God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA ! (Glory to God) !!
Narayana Consciousness
Messages delivered by Son of Man R. Paulaseer Lawrie on 28-6-1974

Zephaniah 3:1: “Woe to her that is filthy and polluted, to the oppressing city!” Now listen, is Jerusalem an oppressing city now? It has got a government only now, but in the period of Judgement, there is one Jerusalem, and that is America, full of Jews. What is the condemnation? She obeyed not the voice: she received not correction, she trusted not in the Lord: she drew not near to her God. Do you understand here? First the seniors. She obeyed not the voice. That’s the prophet’s voice. She should have obeyed the prophet’s voice. And according to the prophet she must have corrected herself. And she should have trusted in the Lord and she should have drawn near to her Lord God. Because of that sin God is destroying the country.

“Her princes within her are roaring lions; her judges are evening wolves; they gnaw not the bones till the morrow. Her prophets are light and treacherous persons: her priests have polluted the sanctuary, they have done violence to the law. The just Lord is in the midst thereof: he will not do iniquity; every morning doth he bring his judgment to light: he faileth not; but the unjust knoweth no shame.” Zephaniah 3:3-5. You know you must understand the way of God’s teaching.

God blessed the nation of America and the Western countries because they acknowledged that, “In God we trust”. Why did God destroy the other nations? Why so many other countries lost their kingdoms? Why? What is the reason? Is God partial? He tells the reason here. ‘I have cut off the nations: their towers are desolate; I made their streets waste that none passeth by; their cities are destroyed, so that there is no man, that there is none inhabitant’ (V.6). You know why? ‘I said, Surely thou wilt fear me, thou wilt receive instruction: .............. by their destruction. So their dwelling should not be cut off, howsoever I punished them: but they rose early, and corrupted all their doings’ (V.7). I destroyed the other nations to teach you that you do not do that, so that your cities will be preserved, your countries will be preserved but instead of that you got up in the morning to do sins. Then he says: “Therefore wait ye upon me, saith the Lord, until the day that I rise up to the prey: .... So God knows early and He determines so many things. I determine to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger: for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy”. (V.8). So the Lord God is a jealous God and that fire burns the nations. Do you understand how the nations are burnt? It is that fire should burn all the nations with the atomic weapons, how much more fierce it must burn you if you are not careful. Why? To bring glory to the Lord. So who is the Lord? He is not only your God. He is the God of the Lord. So we know the Lord God has a God that is the Lord. Hallelujah. So here when all the nations are gathered, one nation says that there is no God and who gets jealous? The Lord God gets jealous. So what does he do? Come on you fellows, all join together and come back - come to Mount Olives. So he is preparing this people to come there to burn them out of His jealousy.

Already Judgment is taking place in U.S.A., which knows its God. According to Prophet Branham and the Son of Man R. Paulaseer Lawrie, whatever they spoke concerning the sinking of Los Angeles is the next event which we can expect to take place soon, bringing a heavy loss in the financial status of America, thereby bringing people into tribulation. Also the ‘Superman’, who is going to unite the religions to destroy the true children of God will soon be revealed, possessed with Lucifer’s spirit. Then Woe unto the people all over the world. Only few people will be glorified and taken by the Lord without tasting death. Do not feel that we are criticizing your Nation. Instead we pray that you look to your Lord God of Israel for your deliverance. This judgement is for other countries also. And all Islands will go into water!




If you look to Christ...every Bride who looks on God’s Word will meet Christ. You will read the Bible, I challenge you. The Lord has left the Mercy Seat to come down. If man can reach the moon, God has to reach the earth before that. Don’t worry, man can reach moon as never before in the history of the world. God will reach this earth before that and meet you. Why am I telling you this because in this life as you go, if you are a Bride you have a positive revelation of Jesus Christ. If you don’t have that, you have missed this great life. If you don’t know your Bridegroom, how He moves. What did the Bible say? First, He came as a slaughtered Lamb. Second, He is not coming as a lamb but as a lion. And it tells the description of the Lamb. In Revelation 10:1-7 - “When the seventh angel begins to sound, the mystery of God will be fulfilled.” But one thing has not been fulfilled, that is California going down has not been fulfilled. But he said it will be fulfilled. Until California has sunk, Brother Branham’s prophecy has not been fulfilled. And he says, when he sounds, that will be fulfilled. Now do you say it is finished? No, my friends, just be wise. Look to God, Bride of God, look to God.

Do you say the Bride is a big thing? ‘The Bride will not do a big thing brother, we are weak’. But God can make the weak thing to do mighty things. And if you say everything is finished, be careful, you are missing it. And the first miracle happened in this period; in the three and a half years period when God came down. When man is going to the moon, He doesn’t attack the man or the rocket. He attacks the earth in judgement: Los Angeles will sink down! This is the age when it is going. Don’t think it is long, it may be tomorrow, it may be day after tomorrow, but she is going down. Why? That angel, same angel takes the stone like a millstone and puts it in the water and says: “Thus Babylon will be destroyed”. First of all He destroys by water to show an example to the people in tribulation, because it is the sign for the tribulation people saying, “Babylon will be destroyed, Babylon will be destroyed, so tribulation saints don’t be afraid; stand out boldly and do not take the mark of the beast”. So Los Angeles will be destroyed because that death angel takes the millstone and takes it up and drops it right down into the sea. And that is in the Bible. Sing a Chorus please. (Congregation sings song while Bro. Lawrie finds scripture). Rev. 18:21,23.

“And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all. And the voice of harpers and musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; ..... and the voice of the Bridegroom and of the Bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived”.

Now this is just a symbol that just like Los Angeles will sink down in the sea, Babylon the great, harlot of all religions will be destroyed by fire. So by fire, destruction comes, not by water. God promised I will not destroy the whole world by water, so He takes a portion of the earth and destroys by water but He is not going to destroy the whole world except by fire. When the foolish virgins see that........ when the tribulation saints see that, then they say: “Oh! We won’t bow down to the image, that is a sign that God will judge her also”. But for the Bride, when the angel... when God descends to take the people in His hand, on that day onward, Los Angeles is DOOMED. So you see if you have friends, ask them to get out of the place soon. It won’t stand very long. Los Angeles should be at the mercy of the Bride! If it does not sink at the swearing of the angel!

