking about this another thought flashed in my mind. It was as follows: “How nice it would be if this wonderful Supreme Person proclaimed directly that he is Lord Narayana!”  Just within five seconds Ayyah told: “I am Narayana”.  I was stunned and could not think of anything beyond that.  Suddenly, my wife asked, ‘Why are you going to the office still?’ I told, ‘They are not leaving me.  I want to leave.’  She told, ‘Do not tell it.  Do it. This is what the Lord has spoken indeed.’  That made me to leave the job right away.

Then, we slowly started to become doers of the Word in each and every activity by the Lord’s Grace.
My wife was very much fond of Vinayaka’s Form (Elephant’s face and man’s body).  But Ayyah showed me that only His Form was the ‘Real Form of God.’  So I asked her to throw away all the idols that were present in the kitchen. She did so.  She used to go to temples. I went with her but stood outside the temple.  After coming home I asked her, ‘Why are you going to temples?’  First she felt like opposing this idea but the Lord suddenly took control of me and spoke words of truth which made her realize that we do not get peace by going to temples and that we must only follow the path that Ayyah has revealed to us. Then she realized this truth by Ayyah’s grace and stopped going to temples.

Then we started having problems through the father-in-law, mother-in-law and all in-laws.

Everybody had got the news that I had resigned my job. They were very keen in taking back their daughter (my wife) away with them by separating her from me. They wanted to do this just because I resigned my job and wanted to do God’s work depending totally on God and not on money or any other human support.  Also they did not like us to worship the Creator who had come to the earth in humble human form. They wanted their daughter to follow their false way. So they wanted to separate her from me and get her married to another person who fulfilled their wishes and not the wishes of the Creator. They were very fanatical in their beliefs. They did not like us to read the Vedas of all religions like Bible, Bhagavad Gita and the Koran. They were totally against us following the teachings of Lord Narayana, Lord Shri Lahari Krishna who had come down to this earth -- on Indian Soil -- in Humble Human Form to grant ‘Jeevan Mukthi’

By the Lord’s grace though we both were born in Brahmin families we don’t have any caste or community feeling. We both have eaten non-vegetarian food till we knew the message of Lord Shri Lahari Krishna.


The in-laws gave lots of trouble by filing a false complaint with the police saying that I was doing brothel business using my wife. At this time we were living a life of complete dependence on the Lord for all our needs. The world reacted violently to this. The parents of my wife and other relatives and friends gave us a great deal of trouble. This is the treatment that is meted out to the true bhakthas and disciples of Lord Narayana by the false world which is in the grip of Satan. We prayed to the Lord to put an end to all these hindrances by the devil. Though they planned many evil things against us the Lord delivered us from them all. Now we are leading a peaceful and serene life in the Lord accomplishing his will.

When I listened to the messages of Lord Shri Lahari Krishna very keenly by His grace, I wanted to become a doer of Lord Narayana’s teachings. I sold all my belongings and disposed them as per the will of God and was living a life of total dependence on the Lord.

The first great pleasure that I got from God directly was in the middle of the road. A ‘Great Peace’ like the gush of a great waterfall flooded my soul and I was filled with complete Joy and Peace. I left my job internally and externally by the grace of God. This great experience of Peace and Tranquility was something that I had not enjoyed so far. Lord Shri Lahari Krishna graciously granted me this inexplicable joy and peace. I want everybody in this world to get this experience from God.  This is the reason for sharing this testimony. I want to urge everyone to enjoy the bliss of dwelling in the holy presence of God at all times and accomplishing his perfect will in our lives.

I was not a reader of the Vedas but an atheist. I had never touched the Vedas of any religion. The Spirit of Ayyah gave me the interest and strength to read all the Vedas of all religions with great interest and understand them. The ‘Upadesha’ - Teachings of Lord Narayana - will give us Jeevan Mukthi if we put them into practice whole-heartedly by His Grace.

The Lord made me to understand that He is the Author and Revealer of all Vedas. This is a great experience.  Everybody must taste and enjoy this by the grace of the Lord. The Vedas teach us to understand clearly what God likes and what he dislikes. We should put away what he (God) dislikes and live a life that pleases him PRACTICALLY. Only then will we be happy. The Vedas describe the powers and characteristics of God Almighty and this knowledge increases our love on Him. We understand that all worldly love is false and empty to the core. The only real love is God’s love. So he alone must be trusted and loved one hundred percent by every creature.


4. Throw AWAY ALL FEELINGS OF HATRED on any living creature.


1.To develop a Grand and Beautiful Website for Him (Gurudev Shri. Lahari Krishna), who is nothing but The One and Only Lord God Almighty.  The name of the website is: www.narayanaconsciousness.net  in more than 125 LANGUAGES (comprising various Indian and Foreign Languages).