So my friends, now I can tell you about so many things, but what I want to say is, I am going away, but I am not going to preach in every church, but your church is open to me. So according to the Word of God, that mighty angel period is now. It descends and the signs, the Bride will find out. Clouds, eyes, flames of fire, and when He speaks, thunder will come. And that is the angel, THAT IS GOD! So in this period, here now no man can have any glory. No man can do anything. It is God’s work, God will keep on moving in His own plan and He will do a quick work because God does it. May God come..... may we be filled with His power..... Don’t listen Bride, to anybody, listen to Jesus Christ.

“The angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea and the things which are therein, that there should be TIME NO LONGER: Rev.10:5-6. Jesus said not to sware at all according to Matt. 5:34-36, but here the angel, a messenger swears breaking God’s word. Only God could do that. Just like Jesus (man) proves He is Lord by breaking Sabbath for good work. But He was not just a man.


When all denominations unite under the religious head who sits on a seat, ancient and honourable, he gets a tail which wags according to what its head says. This tail represents false prophets who teach only lies. Upto the Pentecost, people denominated and they have been put into a tight jacket. They are unable to move anymore except like caged lions and tigers, with their movements restricted to the area of the cage. There is no hope for them. There are a few others who claim to be independents, moving freely, having established contacts with all kinds of religious mushroom groups and inter-denominational hoaxes. When Prophet Branham came into the scene, he vehemently condemned everything not on par with God’s word and the denominational people had nothing to say to defend themselves from his incessant attacks. He was never found beating about the bush, but spoke in an outright manner. It was apparently the Spirit of God that spoke through him, condemning everything existing in the name of religion but out of the Word of God. The Prophet didn’t even spare many of his own followers whose principal aim was to make money. They are the ones who teach deliberate lies and either twist the things which the Prophet preached or teach something of which the Prophet never spoke. Many important tapes of his sermons are said to be missing -How? Scores of tapes have been ignored and put aside -the people have no opportunity to see them in book forms and know what they contain. No doubt, those associated with all such misdeeds are not just ordinary individuals but eminent leaders. They lead the people astray. These false prophets have become prominent because the people are following them blindly, and do not bother to check everything with the Word of God. They are possessed of a denominational spirit and behave worse than the political parties at the time of election; like the one now going on a year ahead of schedule here in India. If these people love Bro. Branham sincerely, they would have surely believed this Move from the East of which he saw in his visions. He spoke of this clearly. I challenge these agents of the Beast -I am sorry to use such a hard term but it is a fact -like a dog in the manger they neither allow others to go in the Rapture nor would they themselves go. They are of their Father, the Devil -the Dragon. They are not at all the Prophet’s children. Only those who have recognized this Bride Move are the people who really love the God of the Prophet Branham. Oh, you bunch of perverted Sodomites! Can’t you see Los Angeles rocking? Can’t you learn lessons from history? Why are you like Nero who fiddled when Rome was burning?

When the Americans went to moon this time (Apollo 14), the Lord gave me the Third Thunder Message to type. Every time a Thunder Message goes, terrific disaster should come like Noah’s days by water. When the last Thunder Message was published, millions perished overnight in East Pakistan. Even now I had hardly typed three sheets of this message, terrific rain and thunder occurred over here, and Los Angeles was also struck by repeated earthquakes. I then discontinued typing the message for over a month as prompted by the Holy Spirit. This only means, God is yet merciful to you. He wants to allow you some time to pull you out of that cursed place. What recently happened in Los Angeles is only a warning and foretaste of the terrific calamity that is to strike there soon with shocking suddenness. There is all the more urgency now for you to heed the divine warning and get out with no delay. Oh! Dear people of God, get away from that cursed place and flee for the sake of your lives before it is too late. If you hesitate, you will miss everything which you now regard as precious, including your lives. When the impending major earthquake begins to batter California, not much will escape. All your pre-arranged plans to fly away by jets at that time won’t work. I can perfectly see Los Angeles sinking into the water like a huge millstone once for all as the prophet has predicted. If his VISION of the sinking of Los Angeles is true and will soon find fulfillment, then the follow-up ministry on this earth before Rapture about which he has clearly indicated is also THUS SAITH THE LORD.



22-1-1972: We’ve come to the harvest time. The Bible says until the last minute we won’t know it. The world was waiting only for the union of China and America. Very soon, according to the prophet, America will be in flames. So you can understand the Political dragon and the Religious dragon will get together, and then it will burn. Before that Los Angeles will go down under water and then it is ready for judgement. Then the great war takes place. Millions and millions are going to fight against the promised land. There the two witnesses are waiting to receive us. Don’t worry, time is very short. It’s hard to believe. Our chapter doesn’t end with the rapture. We are only changing our clothing. It’s something like, when you enter a cold country, until then you wear warm clothing, but later change to woollen dress. So now, we are packing. This body dress will go away and Jesus will give us a new dress. That’s the glorified body. If you don’t get that body, you are a naked man. How do you become a naked man? By becoming a member of the denomination.


17-9-1972: What is the belief of the present-day Jews? That one day when the whole world is against them, they shall be delivered. He is not going to deliver them through earthly beings, but through heavenly beings, But they have the erroneous impression that the Pope may deliver them; but he is out of the Word. The Jews are a ‘seeing and believing’ people. They enter into a covenant with the Pope. But soon they realize, he is not the man to deliver them. So, they break the covenant, and cry to the Lord for help. That time all the nations will be against them-just like Goliath against the little David. Before that, America is gone-their last hope is gone. California goes under water, and America is destroyed. The whole world comes against Israel, but there will be a group of people there who say, “The Lord is good; for his mercy endureth forever.’ Then we get ready on mount Olives. So Joel says, that they should repent, rend their hearts and not their garments, and turn to God.’ He says, “ Who knoweth if he will return and repent, and leave a blessing behind him; even a meat offering and a drink offering unto the Lord your God?” (Vs.14). He says there is every chance of his repenting and coming to bless them. That’s what is going to happen.