2.To create innumerable remarkable “Powerpoint Presentations” using various Songs having the sense of Truth.

3.To Spread the Message of Ayyah as guided by His Powerful Loving Spirit.

As a result, by the Lord’s grace, my Lord-given wife and children also co-operate to fit into the Will of the Lord by helping in the above mentioned Lord’s tasks out of their own voluntarily love on God and not under any physical or mental pressure on them.  OF COURSE, THIS HAS HAPPENED ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD ON THEM AND NOT BY ANY OF MY OR THEIR SELF-EFFORTS.  GOD AND HIS MARVELLOUS WISDOM-FILLED PLAN IS ALONE GREAT BUT NOT MAN AND HIS FOOLISH SELF.
All Praise, Honour, and glory be unto Lord Shri. Lahari Krishna who has come down to this earth in humble human form.
I was a person who never knew anything about God or spiritual life.  Lord Shri. Lahari Krishna made me understanding that he was God Almighty by opening my understanding when I was listening to his tape-recorded Divine Discourses.

After my spiritual eyes were opened to this Divine Truth, I had to be thoroughly educated in the ways of God.  Each man has a special way appointed by God for this purpose.  In my case he linked me closely with his beloved direct disciple by name Alexander Prabhu.  This disciple was trained by the Lord Himself directly for more than ten years at Manujothi Ashram the physical abode of the Divine Lord.  He was one of the Lord’s inner circle.  He was closely associated with the Lord in transcribing his direct utterances.  By the sheer Grace of the Lord I had the opportunity of knowing the ‘Teachings of the Lord’ through this beloved disciple.  He taught me the ways of the Lord with great love and kindness.  I was deeply convinced in my soul without the least shadow of a doubt that the lord wanted to educate me spiritually through this disciple.  This plan of God to elevate me in my spiritual life by this disciple was not understood by my family members.  The Lord used this disciple to make me walk according to his plan in each and every circumstance of my life.  The first thing that this disciple asked me to do was to digitize a summary study of Bhagawan’s Discourses.  The first work was entitled: “The Secret Personal Name of God Almighty.”

When I fully involved myself in this work my earthly parents turned against me and gave me a lot of trouble.  They asked me not to visit Brother Prabhu.  At this point the Lord gave me the wisdom to understand that Brother Prabhu was a real doer of God’s Word and a righteous person loved greatly by the Lord and that these people who opposed him were nominal believers of Ayyah’s messages.   My parents refused him because they were full of selfishness and self-righteousness.  The Lord made me understand that this man of God was a selfless servant of the Lord and without any guile.  I could not make my family members understanding this.  This being the case they gave us a lot of trouble.  This close association with a direct disciple of Lord Shri. Lahari Krishna resulted in many good works to be performed which glorified the Lord.  Some of them are as follows:

1.Many Summary studies of Ayyah’s messages.

2.A unique website for the Lord in more than 125 Languages (Comprising Indian and Foreign Languagues)

3.Printing and Distributing books, tracts, and stickers etc., for the spreading of the Truth.

When I joined with this disciple for performing the above spiritual tasks my family members did not like this.  They did their best to thwart this work.  They forbade this disciple from visiting my house.  The Lord then made me to shift my house to Medawakkam where this disciple resided.  I can say boldly by the Grace of Ayyah that this disciple was a great spiritual friend, a brother fully experienced in the ways of the Lord and a selfless man of God.  Every wicked person thinks in his heart that the true disciples of God are covetous, selfish and worldly-minded.  They do not stop with this.  They use devilish cunning and craftiness to separate the persons who are joined with these disciples.  They employ disbolical plans to separate this union brought about by God.  The people who do this act as if they are sincere bhaktas of the Lord.  They say: Gurudev Shri. Lahari Krishna lives.  They read Bible, Bhagavad Gita and Koran.  These people utter the name of Ayyah and do all these pernicious things.  Ayyah has warned us to be very careful about such people.  This is because these people try to cut the Love of God and replace it with their selfish, devilish, fleshy love.  These are wolves in sheep skins.  Therefore my dear brothers and sisters be very careful of the “fleshy love” of these people who transgress the commandments of God and try to force their “false love” on us and try to cut away the real love of God.  These are the wolves, swine and myna kunjees (those who saw discord among brethren) referred to in the messages of the Lord.  That is what I ask you to ponder deeply by the Grace of Ayyah.  Ayyah has asked us to keep the love between him and us intact.  This is the only thing needful and what really matters in this life and the next.