3-10-1972: “Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments.” Vs.4 It isn’t just ‘Israel’, but ‘all Israel,’ That includes Judah also. We have to remember, not memorize the law of Moses that He commanded in Horeb with statutes and judgments. That is necessary for us today. Why? Only then we will know how we have fallen down because of our forefather’s sins. Now we can say, ‘God, we thank you for your justice in punishing our forefathers for their sins. Now we repent and come to you. Forgive our fathers for their sins. Give us the blessing you promised to our forefathers.’ So, when you remember the law of Moses and come to real repentance, then what is the promise? “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” (vs 5-6). If Bro. Branham didn’t come, America would have been cursed long ago. Why do you think America is not destroyed as yet, and California has not gone down under water? Because you have to come to India, believing the Word, and God has given this grace. But the day you are caught up, grace is over. Your coming on God’s Word gave them grace.

Today, you must understand the mind of God. Walk humbly with God, and always plead His mercy. Always give glory to Him, and be grateful for what He has done-dying for you and me. Break under the power of God.

Dangerous times are coming now. Why is it called ‘Perilous?’ Because God is going to sift us, to see if we are in the Word or not. It is easy to say now, I am standing on God’s Word. But when the devil shakes you.....Set your heart and ask God to fill you, so that you can stand on God’s Word. Let love be your foremost aim. Have no bitterness in your heart against anyone. Have fellowship with the living Word. God bless you.


10-12-1972: Now we go to Revelation. We are now between the third and the fourth seal. People don’t realize that plans are being made to destroy one-fourth of the world’s population. That will be more than all the Pentecostals and other people who believe the Word-all those with religious beliefs-put together. They will believe God, and as such, will refuse to take the mark of the beast, whose number is 666. Under the fourth seal, there is a pale horse. A man called ‘Death’ is on the horse. Hell follows him. What does it mean? The devil incarnates in a man, and to believe in him is death. Just at the time of receiving the kingdom, the devil incarnates in the Pope. He is getting ready for the visitation. God’s visitation was on Chicago moon landing day, but the devil’s visitation is at the time of receiving the Kingdom. Rev. 6:8- “And I looked, and behold a pale horse; and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth”. They will have a big arena, as they had in Rome in the early century. The wild beasts will be put in there. Those who don’t take the mark of the beast will be thrown inside, to be torn into pieces. That is what is coming under the fourth seal. How can that be done without planning from now on? From the very next day after we go in the rapture, this will happen, because the devil comes down with great wrath. “Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time”-(Rev. 12:12). Twice the whole population of India has to die in a short while. These people may be non-Christians or Christians. But if they don’t bow down to the rule of the beast, they will be annihilated.

So my friends, if you want to go back from here, be ready for such a situation. You may go into the mouth of the lion. The time is short. We have finished printing the book, ‘The Last Trump’. As the book was being brought out of the press, a terrific gale slashed Madras State and more than 50,000 people were rendered homeless. The Lord told me, ‘You had the best meetings there, and so it will receive the worst punishment’. The people there are fooling us. Very soon there will be a mighty destruction. If the meetings that were held in Madras were held in Sodom and Gomorrah, Sodom and Gomorrah would be standing today. This is just a warning for God’s people to get out of Madras. If they don’t do it, they will have to suffer the consequences.

Under the fifth seal, we find some people receiving white robes. “And white robes were given unto everyone of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled”-(Rev. 6:11). That’s the Jews. They will enter into a covenant with the Pope. When they break it, the Jews, wherever they are except in Palestine, are massacred. Only Palestine, is a safe place for them. When people try to attack Palestine, God becomes angry. God has to prove His Word that those in Palestine are His people. He has to prove to the Physical Jews that He still keeps up His promise. He will prove to us too that He is not a liar.

17-12-1972: Now people ask, ‘Will California go down?’ They laugh sarcastically. But when God came on moon-landing day, He gave time for the sinking of Los Angeles until glorification. The Prophet came, and so God would not strike the earth with a curse. So long as we are here, He cannot do a thing like that. We are the salt of the earth. But once we are removed, from that time until 1977, it is a matter of death everywhere. Now it may look there is peace and prosperity everywhere. When the ‘Last Trump’ message came out of the press, an unprecedented flood shook the whole of South India. That very night 50,000 people lost their homes, and many died. That’s a vindicated message. The ‘Thunder Series’ brought death all over. Just watch and see what happens to Madras! Then the people will know that God sent a man to India. Only in Madras I got the biggest name, and also the greatest slander. Many of those who opposed this message were judged by God. Some of them have died. Why? God upholds the message.

25-12-1972: Very soon judgement will strike the earth. Already we are having a foretaste of it. Yesterday 18,000 people were killed in an earthquake in Central America-Managua. There were dead bodies all over. There was not enough water to put our the fire. Such incidents will occur frequently in the near future. Every place where a child of God who believed in Jesus had set foot on, and preached the Gospel, but was either rejected or killed, will be totally destroyed. What did Jesus tell the disciples? “And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet. Verily I say unto you, it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in that day of judgement, than for that city”-(Matt. 10:14-15).

Why has God come down? “To steal, and to kill, and to destroy”. He has already stolen the jewels. He is now killing. If ‘killing’ itself could be so terrible, how would the destruction be! Just wait and see what is going to happen to Madras. Every place I set foot on, and every place the gospel was preached... just watch and see what will happen to them. The Jews have been suffering for nearly 2000 years for the sake of killing Jesus Christ. Hitler hunted them as he would hunt wild animals. Millions of them were killed. They had to change their names into English names to avoid being killed. Judgement fell on them, and they were scattered.

26-1-1972: Now the question arises: Why are we here? The Bible says, ‘The voice of the Bridegroom and the voice of the Bride will be heard in the wilderness’. In order to fulfill that Word, God has brought us here. Just to fulfill one Word, God sometimes shakes even the whole world. See, before the silence period closed on the 20th, He brought peace to the whole world. For that, He had to inspire Nixon, Kissinger, Pope, Golda Meir and others. Now there is peace in Vietnam. Pope and Golda Meir have met each other. We don’t know what transpired between them. The Lord said He would fill every place with dead bodies. So, when every thunder message came out of the press, there were dead bodies strewn about due to some calamity or the other. When the ‘Last Trump’ came out of the press, a severe cyclonic storm lashed the whole of Tamil Nadu. In Salem I had mighty meetings, where I had preached to 80,000 people. During these meetings, my life was threatened. But now, it was the worst affected in the storm. Many people lost their lives and thousands rendered homeless by the floods. Watch what is going to happen to Madras soon!

19-4-1973: All the martyrs’ blood call on God. Why he’s giving blood in the tribulation? After tribulation all the martyrs die. And only the beast people remain, others go to Palestine, the whole world comes against Palestine, California is gone, AMERICA is finished. Nobody is able to help Palestine, this little David has to fight with Goliath but God comes down and He has to bring judgment on the people and what does the Bible say? What do the saints say? They have given them blood to drink because they have shed the blood of the martyrs. Because you killed the martyrs, you gave the blood of the martyrs as water to drink. So you can understand here, the judgment coming, coming on the children of forefathers who killed the martyrs and also those who were to be killed in the tribulation. But in the millennium people say that is racialism. The Jew becoming big. No! It’s the blood of God.


3-4-1974: We all know that time is running short and now through the mercy of God we know that there is another set of people who have been prepared for nearly 150 years. And the spirit of God should stir the people here and there. I know this message will shake the foundation of Christianity of the whole world and you know the stone which is untouched by hand - God is moving this stone and it will crush everything into powder - that’s what He said. If we have the stone ministry with us immediately we believe God’s Word and when the Bible says it will crush everything to powder. We have always victory. How can this small ministry go around the world? When 2000 years of preaching is there for denominations how can this small ministry shake the foundations of Christianity? I know many people around the world have got our books and as they read it they know it’s true but on the other hand, it shakes the foundation of their livelihood. If they quit they’ll starve, if they don’t quit they are kept, they have their livelihood but there is no peace. I can see a terrific famine in our country and around the world and as the two witnesses land in Jerusalem. There’s another thing; the Bible says when you keep the Sabbath where you’re, I’ll remember the land. So when you remember this then God remembers the land.

So now there’s a great battle for Jerusalem and the trouble to the Mosque of Omar is there where the temple is there. If any Jew touches the Mosque, they touch the sense of all the Muslims. But if by some supernatural means the mosque falls down by an earthquake or something like that, then it’s a different thing. Then we ourselves could say we want our land for the temple. Now so long as the mosque remains there, they can’t claim that place. So we do not know what God intends to do when the two witnesses land there. In Revelation 11, the Bible says: “Rise and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not: for it is given unto the gentiles, and the Holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.” So he says: Rise and measure the temple of God and the altar, and them that worship therein. So at this time, now we know that Los Angeles has to go down under water, Glorification will have to become a reality and the whole world - tribulation has to come and it says Jacob’s trouble. You know sometimes people used to say, it’s a tribulation of.......... You know it’s like this. It is called Jacob’s trouble. So, is Jacob under tribulation or not? Or does it have to start? Now for us it is not so much but for the Jews day and night, their thoughts will be struggle for existence. It’s the whole world all the Muslim countries millions and millions of people against the small community. Because they trust God under the old testament they have come there to stand.

Now the question is what about rapture? You may say we go to Madras tomorrow, the sheep is not bothered, the Shepherd bothers. But we know that the Holy Ghost is moving in our lives. So if you want to come to the Night or Day meetings you must come without compulsion; then you have a blessing. People who are not for God in this Ashram, surely the Holy Ghost will take you out one day. I won’t tell you to go. But the Holy Ghost will neck you out then you have to cry. But if you are here be fully for God, not for your stomach. The conditions outside is terrible. If you happen to go to the market, you don’t find anything to purchase. I don’t know what is going to happen even in our State. What are we going to do? God can rain manna from Heaven but we should be hundred percent for God and what God said will have to be fulfilled. So when you look by faith God cannot tell a lie. Will He tell a lie in this incidence? Now see the lightning like those former days. I would be sitting there and I can just see some lightning near the car. I wondered who was shining the torch-light. Then I realised it was lightning. So when wrong people are here suddenly it stops because they are not to see that and believe. He sees the stomach and the food and then he believes - that’s all. If the food is piled high they’ll say, ‘the Lord is good. His mercy endureth forever;’ but if it happens to be less on the plate they automatically murmur. So that is the stand of the holiness and everything is not faith. It’s the stomach. His belly is his God. But you must understand you and I need to stand on the word. Suppose we don’t get food for three days whom are you going to scold? What is this nonsense? Money can’t buy everything. Suppose there is no food in Tirunelveli, what is this car going to do? Already the Petrol shortage has caused trouble all over the world. But what do the Jews say? God can do anything - we trust God. You must understand why the New Name is revealed to us and not to the early people. For the children, God should reveal as their father. That is why JEHOVAH. God revealed to the people as Jehovah. I carried you as a father carries the children you know. God revealed as the Master, then He comes as a Father to the children, so Jesus reveals as the Father. Then as a Lamb.
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2-8-1974: And the Christians are very angry now. Every Church is going to have meetings. Why? This fellow how dare he tell Namo Narayana with his mouth. He has left the ministry. God is finished with him. God has stopped dealing with him any more. That is true. Because they are blind and they are finished so they will say everything finished with him also because it is finished with them. That is a sign they are finished. Now you have to walk fearfully. Let not one man of them see of you any irreverence in the praise meetings. Woe unto you. Let not one man see that. Woe unto you. When you come to these praise meetings let them see that you have a real zeal for God. The Bride will be true and only the Bride will go in the rapture. Not one false person. After the people go away there will be only Hindus here nobody else. And there will be a terrible situation in the whole world. And now the world is just on the brink of a great disaster. The time of Los Angeles going down has become near. Tell your friends, warn them. One Spoken Word will destroy Los Angeles. Then don’t blame me. Grace is over in Los Angeles. And one day with our own eyes we will see the paper say, “Los Angeles has gone down”, to show to the world that Babylon also will be sunk like that by fire. And the whole world now is going through travail. I got a letter from Madras there is no food available in Madras. If you do not like the food you just go to your home for 5 days and come back. How much the price has gone up. Price of rice has increased more than double in the last short time. Where do we stand now? You go to a hotel you get little a food costing Rs.2.50. But here we give three times that amount which is nearly Rs.7.50 worth. And yet some people complaint. You just go to your home and come. And the government said no more wheat flour.
1-2-1975: Chapter 9:9. I establish my covenant with you and with your seed after you; He established a new covenant with Noah and tells about the rainbow covenant. So when He comes in the latter days, why the rainbow comes in the clouds? So that the judgement will not fall on the earth by water. That is the thing the floods came but it is all small floods but not the old earth floods. Otherwise lot of the earthly people would have died in water already. Even Los Angeles would have gone completely down long ago, by water. That rainbow held it on. But the earthquake is not under that covenant.
27-2-1975: So you have to understand that we walk by faith. You may be tired. You may be weak but the Lord will give strength tomorrow if you walk by faith. When you take your food to eat, do not pass judgment on that, no vitamins. Pray: Lord bless this and then you get a blessing. And as you go in the spirit, you can see the whole day you can go without food yet you are not hungry. That is the filling of the Holy Ghost. And that develops your body. So in these last days, measure always your walk with God. This night praises, you come because of love, not by force. And today we are living in the last days of OUR SOJOURN IN THIS EARTH. But that last days it is not going to be easy for us, a pressure is coming on us. But when the Holy Ghost gets angry, it just makes the Himalayas and Los Angeles go into the sea. So when you are caught up we are not going to be empty, He shows us big signs. Because the prophecies of the prophets will never go wrong. So in these days, we are not expecting God to do something, we are expecting to walk by faith that God is going to do something by faith. Now Jordon river. They see Jordon river. They did not say to Moses, ‘Moses let us see it’s parting; then we will walk’. They are walking. Came near the water, No signs they got into the water no sign. Then when the Ark went it touched the water, it goes off. So faith life is not seeing, victory and marching - marching and victory. Nothing happening, may be this wrong. Yes it is wrong for seeing and believing because there is nothing to see. I never know that I am a terrible stumbling people, you know wherever you go, if you stumble, I am not responsible. Everywhere, we are stumbled because of that fellow. And if you are waiting for signs you will stumble. But you must understand that God will fulfill what He has promised.

22-3-1975: If the prophet said, Los Angeles will go down, you have no business to be there. I do not care if it is another seven years more or anything it has to go down. Get away from that place; the time for destruction has come. It is too late. Why? The prophets word has to be fulfilled. What is a prophet’s word? It is the word - God’s word. Prophet will not tell something and the Lord God another thing. If they are fooling the prophet who carries the word of the Lord God it is really fooling the Lord God. So here, Abraham he doesn’t see Sodom and Gomorrah. He does not see his relation there. He looked far away, he sees beyond Sodom and Gomorrah. He sees the 12 tribes, he sees King David, he sees Calvary, he sees the resurrection, he sees the millennium and he sees the Kingdom there. And he sees his seed sitting there to fulfill that he has to come to the wilderness. If he remained in Sodom and Gomorrah, he would be dead. No mercy.

22-8-1975: So how did David win the battle? When the enemies came, when Saul was coming to attack, God destroyed Saul, everybody by one country coming into another country. But what did David do? He was fighting the battle, he is a fighter, but how did he fight? Oh Lord, I Praise you, I Praise you, I Praise you. The battle is won. He didn’t say come on with all these sticks and go and fight like that. David was a fighter, he was telling, Praise the Lord, Oh Lord, I Praise you. Thank you for defeating the enemies. Vs.5 - “The sorrows of death compassed me, the floods of ungodly men made me afraid”. The snares of death, .... Vs.6. “In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried unto my God: He heard my voice out of his temple, my cry came before him, even into his ears”. He’s got ears. When he said, out of his temple my cry came before him and even to his ears. Then what happened? When he was praising God, earth shook and trembled, my! boom! That is how the earthquake comes. If you want Los Angeles to go down, you have to praise here. That’s all. If Los Angeles doesn’t go, it doesn’t mean that you have not praised God well and the foundation of the hills are moved. “There went up a smoke out of his nostrils .....” My! He has got a nose also. “... and fire out of his mouth devoured: coals were kindled by it”. The fire brought fire from other places. “He bowed the heavens also, and came down: darkness was under his feet. He did fly upon the wings of the wind. He made darkness his secret place; his pavilion round about him were dark waters and thick clouds of the sky”. He always likes dark black. “At the brightness that was before him his thick clouds passed, a hail stones and coals of fire”. Not only in the earth, the Lord thundered in the heavens, and the highest gave his voice. When he started speaking, thunders.
11-11-1975: Millions left Egypt, only two reached Canaan. 500 people in the next 24 hours would be missing. You would never even hear of it. There will be many missing anyhow, that can’t even be counted for. All the body is sealed up ...... just keeping it in stop. It is all sealed up. If you believe me to be God’s prophet, listen to what I say. Are you exactly with the Word of God? Or do you say that you are a good person? Nicodemus was a very good man, nice man.. But that has nothing to do with election. Nicodemus was not one of the twelve. And one day this Los Angeles will be at the bottom of the sea. Already our country is gone, Thus saith the Lord God. Oh Pentecost run for your life, cry out before it is too late. But the time comes when you cry, it will be of no use. This is a solemn hour. he will make his last call some day. According to the vision it looks like the Bride is about finished. When the sleeping virgin came for oil, she failed to get it. The Bride went in the rapture, went up. While they went to buy oil the Bridegroom came. Are you asleep? Wake up. What does it mean? He says while they went to get oil the Bridegroom came, wake up. That means the Bridegroom has already come, he is not going to come. Quickly come to yourselves. Pray in your own way.

16-11-1975: For the labourer is worthy of his hire. Don’t go from house to house. Then the next one is into whatever city you enter, they go into a house, but when they go to the city, they receive you,.... the city receives you, eat such things that are set before you heal the sick, they get a healing ministry, the Kingdom of God is come nigh to you. If the city doesn’t receive you, go to the street, your city’s dust will be wiped off against you. If they do that, woe unto the city. How can Los Angeles sink before they do that? The prophet has said that, and it has to agree with the word. If Los Angeles sinks that is the city which most badly treats the two witnesses. And he says, if the mighty works had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented.... so Los Angeles will not repent any more. He that heareth you heareth me, he that despiseth you despiseth me, and despiseth him that sent me. Then the 70 come back now listen, the 70 come back.... but no city went down, but the two had to come, the two has to come, extra two has to come. That’s why the Catholic Bible says 72 .... even now in their service they say Lord you send 72 disciples, they are including that already. He omitted those 2 and says 70. So the 70 come, the devils subject to your name, Sir. These 70 knew HIS NAME. Then everything in your name it goes. The devils subject unto us. They are not going out, they subject. They don’t create any trouble.


7-1-1976: You know Bro.Branham tells in a place, you are a type of Israel. We are a type of Israel. Israel left and came to wilderness. We left the world. They went to Canaan. We left the world to go to Canaan, the millennium. So we are going towards that side. Suddenly the whole geography of the world will be changed. It is starting already as they are pumping the water from the mines it is starting now. God will show man his inability. What is the sign of God coming? He will show man that even ten thousand pumps from Russia or America cannot do something. Even if they succeed in this he is going to show that the earth has to sink. Hey! Prophet Branham said Los Angeles will go down under the sea but it has not gone down. But he did not set the date for that. And the conditions are that it can sink. But the people think he is a false prophet. But he is a prophet of the Lord. What he wanted to do he told him. So we are right here in that day. So to fulfill that is the work of the Lord God. When to fulfill is in his hands, Hands of the Lord. So you can understand here we will do it. If he said 1977 he did not predict it he predicted what the angel said. And that angel cannot lie. Don’t think about prediction lightly. You know many people think you have to wait for the power. You can never please God without faith however big you are. The Hindu Poet said, you believe the power has come you will have it. He has more faith than many of our believers. What do the Bride members feel? We must see the power then we will believe it. That is what Lucifer does. Show me your power then we will believe it. Jump from the tower. Do this show the power. If you cannot do it he said there is no power. That is what the people have today. Show us your power. But what do we say? We believe then we see the power.

So here you have to believe what God says. But things are going towards that thing. And from the end of last years things are going very fast. And it is not going to stop. When Sodom andGomorrah was burning with fire did they have time to write a letter, or to send a telegram? Or send a telephone message? Fire fell before they can think, before they can think they are in eternity, that is the way the destruction comes. When everybody says peace and safety the destruction comes. So as you are gathered here let us remember you know that self life has to be taken out completely, then you will see the blessings, everybody must be a part of this great work, with one mind, that the Lord’s name be glorified. Then we have power at our disposal. If you have any other idea then there is no power. Glorification, for the glory of God he will do it. So what should we do? Wait for the glorification and be afraid all the days. Now why I am running about here and there? We are preparing for the battle, January and February we have to go very strong. Even the Tamil Nadu Government will fail. There is still a greater darkness coming. So while there is light let us go strong. The time is coming darkness will cover. But we will have light. When I say, ‘WE’, the ‘WE’ who come under the word as one person. All the others will be cut off. They have no hope. So as we are here think whether you are in tune with God.

13-2-1976: Tomorrow, suppose someone comes and catches Lawrie and takes him away... I don’t know many people will say.. how many do you think will stand? ... every place they have water, but not in the Ashram until such people leave you know, we can never have a blessing from God. I want every one of you to go to your room today. Take a note book, how much you have worth before you came here? On what you are depending today? Have you got any dependence outside? Are you hanging on anything outside the Word of God here in the Ashram? You know I could have had all the money put in the bank and said,... I could have said, keeping all the money outside, and said depending on God. But I, you know, I cannot do that, because I have to depend on something, I have to depend on God totally. If you don’t hang on God like that you will crack someday, you will burst out at everybody and go. The message is true, but, the person is wrong. May be, there must be somebody coming. Yes, they are coming very soon, don’t worry they will be at your door, and many people are very happy if Bro. Lawrie is taken today and put in prison .. and say. But if I go, I won’t deny the group to which I belong. That is why many martyrs died for the faith, sealed with their own blood, come on. Last week, 20,000 people died by earthquake. Only 20,000, nothing less. That’s all. But see, destruction is coming. Some morning you will see the paper, Los Angeles has gone down. You know when it will go down? When all these Pentecostal people, laughing and fooling about, and then they lost hope that it will ever go down, then it will go down. The prophet, when he prophesied, Los Angeles will go down, he was seeing when that word was spoken, when it went down. When the word was telling it will go down, he saw it. But something tells me it will happen very soon now. So if you have any loved ones in Los Angeles, you can write to them to get out of the place quickly. If they don’t go, you are free from their blood. So, we will be giving the stamps for all these letters, not for Just box and this box and this catalogue and that catalogue, but for these letters we will be getting the stamps. when you write letters, so all the places you don’t put C/o Bro. Lawrie any more. Write Manujothi Ashram and write. It will come right in your hand. But I want you to show something clearly, you know I cannot tell anybody personally, but I want you to watch. It may be a husband, it may be the children, see whether they are moved by God or they move. Now, The son is moved by God.

21-9-1976: So one day when we are glorified, then we will know we have not fought in vain. I know this is a battle. Do you know when people go back to their countries surely they will become fat because they get everything to eat. One sister wrote, I bought a pair of shoes .... one hundred marks. Prices have gone very high. So what does that mean for us here? Don’t ask for pocket money. What about your food? All this .......... so don’t blame me. The climate, it is getting dryer and dryer so everything has to be rationed. Now some people want to spread the gospel in India. It is not going to shine in India it is going to shine in the west. There is a terrific earthquake going to happen very soon, it will be worse than what happened in China. That may make Los Angeles to go down. Because when the Bride goes down there they are to pave the way. The world may think they can destroy the Bride members, but they cannot do that. But for the praying people here ........ we have night praises. Don’t forget to read the word. So today I want you to understand that message is not going to be wrong. What does the Bible say? “Many shall be purified, made white and then tried”. That is why the Bride cannot be destroyed. If it said, many shall be purified, tried and made white, then the Bride will suffer. Purified and tried and made white, then the Bride will have trouble in the body. You know made white means, put on the glory, the robe of righteousness. So first of all you are purified, and then robe of righteousness ....... that body of light. Then you are going to be tried with the glorious body. Not with this body. Then only the world knows why these people are not ordinary people, these people will destroy everything. So be in the place where God wants you to be. Spend some time praying ..... everybody .. with your families ..... before you do anything else. Let us pray.

27-10-1976: And now according to the Bible and calculations and all, next year is a very important year. But I want to tell 1977, the prophet saw that America will be in an erratic condition. But that doesn’t mean that the whole world is not burnt, you must understand. And what God spoke through the prophet is true. You know whatever happens in this world, prophets can see far away. Now Bro. Branham was a word prophet, and what he predicted cannot go wrong. But you must understand he did not say the whole world will be burnt. There will be something happening. Los Angeles, and America will be finished. Before that a persecution comes to this little group which will be hunted all over the world. Don’t think that we will be here comfortably, we also will be hunted and persecuted. But the Lord will be with us and he will show the demonstration of power from the Bride members. After this short demonstration we will be going off. So remember we are not far away from that time. So you have to read the Bible very well. People who do not have much Bible knowledge..... there are the questions which are being circulated to you. Now see the prophets are the servants of God, they are on the outer, then the Levites are inside. Then the Holy place is for the High priest. So these revelations, prophets are people who can see far away what is happening on the earth. So do not think that they know all the secrets of Heaven. All the heavenly secrets only the Word knows. And into that place no others could go except the Word.

16-11-1976: Don’t think that we are small. There is a terrific number of people coming to follow us. Many Hindus’ eyes are opened. Very soon our ministry will be put in the Indian papers also. Only thing you will have to shut the people from coming here. We don’t want people. But you must understand the children crossed Jordan. Not one of the fathers who saw the power of God. They saw the power of God and the pillar of fire, but they disbelieved God and murmured. But Caleb and Joshua, they ate the same food, they went the same way, they starved and hungered, but one thing their vision was...... just to follow the Lord fully. And also, Caleb, if the Lord said, go to conquer a place, crowds didn’t matter, they just obeyed. But in the same way, I know this is very hard to believe now, but in your heart I know it says it will happen. I searched all the religious books, ....books. Even they have said that this life has to come, it says in the book. It has to go from a place called Nazareth and most of the books of different religions but one day, when their books are clear they will follow. But they are all earthly people who will be following the Lord in the earth. But we don’t belong to this world. Don’t touch anything of this world, and when the proper time comes, then the Lord’s power will change us and we will be glorified and we will be mighty people. And what God has promised is going to happen. Whether it happens or not, I am not bothered, but we will not disbelieve what God says. In the Bible it has always happened what he promised. And if it doesn’t happen it is the only thing in the Bible which has not happened. But from the end of this year, and the beginning of next; already God has given a warning on California side about an earthquake. And when that Los Angeles goes down within a short time, then they will say, oh, what Bro.Branham said might be true. So Los Angeles will go before the destruction. But 1977 is not the end of the world, there will be a change in the world order. Today because of U.S.A. the world order is different. But once America goes then the whole world order changes and they will all be coming against Palestine, and the whole world will be against them. And in Palestine, you will see people who will stand for God. And two thirds of Jerusalem will be destroyed. The temple of the Lord God will not be built before the millennium. Jerusalem will not be built. But in the millennium there....May be, but not sure. His destruction will go until the end, and as it goes on, when the world order changes, many people will be destroyed. Many Christian saints will be put to death. But this message which God has given us will change in one moment. Change us in no time.


Twelfth (End) Hour Messages

What is Michael waiting for? Is our man coming to the Throne? But Michael cannot take the sword till the expected man comes to the position. Why? He has power there. If we touch in faith, it prepares Michael and he shakes off the bands in his hands. Then immediately there is war. So the war is happening when the devil is falling down. He falls like a lightning. We will see that lightning. A terrible situation will arise. So if anybody wants to see, let him go to Madras and see. And this is a very important hour. So let us be ready. God bless you.

Then immediately, Michael shouts and commands, “You Lucifer, That order has come, we were waiting for orders, now the order has come, so get down, there is no position for you here, go down”. But Lucifer also is very clever. He knows he is going to lose his position in heaven, and he has prepared another place for him in this earth. So he straight comes and falls in Madras. So if he falls down in Madras, all of them are devil possessed now. Then immediately we overcome. All power has been given to the wife also in husband’s name.

Extracts from the Book

“The Beast”

Compiled by

Richard Gan
Prophetic  Revelation, Singapore.

THE FORMING OF THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST: This monstrous beast is a symbol that represents the devil’s political and religious power. This ecclesiastical power rose up out of the European sea of peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues to captivate the masses of the world. (Rev. 17:15). This power has been revealed and manifested as the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

Later on, the Apostle John saw another beast rise up, but this time it came from the earth. (Rev. 13:11). This beast had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. Here again,. we can see the beast symbol represents the devil’s political and religious power that arose, not of the European sea of peoples, but out of an entirely new locality.

Now, true history, which is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, has proved emphatically that this “EARTH” is none other than the North American continent. In 1490, the general concept of the world was that it was flat. Nobody dreamed that two oceans and a continent -North America -lay between Europe and Asia. Christopher Columbus won support of Queen Isabella and the court officials of Spain for his plan to reach India by sailing due West from Europe. Columbus opened the door of exploration by proving the world was round. The pilgrims, America’s, foundering fathers, were suffering great persecution in England under King James. They had broken off with the State Church of England to worship God in Spirit and truth. They finally left England, and after a great struggle they settled in Plymouth in 1620. After landing on the new found frontier, they formed a spiritual and political pact that bound them together in one happy family.

America started off like a bleating lamb, then she became perverted through the political horns of the Republican and Democratic parties. In 1979, she has become fat and rebellious, walking in her own counsel and relying on her military might. America is now a nation led by youthful politicians and ruled by babes. (Isa. 3:1-12). You can understand why she is roaring like her God, the devil.

With great political power and a roaring mouth, the ‘United States has deceived the people that dwell on the earth. “Uncle Sam” has accomplished this with his scientific miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the first beast, the Roman papacy. America is now proclaiming that an Image should be made to the first beast - the Roman papacy - which had the wound by the sword and did live. The wounding of this European based beast was two-fold. On the Spiritual side, it was Martin Luther and the reformers. On the Political side, the French General. Barthier, entered Rome in 1798 and brought to an end the temporal power of the, papacy. Then in 1802, religious freedom was granted to all.

“And his deadly wound was healed” -Rev.13:3. The beast that was -Popery -and is not received the deadly wound -and yet is -his deadly wound was healed. Even he is the eighth and is of the seventh, and goeth into perdition. Popery began to arise back into authority and power in 1929, under Mussolini, the dictator of Italy. Later in II World War and under the leadership of Hitler, the Roman Catholic hierarchy came back to power.

The Lamb like beast of America has ordered, and is financing the building of the Image of the beast. When this great image is formed, it will be an ecclesiastical federation of a one-world church with complete legal authority. America has power to give civil life unto the Image, of the beast. That it should speak with authority and cause all who will not worship it to be killed. Today we are witnessing as never before, the rapid rise and development of the “Vine of the earth”, through the ecumenical move and the World council of churches.


America is a country typified in the Bible under Ch. 13 of Book of Revelation, which is spoken of as a lamb having two horns. (Everyone knows that a Lamb doesn’t have two horns). This speaks of America beginning as a humble lamb which would wind up speaking with a voice of the dragon. Notice the voice of the dragon came from the lamb-like country, speaking through the false prophet, that gave the image of the beast life that it might grow and speak. America is in the Book of Rev. Ch. 13. How odd that it should begin with 13 original colonies, 13 stars and stripes and in the eagle’s claws of our insignia is 13 arrows and 13 leaves on the olive branch; and it is recorded-in the Ch. 13 of Revelation.

The scripture teaches in Rev.13 that it was from this Lamb -like country that began having the voice of a lamb, meek and humble -exactly the beginning of America, but ended up with the voice of the dragon and the false prophet giving power to an image that speaks, kills and destroys. This came from none other than the land of the free, and the home of the brave. Yes, IT IS AMERICA who forms an image to the beast.


Out of this movement the World Council of Churches (Mother) shall come the One World Church (Child). Since the World Council of Churches in New Delhi, 1961, on the tenth year anniversary of the United Nations, whose headquarters is in New York, came the idea from the World Council of Churches headed by clergymen of America, that here in these United States there should be a building called a SPIRITUAL United Nations, which would be erected with its capital in Washington; D.C., making Washington become the capital of the spiritual World of idolatry.

A multi-million dollar temple is to be erected in the shape of a diamond. Six of the major religions of the world who according to Rev.13:7,8; 15-18 will eventually worship the beast, are to be represented there; Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity. Each of these six is to have a wing to itself running out of the great crown of the diamond. All are to be equal, working together, having an understanding called the six great rays of hope. This is nothing short of a modern temple of idolatry. A temple where Jesus and Buddha and Confucius would be called Brethren. The same precept to be taught by all six would be the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of all men. Who would have believed that these men who claimed to have loved Jesus Christ would stoop as low as to make Jesus on the level of a false deity. This was a project born out of Hell on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the United nations.

It was from these shores of America that Bishop Myers of the Episcopal Diocese of California cried to all Christendom, “Let us recognize the Pope of Rome as the Holy Father of Christendom, for it is he alone who can bring peace to the Christian World”. It was the President of these United States, Lyndon Johnson, who whispered to Pope Paul on his 1965 visit to New York to address the United Nations. “It is you, most holy father, we are looking to for the answers to World Peace”. Again it was this same American President who hurriedly went to Rome during the month of December, 1967 to explain, he said, his new actions in Vietnam. To his nation-wide T.V. audience, Johnson said: “I went to explain my actions to his holiness, that good man, the Pope”. (Then he wished to all Americans a Happy Christmas -the chief holiday of Baal religion). Why must America’s 36th President go to Rome to explain his actions?

Yes, my friend, in 31 years the World Council of Churches has practically fulfilled its ultimate goal of bringing unity to churches, and now soon, no doubt, it shall have its name changed from World Council of churches unto a shorter title, THE WORLD CHURCH, WHICH SHALL BE THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST, forcing all religions under one head with this beast exercising the power of the first.

The great English statesman and historian writes, the Jesuits are “the most mortal enemies of. intellectual and moral liberty”.  (The Vatican decrees, P.58) - GLADSTONE.

“Some Protestants want to explain that the black catalogue of horrible crimes of the Roman Church during the ‘Dark Ages’ was in harmony with the times, and that Romanism today has changed so much and is more reasonable and conciliatory and we need not fear. This is a great mistake. The Catholic Church is laying wide and long-range plans, and when the time is ripe she will strike. ft is not Rome that has changed, it is Protestantism”. -


“If the United States ever loses her liberty, it will be through the Romish priesthood” .